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Daughter of voldemort by magicmuggle01
Chapter 3 : THE DAUGHTER
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Harry pulled the invisibility cloak back over his head (again so that no one they encountered would see him and pester him) and the three of them headed from the Gryffindor Common room, back through the rubble and carnage that the battle had produced, and slowly made their way towards the girls toilet that Moaning Myrtle haunted. As they walked through the castle they came across more and more people who were injured or had been killed. Madam Pomfrey could be seen moving among the people administering aid where she could or sadly shaking her head whenever she came across anyone who were beyond help, covering their faces with a cloth of some sort. They finally arrived at the toilet and went inside, looking around they saw that even though there was some damage from the battle, the toilet had survived relatively intact.

They looked around and found that Myrtle was sitting in one of the cubicles that had escaped destruction and was (as usual) doing her usual moaning and wailing. 

'Myrtle' said Harry (removing his cloak), 'we need to talk to you about something'.

'What about? ' she replied in her ghostly voice.

'Well it's rather a sensitive subject' said Harry 'and it maybe hard for you to discuss the subject we've come to talk about'.

Myrtle zoomed up into the air and came back down and landed beside Harry's right shoulder (cuddling into him like she usually does) and said in her usual provocative voice,

'You can talk with me about anything you like Harry, what do you want to discuss?'

'About you having a um a ahaa child with Voldemort' Harry bounced back.

With these words, Myrtle zoomed back into the air and with an almighty scream and a great splash of water, landed head first in the toilet bowl that she had been sitting on. Harry was not going to accept this for an answer and went over to the cubicle and said down the toilet. 

'Myrtle, you are not going to avoid this by doing your usual disappearing act. Do you hear what I'm saying? I refuse to leave until you talk to us DO YOU HEAR ME?' Harry shouted the last bit.

After a minute or so had passed by, Moaning Myrtle slowly rose out of the toilet bowl and looking more sad and dejected than she normally did said.

'What do you want to know?'

'Well what happened would be a good place to start'.

'I do not want to tell you all that happened that night'.

'Ok' said Harry 'You don't have to tell us all, the details; we'll spare you that and the pain. But we do need to know the basics of what happened.'

'Very well, It was late one night and I couldn't sleep so I got up and went down the stairs to sit and read in the Slytherin common room. Whilst sitting on the sofa I dozed off, then I was suddenly awoken by the sound of someone entering the common room, and before I knew it I saw Tom Riddle standing over me. Well he had his way with me and after a couple of months I had to leave Hogwarts for a while so that I could have my baby. Once my daughter was born (I knew who the father was) my parents (they to knew who the father was and I had told them how evil he was whilst he was at Hogwarts) decided to have her memory altered so that she would never ask about who her father was. Once that had been performed I was made to give her up for adoption. Not long after I returned to Hogwarts, I was (as you know) killed by the Basilisk. But my daughter grew up and at the age of Eleven started at Hogwarts and I knew who she was right away. But I was unable to talk to her since I was a ghost (and I would have scared her away like all the others that I'd scared in the past). I watched as she grew up and becamea reasonable young witch. But in her later years something started to go wrong, she started to get a bit mixed up in the head (maybe it was a side affect of the spell that she received when she was a baby), she was getting confused alot of the time. Well about Eighteen years ago Dumbledore found out who she was and offered her the Divination job here at Hogwarts (so that he could keep an eye on her), and she has been here ever since'.

Ron's mouth opened and closed like a fish that was suffocating.

'You mean that Professor Trelawney is your daughter?'

'That's what Myrtle said Ron' said Hermione.


Well this is my third chapter. Please review and let me know what you think. 


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