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Badgers, Blushing and Gods of Lurve by LaylaBethJagger
Chapter 31 : Devil Spawn
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Sorry guys. Bit of a language warning, in advance...

31. Devil Spawn

The following is the last Will and Testimony of Kathryn Sabrina Dalton:

1) To Rose Weasley, I bequeath the glossary age that I tore out of one of the library books, because I know you will treasure it forever.

2) To Albus Potter, I leave many, many kisses and the storylines to many a dream about you and I. I hope you enjoy the daydreams as much as I did.

3) To Scorpius Malfoy, I leave every single hair product I’ve ever owned, to add to your own extensive collection, and the brilliant nickname ‘Twinkle toes’ as I have no use for it any more.

And 4) to Fred Weasley, my favourite and most darling person in the entire world, Friend, husband, lover, confidante and complete heart breaker, I bequeath to you all of my worldly possessions including my bank vault at Gringotts and Pez the Pygmy Puff. Also, I would like to declare that only for your ears, I think that Scorpius’s hair is brittle and Albus smells like a old frogs as—


I frowned at Fred with a scrunched nose, snatching the will away from him with surprising ease.

“My middle name isn’t Sabrina.” I told him coolly, peering at the parchment.

Fred frowned. “Well, lover,” he said with a smug grin, plucking it back from my fingers and smoothing it out again, flattening it against the table. “I had to improvise considering you won’t tell me your real middle name.”

I grinned at him as I took a bite out of one of the croissants on the table. “The secret will die with me at the grave.”

Fred rolled his eyes. “I’m going to owl your parents.”

I didn’t doubt it.

Unfortunately, in the light of their meeting and becoming acquainted Fred had actually become rather good friends with both my parents, to the point where he even owled them every now and again. We hadn’t been back at school for long, that was for sure, but in that space he had exchanged at least ten letters with them.

“Of course you are…” I sighed.

Fred grinned deviously.

“What have you got there?” Rose asked, approaching the table.

In one hand she held a small wooden box, overflowing with pieces of parchment from the edges. In her arms, between her forearm and her chest, were her books for the classes she clearly had coming up. Preoccupying her other hand was Scorpius, who had his own hand wrapped around hers, with a sweet smile on his face.

I frowned. “I could ask you the same thing…” I motioned to her box.

She sat down beside me and nudged me with her shoulder. “I asked first.”

Fred made a whooping noise and clapped in our direction. “Ladies and gentlemen, I showcase to you today the superior arguing skills of Rose Weasley and Katie Dalton—one of which is the head girl of this school and the other being her best friend and tutee…”

I scowled. “Thank you.” I said coldly. “The head girl, and her tutee.”

Scorpius frowned. “Is tutee an actual word?” He queried.

Rose rolled her eyes and pulled him into the seat beside her. “No. No it is not.” She pulled his hand closer to her and kissed the back of his hand. “But I assume it’s a fabricated word to describe Katie being the girl who I tutor.”

“Bingo!” Fred said enthusiastically waving his quill in the air. “Give the gal a prize!”

Scorpius reached across both Rose and I and punched Fred in the arm, while grabbing his croissant as a prize.

Fred scowled, but went to retaliate, lunging across the table and snatching Scorpius’s recently made plate of bacon. While he did this, Rose lunged for the fake ‘Will’ that Fred had been writing. While Rose lunged for the Will, I lunged for the box and all four of us recoiled at the same time, clutching our respective prizes with wide eyes.

There was silence for a moment as we all recognised what had just happened and then we all scowled.



“Katie. Give me back my box.”

“Gimme my will back, whore-bag!”

There was a moment of silence again when we all digested what I just said. I frowned slightly at my own words.


Scorpius scowled. “Twinkle toes, I have, before this, made it a point to avoid hitting girls. But I might have to reconsider.”

“I’ll kick your ass before you can,” Albus declared soundly as he, too, joined us for breakfast. I grinned slightly as Albus winked at me before seating himself opposite us. My stomach jumped a little and I flushed.

Speaking of…

Neither of us had really confronted the fact that we had almost kissed inside Rose’s pantry the night that I found out about my being cursed. Of course, I had certainly dwelled and dwelled on the moment since it had happened, dissecting every single thing that had happened, every movement and trying to figure out if it had just been a spur of the moment thing.

So when I say that we hadn’t confronted it, I didn’t mean personally.

I meant we hadn’t confronted each other about it.

Which was probably worse than dwelling on it alone.

Rose frowned at the paper.

“Wait, wait, wait.” She said frowning. “I only get a glossary page…?”

I scowled at Fred.

Rose scowled at me.

“Scor. Hit her.”

Fred coughed a laugh and choked on Scorpius’s breakfast a little as a result. Albus stared at Rose in horror. Scorpius winced as Fred coughed up his breakfast, but then shook his head.

“No can do, babe.” He said nonchalantly. “I reserve the right to never hit a woman unless absolutely warranted.” He peered over her shoulder at the will. “And hey, I get her hair gel.”

Albus wrinkled his nose.

“You’re calling my closest and favourite cousin: ‘babe.’” He told Scor with distaste.

Fred frowned. “What? No. He’s calling Rose, babe, not me.”

Everyone stared at him with blank faces for a moment, and he frowned again.

“You know,” he said in a light tone. “I take offence to the implication that I am somehow not your favourite cousin.”

“Its not an implication my friend,” Al said, winking. “I’d proudly shout it to the world.”

Fred glowered at him.

“Scor,” Rose was still staring at the will. “She’s saying that if she dies, all she’s going to give me is a glossary page. And an unusable one at that.”

It shouldn't have surprised me that she’d be less unhappy if it was a usable glossary.

“I will not hit a woman,” Scor said adamantly.

I relaxed and let out a relieved breath. “Good. Because that would have sucked. I didn’t even write it anyway. Fred did.”

There was a moment during which Fred just glared at me. Then...

“Oh, well then. That’s alright.”

Scorpius slammed his fist into Fred’s shoulder with so much force that Fred other side collided with the table. He flinched.

“Dude!” He said. “Really? Uncool.”

We all had a good laugh.

Once everyone had once again exchanged stolen artefacts, I stared at Rose. I had given her back her box without even opening it, even though she had opened and read my falsified will. It was time to get even.

“You owe me.” I told her. “What’s in the box?”

She frowned. “How do I owe you?”

I scoffed, indignantly. “Hello?” I said obviously. “You read my will…”

Rose rolled her eyes.

“Isn’t that illegal?” Fred asked, now very happily eating his recently returned bacon.

Al stared at him dryly. “Isn’t writing someone’s will for them more illegal?”

Fred was silent.

“Its no big mystery, to be honest.” Rose said, delicately lifting the box lid off the box itself. “Dominique asked me to hand these out…” She pulled from the very top of the box an ornately decorated piece of folded parchment, and handed it to me. She then handed one each to Al, Fred and Scor.

“What’s this?”

Rose laughed. “Read it.”

I opened it.

Together with their parents,
Daniel Joseph Wood
Dominique Ginevra Weasley,
request the pleasure of the company of
Kathryn Dalton
at their marriage cere-mony—

“Wow, wow, wow, wait.” I said suddenly, stopping reading at this point. “I’m invited to their wedding?”

Rose rolled her eyes.

“Erm, duh, sweetie.” She said with a laugh. “You’re the reason Dan still even has a leg.”

People have got to stop bringing that up.

“It’s being held at the burrow?” Albus said, curiously as he read his own invitation. “No one told me that.”

Rose grinned. “yeah. Uncle Bill and Auntie Fleur got married, so Dom thinks it’ll be good luck if they get married there. You know, I think she hopes that history will repeat itself…”

Fred hesitated.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, dearest cousin of mine,” he said tactfully. “But wasn’t that particular wedding crashed by a bunch of homicidal death eaters?”

Rose nodded, as though that wasn’t a bad idea.

“And she wants to repeat that?” Scor asked with wide, judgemental eyes. “With the death and the disaster and the basic beginning of the War?”

Rose nudged him slightly with her elbow.

“No.” She sighed. “Moreso the fact that they are still together with three capable happy children years later. Less of the death eater army…”

Albus shrugged. “Besides, there aren’t many death eaters left around these days, are there?”

“Says the boy whose friends and family were attacked by a death eater army, less than four weeks ago?” I said sceptically.

Al frowned at me.

“Is it an army if you just have four death eaters?” Scor queried.

Al paused, mulling on this thought for a moment before shrugging.

“Fine. Death Eater drill team then.”

It was common knowledge on the Hogwarts grounds that our year level was rather averse to Professor Hagrid’s Care of Magical Creatures class. The fourth year class itself—involving a hormonal (and, as we later found out, pregnant) female Fellathorax that had resulted in Molly Walter’s consecutive trip to the Hospital wing where she had to regrow four fingers—was the basic Freudian reason for our fear.

“It’s a fine specimen,” Hagrid said in away that was intended to calm us.

My heart sped up—and not in the good, electric, Albus way.

Everyone ignored his narration anyway, and instead nervously eyed the new bright blue creature before us.

When it had actually happened—and we had years five, six and seven above us—we bore the bunt of many a joke and mockery about said class for years. Something about the idea of a half of the sixth year sprinting down the hill towards the Forbidden forest in an effort to escape the furious almost mother who thought that we had somehow threatened her child when we refused to let her feed Molly to it seemed to be an ever present source of amusement for the upper half of the student body.

However, it wasn’t as bad as it had been originally. As the years passed and the knowledgeable students left—meaning only the seventh years as the ones that could mock us—it wasn’t so bad any more. Sure the seventh years brought it up every now and again but the younger years—if they knew—didn’t have the guts to say or do anything about it.

“If that’s a fine specimen,” Natalie muttered cautiously. “I certainly don’t want to see an unfine specimen.”

Everyone present clearly shared her sentiments. As I had left the Gryffindor Table today, to see Fred drawing up a rough draft of my very own personal will, because of his incredible faith in this fine specimen I quite reassured.

I scanned the class.

To my right, Emily was standing with Shirley and Lauren, muttering quietly under their breath about something—that I didn’t think was me. It was a new idea to think that Emily wasn’t gossiping about me like she had been for most of the year. She seemed just as absorbed in the creature before us as I was.

And just as nervous.

Rose has reacted oddly when I told her that Emily had been civil to me without an ulterior motive (other than going to the party, but the surprise seemed genuine enough when I told her that I had been invited.)

It was the middle of our tutoring session and she and I had been going over one of the books that Albus had managed to slip back to her room right before she realised they were missing.

“That’s…uh, good… she’s grown up then, do you think?”

And when I had answered with a hesitant ‘yeah, I reckon… maybe…’ she left it alone. She stopped talking about it and got straight to the charms.

Which was a little unnerving.

“It’s because she’s intimidated,” Fred explained in the few moments this morning when he wasn’t focusing on my will.

Why Rose Weasley was intimidated by Em was a mystery to me. I doubted that no matter how much Em and I wanted, we would never become the best friends that we had once been. She was best friends with a different Katie.

Rose was best friends with the new Katie. The better Katie.

In my opinion anyway, which was really the only opinion that mattered.

“Now, it acts on pure instinct,” Hagrid was telling us. “No conscience, predatory and very, very aggressive.”

Everyone stared nervously at the creature before Emily ingeniously broke the tension. “In other words,” she said observationally. “Your typical male.”

Oz nudged her.

“On behalf of my gender, hey!”

Everyone took a deep breath and relaxed a little as the joke began to settle in. I laughed with everyone else and looked around, sharing the typical, ‘That-helps-relieve-some-of-the-chronic-fear-and-pain-that-was-previously-consuming-my-entire-being’ look with everyone around me. As I did this, I caught the eye of the one person who had been angrier at me than anyone else.

Eric stared at me, showing me the very same look, only frozen as he realised that he was directing it at me.

I expected him to sneer, or to glare at me or to just look away.

He didn’t. He just kept looking at me, a slightly twitch to the side of his mouth until Penny pulled on his left arm and his attention was pulled away.

Things were getting better. They could only go up from here.

Of course, I’ve eaten my words before.

I was walking along the hallway, covered in the nasty blue spray that had exploded from Hagrid’s latest creature’s nostril (seven of which were located conveniently at different spots around it’s body) on my way back from the Hospital Wing, when it happened. Madame Bellows had successfully managed to get rid of the acidic green nasal fluid, and since the blue wasn’t harmful if not exposed for long she told me to go and shower and took care of the other students who had been in the firing line.

I was completely alone, I suppose I should mention, and should have been prepared considering how often it was that bad things happened to me while I was alone in the endless hallways of this castle.

I didn’t hear the heavy footfall and I didn’t hear the nasty mouth breathing.

Well, I did hear it.

But I didn’t pay it any attention.

I was too busy skipping and jumping about how great my morning had been, and how cool it was that Emily was now talking to me, and Eric seemed to be on the way to forgiving me, and I had a personalised invitation to Professor Wood’s wedding to Dominique Weasley and I had even managed to miraculously survive Hagrid’s latest dangerous lesson.

What I did notice instantly, on the other hand, was the unfamiliar hand and fingers that grabbed my shoulder, jolted me back into a rather large and taller than me body and pushed me against a wall. And I noticed the sneering smile and the piecing green eyes that Emily had once gone on and one about in our dorm for nights on end with a sickly sweet, besotted smile on her face.

And I noticed the way his grip on my shoulder was so tight that my eyes were watering, involuntarily.

Todd Williams had his hand holding me pressed against the wall. His let hand held my left shoulder, and his entire arm was pressed across my chest—his elbow forcing my right shoulder to stay still all the while inducing a particular kind of pain.

And lets just say I definitely noticed when Todd’s uncharacteristically minty breath invaded my personal bubble and he pressed his face up near mine and said, “Long time no see, eh Dalton?”

Not nearly long enough.

“Get off me.” I ordered shakily, pushing him away.

He didn’t seem to mind that he was getting bright blue, toxic monster booger all over his uniform. Which struck me odd considering his textbook narcissism.

“Or what?” Todd questioned, sneering at me.



My loud and confident reply had left my mouth before I had even thought about it.

“Or,” I said, squaring my shoulders despite his hand and elbow and lifting me eyes to evenly meet his gaze even though I was pressed against the wall rather painfully, “I will get some new friends of mine to show you exactly what physical abuse is, just so you’ll be aware of them next time.”

Todd looked impressed and let go of me, stepping away from me, with a smirk of sorts.


I was even impressed with myself.

“That’s right…” Todd drawled. “I come back and all of a sudden you’ve got friends in high places… I forgot about that…”

Hells yeah, I had friends in high places.

That was a small comfort in this situation.

“Decided to trade up?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes, willing myself to act like I was calm or at least, you know, breathing at a normal pace.

I wasn’t, but that wasn’t the point.

“What do you want, Williams?” I demanded, glaring at him. I crossed my arms across my chest defensively, trying to make myself sound confident.

You know? Confidence? That thing that makes people seem more approachable and happy and comfortable in their own skin? You might not recognise it on me considering my crippling level of self-destruct-ism and humiliation.

Todd shrugged and leant against the wall.

His arm reached high above my head, and because of this, his entire body boxed me in towards the wall. He slipped his other hand into his pocket, casually.

“I heard about your little fight with our mutual friend,” He said smirking. “And I thought we now have something in common.”

I frowned at him.

“I so very highly doubt that,” I told him. “I hope against hope that you won’t prove me wrong.”

Todd smirked. “Then today’s your unlucky day.”


As if unlucky days were a new concept to me.

“I thought you might like to help me…” He drawled.

And his hand in his pocket clenched around something—which he then pulled out and held in front of me. It was so close to my eyes that I had to lean back a little to focus. When I did I realised what it was. He was holding up a small glass vial, with a swirling silver liquid inside, and a tiny cork keeping it inside.

I didn’t need to ask to know exactly what memory was inside that tiny little vial.

“See,” he said slowly. “I’ve been really bored in the time that I wasn’t at school. S’pose I’ve got you to thank for that, eh? Getting me suspended and all that?”

“You got yourself suspended,” I told him, sneakily, despite the sudden lack of oxygen to my brain.

Todd inhaled sharply, and his hand clenched around the vial as he exhaled slowly. “You got me suspended, Dalton. You were the one who decided to run to McGonagall.”

I stared at him, pale.

“Any way, I learnt a lot while I was away… including how to copy memories to a perfect measure.” He shook the little vial. “Just like this little baby right here.”

Why was he telling me this? Unless…

He smirked as he watched the horror of realisation dawn on my face.

“That’s right Dalton,” He confirmed what he guessed had just come to me. “You’re either gonna watch helplessly as I slip this memory into every single glass at dinner tonight, or you are going to do every single thing I tell you to—from now on.”

I stared at him. Because I might not be able to help Emily as much as I did before this dramatic year, but I wouldn’t stand idly by while Todd Williams distributed their sex memory to the entire school.

Todd had guessed my decision before I said it.

“Kate Dalton, you’re now my bitch”

Alright. Let it never be said that I go easy on my characters. But ALL is going to plan I assure you, my sweets. Plus, I couldn’t have Todd return for nothing, right? This was always his path and it was always going to meet with Katie’s like this. :P :P

Anyway, sorry for the long wait, and I’ll get working on the next chapter as soon as is physically possible. I’m having some issues with writer’s block but I should be able to kick it soon. :P

SOO… please review, because that would be lovely… :P *grins* I love your feedback and it is a big part of what compels me to update and write more so… if you do the math I think that means: … more reviews = more chapters.

(I mean, think about it guys. If every single person who read every single chapter reviewed, I would be so flattered and you would have all totally contributed to the happiness of a female author with hopes and aspirations for a heap of people to like her Harry Potter based fan fic. So yeah—IF YOU’VE TAKEN THE TIME TO READ, TAKE THE FEW EXTRA SECONDS TO REVIEW!!)

Cheers guys.


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