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Messes of Men by Roonyskatoony
Chapter 16 : A Meeting with Ambition
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 I sighed irritably as I gave looked at myself once more in the mirror before adding a pair of earrings to the equation; the dark blue stones looked good with the lighter blue of the pretty fitted dress. I’d only received the invitation for Slughorn’s party yesterday, in all honesty I didn’t really want to go but I’d recently changed my mind. Franny, Lily, Katy and Annabel having already left, I made my way down to his office, yawning widely as I pushed open the door. Thankfully I wasn’t late at all in fact I was on time. I arrived as they were still milling around before moving to the table. I slipped into the room, taking the only available seat next to Lily, Franny, Annabel and Katy.

“Thought you weren’t coming,” Lily whispered, laughing slightly.

“Believe me, I wasn’t going to, I’m exhausted,” I told her.

“Ah Iris, when did you arrive?” Slughorn boomed, causing me to almost jump out of my skin. The bloke needed to learn about bloody volume control!

I turned to look at him.

“Sorry I’m...” I started before my mouth all but fell open as my eyes fell on the blonde woman across the room, surrounded by all of the girls in my group that were also in the Slug club. Bridgett Collins. Bridgett Collins was here. Now.

“About time to darling!” She laughed, flashing her perfectly white teeth at me. She looked incredible; you could practically see the money dripping off of her. She was a model now; she’d been on the front cover of Muse (the number one fashion magazine of the magical world). She looked just as I’d remembered although most probably a little more glamorous. She’d always had style. I looked at her for a moment before my face split into a smile. She laughed putting her drink on one of the table and getting to her feet.

“You look so grown up now!” She said.

I laughed.

“Well it’s not like I’m 11 anymore...Shorty,” I said coining the nickname she’d given me. She was only slightly taller than me; I’d remembered her as this impossibly tall, graceful elegant figure.

She laughed and hugged me.

“Merlin look at you Shorty,” She laughed turning me around.

“You look amazing,” I laughed.

“So do you, I was worried you’d never fill out,” She laughed, pinching me playfully.

I laughed, pushing her away.

“Personally Bridge deary, I’m insulted. Where is my wedding invitation? I heard about it from some magazine,” I laughed moving my hand on to my hip.

She laughed at me.

“Darling you’re going my bloody bridesmaid! Why do you think I’m here now? I was thinking of you the other day, I haven’t spoken to you in years!” She said.

“I was actually joking,” I pointed out.

“No you weren’t; you, my dear, were hinting, none too subtly either,” She teased.

“You have no idea darling, how lucky you are,” She told me pushing me over to where she’d been sitting moments earlier, completely ignoring the others (I can tell you, they did not like it).

“Francesco Deorté is designing my wedding,” She told me, beaming from ear to ear.

He was like the designer of the decade; barely a day went by without someone praising his work. Of course he did mostly incredibly complex (but also incredibly odd) designs but his work also filtered down into the ordinary persons wardrobe, as something a little toned down. That said a hat cost at least 5,000, yet another item of clothing that I would never own.

“Marie Lynnette is my cousin’s godmother, I asked her and she organised it all!” She beamed.

There was a small gasp. Marie Lynnette was like every girl in my groups idol. She was considered the most fashionable thing of the moment; the papers were fascinated by her. She was like the style icon of the century.

“You have to meet her; you could see her at the wedding. I’m sure she’d just love you!” She laughed. I chuckled.

“Five seconds Bridge, five bloody seconds and you’re already organising who I ‘need to know’,” I laughed. She gave a laugh too.

“I’m looking out for you darling. Don’t be so bloody ungrateful!” She laughed.

“Ungrateful? Me? Never,” I said innocently.

“You haven’t met my fiancée,” She said.

“I’ve certainly seen him though,” I pointed out.

She beamed at me.

“I’m so lucky,” She sighed.

I laughed.

“So you are, mind if I get myself a drink quickly, I’m parched,” I said.

“Oh go ahead,” She smiled.

I smiled back at her before getting to my feet. Well Bridgett had certainly landed on her feet...predictably, it didn’t take being able to see the future to see that she would go far. I was happy for her, Bridgett was used to succeeding. I’d had no doubt that she’d get whatever she wished for.

“Iris,” came a voice just as I picked up the jug. If it was Alec I swear I’d throw something at him...most probably the object sitting so conveniently in my hand. I turned pleased to see Sirius rather than the aforementioned party.

“Hi,” I smiled.

“Hi err...Iris, we need to after this,” He said.

I raised an eyebrow.

“What about?” He said.

He shifted uncomfortably.

“I have something to tell you,” He said.

Try as I might I really couldn’t help the glimmer of hope. It was ridiculous, I knew that but I couldn’t help it.

“Ok,” I shrugged nonchalantly before pouring my drink and returning to Bridgett.

“Is that Sirius Black?” She said peering at him.

“Yes...why?” I said slowly.

“I’m allowed to inquire aren’t I?” She said.

“They’re ‘friends’,” Ali put in eagerly.

I glared at her. Have a mentioned that Bridgett is ridiculously nosy?

“Friends, minus the dodgy exaggeration and stupid suggestion,” I said sitting back down.

Bridgett smirked at me.

“So what else have I missed?” She asked, including all of them in her warm smile.

“Alec proposed to her,” Elsa told her.

Bridgett actually choked on her drink.

“What?!” She cried turning to look at me.

“Who? What? When!” She said.

Oh great.

“Last month,” I said.

“What?!” She repeated.

“This is what you did to me,” I accused, poking her playfully.

“Proposed? Shorty I want fucking details,” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“It doesn’t matter anyway, I said no,” I said before taking a sip.

“Jesus,” She said.

“He’s like completely in love with her, he’s just obsessed,” Ali said.

“Can we not talk about him?” I said irritably.

“Merlin, I think you surpassed even me,” She said in wonderment. I laughed.

“Really? I don’t think that’s possible. Paul Cartly, James Oscar, Danny Filler, Tyron Philips...the list goes on...and on...and oh on again,” I said with a sly smile.

She nudged me.

“None of them proposed. That’s like...a very big thing,” She said.

“You are engaged,” I laughed.

“Yes but I’m not 17,” She reminded me.

“Oh we know,” I smirked.

She looked at me before she laughed, nudging me again.

“Anyway, I want you to meet Frederick,” She said getting to her feet, smoothing down her dress. I got up with her, following her over to the small group of blokes. I only recognized the quidditch guy by the fact that Sirius and James were sitting a little way off staring wide eyed. I rolled my eyes at them, sending Remus a quick smile who shook his head before smacking the two of them round the head. They both snapped round, glaring at him.

I couldn’t help but laugh slightly before turning back to the group, all of them being a few years older than me.

“Frederick, meet Shorty,” Bridgett laughed motioning at me with a flourish. I rolled my eyes.

“I am like an inch shorter than you! I was 11!” I laughed.

“I know but you’re making me feel old!” She cried.

I chuckled before turning to her beloved fiancé.

“Hi,” I said with a quick smile.

“She’s the girl I told you about, she’s going to be one of the bridesmaids,” Bridget told him.

“Wow I feel so honoured,” I laughed with barely concealed sarcasm, touching my hand to my chest.

“I don’t understand when you got so mouthy!” She teased.

“How could you say such a thing?” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t you think Quinton would just love her,” She said. Frederick looked at me before nodding slowly. Hated to say it and all but I thought he was a little creepy. He was predictably handsome but I happened not to appreciate the way he looked at me too much.

“I’m quite sure he would,” He said.

“Quinton?” I asked.

“My agent,” She said.

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

“No,” I said.

“What?” She said innocently.

“I am going to something ridiculously boring, horribly unglamorous and I shall ensure that you hate it,” I said simply.

“What is wrong with you? A model!” She said.

“I mean this in the nicest possible way, I love you to pieces and all but I do not want to be a model,” I said making the last part especially slow.

“Doesn’t the front cover of Muse sound just a little entic...” She started.

“Nope,” I said.

“You used to have ambition!” She moaned.

“I still do, sadly it just has nothing to do with all,” I said.

She made a face.

“You’re a disappointment,” She pouted.

I laughed.

“Ouch,” I said.

She laughed too.

“Oh god, how rude of me, I forgot. Introductions,” She said.

“Bridge, I don’t even know how you do it, but you have this uncanny ability to make every introduction sound like you’re trying to set me up with something,” I said.

She pretended to look offended.

“Anyway! This is David...Horthford, you probably already know him,” She said.

Oh yeah right, sure.

“Oh yeah, we’ve met before,” I said.

“And my absolute favourite cousin, Antony!” She said.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You really should learn to tone down the dramatics you know,” I said before smiling at Antony.

“We’ve met before,” He told her.

We had? Oh crap...when? Was I supposed to remember it?

“Have you?” Bridgett said.

“David dragged me along to one of the school quidditch matches,” He explained.

Oh god...still didn’t remember him.

“I didn’t know you knew each other,” She said looking between the three of us.

Crap...I don’t think I’d ever wanted Bridgett to stop talking more.

Thankfully however it was then that Mary suddenly appeared. It was one of the very few occasions I was actually pleased to see her.

“Mary!” Bridgett laughed pulling the girl into a hug. I could have sworn she didn’t like her much either.

“My god, I just heard about your new contract!” Mary cried.

Oh god.

“Oh yes, well...” Bridgett laughed.

“So I don’t suppose you’ve recently changed your mind on Quidditch then,” Da...David (wow I was getting good at this) said turning to me.

I scoffed.

“Unlikely. It would take a miracle,” I said.

“I didn’t know you knew Bridgett,” He told me.

“Yeah, she kind of looked after in my first year, I spent the majority of my time getting lost. That said I was quite happy in the library,” I said throwing Bridgett a pointed look.

“Oh god you’re not still on about that! Why would you want to spend the majority of your time surrounded by musty old books, it’s called a social life,” She said moving her hands onto my shoulders.

“I think it was unfairly thrust upon me,” I pointed out, causing several of them to laugh.

Right now they thought I was antisocial and didn’t like Quidditch, could you get a worse combination (please note the blatant sarcasm) ...ah well.

“That so reminds me, rematch is next week,” Mary said.

Oh thanks for reminding me. I think my ‘enthusiasm’ must have showed on my face.

“Please tell me you’re still doing colours,” Bridgett said.

“Unfortunately. You know I do blame you,” I said.

She laughed.

“Honey that tradition is way older than me,” She told me.

“How can you not like colours?!” Mary cried.

“Because I don’t like Quidditch, I don’t even like watching it,” I said.

“Are you watching for Sirius again?” She asked, strangely enough looking right past my shoulder at the aforementioned party.

“No,” I said, watching the slight smirk move onto her face with more than a little amusement.
“Oh,” She said lightly.


“Why?” I said innocently.

“Oh I was just asking. He’s like one of the best players on the team,” She said.

I shrugged.

“With an ego to match,” I shrugged.

“You hang out with him all the time,” She said.

I rolled my eyes.

“I do not,” I said.

She looked at Bridgett.

“She so does,” She told her.

I rolled my eyes again.

“He. Is. My. Friend.” I said slowly.

“You’re so cute together,” She told me.

I rolled my eyes...yet again.

“Ace told me to tell you, you left something by the way,” I said, my words covered with a thin veil of false politeness.

She turned to look at me.

“I think I’ll go get myself another drink. Anyone want one?” I said innocently, feeling Mary’s eyes on me as I turned away.

“I think I’ll get myself one,” She said before following me off.

“What have you done with him?!” She hissed, as I moved over to the drinks table. I glanced at her before I let out a laugh.

“Unlike some of us Mary, I can be in a classroom for a few hours with a bloke without miraculously ending up in his pants,” I said bitingly.

She looked at me, her face twisting into an ugly expression.

“Don’t pretend like you’re so high and fucking mighty, everyone knows what you’ve done,” She said. I stopped turning toward her.

“Well then I think I can safely say; touché,” I said holding up my drink to her with mock civility before drinking.

“You know Iris; it’s only a matter of time before I shred you so badly...” She started not even bothering to keep the threat out of her voice.

“Oh shred me will you?” I laughed.

“Just like you tried to do in 5th year? Well didn’t that work a treat?” I said.

She glared at me.

“I swear, by the end of this term, you’ll be nobody,” She said.

Somehow Mary always managed to make these threats sound both so very amusing and so incredibly childish.

“I look forward to it darling,” I said with a smirk before turning and sweeping off. Like hell I was letting that bitch shred me. I may have recently grown tired of being ‘Queen Bee’ but there was no way on God’s earth that I’d let her take over. I’d take her down before she got anywhere...if I had to.

“Dinner,” A voice chimed from the next room. I moved back towards Bridgett who seemed to be waiting for me, a slight smirk on her face as she watched me approach.

“I’m guessing you don’t get along,” She laughed quietly as we walked through to the next room.

“I quote ‘by the end of this term, you’ll be nobody’,” I said.

She chuckled.

“Unlikely, well not unless you’ve forgotten everything I taught you,” She said.

I smirked at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Shorty; you do me proud,” She laughed.

“So what’s modelling really like?” I said with mock enthusiasm. She laughed.

“What you expect, full of competitive bitches,” She said.

“And you really want to bring in more competition?” I teased.

She looked at me, a smile on her lips.

“I don’t have any,” She said.

That was Bridgett’s line, ‘competition: I don’t have any’. It was an ideology I’d lived on.

“Frederick seems...nice,” I said.

That caused her to let out another laugh.

“Don’t be stupid, I saw you. Five seconds and you’ve worked it out. He’s a self absorbed prat,” She said. I looked at her in surprise.

“Bu...” I started.

“Don’t be so naive darling. It’s purely business,” She said.

The moment we were through to the next room however, she returned that light bouncy exterior to the forefront, plastering on that smile. It was so practiced it looked natural.

I watched her as she led me over to the table, not quite sure what to make of it. I shouldn’t have been shocked. It was Bridgett after all, she’d do anything if it got her where she wanted but...marrying someone simply to bolster your career? It made sense if you thought about it. They were both famous; they’d be able to sell the wedding pictures to whichever magazine offered the most money, they’d have interviews, people always wanted to know more about the happy couple. Then maybe, when it got old, they’d get a divorce or there would be some kind of scandal, anything to reap the papers and the readers back to them, and then from there whichever worked best. I just wondered whether he was in on this. I’m quite sure he was.

“Always knew you’d do well,” I heard Slughorn chuckle to her from where she sat on his right hand side, Frederick beside her while I sat opposite, somewhat distracted.

“And I tell you something Horace, she’s going far too,” Bridgett laughed motioning at me.

No, I thought. I didn’t want that. It was bad enough that half my life was already a lie but to have relationships, my private life...I couldn’t stand that. I could never stand that. I wanted to do well, of course I did, I wanted to be the kind of lady I’d always dreamt of as a child but not at that price. If ever I got married, I wanted to love them. To me marriage met commitment, a long term thing, a promise that you’d always be together. I don’t know if it was simply how I’d been brought up but divorce had always been something I’d promised myself I would never do. I understood people who did, the appeal was obvious but it wasn’t what I wanted. To start out like that, with the knowledge that it would never last, that it was never supposed to last would just kill me.

“What do you want to be when you leave school Iris?” Slughorn said.

“I want to fight,” I said simply.

There was a moment of silence. Wrong answer.

“Pardon?” Bridgett said.

“I want to fight, I want to be an auror and yes, I will go far, I’m going to be extremely good at it,” I told them. Oh the modesty.

“An auror?” One man said further down the table (this time I can safely say I’d never met him before).

“Yes,” I said.

“Isn’t it...dangerous?” Elsa said.

I rolled my eyes.

“Well unless they start using feathers instead of weapons then yes, I suppose it is,” I said.

“I admire aurors,” A voice said into the silence. I looked round to see the man who I’d supposedly met before who I strangely enough didn’t remember but who seemed to be an acquaintance of both David and Bridgett.

I smiled at him.

“So do I, hence the reason I’m going to be one,” I said cheerfully before turning back to my food. I don’t actually know what they’d expected me to say, follow in Bridgett’s footsteps I guess. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate her profession it just simply wasn’t for me.  


“So, what did you want to speak to me about?” I asked as I sat down on the settee next to Sirius on the sofa, pushing off my heels.

“Urm...” He said somewhat nervously.

I leant my head against the back of the sofa, watching him.

“Err...” He started clearing his throat.

“I don’t bite you know...unless the occasion calls for it,” I laughed.

He gave a nervous laugh.

“What’s wrong?” I said cocking my head to the side moving so that I was facing him squarely.

“I...well...we...detention and...” He said seemingly having a great deal of difficulty.

I simply waited and he let out a sigh.

“I...just...” He stammered. I can honestly say I’d never seen the bloke looking so bloody anxious. I sighed and moved into his arms, leaning my head against his shoulder.

“If you don’t come out with something soon I’m going to bed,” I yawned.

He looked down at me, smiling slightly as he closed his arms around me.

“What’s wrong? You look a bit down,” He said.

“No, I’m tired,” I said.

He played absently with a lock of my hair, twisting the silky tresses around his finger. I watched him, smiling slightly before I closing my eyes and burying my head against his neck.

“So are you going to tell me or not?” I murmured against his neck.

“Do you trust me?” He said.

I frowned.

“Why...?” I said slowly.

“I want to know,” He said.

“Yes,” I said confidently.

He smiled.

“Good, it’s fine then,” He said moving his head atop of mine. I sat for a moment before shifting so that I was looking at him.

“Sirius, you’re worrying me. What are you up to?” I said.

He laughed.

“Nothing, has anyone ever told you that you have a very suspicious mind?” He said.

“Yes, as a matter of fact they have,” I said.

He grinned.

“Have you got me into some kind of prank or something?” I said narrowing my eyes at him.

“’ll see,” He beamed. I didn’t notice the way the smile gave way to a hesitant look when I wasn’t looking.

I rolled my eyes, laughing slightly as I relaxed back against him.

“Would you ever get married for convenience?” I asked as I stared into the fire.

“Why?” He said.

I shrugged.

“Just wondering,” I said.

“I dunno, I don’t think so, you?” He said.

I sighed.

“The funny thing is I think I would, if I had to. I like to think I wouldn’t, that I’d do it for love and all that crap but I think if it came down to it, I would,” I said.

“I don’t think you would,” He said after a moment or two.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because you’re not Bridgett. You’re you Iris, you may think you’re like her but you’re not exactly the same,” He told me confidently.

I smiled slightly.

“Anyway, we should both be getting to bed, it’s late,” I said. The common room was completely empty and I was pretty sure it was well past midnight.

“Stay with me,” He said childishly pulling me back down. I laughed.

“You’re a bad influence on me,” I told him.
“I have led many a young lady astray,” He nodded with an impish grin.

I laughed again, not really at all against staying in his arms. It was rather comfortable actually.

“Did you find your wand in the end?” I asked.

“Wh...oh yeah. Right where I left it,” He beamed.

I chuckled.

“Why are you going out with Jason?” Sirius asked randomly.

I looked up, grimacing slightly.

“I don’t know,” I said grimly.

“Then why don’t you break up with him?” He said.

“I can’t,” I said.

“Why?” He said.

I was about to open my mouth and explain about mine and Katy’s bet when it occurred to me that he might not like it so I simply lied.

“I...I like him?” I said almost cautiously.

“But you just...” He started.

“I like him’s different actually going out with him...” I said slowly hoping that this would suffice.

“Oh,” He said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Nothing I was just wondering,” He said.

There was a moment of silence.

“So...what do you like about him then?” He said.


“’s kind of difficult to explain,” I said.

“Are you watching for him then?” He asked.

It was with some amount of glee that I noticed the slightly bitter back bite.

“Oh...urm...I hadn’t thought of that. It would depend on you,” I said.

There was another moment of silence before he spoke.

“Go ahead, don’t wanna hold you back. I’ll find someone else easily enough,” He said.

...that wasn’t the reaction I was going for.

“Anyway I think I’ll be going to bed, I’m kinda tired,” He yawned before getting up and leaving.

Right well...I’d kind of fucked that up.

I hadn’t expected the news that reached me the next morning though. I was sitting at the breakfast table with the girls when Elsa and Mary walked into the hall chatting excitedly.

“Morning,” Mary said cheerfully. I ignored her turning back to Ali, June and Hemera.

“You look like you’re in a good mood,” Ali laughed glancing up at Mary.

“Wonder whose pants she’s been in this time,” I muttered to Hemera as I took a sip from my goblet. She gave a quiet laugh.

“I am. I have amazing news,” Mary beamed sitting down.

“What?” June said.


Funny how it was then that I inconveniently choked on my pumpkin juice.


“What?!” Ali cried.

“He asked me this morning...Iris could you pass me the fruit basket,” She said sweetly.


I did as she asked with such a tight smile. I’d kill him; I was going to fucking kill him.

“He was totally sweet about it to,” She continued.

I ignored her, unfolding the newspaper, more as a cover to hide behind while I seethed and plotted the many ways that I’d dismember Sirius. At the moment I was thinking having him live with the misery of being a eunuch, leaving him to go through his 20’s, and then I’d murder him...really painfully.

“Hey, Hemera,” A voice sounded suddenly from my side.

I mean he could have asked my best friend that would have been better than Mary. She stood for everything he hated, she was pureblood manic, he hated that!

I lowered my newspaper, somewhat surprised to see Daniel Kirl’s twin brother, Andy standing just behind Hemera.

She looked up, her cheeks flushing slightly...what! She didn’t tell me! Why didn’t she tell me?!

“Oh...hi,” She said awkwardly.

“Can to you,” He said.

All the girls had stopped talking now, simply staring at them much as I was.

“Oh...yeah...sure,” She said before getting up and following him out.

There was a moment of stunned silence before Elsa spoke.

“She’s dating Andy Kirl?!” She said the disbelief apparent in her voice.

“Andy Kirl?! He’s like...incredible. He’s way out of her league, there’s no way,” Ali said.
I looked at her, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh really?” I said.

“He’s like the third of fourth best player on Gryffindor’s side,” June said.

“OMFM,” Ali said.

“She doesn’t even do colours,” Mary said seemingly distracted from her apparent elation by her indignation.

I rolled my eyes.

“If you have any problems with Hemera, I wouldn’t bother voicing them,” I said coldly.

That did shut them up.

I left a little after that claiming that I needed to go get my bag.

To say I was upset would have been an understatement. I mean it was bad enough that Sirius had decided to get a girlfriend; it was a completely different thing for that girlfriend to be someone he knew I hated.

“Hey,” Hemera said cheerfully as she caught up with me later that morning as I walked to Defence against the Dark Arts.

I simply glared at her.

“Right sorry, stop the happiness lets all be miserable,” She said sarcastically.

I scowled.

“Why didn’t you tell me that you liked Andy, why does nobody ever tell me anything?!” I demanded. Unfortunately for Hemera I needed to let steam off, even more unfortunately she was standing there; ready to be the subject of my rage.

“I don’t,” She told me smiling slightly as if she found it amusing.

“Oh really? How could you not tell me you were going out?! We’re supposed to be best friends Hemera, I tell you everything!” I cried.

She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“I’m not going out with him; I sit next to him in History of magic, ok?” She said.

“No! Not ok! Why didn’t you tell me?!” I demanded.

She laughed.

“Iris, why don’t you just go and find Sirius, you’re obviously in need of a good yell and you’re really not going to get much of an argument from me. I’m not going to tell you every person I sit next to in my classes, I love you and all but I think that’s surpassing the realms of normality and passing into ‘stalker land’,” She said.

I tried to glare at her again, really I did but Hemera had this horrible way of calming me down. I didn’t want to calm down! I wanted rip someone’s head off.

“What’s the point in having a best friend that I can’t argue with?” I cried throwing my hands in the air. She laughed.

“I don’t know, I guess that’s what your enemies are there for,” She said.

My eyes lit up.

“Katy!” I said.

She rolled her eyes.

“Iris why don’t you just concentrate on the actual problem here? I know you’re upset about Sir...” She started.

“Don’t,” I hissed.

“He...” She started.

“Ok go ahead! Say that you fucking told me so!” I cried.

She waited a moment before her face split into a huge grin.

“I TOLD YOU SO!” She cried.

I glared at her.

“You were supposed to say something comforting,” I said.

“Oh...I told you that...your hair looks very nice...and glossy,” She said.

I looked at her before I couldn’t help it, I simply laughed.

“It does, doesn’t it? I changed shampoo recently,” I said pretending to plump my hair.

“With hair like that, you could get anyone,” She said.

I chuckled.

“I’m sorry I got rid of your eyeball earrings. I’m sure they’d go quite nicely with your new look, I was simply trying to show you that there are better things out there,” I said.

“Er...thanks...I guess?” She said.

“I don’t feel like going to class, you don’t either. Come on, I feel like going outside,” I said steering her in the opposite direction.

“But...I don’t skip classes!” She said.

“I know, you should try it,” I told her.

“But...Iris,” She whined.

“It’s good for you, plus you need to tell me all about sitting next to Andy,” I said nudging her. She rolled her eyes at me.

“He doesn’t speak to me, until a week ago the only thing he ever said was ‘can I borrow a quill?’ I said ‘Sure’ and that was the end of it,” She said.

“Then what did he want to speak to you about?” I asked raising a disbelieving eyebrow.

“Homework,” She said simply.

“Right...” I said.

“Iris,” She said flatly.

“What?” I replied innocently.

“No. It is not happening,” She told me.

“Ok so there’s a little height difference but you’re not that short,” I said.

“You don’t do being nice and encouraging much do you?” She said.

“I’m working on it,” I informed her.

“He’s so far out of my league its ridiculous,” She said.

I scoffed.

“No he’s not, his last girlfriend was Elsa, his standards must be pretty damn low,” I said.

“Thank you Iris!” She said sarcastically.

“Not to mention they went out for like a week and now he can’t stand’re miles better than like three quarters of the girls in this school, guys should be throwing themselves at your feet,” I said.

“I don’t want people to throw themselves at me feet,” She said.

“Metaphorically darling,” I said.

“Not even metaphorically. It’s like people didn’t even talk to me, you turn up and suddenly it’s like ‘BAM’. People smile at me now, it’s not normal,” She told me somewhat hysterically.

I laughed.

“Ooo I know what we should do!” I cried.

She looked at me warily.

“I really don’t like the sound of this,” She said.

I ignored her.

“We should throw a party!” I said.

“Wh...why?” She said slowly.

“Your debut darling,” I said.

She looked at me flatly before rolling her eyes.

“No. Plus between you and Ace bloody Aimes your parties are,” She said.

I sent her a devilish grin.

“Mine are miles better than that idiots, I beat him hands down last year, it was incredible, if I may say so myself,” I said.

She laughed.
“I know everyone was going on about it for ages,” She said.

I smiled wistfully.

“I really need to start planning that actually, this year needs to be huge. I was thinking in the room of requirement, something amazing. Then no one would actually be able to recreate it, not to mention I doubt anyone will be able to find it again,” I beamed.
“And Ace’s birthday is before yours anyway,” She nodded.

“The coolest ones though are always out of school, or really far out into the grounds. It usually means there’s going to be some serious crap going on...ugh I have ‘til January, I’ll work it out then,” I said.

“And you’ll have to top Ace’s,” She said.

I scoffed.

“No competition in fact...oh my god, Bridgett! Bridgett always had the most amazing parties. She did this one and it was like underground...she spent ages on it. It was incredible,” I said. Strictly speaking I was kind of lying. Ace was a problem. It wasn’t as if we spoke much but we’d fallen into this kind of pattern, always trying to top each other. Everyone knew when our birthdays were, simply because it was like the largest event on the calendar. Bridgett had kind of prompted it, she’d had the most INCREDIBLE parties, it was part of being in the ‘top spot’. If you couldn’t throw a good party then you were failing one of the major points.

“So when’s your birthday?” I asked.

“June 25th,” She said.

“We’ll come up with something for you then!” I said.

She laughed as we walked out into the open. It was cold (predictably) but it was so sunny it somehow managed to make up for it.

“I love the sun,” Hemera smiled, letting out a contented sigh as she leant her hair back, that light blonde hair spilling across her shoulders.

I smiled.

“I like it in moderation. Late autumn’s my favourite time of year, toward winter; here it’s all cold but sunny and everything’s in really amazing colours,” I laughed.

“I thought you hate the cold,” She said.

“No, I hate being cold, I like being warm when it’s cold...if that makes any sense,” I said.

She laughed.

“I like summer, when it’s really hot,” She said.

I made a face as we moved to the lake.

“I can’t stand the heat,” I replied wrinkling my nose.

She laughed.

“Ok so I came up with an idea, last night,” She said.

I nodded as I sat down, folding my skirt under me...well the little of my skirt that actually reached below my arse when I sat down.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Right so you know how that first time, we went into a vision...together. Well maybe we could try again...but different this time. If we both do it together then we may be able to interact...while still watching,” She said sitting down next to me.

“Sounds cool,” I beamed.

“Ok so try going into a vision first, keeping upright because my guessing is that I latch on and you go down I’ll go down with you and this grass is wet,” She said.

I laughed before sitting up, slightly straighter, leaning my elbows on my thighs before closing my eyes.

“Remember what I told you,” She said softly.

I nodded slightly, opening my eyes taking a deep breath and pulling a vision forward while still focusing on the patch of grass in front of me.

“Iris,” came a voice, completely breaking my concentration.

 “What?” I asked irritably as I looked up. My gaze however flattened when I saw Elliot, Ace, Cane and whatever the other idiots were called.

“Green Saturday night,” Elliot said stubbing his cigarette. How incredibly impressive...please don’t fail to note the blatant sarcasm.

I looked at him, chewing my lip thoughtfully for a moment before turning to Hemera.

“Up to you,” I shrugged.

She looked at me with what appeared to be a glare. I smiled innocently back at her.

“Err...sure?” She said uncertainly.

“Cool,” one of the idiots whose name happened to escape me said.

It was actually incredibly irritating how his cigarette hung on the corner of his mouth, waggling really annoyingly as he spoke. I was dying to simply stand up and take it out with an eye roll before chucking into the lake or something. Don’t get me wrong, I had nothing against smoking (I’d be a complete hypocrite if I said otherwise) but the guy had no fucking style!

“You know feel free to move anytime,” I said pleasantly.

Eejit who couldn’t smoke looked at me, his jaw setting.

“Don’t see much shuffling,” I sang, before turning and riffling through my bag.

“Oh for fucks sake,” I cried as I pulled out a lavender envelope.

“Oh I love them!” Hemera cried, snatching it and bouncing to her feet.

I rolled my eyes before turning back to my bag. Alec had recently starting slipping ‘poems’ and ‘notes’ into my bag, always with the same lavender stationary and that awful cheap aftershave.

“You’re really going to have to do something about this soon,” She said.

“Hand it over,” I sighed.

“No,” She said childishly.

I looked at her flatly.

“Why do you want it?” I said.

“Why do you?” She challenged.

“To throw it in the lake...burn it, he’s most probably watching, he’s taken to stalking these days, it’ll get through eventually, if he won’t give up neither will I,” I shrugged.

She sighed.

“Don’t you do that, it pisses me off,” I said in aggravation.

“Good,” She said.

“You know I was serious...about the moving,” I snapped looking up again.

“Iris!” came a voice.

I turned slightly to see Ali and...oh how fucking fantastic, my favourite person in the world, Mary...oh and Elsa and June...and Tara Tight and Cathy Green.

“Well I think I’m going to go now,” Hemera said ‘casually’ getting to her feet with a yawn.

I shot her a look.

“I’m a fucking geek ok! I like school and I like history go shove your skirt higher up your arse,” She said childishly.

“Ouch. Jesus Hemera there are so many things you could come up with, your intelligent, my skirts just so bloody obvious,” I said innocently.
“Imagination must be lacking,” She said with a slight laugh.

“Oh Hemera,” came a fake simpering voice.

Hemera closed her eyes slightly, letting out a short breath before turning.

“Yes?” She said.

“I was just...” Tara started her eyes simply glittering with malice.

“Jesus Tara darling haven’t we gone down in the world. Don’t you have better things to do then harass people?” I asked getting to my feet easily, fixing her with a sharp look.

She looked at me, raising an eyebrow.

“Excuse me?” She said.

I said picking up my bag.

Like hell I was spending time with Mary.

“I...” a voice started before they were interrupted by a small timid voice.

“Iris Tear, I have a note for you from Professor Dumbledore,” The tiny first year said practically quivering. Nice to know I’m that feared. I took the note looking at them expectantly and they promptly escaped: got to love the little people.

I closed my eyes, letting out a short breath before screwing it out and shoving it in my bag, departing before anyone could retort.

I moved up to his office, my mood diminished rapidly, funny what Mary’s appearance could do. I knocked on the door, somewhat surprised at the bark that ordered me in. I pushed open the door, frowning slightly when I saw all four of The Marauders, Alastor Moody, Dumbledore and the Minister for Magic of all people...dear god what had they done?!

That said at that moment in time I really couldn’t have cared less if Sirius had been sent to Azkaban, in fact if I had to give a statement to do so and possibly take down Mary too then I’d be simply ecstatic.

“Yes?” I said coolly.

Moody dropped a large file onto the desk, the sound moving through the now silent office. I frowned slightly glancing at the four boys who were sat in the four seats looking rather anxious.

“Wh...” I started moving towards the desk.

“I don’t know, why don’t you ask them?” Dumbledore said, his voice uncharacteristically fierce. I looked up, studying his face for a moment, trying to gain some kind of clue. He was angry, more so then I’d ever seen. I turned looking at the others.

“Well go on then,” Moody barked.

Sirius was the first to look at me.

“We were in detention sorting the files and...we came across yours...and we stole it,” He said finally.

“We’re sorry,” James said looking up to.

Yeah I’m sure they were, it was one thing to have a furious Moody, an irate Dumbledore was quite another...not to mention I was not happy. In the least.

“Pardon?” I said.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS IS?!” Moody bellowed, stabbing a knarled finger at the thick collection of papers on the desk.

“We’re sorry,” Remus repeated.

“ why?” I asked.

None of them met my gaze.

“We just wanted to know,” James said eventually.

Looking between the four of them in turn.

“You snuck into the office, you stole my file...” I said my voice trailing off as I tried to wrap my head around this. My file, my file they’d...that had everything in it. My past, the orphanage...

“It was none of your business!” I cried.

“We’re...” Sirius started.

“Don’t you fucking dare! And you of all fucking people! You know what Sirius you can take that file and shove it up your fucking arse!” I exploded before turning and walking out, slamming the door behind me.


Author's notes:
Just thought I'd quickly add that although you don't hear about all Iris' visions there are loads of them. Seems totally irrelevant now but it'll make more sense later! Reviews appreciated :D

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