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Oh, the Tragedy of it All! by SpringTime
Chapter 13 : When Chasers Go Rogue
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I was decked out in all my Slytherin paraphernalia, which is to say I wore a green and silver striped scarf. I guess I just wasn't a big 'house pride' kind of person. I was sitting in the Quidditch stands with Tabby and Six, who had been almost annoyingly friendly to one another since Halloween. Bertram was sitting behind us with Gates. Hollace and Jocelyn were with Thaddius and that Jason guy over to our left, though they were much more focused on sucking one another's faces off over actually watching the game.

The Slytherin-Gryffindor match had been going on for well over two hours now. It was bloody, brutal and downright scary to watch. Maybe more so for me, because I flinched every time a family member got hit as well as whenever something bad happened to one of the Slytherin team members. Although I wasn't that upset when the short chaser girl, who I now learned was named Cassandra Wilbert, got bludgeoned with one of the Bludgers shot at her by Lucy.


The girl managed to play on, even with what I knew would be a huge welt to her shoulder. I guess I could give her some credit. She did score thirteen out of the twenty-seven goals that Slytherin currently had. Almost half. She still seemed like a right bitch to me, though.


Miles was keeping up fairly well, given that Roxy was throwing everything she had at him. He had blocked a lot more than Gryffindor had scored. The scores were so close though - two hundred ninety to Gryffindor - that the game was certainly not close to being over. Both of the Seekers, Scorpius and some fourth year Gryffindor who was a new addition this year, were searching around for the Golden Snitch. Neither of them had spotted it once during the entire match.

I was starting to get bored and instead of paying attention to the game, or even Lysander's colorful commentary, I drifted off, and with my omnioculars stared lazily about the stands, watching as different houses rooted for the team that they wanted to win. Ade was wearing a Slytherin green hat, while Dom was sporting a golden scarf. I spotted Seven, sitting in the back of the Gryffindor stands, sans Gloria.


I immediately averted my gaze. What did it matter if he was there with Gloria or not? I had Miles. My wonderfully sweet boyfriend, Miles. I couldn't help myself, I looked over to Seven once more. He wasn't even watching the game. He was staring off at a group of Ravenclaws. I turned my head and saw Gloria sitting with Lorcan, Hugo and two girls that I had seen, but never spoken to before.


When I turned back to see Seven, my heart stopped, he was staring right at me. I turned my head away, pretending I hadn't noticed the eye connection, but then I looked again, and there he was still watching me through the lenses of his own omnioculars. We both stared on. I felt like I was in a trance. One in which I knew I should desperately want to get out of, but I couldn't. I just couldn't.


A loud and echoing sound of 'oh's, 'holy shit's and boos broke through my dazed mind and I turned to see that Roxy was falling from her broom onto the pitch below. I shot up out of my seat, ready to run, but was relieved when I saw Madam Chambers lift her wand and slow down Roxy's decent to the ground. Taking only a second to see that Roxy was in fact okay, I turned my omnioculars on the Slytherin players, hoping to get some sort of indication as to what in the world had happened.


I only saw Scorpius rushing towards two of the Chasers, a glower on his face and rage like I had never seen from him poured off in waves.

He started shouting, and though I couldn't hear it, I was able to catch a few choice words, which all indicated that someone had done something against Scorpius' direct orders.


Minutes into his rant, Madam Chambers flew up towards them, and I watched as both Chasers were directed off of the field.


"And it looks like both Fredricks and Nott have been removed from the game. If Slytherin wants to come close to winning, its Seeker is going to have to catch that Snitch and fast."


Healer Wharton was down on the field tending to Roxy, lifting her up and floating her forward off of the pitch, and the game resumed.


I could see Scorpius frantically searching for the snitch now, and the game became even more brutal than before. Gryffindor up one Chaser and now, three goals. I couldn't bear to watch anymore, not that I had been paying that much attention anyway, so I left the stands and decided it would be much more productive of me to go and see how Roxy was doing.



The hospital wing was empty except for Roxy's prone form lying atop the bed. Healer Wharton was standing over her and chanting, his wand moving in odd jerky movements. Not wanting to interrupt anything in case it would only make Roxy worse, I stood back and watched as nothing seemed to be happening.


After a couple of minutes I became pretty bored and must have started to tap my foot against the cool tile flooring. I guess that was an annoying sound, because Healer Wharton turned on me and shouted, "What do you think you're doing?"


I jolted out of my inward thoughts and looked at Healer Wharton for a moment, trying to understand exactly why he had just shouted at me.


"I am here to see my cousin," I said firmly.


"Me too." Came a harried and breathless voice. I turned to see Dom standing in the doorway. Fred, Hugo, Lily and Louis not far behind her.


"Your cousin will be fine." Wharton said testily, "but she needs some rest. So it'd be best if you kids run along now and go see the end of that match.”


"It's over." I turned to see Al rushing in as well, James, Lucy, Molly and the other members of the Quidditch team trailing behind them.


"Yeah. And we want to see how our cousin is doing," James added in defiance.


"Merlin. How many cousins does this young lady have?" Wharton said to himself.


"Ten, and a brother as well. Now let us see her." Dom always lacked the patience that dealing with people like Wharton could sometimes take.


Wharton smiled at Dom though, her Veela blood probably even more prominent when she was angry, and he allowed her to move forward. When I attempted to do the same he blocked my path.


"Only one of you at a time." He crossed his arms and stood firmly between me and my unconscious family member.


It made me want to scream, or hit things, such as Healer Wharton, in the bloody face. But I was a good girl and I held my irritation in check. Lucy however, was not such a good girl and twirling her wand between her fingers said, "I wouldn't mess with us Weasleys and Potters sir. You never know what kind of trouble you could get yourself into. I would hate to have to tell my uncle Harry how the school Healer wouldn't let us see our dear cousin while she was in obvious need of us." She smiled the entire time, no hint of the underlying threat that she had just made to him.


But a threat it most certainly was. It was amazing what Uncle Harry was capable of in other people's eyes. To us he was just Uncle Harry, but for some reason (probably due to him saving the world and all) everyone else revered him and no one wanted to get on his bad side. Head Aurors could be scary at the best of times, but when the Head Auror is also the one who defeated Voldemort, well, he was downright frightening. At least that was the reaction that we got, and this time was no different.


Healer Wharton stepped to the side and watched as all of us Weasley/Potters and the other Gryffindor team members filed towards Roxy's bed.


Her body was limp and her face looked wan and lifeless. It was really creepy.

"What's wrong with her?" Lily asked.


"Yeah?" came a chorus of voices that echoed around the room reverberating off of every surface.


Healer Wharton stepped a safe distance forward and said, "She was hit by two jinxes, they don't go well together so instead of doing as the hexers had intended, they have put this young woman into a somewhat vegetative state. She will be fine once I am able to get a proper counter curse. The tricky part is figuring out which curses were flung her way.”


"I can tell you that." All heads turned towards the doors to see Scorpius standing there, still in his Quidditch robes, dirt and sweat combined on his face and painted awkward streaks down his cheeks, nose and forehead. He came striding into the room, and I could see the residual anger still on his face. "It was a Body-Bind and a Conjunctivitis Curse."


Scorpius stepped into a space near to me and asked in my ear, "How is she?"


I wasn't sure if I should answer. I mean, wasn’t he the one who said that he would be siccing the Beaters on Roxy? Didn't he want her out of the game as much as anyone else on our team?


He must have seen the doubt on my face because he then forced me to face him and looked into my eyes. "I didn't have anything to do with this Rose, I swear it." The green/blue stare was earnest and deep, and I knew that he meant it. Scorpius hadn't ordered this. He wouldn’t.


"She's," I gestured to her prone figure, "not so hot right now, but now that Healer Wharton knows what's going on, maybe she'll be okay soon." The Healer had already started working on Roxy, starting at her feet and working his way up, mumbling some incantation under his breath as he focused on the body before him. "Thanks for that." I smiled and I could see the outline of green in his eyes brighten.


He pulled my hand and dragged me aside so that we were no longer in front of my entire family, though I could see them all watching us anyway.


"I kicked Nott and Fredricks off the team."


"Okay..." I wasn't really sure what he wanted me to say to this. Was this why he pulled me away? He could have told me that in front of everyone easily enough.


"I'm two Chasers short."




"Well, Cassie's friend, the tall one from try-outs, can play, but that leaves me one more slot to fill..."


I nodded. What was he telling me for?


He shook his head in exasperation at me. "Merlin, Rose, I'm asking if you want to be the other Chaser."


"Oh. Oh!" Okay so maybe I was a little bit slow at the moment. But you have to admit, I have a lot on my mind right now.




"So, um... Can I think about it for a bit?"


I wasn't sure if I wanted to be a Chaser, it wasn't really the position I enjoyed playing. It would be nice to be on the team though. But now that things were not going so well with Gloria and Seven, maybe there was a chance... No, stop that. You are with Miles!


Scorpius started to nod his head yes, but I interrupted him, "Okay, I'll do it."


"You will?"


"Yeah, why not?" I smiled and I watched as his face lit up in a broad grin as well.


He picked me up into a tight hug and swung me around. I could see all the shocked looks on my family members' faces. Hell, I was sure that my own mirrored theirs.


He let me down and looked around, the grin on his face sliding off slowly. "Well, that's great. See you later." And with that Scorpius left the hospital wing and me alone to deal with all of my relatives perplexed and questioning looks.




"What the bloody hell was that?" Leave it up to James for his ice breaking abilities.

I turned and looked at him, all my relatives standing around Roxy, who was also awake and staring at me, bore the same expression of bewilderment.


"What was what?" I shrugged in a nonchalant manner that was anything but.

"What was that... thing that just happened between you and Malfoy?" Dom asked, her eyes darting back and forth between me and the door, as if Scorpius would magically reappear (which being as this was a school of magic, was completely possible, if not probable) and explain to her why he was hugging her favorite cousin (because I was most certainly her favorite) in such an intimate manner.

"I don't know what you mean." But my blasted face betrayed me and the heat rushed up my neck and burned in my cheeks.

"Like hell you don't." James cut back in.

"Look, I don't know what you guys think just happened, but it was just a hug. Friends can hug. Especially in gratitude for a favor." A totally rational explanation. Friends could definitely hug. I hugged my friends all the time. It was perfectly normal, or at least it would have been had it been someone else that was doing the hugging. Scorpius just never struck me as the affectionate type. Maybe the rush of gratitude he felt for me agreeing to play Chaser was just so overwhelming that he put all his previous notions aside and acted instead of thought, like he was so wont to do on every other occasion.


"What sort of favor?" Hugo crossed his arms and looked menacingly at the door that Scorpius had left. Seriously, what did they think was going to happen with the damn door?


"Ew... Hugo!" I admonished him. "Nothing like that. I just said that I would play Chaser for the rest of the year since he kicked Fredricks and Nott off the team after the game. Honestly!"


"Really? That's it?" Lily asked, her face screwed up in a near scowl. "Seems like a little much for just agreeing to play Chaser. You sure that's all he asked you?"


"Yes, for Circe's sake, that's all he bleeding well asked me. Now can we drop it? Roxy, how are you feeling?" I asked as I neared the bed and ignored the rest of the family's stares.


"Better. What the hell happened?"


Healer Wharton stepped up and told her all that had occurred medically and then James took the Healers place and filled Roxy in on the rest of the match.


I listened, seeing as I was now on the team, I should probably know who won the first game of the season.


"Don't worry Roxy, we won. They didn't stand a chance against us."


Well, crap. That sucks.


We hung around for a while, all talking about random things. It wasn't often that we all got together, so busy were we with our own lives and different houses. The other Gryffindor teammates were so overpowered by our family chatter that they left as soon as they had spoken to Roxy for a moment and saw that she would be making a full recovery. Then they trudged off, leaving our clan with full reign of the hospital wing.


It took Wharton three hours to gather up the nerve to even approach us with the suggestion of leaving, but after another hour of manipulation on our part and begging on his Healer Wharton finally managed to shoo all of us Weasley/Potters out of the hospital wing, leaving Roxy alone to 'recover'.


While we were leaving, Dom snuck in beside me and whispered, "I know something’s going on with you and Malfoy. You can try to deny it all you want, but I know I'm right." She then sauntered off ahead of me, towards the Ravenclaw tower.


I paused in the hallway thinking on what Dom had just said, but then I shook my head. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. Scorpius Malfoy wasn't the least bit interested in me that way, and I, well, I was dating Miles Flynn. The Miles Flynn. I continued walking and went back to the dungeons to mourn the loss with the rest of my house - though if I saw Nott or Fredricks, they were both going to get a hexing of a lifetime.


Just as I had suspected, the common room was as somber as a funeral, and Nott and Fredricks were nowhere to be seen. I imagined that not only had Scorpius given them a serious talking to, half of the rest of the house had done so as well. If it hadn't been for them, we might have won. Granted, Scorpius wasn't able to catch the Snitch in time, but from my understanding of what James described, it was only due to him having to help Cassie from getting bludgeoned to death by Lucy and Molly's bludgers. With only one real target for them, it was practically open season on the lone Chaser.


Scorpius was sitting in the back corner, surrounded by Bertram, Gates, Tabby and Six. I made my way in that direction when a dejected "Hey Rose," met my ears.


I turned to the right to see Miles sitting on a couch still wearing his dirty Quidditch robes. I went towards him instead.


"Sorry about the loss," I said, keeping my voice sympathetic.


"Yeah. Sorry about your cousin. She okay?"


I sat down next to him and he pulled me into the nook between his body and his arm.


"She will be. A bit banged up, but nothing serious. Scorpius said that he kicked Nott and Fredricks off the team. Said that he needed two Chasers and asked if I would be one of them." I looked up to glean his reaction and was a little surprised to see irritation there.


"And what did you say?"


"I guess we're going to be teammates now." I smiled at him.


"That's great." His voice was strained.


"Why do I get the feeling that you really don't think it's that great?"


"No, I do... it's just, oh, never mind. It's stupid. Really, it is great. I'm happy for you." He pulled me closer into him and squeezed my shoulder lightly.


I didn't believe him for a second, but I let the matter drop. Honestly I wasn't sure how excited I even was to be playing Chaser. Sure I had wanted to be on the team, but as a Keeper. Being asked to be a Chaser felt like a consolation prize.


Miles and I chatted a little while longer, me snuggled safely against him. He smelled pretty gross, but he was so sad about the loss that I figured I could suffer if my presence cheered him even a little bit. I was such a good girlfriend. And as the night wore on I could feel him relaxing more and his tones were not nearly as depressing as they had started off when I had first come by.


I watched my friends laughing, Tabby looked to be making a special effort to cheer Scorpius, who, for the Captain of a losing Quidditch team wasn't nearly as upset as the Keeper was. I wondered if my accepting to be on the team had anything to do with it, but then I scolded myself for letting Dom's stupid words effect my thoughts. He was probably just glad to have gotten two new Chasers without having to hold another try out.


That must be it.


As the night wore on, and Miles was still in his moody state, I decided to go to bed. So, with a quick kiss on the lips and a squeeze to his shoulder, I went off to the girl’s dorm.


AN: So there was finally a little spark of Scorpius/Rose action!  what did you think?  I know it is taking a while to get here, but I really need them to build a foundation before they can realize that they are mad about one another.

I hope you all enjoyed and thanks for reading and especially for those who take the time to review.  I aslo want to thank my wonderful beta WeasleyTwinMom who not only has the time to make sure I have no grammar/punctuation issues, but who also rocks as the new Site Admin!  She is the best!


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