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Keeping the Secret by ob sessed
Chapter 5 : And So It Begins...
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Chapter 5 - And So It Begins...

this gorgeous chapter image is also by the amazing aphrodite. @ tda

"You must do things you think you cannot do..."




“Yes, Deora,” sighed my aunt exasperatedly.


“NO!” I retorted, crossing my arms in a childish manner, but also in the hopes of muffling out the sounds coming from my magical locket.


“Just listen to her, Deeds,” Dorcas grinned. She was obviously enjoying this little exchange between my aunt and me. I knew I shouldn’t have told her that my dead nineteen-year-old aunt was now speaking to me through a magical locket.


“Why are both of you so bloody adamant I try out for Quidditch?” I threw my hands up in the air as I paced the length of the empty dormitory. Dorcas was sitting casually on her four-poster bed, legs crossed, and caramel hair pulled back into a tight ponytail. She made me want to slit my wrist. Why did I not look like that when I was relaxing? I looked like an escaped Azkaban prisoner with my wild morning hair unceremoniously put in a bun and my tatty old Falcons shirt.


“Because you’re obviously storing some pent up aggression,” Aunt Helena said casually. “And if you keep punching people every time your body decides to explode, you’re going to be spending your entire seventh year in detention.”


“Give me another reason,” I mumbled. I wouldn’t mind that if it meant being away from other people.


“You’ve become a loner,” Dorcas said as if she’s read my thoughts. “Besides for me, you rarely ever talk to anyone else anymore and when you do, you snap at everyone.”


“See,” Aunt Helena said triumphantly.


Great, now my best friend and my dead aunt were ganging up on me. This is just bloody brilliant.


“Look, I’m going to be harsh with you here,” Aunt Helena said. I snorted in return, but she ignored it and continued, “You’re acting like a moody brat, yeah you’re going through a tough time, but hey, the whole world is in a bloody war right now so pull yourself together and stop raining on everyone’s parade!”


Dorcas whooped at this and I huffed some more. So now my dead aunt is telling me off too?


“I’m not a brat,” I said. Okay so I was. “If I tried out, would you guys leave me alone?”


“Yes,” they both said in unison.


“Fine, for Merlin’s sake, I’ll try out!” I groaned as I threw myself onto my bed causing all my books to tumble to the floor. “It doesn’t guarantee I’ll make it!”


“Honey, you’re a Grunnion,” Aunt Helena laughed. “Of course, you’ll make it! There are two things we know how to do… get into loads of trouble thus the invention of the Dungbombs, and play bloody good Quidditch.”


“Meh,” I replied.


“Is she always this difficult?” Aunt Helena asked; her voice still muffled.


“Pretty much,” Dorcas shrugged, not that Aunt Helena could see since I’ve shut the locket and was lying face down on it. Dorcas then turned to look at me, “shouldn’t you get dressed or something?”


“Why?” I asked, sitting upright again.


“Erm, the try out, you bloody dimwit!” Dorcas cried out as she chucked a pillow at my head.


“Oh, piss off,” I dodged the offending object and grabbed my things to change in the bathroom.


Keiran was going to be thrilled when he hears about this. The idiot’s been trying to get me to play Quidditch since I started at Hogwarts. I don’t know why I never did since I loved the sport. I just… never felt the need to prove to everyone how good I was. I preferred living out of the spotlight. I’m not saying I’m a future Quidditch legend, but I’m not half bad.


Hmm… I wonder if I could play Beater.




The wind whipped in my face as I circled the Quidditch pitch for the umpteenth time. For the first time in a long time, I felt completely at ease. The anger lifted the moment I mounted my broom and flew up into the sky. It was as if I was leaving all my earthly troubles on the ground. I was the freest I’ve felt since it happened and I hate to admit it, but Aunt Helena and Dorcas were right. Quidditch was the answer to my problems, maybe not all, but it helped ease the tension. I moved slowly around the pitch watching the other hopefuls’ attempt at knocking the Bludgers at the designated targets. I didn’t feel threatened by any of them, not because I was arrogant, but well… they were barely able to hold onto the bat. One even nearly decapitated James with the Beater bat when he accidentally let go of it mid-swing. I had to stifle a giggle at that point. There was no need to get on the bad side of my potential future captain just yet.


“Does this angle make my arse look nice, Deora?” Sirius winked at me. I gripped the bat tighter in my hand as I turned around to glare at him.


Deora, do not lose your cool. That’s exactly what he wants.


“Or if I turn this way, I think it makes it look more supple,” Sirius said in a completely serious tone. “What do you think? Petey’s not around so you can be totally honest with me.”


Losing… cool… fast.


Just then I saw the Bludger head my way and instantly, I moved my fingers tighter around the bat. I waited, watching it rear its ugly head at me and just at the very last possible second, I swung my arm back and thrashed the Bludger straight at Sirius’ head.




I grinned innocently as I turned around to face my potential future captain, “Oh, golly, James, I’m really sorry! My hand slipped and… I really didn’t mean it.”


He grinned back, “Oh, don’t worry, Deora. Everyone makes mistakes and on that note, I think we can end the try out.”


I smiled, my innocent façade still perfectly plastered onto my face. I love how easily it is to manipulate boys. They’re suckers for an innocent smile and some fluttering of the eyelashes.


“You’re evil,” murmured a voice.


“Like aunt like niece,” I retorted.


She chuckled silently as I steered my broom towards the pitch. I landed gracefully onto the soft grass in front of James, who was smiling admiringly at me.   


“Deora! You were bloody amazing,” he praised, rushing over to me to enwrap me in the famous James-bear-hug. I grinned into his shoulder.


“Yeah, up until she tried to sodding kill me!” Sirius yelled out, just as his feet touched the ground.


A sixth year boy and one of the three Chasers by the name of Gregory Hardwick piped up, “You’re only saying that because she’s better than you, mate.”


“You better watch what you say, Hardwick,” Sirius growled. “I’m still your superior!”


I put a hand on Greg’s arm and smiled at him. “Thanks, Greg. Obviously, some people just can’t handle a bit of competition.”


Greg chuckled, “I like her! Can we keep her?”


Another sixth year girl, Elora Appleby, with two blonde plaits came bouncing towards the group of us and nodded her head enthusiastically. I remember watching her play. She was an extraordinary Chaser for someone so small and perky. “Please, James? She’s brilliant, not to mention, I’m bloody sick of being the only girl on this testosterone-high team.”


This time, we all chuckled; even Sirius took a time out from his brooding to crack a smile. James looked over at the other contestants standing a bit further away. They all consisted of fourth years and younger students, and were absolutely terrified of being near the older kids. I had to feel sorry for them. Half of them hadn’t even learned to fly yet.


“Alright, alright, everyone get over there,” James ordered. “And then I’ll announce my decision.”


We all made our way towards the other group and waited for James to speak. He was pacing in front of us as if to say he was deep in his Captain thoughts. I wanted to snort, but I thought that might demean him a bit and I wouldn’t dare do that to my potential future captain.


“Alright, kiddos!” James finally stopped pacing and stared authoritatively at us. “Thank you for coming out and giving us your all, but unfortunately, this team only has room for one more player. We’re looking for a physically and mentally strong player. It’s not good enough to have the talent you have to be able to endure the rigorous training schedule and the competition. Slytherin are out for blood this year and any match against them will end with one or more of us in the Hospital Wing. So with that said, I’ve already made my decision as this person showed all the qualities we want in a Beater as well as a team player. I’m sorry to everyone else who didn’t make the team, but please don’t feel discouraged. Get some practice and come back next year. Anyway, I’d like you to welcome our new Beater, Deora Grunnion!”


I kind of knew I would make the team, but at the same time, I still felt a rush of exhilaration at the sound of my name. Everything that happened afterwards felt a bit like life in fast forward, I was high fived and hugged and twirled around (James, the big bear) and someone even snuck in a kiss on the cheek.


Then before I knew it, someone had thrown me over their shoulder in a fireman’s lift and started running towards the castle. I felt so giddy and for the first time in a long time, I laughed wholeheartedly. It was the most genuine sound I’ve made since it happened.


I felt my feet touch the ground inside the changing rooms and I looked up into the face of Gryffindor’s star Keeper. He was tall, probably a foot taller than me, and had definite muscle definition on his biceps. I even had to stop myself from reaching out and touching them. I remembered his name was something like Simon Finnegan. He was all the sixth and seventh year girls could talk about (apart from the Marauders, of course). He had dark curly brown hair and deep brown eyes.


“Hi,” I breathed. At least, I didn’t squeak it out. Bloody hell, this boy makes my insides go all squirmy and weird. I heard a scoff.


Ugh! Bloody aunt needs to shut the hell up before I throw her in the fireplace…


“Hey there,” he grinned smugly. He knew he had this effect on girls, didn’t he? Arrogant sod. I was about to tell him this when the King of Arrogance walked in himself…


“Well, well, our new Beater,” he whistled at me. “I think initiation states you have to strip off all your clothes and run through the Great Hall!”


“WHAT?” I cried out.


Elora quickly came to my side and gave me a comforting pat on the back. “Don’t listen to him, love. He’s just messing.”


“Sirius Black, you absolute twat!” I walked over to him and shoved him back. “Just because I am a better Beater than you… actually, just because I am an all around better person than you does not mean you can try to trick me! Don’t be petty!”


Sirius choked and stared me down. He was tall as well. I forgot that. “Listen here, pipsqueak, I am still your superior on this team and therefore, I deserve to be treated with a little more respect than that!”


“RESPECT?” I scoffed. “What you deserve from me is nothing but…”


“Hey, hey guys,” James suddenly appeared out of nowhere, pushing the both of us to opposite sides of the wall. “We’re a team now so first order of business is to get along like a team should!”


We both scoffed. At least we can both agree on the fact that we will never ever get along in the way James wants us too. But seeing as I am the new member, I’ll tolerate his existence for my big cuddly bear of a captain.


I walked over to James with my big puppy dog eyes. “I’m sorry, Captain,” then I saluted for good measure.


He chuckled good-humouredly and pulled me into a hug. I loved James’ hugs. They always made me feel happy.


“GROUP HUG!” cried out Greg as he grabbed Elora’s hand and enveloped us in a massive hug. Simon chortled at the two sixth years and followed him, also grabbing their third Chaser (I didn’t even notice him) with him. I made a mental note to find out his name and make friends.


Sirius stood off to the side, still brooding like a twat, and staring at the group hug that was formed in the middle of the changing rooms. James popped his head out from the middle of the hug, “Come on, Padfoot! Stop being such a spoil sport!”


“Fine, only for you,” he grumbled as I felt his addition to our group hug.


Life was looking up… I smiled at this realisation and felt my locket hum. I think my Aunt can sense when I’m happy.




Scratch that.


I hate life. Immensely.




Two words: Ex-Boyfriend… or is that one word? Whatever.


“Deora, why won’t you listen to me?” he begged. It was pathetic. It was beyond pathetic; pathetic would be me trying to draw. This was… ridiculous.


“Jeremy, I’ll say this one more time, piss off!” I yelled at him. I was literally running down the corridor at this point. I had no idea if he was following, but I didn’t want to chance looking back and allow him to catch up to me.


How did I ever date such a ridiculous loser?


“He seems nice,” stated Aunt Helena.


“Oh, shut up, he’s an utter moron,” I groaned.


“I wasn’t going to say it, but now that you did, I agree fully,” she chuckled from the locket nestling underneath my shirt. “Why did you even date him?”


“Oh you know, first guy to pay me proper attention,” I explained, “I just got caught up in the romance of it all.”


“Ah, I had that,” Aunt Helena said dreamily. “Billy, what a hunk of a boy! He was a good bloke though, was devastated when I died… used to talk to my picture a lot.”


“How do you know that?” I asked curiously.


“A secret, love,” she chuckled. “You’ll find out when you die.”


“Oh gee, I can’t wait!” I said sarcastically. I had slowed down to a walk a few minutes ago and I was certain Jeremy wasn’t following me anymore.


However, I didn’t expect to stumble on this. Sirius Black and some leggy redhead up against a wall, sucking face… I use ‘sucking face’ as it is a disgusting way of describing it and I think Sirius Black is disgusting.


“OH EW! MY BLOODY EYES!” I cried out. I didn’t mean to… it just came out. I have no filter sometimes.


The girl shoved Sirius back and looked at me wide-eyed and embarrassed. I recognised her, she was that Hufflepuff prefect… erm… Laura? Lena? Lyla? I don’t really know, but she was nice from what I knew of her. Why the sodding hell was she doing with that piece of twat? I almost had the nerve to ask, but I still had some shred of nicety left.


“Oi pipsqueak! Can’t you mind your own sodding business?” Sirius growled at me. Yeah, he bloody growled. The nerve!


“I’m sorry, but this is a public corridor therefore I am free to do as I please!” I retorted. “However, I don’t think you are free to do that!”


“Erm, I think… I’ll just head back… patrols,” the girl stuttered as she bolted from sight.


Woops. Did I do that? I grinned smugly.


“Oh, I bet you loved that, didn’t you?” Sirius started to walk towards me. I had an urge to run, but I stayed put.


“I couldn’t care less, Black,” I shrugged.


“Are you sure?” and there, his stupidly arrogant smirk came back onto his face. I hate that smirk. I want to kill it… if you can kill a smirk. He leaned towards me so his face was inches from mine. “I think you’re jealous, I think you wish you were her and it was you I had pinned to the wall.”


I swallowed, not because he was right, but because I was trying not to lose my temper. “Really, Black? That is what you think? Well buddy boy, you have it all wrong! The thought of kissing you let alone touching you makes me sick to my stomach, I’d rather go on a date with Filch and his cat!”


He merely smirked some more. “Filch, huh? Well you’re really moving down in the world, aren’t you? I thought you finally had some bloody taste when you started fancying Peter especially after that prat, Jeremy… but Filch? Well Petey’s going to be devastated!”


“I DON’T BLOODY FANCY PETER, YOU ARROGANT TWAT!” I screamed at him before shoving him backwards. I was really starting to hate Sirius more and more. It was like every fibre in my body wanted to punch his face, and I was desperately fighting the urge to do so.


Sirius’ smirk suddenly disappeared from his face and replacing it was his glare that I think he saves just for me. How flipping special!


He swiftly pushed me back against the wall. He then grabbed my wrists and pinned me down. He leaned forward so his breath tickled my face. “Don’t scream at me, don’t you dare scream at me.” He was breathing heavily as if he was controlling the urge to hit me as well.


I should have been scared, but like earlier, I felt an exhilaration course through my veins. It unnerved me. “Why the hell not?”


“No one screams at me,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.


“Someone should,” I retorted back. “You walk around the castle thinking you’re tougher than hell, but you’re not! You’re just like the rest of us! You’re not invincible!”


“You know fuck all about me, woman! So don’t you go throwing around judgments,” he growled at me. Another bloody growl, what is he a dog! “You have no idea what goes on in my life. You don’t know how my family disowned me, no, you know none of that because you’re so bloody self-absorbed in your own miserable life… well hey, news flash, we’re all affected by the war!”


I stared at him. For once, I didn’t know how to respond. I was speechless. Sirius Black has made me speechless and remorseful. I wanted to say something, but nothing came to mind. It will be a day in hell when I try to comfort him, but I could apologise. I didn’t know whether I would have apologised because just then, we were interrupted by a very loud and very annoying voice.


“DEORA?” Jeremy cried out. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me? You’re dating Sirius Black?” He said his name like it was the most disgusting name in the entire world, which was probably why Sirius let me go and walked straight up to my ex-boyfriend.


“Listen, prat,” he snarled. “Stop stalking my Beater!”


“And what are you going to do about it?” Jeremy returned, disdain in his voice.


“This,” Sirius grinned arrogantly then punched Jeremy in the face.


I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed. I full on broke out into hysterical fits and had to hold onto the wall for support. I don’t know why, but Sirius Black, my sworn enemy, punching my git of an ex-boyfriend is probably the most bizarre and hilarious thing I have ever witnessed. Both boys turned and stared at me like I had just sprouted two heads, which spurred me on even more.


“You are insane,” Aunt Helena murmured.


I know, I thought, still laughing.. 

author's note:
heeeyyy guys, forgot to add an A/N when I first got this validated... was too excited. anyways to those reading now, i'd like to say thanks for reading! and i know the sirius pinning deora up against the wall is a bit... woah!! but trust me, i have a perfectly good explanation for his weird rash behaviour... but i can't tell you that now. :) also, please leave a little review here! if you don't i will never update again!!! jk... but reviews make me happy and keep me going so you know ;) ... just do it! favourite lines? moments? characters?

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