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Last Kiss by xAstrax
Chapter 1 : Stupid Ron Weasley
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So I’ll go, Sit on the floor wearing your clothes…

All that I know is I don’t know

How to be something you’ll miss…
Never thought we’d have a


Never Imagined we’d end


-          Taylor Swift, Last Kiss.

I immediately understood the comfort Ron got from this thing.

Ron. I winced at the name. He had stormed out of the tent only recently. I stared at the radio in slight remorse as a song began. I could feel his eyes on me- Harry’s, that is. I didn’t bother to glance up, remembering why Ron had left in the first place.

“I see what’s going on!”

I winced again. Poor, poor Ron…my grip tightened around the radio. Why did I pity him?! He, his hot-headed temper and sharp remarks, stupid misunderstandings and inconsideration- I wanted to throw this radio, and any other remembrances of Ron.

I was not, in any way, going to be Hermione Weasley.

No. I was going to destroy this Horcrux, then find the rest. Then go home. Finish my education. Work as an Auror, or a professor at Hogwarts. There would be no more adventures for me.

No. There wouldn’t be any more of this…this idiotic drama for Hermione Granger. The silent tears threatened at my eyes.

Ron, Ron, Ron.

Why were my thoughts yearning around him?! There was nothing left to think about. He was despicable. Heart-ripping, tear-jerking, insolent Ron Weasley...the one that I am ashamed to say I came to love. But now, I…I hate him. I hate him and his inconsiderate, bloated head.

Him, him, him. It’s all about stupid old Ronald Weasley.

Let him go snog Lav-Lav again. I’d watch in amusement…maybe.

Stupid Ron Weasley.

But now I wanted to cry again. Why was it that I always wanted to cry over this boy? I didn’t want to let him mess with my heart as much as he was, but, despite my efforts, he was. I want to just flop down and say forget about it. Wake up in the Gryffindor Girl’s Dormitory. It was all a dream…

No; it was a nightmare.

I held back the sob in my chest.

Strong; I had to be strong. No way was I to let Harry see me cry. Anyway, this was his best mate- I shouldn’t care. To me, he was an insolent friend I was stuck with…

And yet he was so much more.

I tried to force a smile, remembering the many things he’d gotten off my face. I had to bet that half of them were nonexistent. I sighed slightly, and suddenly there was a hand in front of me. I looked up, puzzled. It was Harry’s hand. I hadn’t noticed the song was still on. I took it hesitantly, and suddenly I was twirling around.

I laughed, swinging under his arm. This was the first time I’d smiled in days- and from the look of pleasure on his face, I could see that. I laughed like a small girl as we spun around childishly, the absolute pleasure and giddiness crossing my heart for only a few minutes. This had to be my new favorite song.

But then it ended. I knew immediately that I’d pulled away much too suddenly for his taste. I walked away then, tears threatening to pool in my eyes again. He looked at me a moment, then left.

I curled up with the radio and pulled on an old tee shirt of Ron’s that he’d left. It left me with a feeling of numbness. Why had he left me? I’d never, ever imagined any of this…well, this way. The few moments we’d spent together…

I smiled and remembered the time he’d held my hand.

It had been a gesture of comfort, and truly, it had accomplished just that. I remembered dropping off to sleep, his fingers intertwined with mine, and forgetting for a moment what exactly we had to face.

It had just been about me and Ron, Ron and I.

And there I was again, curled up in a ball on the bed, his clothes and the haunting memories the only thing to prove he was real. This time, he was not holding my hand. He was probably at the Burrow, hating me.

I finally let the tears stream down my cheeks and onto the pillow, my vision swimming, my heart hollow.

Ron, Ron, Ron.

A/N: I have to say, I adored this one-shot. I think I pulled off just portraying thoughts and emotions, but no dialogue. My first Romione, and my first one-shot…also my first song fic. A lot of firsts! Anyway, it gives you all the more reason to R & R, and favorite, if I pulled it off.

Please review! They inspire me- trust me!


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