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The Epic Love Story of Eloise Longbottom by Rosie_Malfoy4ever
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1- Introducing Me
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  A/N- Smello! This is an extremely short chapter but I'd like to just see how people like my style! 

Sadly, I'm not the brilliance that is J.K Rowling, these are her characters, her world, and I am just a writer with a passion for HP! 



     My name is Eloise Longbottom. Light brown hair, dark eyes, incredibly short, crazy for Quidditch, going on seventh year at Hogwarts as a Ravenclaw, and of course as others point out, “Bloody brilliant!” Seeing as how my dad is Neville Longbottom, the guy that killed one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, and my mum is Hannah Longbottom, owner of the Leaky Cauldron, everyone knows me. My best friends happen to be none other than Lily Luna Potter II, daughter of the famous Harry Potter, you know the guy who saved the Wizarding world? And Hugo Weasley, son of Ron and Hermione Weasley.


     My life was incredibly awesome until fourth year. That was when I realized, I fancied my best friend. Hugo was in some ways the black sheep until Al was sorted into Slytherin that is. Hugo was the only Weasley in known history without the famous red hair. He had inherited his mum’s beautiful brown color, but without the bushiness, and her responsibility. But he had also gotten his father’s joking ability, short temper, and ocean blue eyes, so he was evened out.


 He also lacked the love for Quidditch, but ever since I had started playing he had came to cheer me on from the Gryffindor stands, even if we were playing Gryffindor. He was really a great friend and I’m not going to lie, he was FIT! But, that day in fourth year, that’s when I realized I loved him. That’s when it started.


     We were sitting in Potions. Slughorn( the old bat, wasn’t he dead yet?) had just started talking when Pricilla Zabini leaned over to “inform” me that my dad was a blubbering idiot because he had spilled an armful of bouncing bulbs which had proceeded to attack him. Hugo had stood up valiantly and told her to bugger off. He started to sit down then noticed me crying silently.


“Hey don’t you listen to her, she’s a right git!” He knew my father was my biggest role model.


“Th-thanks Hugo,” I said between sobs. 


    Later that day during lunch I had seen Zabini walk in with a swollen eye and I looked over to see a smug Hugo. I smiled to myself at this memory. He never told me it was him, but I’d loved him and his quirks from that day on, although VERY secretly! I mean my only other best friend was his cousin! I couldn’t exactly tell her how amazing I thought he was or how often he entered my dreams, more than I care to tell that is. All I can do is sit, wait, and hope.


      See, this is the time when I wished I was more outgoing. Then I’d have more friends that I could talk to about this problem. That is, if you consider fancying your best friend a problem, which I do. He was just so great and sweet! How could I not fall for him?


   “ELLIE!!!!” Oh gosh! I HATED that nickname and only one person called me that. Using one of those rare Muggle phrases Mrs. Weasley says, speak of the devil and he shall come.




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The Epic Love Story of Eloise Longbottom: Chapter 1- Introducing Me


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