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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 1 : A Death In the Slytherin Common Room
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A/N: Alright, so I'm really exicted to finally be posting this. This had started out as my Nano piece, but it didn't take me very long to realize that I wasn't going to be getting 50,000 words out of it. So while I didn't really win Nano, I finished and edited this story which is something that's never happened before.

 Anywho-this is something different for me, but I love it and I hope that you do too!  


Scorpius Malfoy rolled over in bed for the hundredth time that night.

Tomorrow was the big Quidditch game between Gryffindor and Slytherin and seeing as he was the seeker for the latter team there was quite a bit riding on his shoulders. In the six years that he’d been at the school he’d always been looked down on because of his house. The house of green was no longer prestigious; it was the house of those who were constant targets for bullies because of old prejudices. But tomorrow was their chance to turn it all around. If Slytherin could beat Gryffindor for the house cup they might actually be able to gain back some of the respect that they’d lost ages ago.

Groaning the teen tried to figure out how in the world he could get himself to fall back to sleep, because his team would be screwed if he was delirious on the pitch the next morning. For a moment he debated taking out a history textbook in hopes that it could bore him back to sleep, but he came up with a better idea.

It was far past the time that perfects patrolled the halls, and Scorpius figured that he could easily get away with sneaking into the kitchens for a snack without any repercussions. Throwing his covers off of himself, he shoved his feet into ratty old slippers. Reaching to his nightstand he knocked off several chocolate frog wrappers before finally snatching up his wand.

He was about to take off when he realized that he should see if Albus wanted to come along, or at least if he wanted him to bring anything back. After all Albus had to have even more pressure on him than she did as he had to deal with the fact that he was playing against his brother in the match tomorrow. Being an only child made it hard to relate but he assumed that it was not fun to always lose to your older brother.

“Lumos.” Muttering the spell under his breath, the blonde raised his wand over the bed of his best friend. He moved the wand about for a moment, trying to see if his friend was buried among the covers, but the bed was clearly empty. For a moment he was worried that something had happened, but he shook it off, figuring that Albus must have just had the same idea that he had. Slowing making his way across the room he opened the door before he made his way down to the common room. With the thin beam of light guiding him he crossed through it, and quickly made his way into the dungeons.

The darkness filling the dungeons at this time of night was eerie and Scorpius couldn’t help but to wonder if he should just get back to bed. But he was sixteen, and he knew that he was much too old to be scared of things as stupid as the dark. Besides, Albus was probably already down in the kitchens and he didn’t want his friend to eat all of the goodies that the house elves made by himself.

Keeping a brisk pace he managed to get to the portrait of the fruit bowl in only a few moments and he soon found himself tickling the portrait of the pear. Clambering into the kitchens he noticed that there were still a few elves bustling around working on food, although most of them seemed to be off doing something else. Albus wasn’t there however and the boy couldn’t help but to wonder where he was at, or if he’d taken another route to the common room and they had just managed to miss each other.

“What can I get for you?” One of the house elves questioned, their squeaky voice slightly irritating the older boy. He didn’t say anything about it though, knowing that the creatures didn’t take criticism very well. Once he’d mocked a bow that one had placed in her hair and she’d gone off and slammed her hand into a drawer until he managed to calm her down.

“Some chocolate cake and a glass of milk.” He decided, figuring that it should be enough to get him to fall back asleep. His mum used to give him warm milk all the time when he was younger, and while he couldn’t stand it heated any more he still found it comforting to have some of the stuff at its regular temperature.

Making his way over to a table and chairs that seemed to be set out of people who were in his very situation, he took a seat and waited for his snack. Drumming his fingers on the table as he waited he tried to study the room in attempts of keeping the nerves about the coming game out of his mind. The kitchens were huge, and for a moment Scorpius tried to figure out how they compared to those back at home just to have something to think about.

“Here you go.” When the snack was placed before him all thoughts about kitchen sizes were gone from his mind. Holding the silver fork tightly in his hands he attacked the cake, noting that it had to have been the best cake that he’d had in ages. If Albus hadn’t been here earlier, Scorpius was going to make sure to rub it in his face that he’d gotten to eat the best cake in the world. It didn’t take him long to finish his snack and soon he found himself knocking back the milk. Running his sleeve across his face to remove any remnants of the snack, he nodded to the house elves before making his way back to the common room.

Relighting his wand as he walked he hummed to himself in an attempt to break the silence of the dungeons. Even after all these years he found something unsettling about the corridors at night, and he figured that they might have influenced the way that the other houses thought they were always up to no good. It wasn’t like all the houses had their common rooms nestled in what had to be the creepiest area of the school.

There was a bit of relief when he reached the portrait that lead to the Slytherin common room. Even though nothing was going to happen, he knew that he’d feel much more at ease once he was back in his bed drifting to sleep.

“Appleby Arrows.” Scorpius muttered, before the portrait swung open allowing him to make his way back into the place he called home. Once the door swung shut behind him the small bit of fear that had been gnawing at him was gone. Nothing much ever happened in the Slytherin common room besides fights over someone cheating at wizard’s chess.

Although he approached the tunnels to the boys dormitories out of habit, Scorpius decided that it couldn’t hurt to sit in the common room for a few moments. He didn’t want to return to the tossing and turning in bed and he doubted that his little adventure was going to be enough to put him to sleep.

Crossing over to the couches, he plopped himself down and causally wound him wand around the room, illuminating different parts as he went. Something behind one of the couches caught his eye, and Malfoy found himself cautiously making his way closer to it, realizing that it was indeed a shoe, and it appeared to be attached to a very still foot.

“Hello.” He called, hoping that his words would be enough to prompt the foot to move. Only silence answered him, and after a moment of hesitation he took another step closer to see who it was.

The still body of Albus Potter caught the boy off guard, and for a moment he thought that he was going to be sick. Hoping that he was simply over reacting he quickly dropped down to his knees and shook his roommate, hoping that it would be enough to get him to react. There was nothing though, and Scorpius let out a moan as he realized how cold his best friend’s skin was.

“No.” He muttered softly, pulling his hands off of the boy’s cold skin. “No, no, no.” He repeated over and over again, unable to accept that his best friend hadn’t been out getting cake or cookies, but had probably been lying dead the entire time that he’d been out looking for him.

“What’s going on?” A voice demanded, and Scorp realized that his voice must have been much louder than he’d realized. The boy looked up to the boy, realizing that it was one of the seventh year perfects, some girl whose name he couldn’t be bothered to remember.

“He’s dead.” Scorpius muttered, finding it hard to attach those words to his best friend. He looked up to the girl, hoping that he’d have more of a clue what to do than he did. For a moment she thought he was joking, but the moment she saw the look on Malfoy’s face she rushed down the stairs, her lit wand jostling as she moved.

“Merlin.” She muttered, looking as though she was going to be sick as she took in the dead body. For a moment she said nothing, simply looking from the body to the boy standing next to him.

“Stay here, I am going to get the Headmistress.” She decided, not waiting for Scorpius to react before she took off at full speed to get someone else to figure out what had gone on in the Slytherin common rooms.

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