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Sigged. by Original Oregonian
Chapter 2 : Toast.
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“What?” Rose said, her eyes popping open. “What?!”


Sandra smiled “So soon! Good for you!”


“No no no no no….” Rose said, sitting up and swinging her feet off the couch. “It wasn’t supposed to be so soon. It’s supposed to be this little thing, just ticking away while I graduate and get a good job! No!"


Sandra looked shocked. Lily was excited to see that the woman was capable of looking less than perfect.


“It’s going to be fine, Rose.” Lily said. “You’re not getting married in a week. You’re just meeting him, that’s all.”


“Take it off! It’s too soon!” Rose said.


Sandra shifted uncomfortably. “Well, I can, I mean, it’s possible. But if I take it off you can’t get it put back on. The spell only works once. The contract you signed requires that you wait a week for removal, so you can think about it and everything. I’ve never had someone who dated so quickly want it taken off.” She chewed her lip.


Rose sighed. “So I’m stuck with it until after D-Day?” 

Sandra checked the date written on Rose’s finger. “Well, technically, you could get it taken off on your date. That’s exactly a week. If you come here first thing, then I can take it off and you won’t have to see who it is.” 


Rose nodded. “Okay. Make an appointment for 8 am. I’m getting this thing off.” 


Sandra nodded. “Alright. Just owl me when- I mean, if, you change your mind.”
"Don’t count on it.” Rose growled. 


Sandra smiled, and Lily could see now how fake it was. “Well I will finish your paperwork and you can pay with Cindy as you leave.” She said. “Any other questions?”


“No. We’re good.” She said, striding out the door. She threw thirty galleons down on the counter and headed out into the cold street.


“Rose, I’m sorry.” Lily said.


“It’s okay.” Rose replied, wiping away a small tear. “Maybe I will keep it. I just am really overwhelmed right now. Who could it be?” 


“What do you mean?” Lily asked. 


“Well, we live at Hogwarts. I’ll be at Hogwarts next Saturday. Where else am I going to find someone on this day? I have to already know him.”


“I guess we can narrow it down to the ones that have a Sigg. Not many boys our age do.” Lily pointed out. 

"Yeah, you’re right. A lot of them get them when they graduate.”



“So there’s only like ten or twenty guys possible.”


“Stop.” Rose said. “I don’t want to keep thinking about it, okay? If he’s out there, I want to find him on my own time in my own way. I don’t care what this thing says, I am not ready to settle down."


“I get it, Rose. But maybe the magic knows better than you do. You’ve got to relax at some point.” 


Rose shot Lily a look that could melt glass. “I get to decide. I don’t care if a gorgeous boy walks into Hogwarts lost next week and says it’s his Day. I’m not going to stop preparing for my NEWTS and ruin my future just because there’s this guy." 


“Okay. Just think about before you get it ripped off.” Lily said. “You only get one chance.”


“I will. But not right now. Uncle George is going to think we got murdered.”


Lily laughed. “You’re right. Let’s get moving.”


The girls walked into the Great Hall when they arrived back at the castle because dinner was just beginning. Rose sat down at the table and scooped up a big pile of mashed potatoes. Al looked at her expectantly.

“Well?” he asked. 

Lily tried to shut him up with her eyes, but he didn’t notice. The boy was like a Rottweiler sometimes, the way he grabbed onto things and didn’t let go.


“What are you even doing at our table?” Rose snapped.


“Hufflepuffs’ boring. And I want to know if you had the guts like I did.”


“You got your sigg specifically because you didn’t have guts. You couldn’t dump your girlfriend so you took the easy way out.”


“So you didn’t get a Sigg?” Al asked. “Told you. Chickennnnn!”


“Al!” Rose said, waving her hand in front of him. “Shut up!” 


Al’s eyes grew wide as he read the date. “Rose! That’s next week!” he yelled.


Rose clamped a hand over Al’s mouth. “Quiet! I’m getting it taken off.”


“What?” Al said, when she pulled her hand back. “Why?”


“I don’t want a soul mate right now. I thought my Day would be in like, ten years or something.”


Finn slid in next to Lily and started to dish up food. “What’s up with those two?” he said, brandishing a fork at Rose and Al arguing in hushed tones.


“Rose got Sigged.” Lily said.


“Oh.” He said, sounding bored.


“Her Day is next week.” Lily added.


“Oh!” Finn said, sounding a little more interested. “She excited?" 


“Not really. She says she isn’t ready.” 


“More reasons why it’s not the greatest idea.” Finn said, putting a piece of steak in his mouth.


“What do you mean? And ew.” 


“What? Don’t like my dinner?” He asked playfully, waving a bite of meat in her face.


“You’re gonna make me puke.”


“One of these days, Lils, one of these days. You’re going to try a hamburger and never go back. Your body needs protein to function.”


“That’s what almonds are for. And why are Siggs not a great idea?”


“You said it yourself. Rose doesn’t think she’s ‘ready’ to fall in love. She got hers too soon and is upset about it now.”


“What if she waited ten years? Then she would have missed her Day.” Lily argued.


“No she wouldn’t have. She just wouldn’t have realized it was her day. She’s going to meet or re-meet this guy next week whether she has the Sigg or not. And she’s probably would fall in love with him and then in ten years she’d get curious, and go get her Sigg and if he had one, then they both would flash green right then and the date would be whatever that day is."


“Really?” Lily asked. She narrowed her eyes. “Did you research this?”


“No. I’ve just heard about it, that’s all.” Finn said, taking another bite of steak. “Sure you don’t want some?” he asked, pointing to his plate.


“I think I am good without partaking in your giant slab of decaying flesh, thank you.” Lily said with a smile.

The week passed much too quickly for Rose, who tried to focus on studying and listening in class and getting high marks, but every time she tried to zone in on the work, she’d notice the new addition to her ring finger and start thinking about it again.


One more night she thought, and then I can get this taken off tomorrow and stay in my room all day and try to avoid all men. It was a good plan if, she did say so herself. Which she did.


She tried to sink back into her Transfiguration text, but noticed her finger again. With a sigh, she turned off her light and went to sleep.


She woke up the next morning, much too early, and tried to go back to sleep. After ten minutes, she gave up and got dressed. Checking the clock, she realized that she had to entertain herself for two hours before it was time to go to Hogsmeade.


She trotted down the stairs to Lily’s dorm room and pulled the protesting girl out of her bed. “Get dressed.” Rose whispered, trying not to wake up the six other girls still laying prone in their beds. “I need you to entertain me until 7:30.” She added, rifling through Lily’s trunk.


“It’s five-freaking-fifteen!” Lily said. “You’re going to owe me so big.”


“Yeah, yeah, just get down to the common room.” Rose said, tossing a pair of jeans at her.


Lily sighed and climbed out of bed as Rose strode out of the room. “Stupid Siggs.” 


Lily found Rose sipping a cup of tea in front of the fire. “So you’re really going to take it off?:"


Rose nodded. “I need to. I don’t want the pressure of a soul mate right now.”


“As long as you’re sure.” Lily said.


“I am.” She checked her watch. “And only an hour and a half longer.” Rose poured Lily a cup of tea and smiled. “So are you still going to get one?”


“I don’t know. I think so. Just not yet.”


“Good plan.” Rose said with a grin. “But I promise I will support you whether you get it tomorrow or never."


“I know.” Lily said with a smile. “I know.”


The last half hour seemed torturously long, and as a result, Lily did Rose’s hair and make-up to distract her. When Lily finally pronounced Rose done, and made her put on a dress, tights, and a pair of boots, they left Gryffindor tower. They reached the entrance hall when Lily looked outside and realized how snowy it was.


“Hey. I’m going to run go grab a better coat. Just get some toast and I will be right back.” Lily said.


“Okay. Please hurry.” Rose said. She slipped into the Great Hall and surveyed the breakfast choices. It was still early for a Saturday, so there weren’t many people eating. Rose grabbed an apple for herself and some toast for Lily and headed back into the Entrance Hall. Rose finished the apple and the toast began to grow cold as she waited for Lily.


Where was that girl? She thought. They were going to be late. Another five minutes passed and Rose sighed and headed back up to find Lily. She took a few shortcuts and was almost to the Fat Lady when, distracted by thoughts about missing her appointment, she got her foot stuck in the trick staircase.

Cursing her rookie mistake, she tried to pull her foot out. She tugged harder and harder until she finally broke free. But the new challenge was stopping herself as she fell down the stairs. There was no hope. She tumbled down them and felt right into the hands of none other than Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.

a/n: Soooo? What do you think? Please review... "I'm like tinkerbell, finn. I need applause to survive!" Anyway, reviews make me happy. And then I write better. :)


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Sigged.: Toast.


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