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Age 17 Becoming a Snape by qtbaby88
Chapter 2 : *Chapter 1*
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Disclaimer i own nothing that is JK Rowlings

Blaise Zabini /Hermione Granger (Aurora Starr Snape), GinnyWeasley/Blade Snape,    DracoMalfoy/Astoria Greengrass,    Fred Weasley/Esmee Zabini,                              George Weasley/Nica Greengrass,  Luna Lovegood/Asian Snape

 Kyle and Jessie Greengrass , Logan and Ashley Zabini 
Cissy and Lucius Malfoy , Severus and Mia Snape
 Sirius Black /  Hazel SpringBerry,   Remus and Tonks Lupin


Hermione’s POV

          Today is no ordinary day it is just like yesterday. Today is the day before I turn 17, the day I get to use magic outside of Hogwarts. Get dressed in my favourite outfit for the day. So my dad (Andrew Granger) always had something for me the day before my birthday because he always had to work. But that was before my mom (Ava Granger) died last winter from stomach cancer.

Last year my dad brought me to what muggles call football or soccer in other countries. I have never been one to like sports but I always watched quidditch for Harry, Ron and Ginny. He also said that I could bring 1 friend since he only had 3 tickets so I sent an owl to Ron and Harry asking which one wanted to go but Ron was going to help Fred and George with the shop so he wasn’t able to come. Harry was over joyed to come. We spent that whole day out, it was wonderful. Yes Harry and I are dating if you wanted to know.

Flash Back:

It all happened the summer after 5th year. I thought I had strong feelings for Ron so I sent an owl to him asking if he wanted to watch a movie at the movie theatre he said ok and be right over. Next thing I knew the fireplace went green and in came Ron with ash all over him. I couldn’t stop laughing so he did the only thing to get me back he hugged me and got me all dirty as well. “Hey ‘Mione lets go outside and brush ourselves off” Ron suggested before mom could freak on us.

          As we were walking to see the movie I took hold of Ron’s hand and smiled. “What is this all about?” Ron questioned “I felt like it but if you don’t want me to, I won’t do it again” I said in reply he didn’t answer me so I kept hold of his hand. We only had to walk maybe 3 or 4 blocks before we were there. We went to see Fantastic 2 the rise of the silver surfer.

Half way through the movie I looked at Ron and when he looked at me I kissed him. It only lasted about 1 minute before we realized that it was wrong and very weird it felt like kissing a relative “no offence ‘Mione that felt like kissing my sister” Ron whispered I just smiled and whispered back “none taken it felt more like you were my brother” and he just smiled and nodded.

When the movie was done we went back to my place and he flooed back home. I went to my room and got changed in to my pjs (grey pant and a pink racer back tank top) that night (which was 2 days after my 16th birthday which was June 13th) and sent Hedwig back home to Harry with a note. Hedwig came back the next morning after I got out of the shower and changed into (a black mini skirt my favourite Hollywood t-shirt and studded black flats) and I gave her a treat and patted her head and read my letter

Dear Hermione

          I was wondering if you mind me coming over today. Remus said it would be fine and that he would take me himself since he thinks you as his own daughter. Well send Hedwig back with your replay oh and don’t forget to give her another treat before she leaves.


I ran to the phone to call my mom “Mom can Harry come over for the Day?” “Yes, only if he goes home by curfew” she replies “Thank you, thank you mom got to go write Harry to tell him” I said excitedly “No problem sweetie bye” than she hung up


Dear Harry

          I think that is an amazing idea I haven’t seen you in a while and I miss you. My mom said it was ok as long as you are gone by my curfew which is 11pm.


          Then 20 minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out my window and there was Remus and Harry I ran down the stairs and launched myself at Remus and I felt him chuckle into my hair. “Starr my sweetheart I have missed you also very much” Remus mumbled into my ear I didn’t realize that I started crying until he cupped my face in his hands and wiped them away with his thumbs saying everything is going to be fine and that he will return more often if I wanted to I nodded yes and hugged him tighter. “I’ll be back for 11pm and I’m putting a shielding charm on this block so please don’t go any further” Remus said quietly we both nodded. Than he mumbles and left. Harry and I hugged and walked into the living room and turned on the Notebook Harry new this was my favourite movie so he insisted on turning it on.

I made popcorn and got some root beer and put it on the table I watched to the part where they were lying in the middle of the road watching the street lights when I turned to find Harry staring at me, I blushed and giggled and was staring back with little butterflies flying around my stomach when he leaned in and whispered my name with his eyes closed and pulled me closer very slowly like he was asking permission and I leaned in and we started kissing.

Then my parents had that best timing and walked in and said hello to Harry “Hermione dear sorry we are late but we went out for dinner and have to get up early to go to London for some alone time for 2 nights, are you going to be alright for 2 days?” mom said “I’ll be fine Remus said if I needed him he would come here if it was alright with the both of you” I replied mom nodded and went to bed along with my dad. Who looked very sour after I mentioned Remus.

“Hey” Harry whispered before capturing my lips again and sliding his hands down my back to my waist and pulling me onto his lap. “…want to…be…my…girlfriend…?”Harry asked in between kissed I giggled and blushed and pulled Harry down so he was on top of me and he latched his lips back onto mine “Yes” I whispered. Harry slid his tongue across my bottom lips asking for entry and I accepted by opening my mouth. It was getting pretty intense with Harry on top of me and having his left hand snake up my shirt slowly, which I was fine with and when he got to my boobs he pushed my middle clips together and popped open my bra. I blushed but let him away with it. He then pulled my bra off and out from under my shirt it was a strapless and he looked into my eyes with adoration and whispered “are you okay with this or do you want to stop?”  I whispered back “it’s okay but not any further” before I reached both my hand around his neck and pulled him to kiss me.

His hand was still under my shirt, I let out a small moan into his mouth and he started to kiss down my neck and nibbling it. I let out another faint moan when he grasped my chest. I let another moan when he started kissing down my stomach when he looked at up at me, he was pulled away and I jumped because it was dark and I didn’t know who it was. Tonks turned on the light and passed me my sweater which I pulled on fast, I saw a very pissed off Remus holding Harry by his neck since he didn’t have a top on.

“What in the name of merlin’s beard are you doing?” Remus yelled “shhh, mom and dad are sleeping” I mumbled. Then I looked up at him and said “We’re dating” Remus softened his look a bit but said “and how long has that been going on?” Harry replied “just tonight” “and why where you doing th-that with her when you just started dating?” “i-it was me I said he could” I stuttered I never liked Remus’ mad side and cowered into my sweater. Tonks walked over to me and side hugged me and glared at Remus and said

“They are teenagers Remus leave them alone and you know enough that is what happens at their age” I turned to Remus and ran into his arms with tears in my eyes and said “it wasn’t going to far we were just exploring each other we weren’t going to go all the way right Harry!” I rounded to look at Harry and he nodded fast.

I asked Remus if he could stay with my for 2 days since my parents are leaving for London and he agreed  and hugged me and went outside to wait for Harry with Tonks “I’ll owl you when I get home and maybe we can talk on the phone” I nodded and kissed him goodbye

 “Starr I’ll be right back, I’m putting a shielding charm on the house, do not leave or let someone in unless you know for sure it is them.” Remus whispered into my ear I nodded “I will say Moony Remus Lupin  adopted father of Hermione Starr Granger when I come back” he whispered again I nodded in agreement even though that wasn’t my name but that’s what  Remus, and Tonks calls me. I went to cuddle into Remus’ side as soon as he came back. He told me that Tonks is going to stay with Harry until the Dursley’s came home.

End of Flash Back”

When I was done cleaning the house and cleaning up Crookshanks litter box and feed him his lunch I sent an owl to Harry and Ron with a letter telling them when they need to be here for dinner since the Dursley’s didn’t like us and Mrs. Weasley wanted a night of quit for once. I changed into my outfit for the night (I put on my favourite teal dress with black flowers on it with my white shrug and black and teal wedged strappy sandals).  Ron owled me back saying when he was leaving and Harry said that Remus is dropping him off again. Since Remus was stationed in Harry’s area for today.  When they both got here about a 20 minutes after each other, Ron was the first to arrive. We sat and chatted and ate dinner it was around 5 30 pm. It was only pizza but we had fun. About 9pm when Ron said he was leaving since he was going to spend the next week with Charlie in Romania, it made me sad since i wasn’t going to be spending my birthday with my 2 best friends and my boyfriend. “Happy birthday ‘Mione and no you are not getting your present early it will be here at 12:01 am tonight” Ron said with a smile I hugged him as we said our goodbyes and he left.

I went to check on my dad since I didn’t see him or hear him the whole time Ron and Harry where here. He wasn’t in his study so I checked his room. He wasn’t there but there was a note saying he left and that he wasn’t coming back until I leave. It bothered me a bit because I was leaving for headquarters at 12 grimmauld place to spend the rest of the summer in 3 weeks.

When I came back into the living room Harry noticed that I was tearing up and pulled me onto his lap. Harry never asked what was wrong but I told him my dad left and wasn’t coming back until I left because he couldn’t stand to look at the reason my mother died. I also told him that my dad hated me and said I was adopted and that he doesn’t want me to return ever again and that my dad was part of the order and that Dumbledore was going to tell me when I got to headquarters.

Harry and I were on the couch cuddling after I calmed down when I started kissing him again and then next thing I know I was shirtless with my bra and Harry was shirtless. We were in a very heated make out session. Harry started to kiss down my neck to my sweet spot near my shoulder “Hermione Baby I love you so much” I started tearing up and replied “I Love you 2 Harry”.

Harry started rubbing my stomach under my boobs with his hand; he slowly started to put his hand lower and stopped by my belly button. And looked at me like asking for permission, so I nodded

When he moved bit and looked at me his eyes white then blood red I screamed “Harry no please stop” I pleaded was so scared for my life when he tried to pin my down to have his way with me, that is when he pulled out a knife and sliced my left side of my stomach right down to my leg and really deep and scratched my right arm drawing blood, that’s when I heard the door fling open and Remus, Tonks and Sirius walked in.

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