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Weasley is our King by Cal585
Chapter 1 : Gameday
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AN: This was initially a trial to see if I could write Quidditch convincingly and a trial mucking around with graphics myself to see what making banners was like. I kinda got drawn into the story a little though. Anyway, let me know what you think and how I can make Quidditch matches more enjoyable to read!

The little we know of this match is found in the Order of the Phoenix in chapters Grawp and OWLs. Weasley is our King lyrics are also taken from this book.

"Weasley cannot save a thing..."

Ron groaned and looked away from the Slytherin table as the song began. Beside him, Hermione was glaring daggers across the Hall. He poked moodily at his breakfast as his stomach did another flip. He really hoped it wasn’t planning to join a circus just yet.

“Come on mate, you better eat something. You can’t play on an empty stomach.”

Ron merely looked across at the speaker, Harry. He wished he was playing today and knew Harry was frustrated that he wasn’t but at the moment his face only showed concern for him. Ron grunted in a non-committal way and went back to poking at his food.

“Harry’s right you know. You need to eat something or you won’t have any energy.”

It seemed Hermione was now ignoring the Slytherins. He sighed but picked up a piece of toast and bit into it. As he slowly chewed he thought about the upcoming match. He was terrible, he knew. He honestly didn’t know why they just wouldn’t let him resign and put someone half decent in but he was stuck playing now. If last match was anything to go by, this would be a horrible game. Though, he figured, at least he couldn’t get any worse, he had nothing to lose now. He said as much to the other two. This was met by silence and a grim smile on Harry’s part. Ron looked back down at his plate and went back to poking his food around.


Sitting in the changing rooms in his robes, Ron tried to listen to Angelina give her pre-game speech. She was looking at him now and he gave a weak nod, without any clue to what she’d just said. Ginny gave him a pitying look. It seemed to be the adequate response however as Angelina finally told them it was time and led the way out onto the pitch. Lee Jordan was commentating as usual, though he seemed somewhat lacking in his enthusiasm.

“Johnson ... Spinnet ... Bell ... Kirke ... Sloper ... Weasley ... Weasley”

It was a fine day at least, with good visibility and only a slight breeze, Ron thought grimly to himself. And then the whistle sounded and he kicked off, flying back to cover the goals. Davies had the Quaffle and was weaving amongst the Gryffindor chases with a skill that made it look easy. First Johnson, then Bell, then Spinnet and suddenly he was through and heading straight for him. Panicking slightly and desperate to make the save, he moved too early and Davies was able to easily send the Quaffle through his left hoop. Around the stadium, the Gryffindors groaned, and the Slytherin’s began their chant. Red-faced, Ron dived down to recover the Quaffle. Throwing it back in to Katie, he resumed his position. He could hear Lee’s commentary in what seemed like an effort to drown out the crowd.

“Unlucky there Ron, not much you can do about those. Just gotta make a guess and go with it. Anyway it’s Bell with the Quaffle, she dodges Chambers and a nice pass there to Johnson... Ouch, nasty collision with Davies there after the pass. But Johnson has the Quaffle and looks like she might be able to make Gryffindor’s first shot of the game... No! Beautiful work by the Ravenclaw Beater and Bradley has the Quaffle. Dodges Bell. Kirke attempts to hit a Bludger at him but misses woefully. Only the Keeper left to beat now. Come on Ron.”

Ron gritted his teeth. His heart hammered somewhere in his chest. Bradley was streaming towards him with a small grin on his face but suddenly he thought ‘you can do this!’ Bradley was aiming at the right goalhoop, but something told Ron that the shot was too obvious. Trusting his instinct he threw himself to his left and was so surprised when he caught the Quaffle that he almost dropped it. Below him a massive roar went up from the stands.

“And ... I don’t believe it! Brilliant save by Weasley! He’s picked the feint and made it look easy! I always said he was a good Keeper and just needed a chance to show what he was capable of...”

“Jordan” cut in Professor McGonagall warningly, though she seemed quite pleased herself.

“Right you are! So it’s Spinnet with the Quaffle, a quick 1-2 to Johnson and then a beautiful lob over Davies’ head to Bell. Bell now one-on-one with the Ravenclaw Keeper. She shoots, she scores! 10-10!”

Ron grinned to himself and looked around. Above Ginny and Cho were still seeking for the Snitch, though neither had had any luck yet. If he could just make a few more saves like that last one, then maybe Ginny would be able to catch it before Ravenclaw got too far ahead...

“And so it’s Davies with the Quaffle, passes to Chambers who dodges Spinnet. He passes to Bradley – a brilliant intercept there by Johnson! She passes to Bell, who flicks it back. Johnson shoots... And, no! Nice save by the Ravenclaw Keeper there. Determined not to be outshone by Ron.”

Ron felt himself go colour again, and an embarrassed grin appeared on his face. ‘Blimey, no pressure’ he thought to himself.

“And it’s Davies with the Quaffle. Dodges Bell. Drops the Quaffle, a nice pass to Bradley. Johnson ahead of him – no, she’s been forced to swerve aside to dodge a Bludger. What are the Gryffindor Beaters doing? Spinnet moves to intercept. Ooh, nice play by Ravenclaw, they’ve drawn the defender. Bradley to Chambers who’s now got a free run to goal. He still has to get past Weasley though.”

Ron watched him with narrowed eyes. He was coming straight at him and he had no idea what direction he was going to shoot in. Moving without thought, he shifted left and then threw himself right. As he’d hoped Chambers had taken the feint and gone for the right goalhoop. He still had a lot of ground to make up though. Swinging his foot, he just managed to connect with it and the Quaffle soared back out where it was caught by Alicia. Ron hovered, unable to believe it. He’d just made 2 saves.

“And another brilliant save by Weasley. Forcing the shot by Chambers, he’s managed to make the save and kick start the counter-attack. Spinnet with the Quaffle, she’s soaring up the pitch. Only Davies to dodge – ouch! She’s been hit by her own Bludger! What was Kirke thinking with that hit?! All is not lost though for Gryffindor, Johnson speeds by underneath to collect the Quaffle, beats Davies, shoots and it’s in! 20-10 to Gryffindor in one of the most exciting matches that’s occurred in a while!”

Ron let out a loud whoop and thumped the air with his fist. Maybe, just maybe they could do this!

The match continued on in a similar vein for some time. Ron, though scarcely able to believe it himself, was stopping more shots than he let in and the Chasers were playing a blinder. When Davies called a time out to reorganise his attack and check on Bradley (Kirke had finally been able to hit an opposition player), Gryffindor were leading 70-40.

 “Ron, you’ve been unbelievable!” exclaimed Angelina as they touched down.

Ron merely grinned in way of response.

“We’ve got this in the bag if we keep playing like this. Just think, winning the House Cup even though Umbridge suspended 3 of our best players! How’s the seeking going Ginny?”

“I’ve glimpsed it once but Cho blocked me without her even realising it and it was gone by the time I got round her.” Ginny admitted grudgingly.

“Well keep trying, you should be able to beat her in a race, just make sure you don’t let her get too far ahead.”

The whistle sounded and they prepared to mount their brooms once more. Angelina turned to them for her final words.

“Just keep playing as you are, that’s all I ask. Ron, brilliant job.” And with that they took off.


It didn’t take long for the excitement to resume.

“Bell to Johnson – and Weasley’s seen something! She’s diving down towards the bottom of the Gryffindor hoops, Chang miles behind her! If she can catch this, Gryffindor will win the Cup!”

Ron held his breath as he watched. Around him the game seemed to be halted as all eyes followed her dive. She was reaching out and... Suddenly she swerved aside as a Bludger passed through the space where her head had been a moment before. It only took a moment but the Snitch had once more disappeared. Ron groaned in frustration, while Angelina was remonstrating angrily with Sloper for just sitting there while the Ravenclaw Beaters could do what they wanted. He wasn’t the only one to have forgotten the match though. Alicia took out her frustration by pelting with the recovered Quaffle at the Ravenclaw goals and scoring before anyone realised what was happening.

“And that makes it 80-30 Gryffindor’s way! Nice bit of play there by Spinnet. And it’s Davies with the Quaffle. Dodges Johnson, then Spinnet, passes to Bradley who catches it somewhat awkwardly. Not that I can blame him, that Bludger must have hurt. Bradley passes to Chambers who gets around Bell. Shoots towards goals, aims the shot – No! He’s flicked it back to Davies who has scored! 80-40 to Gryffindor.”

Ron groaned as he dove to retrieve the Quaffle. He had to admit to himself there wasn’t really much he could do about that. By facing up against Chambers, he’d left the goals wide open for Davies. Angelina seemed to be of a similar opinion.

“I’m sorry Ron, I should’ve followed him through. He got away from me... There was nothing you could do about that, it was my fault.”

Ron nodded and play resumed.

Gryffindor got the next goal, but Ravenclaw got the 2 after that to make it 90-60. They definitely had the momentum now and Ron was keeping half an eye on Ginny, hoping she’d find the Snitch. It wasn’t until the scores were 90-80 though that there was any sign of it.

“And Chang has seen something! She’s flying after it, as is Ginny, streaming behind her, but she’s gaining too slowly! She’ll never make it in time! Chang is just out of reach of the Snitch, she’s reaching out – it’s practically under her nose now! She’s – No! Ginny Weasley has caught the Snitch! She’s appeared out of nowhere to steal it from right under Chang’s nose! A brilliant take as well, how she managed to stay on her broom, I haven’t the faintest clue...”

Below Ron, the crowd was going wild. He sped towards his teammates where they were all congratulating Ginny on her great catch. There was such bedlam and chaos that Ron had no idea what was happening until they had reached the ground and Dumbledore came forward with the Cup. Grinning, he handed it to Angelina who let out a loud cry and thrust it into the air. She turned to contemplate her team.

“To the man of the match, the player who won the match for us!” she suddenly announced, thrusting the Cup into Ron’s hands.

The crowd roared its approval and the speechless Ron was lifted up onto its backs. Marching out of the stadium, they burst into song.

"Weasley can save anything,

He never leaves a single ring..."

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