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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 2 : The Sensible House
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A/N: So chapter two is here! I know that the chapters are short, but this was really awkward to cut up into chapters so at least I'll update quickly? Anyways, enjoy! 

The Ravenclaw tower was not a place that was usually alive in the middle of the night. Besides a few who were up doing late night studying it was usually silent, the smartest students in the school sensible enough to know the wonders of a good night’s sleep. Tonight was no exception, and besides one fifth year who seemed determined to learn everything possible for her OWLS before Christmas break all the students were tucked into bed.

So it was quite a surprise when the common room door was opened by a Slytherin prefect, and it was stranger than she marched up the steps to the fourth year girls dormitories. Not caring that it was the most ungodly hour of the night she barged into the room, not even bothering to knock.

“I need Lily Potter.” She announced, trying to keep her voice stable. Having no idea which bed belonged to hers she waited for someone to stir, as the girls didn’t seem to have any idea that anyone had even entered the room. Sighing the prefect made her way over to one of the beds and shook one of the girls feet, hoping that she’d get someone alert.

“Hmm.” The girl stirred, rolling around in bed for a moment before realizing that there was a prefect with a lit wand standing at the foot of her bed. The girl, Lorcan Scamander, ignored her mess of blonde hair and she cocked her head to the side as she waited for some sort of explanation.

“I need Lily Potter.” The prefect repeated. She knew that the blond wasn’t her but she was hopeful that she would know which of the beds held the girl that she was looking for.

“I’ll wake her then.” Lorcan muttered, her voice light and airy just as her mothers had always been. Sliding out from the comforts of her bed she approached the one on its left and gave the sleeping body inside of it a good shove. Lily groaned for a moment before she realized that someone was waking her, and then she sat up bleary eyed.

“What you want.” She wondered, the fact that she’d just been woken clear in her voice. The older girl hesitated for a moment, unsure what she was supposed to say, when she decided that less was probably more.

“You need to go to the Headmistress office.” She explained, and Lily simply nodded, too tired to think of asking why. She stuck her feet into the first shoes she could find and threw her cloak around herself to keep from freezing as they traveled through the school. Her hair was still sticking up at the strangest places and there was eye makeup smeared across her face, but she hardly cared. All Lily wanted was to get this over as quickly as possible so she could get back to sleep. 

“This better be important, it is the middle of the night.” Lily muttered doing her best to keep in a straight line as she trailed the older girl. The prefect turned and glanced at the red head for a moment, and it was clear that there was something that she wasn’t telling. But the prefect knew that it wasn’t her place to say what had happened, so she simply nodded.

“It’s very important.” She explained, deciding that she was best leaving it at that. Slytherin’s always had a bad reputation and she doubted that going around telling a girl that her brother was dead would help them much.

The two made their way down the steps in silence, both too tired to try to make small talk. Half way there Lily realized that she hadn’t even thought to bring her wand along and was glad that they were only in Hogwarts. It wasn’t like she was going to need it to fight off some evil creature while she was in the confines of the school.

It seemed to be talking forever to get to the other side of the school, and even with her cloak on Lily feared that she’d turn into an ice cube. Since she’d been dragged out of bed a million situations had been running through her mind but she couldn’t come up with anything that logically made sense. The first thing that came to mind was something to do with one of her two brothers, probably James as he always seemed to be in trouble, but she couldn’t think of anything that they’d do this late at night.

“Do you know what this is about?” Lily wondered, figuring that the prefect had to know something. It was a Slytherin prefect rather than one from her own house which made her assume that it had something to do with Albus. Maybe he had gotten so nervous over the match against James in the morning that he’d had a mental breakdown and needed her to calm him down. A smile crossed her mind at the idea, because it was something that she could clearly see happening.

“I’m not sure.” The prefect fibbed, deciding to give the young girl a few more moments of bliss. The moment that she saw her parents sitting with McGonagall in tears she figured that the young girl would be able to figure out the horrors that had occurred within the Slytherin common room within the past hour.

It seemed like everything had changed, as all the Slytherin prefects had been instructed not to let anyone into the common room, and the rest of the houses were being confined to their common rooms. From what she’d managed to overhear Aurors were on their way and the body was being taken away as they spoke. In other words, the magic of the castle had been sucked away and things had taken a turn for the worst. The prefect didn’t let any of this show on her face though; someone else was going to be the one to break the magic of the school for Lily.

“Cauldron Cakes.” She muttered, indicating with a tilt of her head that Lily should head up the stairs without her. Lily would be able to make it ten steps on her own, and the last place that she wanted to be was in that room when the girls heart was broken.

Lily nodded at the older girl as she made her way up the steps, careful not to trip as she had always been rather clumsy at night. The girl had given up on guessing what had happened long ago, and she was almost excited to finally get to see why she’d been roused from her bed at two in the morning on a Tuesday night. 

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