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New Beginnings by aly grace
Chapter 2 : The Meeting
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Elena took a shaky breath and looked at Remus. She smiled at his eyes, which she always found a light that couldn’t be found anywhere else. That light was shining brightly now, alight with thoughts that his best friend was innocent and he would be seeing him again.


“Remus, I don’t know if I can face him. Not yet.” Elena said. Just then, a sound she had been dreading happened. The doorbell rang.


Elena let out a pitiful squeak. “Don’t worry. I’ll see if it’s him.” Remus said. His smile was shockingly white and happier then Elena had seen in years.


Elena, not knowing what else to do, went into the living room and sat down next to Harry.


“Elena, someone’s at the door.” Harry said simply.


“I know bug, but it’s one of Remus’ friends.” Elena replied.


“Can I go meet him?” Harry asked. He looked at Elena pleadingly. He knows, she thought. Her Harry would never ask to meet anyone. He sensed that the man in the foyer was his godfather.


“I suppose bug. Let’s go.” Elena sighed. Now she had to face Sirius. One look in those stormy grey eyes and she would fall in love again. One glance at those soft lips would make her body yearn for his kisses, his touches.

Standing up, Elena scooped Harry into her arms. Walking quietly, she peered around the corner.


Sirius wasn’t facing her, which was a good thing. His usually silky soft black mane of hair was knotted and looked dry. His figure was hunched and gaunt. He looked sick and thin.


Remus saw her and smiled encouragingly. Seeing Remus smile, Sirius turned and faced her. She sucked in a deep breath and walked into the foyer.


His face was so thin, his eyes sunk into his head. He looked like he hadn’t eaten in years. He had grown a beard, something he never had before, and it looked disgusting. But then she saw his eyes. They were the same color and still had the same arrogance they once held.


“Elena.” He said. His voice was scratchy, probably from not using it for two years. But there was the faint trace of the love in his voice. Elena’s face was streaming with tears.


“Elena you're crying.” Harry said, wiping Elena’s cheek with his thumb to catch a tear. “Why?”


“Because I'm happy bug.” Elena said, kissing the top of his head.


“Sirius, meet Harry.” Remus said, gesturing towards the toddler in Elena’s arms.


“Merlin’s pants he got big.” Sirius said with a cheeky grin. He took a few steps forward hesitantly. “Hello Harry.” Sirius said happily.


“Hi sir.” Harry said politely. Elena expected him to bury his head in her hair, but he didn’t. He reached for Sirius. Elena passed him off, more tears sliding down her face as Sirius held Harry. She had waited two years for this moment, and it just didn’t feel real.


“Why are you all dirty mister?” Harry asked.


“Seriously Harry, call me Sirius, or even Padfoot.” Sirius said. Harry’s eyes widened when Sirius said Padfoot.


“You're Padfoot? From the bedtime stories Elena always tells me?” Harry asked. Sirius smirked at Elena.


“I would hope so, seeing as I'm the only Padfoot she ever met.” Sirius said.


“Did you really fight Dracula?” Harry asked. Sirius laughed, and oh god did it chip the ice on Elena’s heart.


Sirius looked at her and when he smiled, she could see his dimple. “You have quite the imagination Elena. You still a writer?” Sirius asked.


“Yes.” She mumbled.


“Good.” He nodded, then turned his attention back to Harry.


Quietly, Elena stepped out of the room and into her kitchen. Taking a deep breath, she attempted to slow her beating heart, which was pounding out of her chest. Her hands shook as she tried to pour herself a cup of tea. It was splattering all over the counter.


“Need help love?” a voice asked behind her. Startled, Elena turned around. Sirius was standing there, his eyes sad.


“Yes please.” Elena whispered. She passed to pot to Sirius and their hands brushed. Elena couldn’t help but shiver.


“So, how the bloody hell did this happen? You're afraid to be in the same room as me now Elena?” Sirius accused.


“No! That’s not it at all!” Elena cried.


“Really? Because I thought you of all people would be happy to see me. I thought everything would go back to normal, back to where we were. Remember that Elena? Do you even still have the ring?” Sirius went on and on. Elena tried to protest but just couldn’t.


“Of course I have the ring you imbecile! Every night, I went to bed praying something like this would happen, but knowing deep in my heart it wouldn’t. Want to know why? Because you didn’t come to me when it happened. And of course life won’t be the same Sirius! Everyone still believes you a mass murderer!” Elena screamed. Her vision was tinted red, but somewhere inside her vaguely hoped Remus had taken Harry outside so he wouldn’t hear this.


“I couldn’t come to you! I wouldn’t have been able to see the look in your eyes, the hate! For all you knew, I was the Secret-Keeper and it was my fault James and Lily were dead!”


“Why did I only know that? Why didn’t you just tell me things changed, that it was Peter who betrayed them? We would probably be married right now, with James and Lily being our Best Man and Maid of Honor!” Elena screamed again.


“I don’t know.” He mumbled.


“No, you do know. You have always kept things to yourself, so it is your fault James and Lily are dead, that Harry is an orphan.” Elena said.


“I'm not the one that betrayed them! Sure I was the idiot who decided to make the rat the    Secret –Keeper, but I didn’t betray them on purpose. I'm not the one who said the curse!” Sirius spoke quietly and with purpose. Sirius wasn’t one to yell


Just then Elena saw something she never thought she would see. Sirius Black’s eyes filled with tears. His head collapsed into his hands and Elena watched as his body shook with sobs. He sat on a chair and kept sobbing.

With her own tears falling too, Elena sat on his knee and pulled his face out of his hands. She looked into his wet eyes and smiled.


“This is all I wanted, two years ago Sirius.” She said simply. Then, she kissed him and the world spun. She didn’t think about the filthy beard or the dirt on his face. She thought of the Sirius who proposed to her three years ago to the day.


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