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Displaying your Soul by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 1 : Ginny Potter
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Ginny looked down at the wedding band encircling her left ring ringer, the white gold ring glinted in the candlelight as she lay in bed waiting for Harry to get home from work. James, Albus and Lily were all asleep in their beds, leaving Ginny with nothing to do. James would start Hogwarts in less than three weeks, and Ginny couldn’t wait to see him waving at her from the train as it sped him towards the greatest school, of witchcraft and wizardry in the world.



The book Ginny had been reading for the past hour sat in her lap, the pages slowly closing together until she couldn’t tell what page she had been reading. With a sigh she put the book to one side and rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands, she glanced at the clock, Harry was late, and she’d promised to wait up for him. She pushed herself up the bed until she was sitting with a straight back, then crossed her legs under the covers and rested the backs of her hands on her knees.




Since her Hogwarts years Ginny had become a woman of natural grace and elegance, she was well respected by those who knew of her and loved knew her well. Andromeda Tonks once said that Ginny ‘possessed a certain something that women these days seem to have forgotten.’ She was like her mother in many respects, she was first and foremost a mother to her children and a wife to her husband, and despite being a very powerful witch, she and her mother hadn’t used their powers to their full extent since the final battle. Ginny would always remember the moment her mum killed Bellatrix Lestrange, she had never had more respect for the biggest influence in her life than the moment she realised how powerful she was. How much she chose not to do, how she chose to wait, until she had a true reign on her desire to avenge her brothers and not let the anger eat her up inside.




Ginny had also heard her mother properly swear for the first time, and it had never been repeated. As they had left Hogwarts to go home after the final battle Ginny had seen a black swan flying overhead, it had made her smile despite her sorrows. Ginny had thought of the swan very often since then, and she thought of it now, picturing the black plumage highlighted by white flight feathers. The graceful slow beat of its wings as it passed over her head, the long elegant neck turning ever so slightly to look down at her.




She felt a cold shiver run down her back as black glossy feathers started reaching out through her skin her arms turning into wings, neck elongating, legs shortening, toes webbing and feet thinning. Soon the transformation was complete, Ginny knew without looking exactly what she would see when she looked in the mirror. She stretched her neck and looked around at the room; it seemed different, as though looking at it from a different perspective, as though through smaller eyes.




When she did look in the mirror Ginny was stunned by what she saw, the black swan gazing back at her blinked. Ginny hopped down off the bed and waddled closer to the mirror to get better look at herself. She stretched her wings to their full span and was surprised to see that the tips of them were the exact same colour that her hair was. These were the markings that would distinguish her animagus form from that of other black swans. Ginny had been looking at herself in the mirror, scrutinising every inch of her body, so intently, that she didn’t hear the front door open and close, nor Harry putting the kettle on and making two cups of tea. She didn’t even notice him open the bedroom door, and see his shocked expression when he saw a swan looking at itself in his mirror. Nor see his expression change from shock to comprehension, then wonder and finally to pride. He had never seen a display of her skill as a witch in such a magnificent form, bat bogey hexes were one thing, but this was on a whole new level, He grinned as he watched the swan standing in his bedroom flexing its muscles.




“Ginny?” The swan jumped and looked up at Harry, if she could have smiled she would have, the expression on her husband’s face was one of pure joy and pride. She closed her eyes and felt her body rearrange itself once again into her human form. When she opened them again, she and Harry were back to being nearly the same height. “That was…”




“Wow.” She said, unable to say anything else.




Harry put down the cups of tea and hugged his wife ferociously.




“I’m so proud of you Gin, that was amazing. How did it feel?”




“I can’t describe it, it’s so new.”




“Will you show me again?” he asked, psyched.




Ginny grinned to, “For a price,” she said mischievously. Harry raised his eyebrows questioningly, “You get the kids up and ready to go to Diagon Alley tomorrow.”




“Done.” He said with a laugh.




Ginny’s eyes slid shut once more and her skin prickled as the feathers emerged and her bones rearranged themselves, muscles realigned with new bone structures, and once again a black swan stood in the middle of the room, looking up at her husband.

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Displaying your Soul: Ginny Potter


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