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Shades of Love by Dancer49
Chapter 5 : Blue Pain
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                Scorpius carried me to the hospital wing. The nurse gave me potions to help with the twisted ankle but being low on potion ingredients because of a late shipment arrival it, she did not have enough to heal my completely so she stuck a muggle splint on it and gave me crutches to hobble around on for the next few weeks she couldn’t tell if it was broken or sprained because she had lost her wand.



“She’s been real disorganized this year” Scorpius remarked as I got used to the muggle device that I had to stick under my arms, somehow I had to propel myself forward without using my injured leg it apparently helped me walk. I didn’t see how.



“Yea I guess I haven’t been in here yet this year, qudditch hasn’t started for gryiffindor.”



“Well slytherin started last week I got shove off my broom the first one so far this year.” He grinned at me.



“Of course I should have none you would be the first to fall and hurt himself this year.” He smirked at me. I shook my head at him.



“What did I say about that damn smirk?”



“Are you really that distracted by it?”



“Yes!” He smiled. I leaned against the wall in the hallway.



“Why don’t you just let me carry you from class to class instead of worrying about these things” He tapped the mettle boles with his shoe. I grinned at him.



“We don’t have all our classes together”



“I don’t care I’ll be late for them for you” I rolled my eyes at him and hobbled away.



“Rose Wait” I rolled my eyes again “Be mine forever, marry me Rose Wesley” I smiled unable to help myself with the mention of the memory of our first kisses.









“Thank you for helping me, you really didn’t have to I wouldn’t have blamed you if you didn’t. It was really sweet of you” He blushed and tipped his head down trying to hide it



“I’d do anything for you Ro” I smiled and turned away to hide the blush creeping up my face. I moved to hobble away hoping in the back of my mind that maybe he would stop me but he just let me walk away, for once.






                As I sat at breakfast eating, my friends and family asking me what happened. Lucas didn’t show up in the Great hall. Scorpius showed up late. I watched him take his seat next to his friends but other then I kept my eyes down I didn’t want to make eye contact with him or anyone’s afraid I’d spill the beans on what happened I didn’t want anyone other than Scorpius to know about what happened. The doors opend and Lucas walked in. My body forze but my mind raced. Scopius must have been watching me becouse i saw him out of the corner of my eye rise from his chair and move towrds Lucas. I lifted myself up on to the crutches and hobbled over to Lucas i had to stop anything from happenign not in frount of the whole school not yet not now.

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Shades of Love: Blue Pain


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