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The Last Summer by Messrs_MWPP
Chapter 1 : Just Once More and I Swear to God...
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AN: So this is a fully completed story that I plan to be updating.

Chapter One: Just Once More and I swear He Dies

"Just once more and I swear to god he dies!" Lily yelled at her best friend frustrated beyond belief.

"What?" Emily asked looking up from the book she was reading.

"I hate him!" Lily whined.

Emily sighed and turned back to her book shaking her eyes, "He looked really good today," she mentioned off hand

Lily smiled, "Yeah… I mean, wait!" Lily turned bright red, "I hate him!"

Emily looked up through her chestnut brown hair and interpreted, "Which means that you would like him if he would stop pursuing you in and embarrassing and highly public fashion?"

Lily flopped on her best friends bed, "And if he would stop wrecking my chances with all these other guys."

"Jeremy was here?" Emily asked marking her place in her book and rolling onto her back.

"Still here, actually. I came up to get you because Mike is here and I know how you guys are," Lily said grinning at her.

"Mike is just a summer fling," Emily said getting up and looking for her bathing suit.

"More like an every summer fling. You guys have dated each other every summer since third year when are you both gonna realize that you really like each other?" Lily complained trying to keep her wet hair from dripping on her bed.

Emily shook her head and walked down the hall to change into her green and bright pink polka dot bikini.

Lily shook her head and walked down to go back to the pool with Jeremy and Mike. Both muggle boys had gone to school with Lily and Emily before they had been accepted to Hogwarts. James had recently moved into the large house down the street and had been sabotaging her and Jeremy's flirting ever since.

Emily came flying down the stairs and when she reached the third from the bottom she launched herself into Mike's open arms, "Hey!"

"Hey Em. What's good?" Mike asked giving her a kiss and letting her slide to the floor.

"How come I don't get greeted like that?" a familiar male voice inquired from Emily's open front door.

Emily turned to look for the source and saw a tall and muscular frame leaning against her doorjam, "Sirius?"

"James said you lived in this house and I was wondering if I could utilize your pool?" Sirius asked grinning debonairly.

Emily blushed a little, "Um sure. Mike this is Sirius, he's a friend of mine from school. Sirius this Mike."

Sirius nodded towards Mike giving him a quick up and down, "Yo."

Mike returned the favor with a, "What's good?"

As Sirius sauntered by Mike, Emily muttered, "Behave yourself."

"When do I not behave myself?" Sirius asked equally as quiet

Emily snorted and watched Sirius proceed out to the pool. Then she stood up close to Mike and said, "Did you miss me?"

Mike stepped closer and looked down at her affectionately, "You know I did," and he leaned down to kiss her just as Sirius walked back in.

Emily sighed as Mike pulled away, "What Sirius?"

"Am I interrupting something?" Sirius asked an edge to his voice.

"Mate, got a problem?" Mike asked his hazel eyes hard.

"And if I do?" Sirius asked stepping closer his eyes like ice.

"Sirius!" Emily exclaimed. "Step off! I told you to behave yourself."

Sirius turned to her and stepped up close so that their abdomens were touching and looked down at her the ice that had been in his eyes melting as they met Emily's large brown eyes, "Can I misbehave just a little?"

"What did you want?" Emily asked stepping back and putting a little space between herself and Sirius she couldn't breathe that close to him.

"Oh yeah! Are you aware that Lily does actually flirt with boys? I mean I've never seen her do that with anyone, but there's a curly haired guy out there and she's flirting with him!" Sirius said looking truly confused.

Mike looked shocked, "Lily not flirt?"

Sirius pointedly ignored him, "What's going on is this the dusk zone or something?"

Emily giggled, "Sirius it's the twilight zone!"

Sirius waved his hand as if he were waving away a pesky fly.

Emily smiled at him, "Lily flirts with all kinds of guys, you just don't see her because you're always with James and she doesn't flirt in front of James because he gets all defensive and ends up beating on the guy she's flirting with."

"That's not true. James rarely ever beats on anyone that Lily flirts with," Sirius said.

Emily ticked the names off on her fingers, "Derek, Danny, Jacob, Zach, Bobby..."

Sirius was grinning and looking at the wall above Emily's head, "Oh yeah! Well he didn't ever actually hurt any of them, though."

"You sent Bobby to the Hospital Wing!" Emily yelled.

"It was minor. I've gotten much worse," Sirius said shrugging.

Emily rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Jeremy and she hang out with me and Mike all summer. It's tradition."

Mike nodded to confirm.

"Cute," Sirius said, "James doesn't have to beat up every guy Lily flirts with he just prefers too."

Emily snorted, "Yeah, okay."

"It's true. I'm willing to put money on it," Sirius said.

"You're on. We're all going to the movies. Bring dates. I'm sure you can find some, and make sure James brings one," Emily said.

"What about Mike and Jeremy," Sirius asked refusing to catch the hints.

"Well you're looking at Mike's," Emily said.

Sirius narrowed his eyes and took a step away from Emily.

"Lily will be going with Jeremy," Emily said.

Sirius nodded curtly and walked back out to the pool.

Mike stepped closer to Emily grinned, "Hey."

Emily lifted her face for his kiss, "Hey," she said back softly.

Just before Mike's lips touched hers Lily burst into the room, "Did you really tell Sirius that he and James could come to the movies with us!"

Emily grumbled something about changing the locks on the house which made Mike laugh before answering, "Yeah. I'm gonna win some money."

"Are you kidding? Jeremy might die!" Lily said worriedly.

"Hardly," Mike said. "I am not gonna let some asshole beat up my best friend."

Lily seemed to take some comfort from that, "Okay. I guess," she said and then went back out to the pool.

Emily stepped into Mike and said, "I swear to God if one more person comes in and interrupts us…"

"C'mere," Mike said putting his arms around her and leaning down towards her.

"Hey! You know that Jeremy guy is really cool!" Sirius said walking in on them again.

"SERIOUSLY!" Emily yelled frustrated.

Mike, who still had his arms around her, ducked his head and chuckled.

"Come with me. Sirius go entertain yourself outside for Godrics sake!" Emily said pulling Mike up the stairs after her.

Sirius watched them go and grabbed his towel and he walked back to James's house his face trained to show no emotion.

Mike grinned as Emily brought him to her room, "Alone. Finally."

Emily smiled as Mike finally pressed his lips down onto hers.

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The Last Summer: Just Once More and I Swear to God...


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