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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 24 : Giving birth
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 March ended and the Easter holidays were upon Amelia almost before she could believe it. In less than two weeks she’d be giving birth to her little baby. She didn’t know what she was going to do after she’d had the baby but all the same she knew the hard part was just beginning. She would have to tell Sirius sooner or later, it was just a case of when. She’d decided it was better to wait until after she’d had the child to tell him; it was too late for him to go home for the holidays and he would only worry. Jake, Amelia and Hayley were all heading to the Hunt household for the holidays, where Amelia would have her baby and Jake’s mum would look after it until she got back from Hogwarts in late July. The Marauders and Lily were staying at Hogwarts over the Easter break, catching up on homework and pranks. Remus and Sirius frequently found themselves alone as Lily was spending as much time with James as possible. Hope meanwhile had also headed home to see her family, having had a mixed term. Lily was still refusing to talk to or forgive her best friend despite the persuasive efforts of the others. 

Amelia lay back on the lawn, the sun warming her stomach with tears in her eyes and a flower resting in her hair. She was trying to enjoy the last few days before she was a mother but her hormones wouldn’t let her. Jake had relinquished the majority of his spells on her in preparation for the birth in about a weeks time and as a result she was becoming downright miserable. 



“Hey, I’m getting worried about you!”




Amelia turned and smiled at Jake, who was approaching from the house. He sat down next to her and she lay her head on his lap.




“Me? I’m worried about you. I’m surprised you haven’t been publicly flogged after your mum found out Hayley was pregnant,” Amelia replied teasingly.




“The only reason she’s not mad at you is because you’re in a delicate state!” Jake retorted. “I’m not the one who forgot to use a condom.”




“Yeah but condom’s are only 99% effective. If you have sex as much as Hayley have they’re bound to fail once or twice,” Amelia reasoned.




“I guess so. Still, I think Hayley getting pregnant is amazing. She’s the second best thing that’s ever happened to me and I don’t want to lose her. This’ll help keep us together.”




“Or break you apart,” Amelia replied. She didn’t bother asking what the best thing was she knew he meant her. “Just because you’re having a kid together doesn’t guarantee everything’s going to be okay. You’re going to have to work hard to keep the spark alive. Where is she anyway?”




“Showering. She’ll be out sooner or later. You know how long she takes to get ready!”




“Most girls are like that you know. I’m just the exception to the rule,” Amelia informed him.




“Yeah well neither you nor Hayley needs to waste that much time trying to look good when it comes naturally.”




“That sounded like a compliment Hunt. Be careful, I might have to set Sirius on you!” Amelia teased.




“How are things between you guys?” Jake asked tenderly.




“If you need to ask they can’t be good,” Amelia replied, more tears slipping down her cheek.








“No it’s fine. I’ve been avoiding him since I found out but it feels like he hasn’t chased me. Even though I’m glad he’s not pressuring me, part of me worries it’s because he doesn’t care.”




“Of course he cares. He’s just giving you space,” Jake reassured. 




“And would you give Hayley space?”




Jake winced slightly but responded quickly.




“Me and Sirius are two different people. If you were going out with him because he was me then you and I would be more than just best friends. But he’s not. He’s Sirius and he loves you. You two just need some work you know?”




“I’m scared Jacob,” Amelia whispered, sitting up and staring into his eyes.




“I know hun,” Jake replied, pulling Amelia into a tight hug. “But you can make it through this. And I’m here, always here.”




“What if I’m not ready to have this baby?” Amelia cried, the question piercing Jake’s calm demeanour and threatening to overpower both of them.




“You have to be Amy, you just have to be,” he replied shakily.




“And if I’m not?”




Jake put his arms on her shoulders and stared straight into her eyes.




“Now listen to me Amelia. You are going to be a great mum. You have to be. Whatever happens with Sirius, you’re still the bravest, most capable person I know and you can’t let this beat you. Me and Hayley will be here the whole time and everyone else is going to help out. James, Remus, Lily. Our friends. Our family.”




“What if that’s not what I want?” Amelia shouted. “What if all I want is to go back to the good old days, when it was just me and you and not a care in the world? What if Sirius and Hayley and Remus and everyone else should just go to hell and take this bastard in my belly with them?”




“Shut up, you don’t mean that,” Jake snapped slightly.




“Don’t I Jake? It’s easy for you. You’ve got Hayley and your parents and everything. But me and Sirius don’t even get on that well anymore and you’re practically the only family I have. Don’t tell me you don’t sometimes wish you’d never gone to Hogwarts!” 




“No. I don’t. You’ve got all of us here for you Amy. Now this is just the hormones playing up on you. You know as well as I do that you’re happy. You love Sirius and we’ve got a bunch of great friends so why do you have to make this difficult? Everything is going to be okay. Trust me.”




“I love Sirius?” Amelia said to herself as if only just realising it. “I love Sirius. And I love our child, even if it’s currently driving me insane.”




“Amy you were already insane, it was just a case of making it visible to the rest of the world, not just me.”




Amelia punched his arm gently then lay back onto him, resting her head on his shoulder.




“Why is life such a bitch?” she whispered.




“Don’t ask me,” Jake replied. “I’m not the one having to go through pregnancy!”




“Do you really think me and Sirius can work this out?” Amelia asked, ignoring his comment.




“Why don’t you ask his owl? It’ll be here any second.”




Amelia leapt to her feet and scanned the sky. Sure enough, Sirius’ owl was flying towards them. IT curved and dropped a letter in Amelia’s arms before settling on the windowsill. Jake and Amelia headed back inside, Amelia tearing open the letter as they did so. They bumped into Hayley as they entered, who was towelling her wet hair and dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. 




“Hey you two, sleep well?” she asked, kissing Jake on the cheek in welcome. Although at Christmas Jake and Hayley had shared a room, now Mrs Hunt knew she was pregnant, she had told Jake to give Amelia back her bed in his room and made Hayley stay in the spare.




“Yeah thanks babe,” Jake replied. “You fancy going down to the lake later?”




Hayley didn’t get a chance to reply as Amelia thrust a piece of parchment into Jake’s hands, her face red and tears close to falling again.




Dear Amy,




I love you. I’m sorry things have been so shit between us lately and as soon as you get back to Hogwarts, I’m determined to fix that. Hope you’re having fun and not playing third wheel to the loving couple, unlike me and Remus. Siriusly (like the pun?) James and Lily spent more time locking lips than talking nowadays. I asked James when they were gonna shag. He hit me. Message me back so I know you haven’t forgotten your amazing boyfriend.








Jake smiled and chucked her a parchment and quill. 




“You see? He does care. Give him a good reply.”




It took several minutes for Amelia to scratch a reply which she then handed to Jake to read.




Dear Sirius




That pun was awful, never use it again. I’m deadly Sirius. Things here are pretty quiet. Jake and Hayley are gonna head down to the lake but you know how I feel about water so I’m going to help Rosemary around the house. The only problem with that is his little brother stares at my boobs the whole time. Little git’s never seen any others and may never. He goes to an all boys military school and he’ll probably never graduate. Tell Lily that I’m missing her and she needs to introduce me to her parents during the summer. When I get back you and I will talk properly and spend a hell of a lot more time together, I promise. I love you too you big idiot. 




Love Amy




“Cute,” Jake commented, as she snatched it back off him. “And tell my brother if he stares at your chest again I’ll magic him up to the top of a tree and leave him there.”




Amelia smiled and nodded as Jake and Hayley headed out. In her stomach, the baby kicked and she swore quietly, despite the fact she was trying to cut down the swearing for the kid’s sake. The sooner she was rid of it the better.




“Jake! JAKE!” Amelia screeched, shaking him roughly.




“What?” he mumbled, pulling the duvet over his head to avoid her.








It took a few seconds for her words to have an effect on Jake but as soon as they did he leapt out of bed at 100mph, panicking and staring at Amelia dumbstruck for a little while.




“What do you want me to do?” he cried.




“GO GET YOUR MUM JACOB YOU FUCKING IMBECILE!” Amelia screamed, lying back on her bed, breathing heavily.




Jake legged it out the room returning moments later with his mum and Hayley in tow. 




“You know the spells to make labour painless right?” he asked Hayley.




“What?” she exclaimed, confused. “You said you were going to learn them!”




Amelia’s eyes opened wide and she grabbed Jake by the neck, pulling him in right next to her.




“You’re telling me I have to do this the muggle way?” she hissed.




“Looks like it,” Jake said. Amelia pulled him in closer, grabbing his arms tightly to try and muffle the pain that was shooting through her body.




“Breathe Amy, breathe!” Jake’s mum instructed her.








“Mood swings,” Mrs Hunt informed Jake. “She’ll calm down in a second. The contractions are getting faster, there’s no time to get her to a hospital.”




“FUCK THAT. I’M APPARATING TO ST MUNGO’S!” Amelia screeched. Jake grabbed her arm and glanced at Hayley who grabbed Amelia’s wand.




“You can’t try to apparate honey, it’ll only go wrong and hurt the baby,” Hayley told her gently but firmly.




“SCREW THE BABY! WHAT ABOUT ME?” Amelia cried. At that moment, she started crying and pulled Jake in closer than before. “I LOVE YOU HUNT!” she wailed. “DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME PLEASE. JAKE PLEASE, YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND I NEED YOU TO MAKE THIS PAIN GO AWAY!”




“You were right about the mood swings,” Jake gasped, his insides crunching under Amelia’s hold.




“Ok Amy, it’s almost time. When I say so, you’ve got to push,” Mrs Hunt notified her. “Ok, push!”




Amelia screamed in pain and repeated punched Jake’s belly as she pushed. After 10 seconds she stopped and looked at Jake again.








“I can’t do that right now Amy,” Hayley replied gently.








She pushed again and this time Jake cried out in pain with her as she clobbered him.




“One more push Amy, just one more push…”




Jake was lying down, Hayley massaging his chest. His arms were bleeding from where Amelia had scratched him and his chest was covered in welts. Amelia was sat back across from him, holding her son in her arms.




“I’m really sorry Jakie, I never meant to hurt you that badly. You sure you don’t want an ice-pack?” she asked, worriedly.




“You haven’t called me Jakie since you were six and had pigtails!” Jake retorted, wheezing slightly. 




“Yeah well Jakie is an awesome name,” Amelia countered. “And I make pigtails look good! I could still look great with him.”




“Maybe once your hair’s grown ten inches or more,” Jake teased, motioning towards Amelia’s cropped hair.




“Shut up, my pixie is amazing,” Amelia snapped.




“Never said it wasn’t,” Jake replied.




“I was thinking of getting one,” Hayley butted in. 




Amelia cried with laughter at the look of horror on Jake’s face. Hayley joined in and flicked her hair onto Jake.




“I’m kidding Jakie,” Hayley teased. “Though I could do pigtails if you want?”




“Maybe when we’re alone,” Jake replied flirtatiously. 




“Oh so you don’t moan when she calls you Jakie!” Amelia exclaimed.




“It’s sexy when she does it,” Jake replied casually. “Anyway, your son needs a name. How about Jake?”




Amelia ignored him. “I was thinking maybe Harris?”




“What about Jake?”




“Harris is awful!” Hayley informed her. “Maybe something a little more modern and personal.”








“What about Thomas, after my dad?” Amelia suggested.




“You hate your dad, why would you want your son named after him!” Hayley exclaimed.




“For God’s sake, we all know this baby is going to be named Jake!” 




“What about James? After all it’s the least I could do for Sirius having not told him. He’d die to have his son called James.”




“I like James,” Hayley replied. “But what about his middle name?”




“How about Jake?” said Jake again.




“I know!” Amelia cried. “Remus! How awesome would that be?”




“James Remus Kingston,” Hayley mused. “It feels like there’s something missing.”








“Black,” Amelia informed them. “James Remus Black. But you’re right there is something missing. What about Jacob? James Jacob Remus Black?”




“Sounds perfect,” Hayley said, caressing Jake’s hair.




“Why do I even bother?”










A/N: Awww poor Jake, not a great chapter to be him eh? Still, adorable little JJRB has been born and life can go on. Reviews? Please? They make my day :P HP

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