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All they want for Christmas... by The Melodramatic
Chapter 14 : Graduating
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A/N: Alright guys, a quick update as promised! WOO! I know it's not quite as long as some of the previous ones, but I think this might be one of my favorite chapters. I really love the dynamic between Hermione and Draco here. i hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And please, don't worry! The story isn't over yet just because they've graduated! There is still some big stuff coming, so stay tuned.

Thank you, everyone, so much for reading and reviewing. I love you guys, and I hope you love my story as much as I love writing it for you.



Edit: It's been brought to my attention that I killed Dobby off in this chapter when I had him alive in chapter 3. Sorry for the inconsistency! I've fixed it. This chapter is correct. Thank you! I've also fixed some other minor errors to make for easier reading. :)

Hermione lay sprawled out on her bed on Thursday night with another job application in front of her. With Graduation the very next day, she was using the time she had now to be productive. Looking up, she sighed. Her room looked bare to her now. Her trunk was packed, the dresser in the room cleared off, and her wardrobe door stood ajar revealing mere emptiness inside. The finality of graduation was slowly sinking in, and she dropped her face into the warm crimson duvet cover of her bed. After a few moments she moodily looked back at the job application in front of her. “St. Mungo’s” name was printed largely at the top. Hermione didn’t really think that she wanted to work there considering she’d seen enough injury to last her a lifetime, but she was filling out applications to everywhere and St. Mungo’s was at least a respectable job that paid well and might prove to be challenging.

She picked up her quill once more to finish the final few things on the application and began scribbling across the pages once more. She scoffed at one question: “Does blood make you faint?” Honestly? They needed to put that? After fiercely checking the “no” box, she moved on. At last, she finished and moved the application to a large stack of papers to her left and pulled another paper over from a dwindling stack on her right. This one was for the ministry; she failed to keep herself from sneering when she laid eyes upon it, but reprimanded herself now that they had a real Minister in place who wasn’t corrupt. For a moment she envied Harry and Ron. They both knew what they wanted to do and had already received entrance into the Auror training program… but that wasn’t what she wanted to do. She’d had enough fighting and training and, she shuddered, torture. A wave of nausea hit her as she remembered lying on the cold marble floor of Malfoy Manor with Bellatrix hovering over her. She idly ran a finger over the now healed skin that the witch had carved letters into. With some expert magic, the wound had healed with minimal scaring, but that didn’t keep Hermione from casting a glamour charm on it to conceal the more prominent scars of the lines that had been cut deeper than others.

A soft tap on her door swiftly pulled Hermione back to the present. She yanked her fingers away from the scarred skin and snapped up her head to see Draco peeking in and asking for entrance. She smiled at him, but fought to keep it from wavering as the thought that she’d never be able to live with him in Malfoy Manor after what had happened flashed through her mind. She could never go back there…

“Hey, sexy,” Draco grinned as he sauntered over to where she lay on her bed. Hermione rolled her chocolate brown eyes and tousled her hair teasingly with her fingers.

“I didn’t know you found job applications so appealing.” Hermione teased. Draco shrugged and leaned against the tall bed frame.

“I find you appealing.”


“I have my moments, don’t I. I must say, I do miss you calling me an insufferable prick every now and again though.” Though Draco’s voice was serious his eyes held a spark of jest.

“Oh really?” Hermione raised an eyebrow. “I’ll make a mental note of that. See if I can work it in the next time we’re in bed together.”

“So tonight then.” Draco grinned expectantly.

“Draco!” Hermione gasped looking scandalized, but after a moment her face softened. “I guess you’re right… after tonight we’ll be living separately, won’t we.” It wasn’t a question. “I hadn’t thought about that. Normally I think of everything! Look at what you’re doing to me! Now I forget things.” She huffed. “But wow… I don’t know if I can sleep without you anymore.” Hermione blushed, knowing that she probably sounded pathetic. “I mean, it’s just… you know. I’ve gotten used to falling asleep next to a warm body is all.” Draco didn’t say anything, but looked at his shoes thoughtfully. A puzzled look took over Hermione’s features. “Draco… what is it?”

He was silent for another few moments before lifting his blue gray eyes to hers. As Hermione looked back up at him she couldn’t help but be a bit star struck. His angelic like physical perfection still threw her off guard every once in awhile. She still wasn’t sure how someone that looked like that could love someone that looked like her, and a muggle born to top it off. Luckily, she had trained herself not to question it and just enjoy it. The war had taught her that much. Still, she couldn’t help but shudder as sky met earth in their eyes. “I meant to ask you a few weeks ago, actually, but we were interrupted.” Draco began. “How would you feel about moving in with me? Us living together after this…” Hermione’s jaw dropped.

She was speechless.

“I know you’ll have to ask your parents and whatnot, but you belong in the magical world, Hermione. You won’t fit in with Muggles anymore, not after everything you’ve been through…” Draco took a deep breath before launching into his next phrase, “And you belong with me, Hermione. I don’t like the thought of us being separated. I still feel like… like it’s not safe enough for you outside of Hogwarts. They haven’t caught all the death eaters yet and… and I can protect you.”

“I can protect myself, thank you very much!” Hermione finally found her voice and let a bit of self-righteousness flash through her eyes.

Draco’s eyes narrowed. “Calm down, Granger. I’m trying to be sentimental here.”

Her eyes softened and she suppressed a smile. “Well fine then. Go on.”

“No, actually, that was all.” He looked away from her and at the ground as he waited for an answer. Hermione wished, wished with all of her being, that she could tell him yes.

“I can’t, Draco.” Hermione watched his face fall and felt her heart break in one fell swoop. She leaned forward and took his hand. “Please, Draco… You have to understand. I love you, so much, but I can’t… I can’t live at the Manor. Not after everything that happened there. I’m sorry.”

Draco didn’t speak for a few moments as he studied her. Upon recognizing that she was completely serious he burst into uncontrollable laughter. “You thought… You really did, didn’t you?” After about thirty more seconds Draco found the restraint to control himself while Hermione glared at him. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He apologized while he caught his breath. “Hermione, I’m donating the Manor back to the Ministry to be turned into a museum. I don’t want to live there either. There’s a building in muggle London owned by a wizard who rents out flats. I’ve already signed the papers for it. All of my things from the Manor that I want are already there. I’m moving in right after Graduation.”

“And you didn’t tell me?”

“I’m telling you now.”

“Yes, after you’ve already gone and bought it!” Hermione argued.

“What did you expect me to do, Hermione?” Draco questioned irritably. “I wasn’t going to pressure you into picking out an apartment with me two months ago.”

“You did this two months ago?” She nearly shrieked and sat up straight on her bed. How did he have everything so prepared? How had she been so unprepared? She hadn’t even thought about where she would live after gradation, just assuming that she’d live with her parents, but what if her parents didn’t want her to live with them? What if they kicked her out because they liked living on their own? Of course she couldn’t live with her parents for forever! She envied how on top of things Draco seemed to be.

“Yes, I did. Hermione, what’s wrong with you? I thought you’d be happy about this.” Draco looked at his girlfriend like she was going mental. Perhaps she was. “I did this for us. It’s a two bedroom and two bathroom flat. I thought that might appease your parents.”

Hermione covered her face with her hands. “Oh, Draco. I’m so sorry. Of course this is wonderful. I’d… I’d love to live with you.”

Draco’s eyes lit up as he visibly tried to keep cool. “Really?”

“Yes, of course!” Hermione paused for a moment. “On one condition.”

“Anything.” Draco quickly answered.

“I help pay rent.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Draco, I’m not just going to live off of you.” She stated firmly.

“It’s out of the question.”

“Ugh!” Hermione knew there was no swaying him. “Then let me do the grocery shopping.”

Draco raised an eyebrow. “But then what is the house elf going to do?”

“You have a house elf?” Hermione’s eyes flashed. Just because S.P.E.W. had been unsuccessful did not mean that she didn’t still stand by her beliefs.

“Of course I have a house elf! I’m still a Malfoy, mind you. We had to get another one after Harry freed Dobby. Lot of good that did the poor thing, now he’s dead…”

“He would have been dead by now anyways.” Hermione snapped.

“We’ll never know.” Draco shrugged. “But don’t go getting all ‘fight the power’ on me. I miss Dobby just as much as anyone else. He was a good elf. To me, anyways.” He sighed. “Back to the point, yes. I have a house elf. She’s at the flat now. Twylla is her name and she’s excellent and well treated. A bit head shy though, not unlike a Thestral is,” he paused contemplatively. “Just keep your hands clear of her head and she’s fine.”

“Oh… Well, alright. But I still want to contribute something.” Hermione glared at her duvet.

“Your presence is enough.”

“Shut up. Something substantial.”

“We’ll figure it out later,” Draco suggested. Hermione nodded in agreement and looked back up at him. “First though,” he added tentatively, “we have to convince your parents to approve.”

“Let’s just have you meet them first.”

“Are you ready for this?” Draco asked as he and Hermione lined up outside the Great Hall only moments before the graduation ceremony was to begin. As Head Boy and Girl they were to lead the procession in, and as student with top marks, Hermione had been asked to say a few words by McGonagall only a few moments before the ceremony. Hermione was scrambling to think of something coherent to say.

“Not in the least,” she replied with a shaking voice, “but I think I can wing it. “

Draco reached forward and squeezed her hand lovingly. “That’s my girl.”

“Are you ready for this?” Hermione asked back.

“Graduation? Yes. Meeting your parents? No.”

“Wonderful,” mumbled Hermione as the big doors in front of them swung open to reveal a throng of parents and siblings sitting expectantly in long rows of chairs. The tables in the Great Hall had been removed for the special occasion to make room for all of those attending. Hermione took a deep breath and stepped forward into the lavishly decorated hall, leading the procession of seventh years behind her. The whole ordeal felt a bit surreal as she continued down the middle aisle to the front of the room and up the steps to the platform where Professor Dumbledore stood with the four Heads of House. Two rows of chairs were lined up behind the podium. Hermione walked to the end of the first row and after everyone had filed in, they sat in unison. Hermione scanned the crowd for her parents and spotted them at last sitting close to the middle of the third row. She gave them a broad smile and quick wave before Dumbledore started in on his speech.

“Welcome to Hogwarts, family, friends, and other assorted loved ones.” Dumbledore began. “I would like to begin with just a few words: kumquat, salacious, rhinoceros, and antidisestablishmentarianism.” A few snickers filled the hall as many students rolled their eyes. “Now, with that out of the way, I’d like to talk to you about the group of young adults that are sitting behind me. This year of students has persevered through untold trials and horrors. They have overcome fear, darkness, evil, and even their own prejudices. Never in all my many years at Hogwarts have I seen a group of students so dedicated to the pursuit of goodness. I think we all are well aware of the achievements of some noteworthy Gryffindors who risked their lives to defeat Voldemort, but now we move on and acknowledge the achievements of a group of dedicated individuals who have learned how to better our world during their time here. And with that said, I would like to introduce to you this year’s Head Girl and top student, often called the brightest witch of her age, the renowned Hermione Granger.”

Hermione blushed a deep red as applause broke out across the room. Her father even made a loud whooping noise like one does at a rugby game. She hesitantly stood and walked forward to the podium. After clearing her throat, Hermione began her speech. “Hello, everyone,” her voice shook a little with nerves, “You know, I remember the very first train ride I had to Hogwarts. Of course, it was chaos, and Neville had lost his frog, but it was on that train ride that I met my best friends, because someone hadn’t bothered to repair their glasses, and I had to do it for them.” Hermione looked over at Harry and smiled. “Hogwarts has taught me a plethora of things, some things more useful than others, of course, like how to shrink my buckteeth and I finally managed to smooth my hair... But most importantly, Hogwarts has taught me the importance of hard work, the importance of dedication, and the importance of surrounding yourself with those who love you. While here, we leave our families, but we make families of our own.”

“A lot of people would expect me to stand up here and tell you how important studying is and how important grades are… but life is about more than exams and tests. It’s about people and stepping outside of yourself to make relationships.” Hermione couldn’t help it as her eyes began to water. “At this school I have met the most incredible people. I could not have finished this journey so successfully without the influences of my professors, especially Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. I thank you both for the time you have invested in all of us. And, of course, I owe a certain amount of my success to friends and family, though I’d like to think they are the same thing after all of this. But the person who has helped me grow the most this year as a person has been none other than Draco Malfoy.” Hermione looked back at Draco and smiled while his eyes widened. In the second row of chairs Pansy Parkinson sat rigid in her seat.

“Even before we were friends Draco showed me the true meaning of courage by doing the right thing when surrounded by those doing wrong. He challenged me academically, mentally, and emotionally, making me a stronger person in almost every area of life. He’s taught me that people can change and become something greater than what anyone ever expected them to be. He’s taught me to let go of my assumptions and actually get to know people, to forgive and forget, and let myself relax a little bit, which I’m sure quite a few people will tell you I needed to do. So thank you, fellow graduates, for teaching me how to live. And thank you Hogwarts, for teaching me the skills I need to fulfill my goals in life. After all, a wise man once said, ‘It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.’” Hermione smiled broadly at her audience. “I only hope we don’t raise hell too much once we’re out of here. Thank you.” And to riotous applause, Hermione took her seat once more next to Draco who reached over and held her hand as Dumbledore took over the ceremony once again.

The rest of the occasion ran rather smoothly. The choir sang a nice rendition of Hogwarts’ song, conducted by Professor Flitwick, and then there was a moment of silence for those who had been lost in the war. After that, Dumbledore read off all the students’ names one at a time to come receive their diploma from their individual Head of House. When Hermione received hers from Professor McGonagall they both started crying and McGonagall hugged Hermione in a rare show of affection. Draco received his diploma from Slughorn and so the rest followed now in alphabetical order. Of course there were cheers from most in attendance when the line reached Harry, but other than that it was a very nice respectable ceremony. Dumbledore finished off the ceremony by asking everyone to rise. The chairs in the room vanished and he told the newly graduated students to go find their families and celebrate.

Scrambling through the now slightly frenzied room, Hermione (closely followed by a family-less Draco, of course) ventured through the throng of people to her parents. When she finally reached them she threw her arms around her mother in a large hug while Draco and her father hung back a bit awkwardly. Mr. and Mrs. Granger were friendly looking people of average height. Both had dark hair but it was obvious that Hermione actually took after her father in appearance.

“Oh, honey! I’m so proud of you!” said a teary-eyed Jean Granger. “Top of your class! You didn’t tell us!” The two pulled away from each other “And this handsome young man must be the one you’ve been writing about.” Mrs. Granger let go of her daughter and immediately hugged the pale, nervous looking boy lingering behind Hermione. She pulled back and held out a hand. “I’m Mrs. Granger, but I’d prefer you call me Jean,” she lowered her voice, “Mrs. Granger is my mother-in-law.” Draco shook her hand, clearly a bit overwhelmed by such a public display of affection from someone he didn’t really know. Coming from such a cold, rigid family, he wasn’t quite sure how to react. Hermione gave him a reassuring smile as her father stepped forward also offering his hand after pulling his wife back.

“I’m Daniel Granger.” Draco took his hand and shook it firmly. “It’s nice to finally meet the man my daughter seems to be so enamored with.”

“I assure you, sir. The feeling is quite mutual.” Draco respectfully replied. Hermione noted the nervousness he betrayed in his voice. “It’s nice to meet you. I’ve been looking forward to it for some time now.”

“Yes, so have we,” Mr. Granger said as he released Draco’s hand. “Where is your family, Draco? We’d like to meet them as well.”

“Oh, yes!” Mrs. Granger agreed quickly. “We’re so eager to meet the rest of the Malfoys.” Hermione blanched. She’d neglected to tell her parents about Draco’s familial circumstances.

“Unfortunately, they were unable to make it today” Draco smoothly covered.

“Tsk. Tsk.” Mrs. Granger tutted. “Missing their own son’s graduation. Oh well, I suppose some things just can’t be helped.” Hermione sent Draco an apologetic smile before she heard her name being called. She turned her head to see Molly Weasley bustling through the crowd in their direction. In fact, the entire red-headed family, sans Percy, plus Harry, was making its way toward the Grangers and Draco. When the short, plump woman reached Hermione she threw her arms around brown haired girl and pulled her down into a large hug.

“Oh, Hermione! I’m just so proud…” Molly sniffled with tears obvious in her eyes. “Of all of you. I can’t believe my little babies are all grown up!” She reluctantly let Hermione go and immediately latched on to Mrs. Granger. “And I can’t imagine how hard this must be for you, your only daughter finishing school and going out on her own…” A bewildered looking Mrs. Granger shot a worried glance to her daughter. Though they’d met the Weasley family before in Diagon Alley, Hermione’s parents had forgotten how… hug-obsessed the matriarch of the Weasley family was. Arthur stood next to Hermione’s father and shook his hand enthusiastically, thrilled at the opportunity to talk to muggles again.

“Tell me, I’m very curious about these things you call toplap commuters.”

“Arthur!” Molly scolded, releasing Jean from her vise-like hug. “Do not pester them with questions! Hermione just graduated!” During these few moments, Hermione had taken the opportunity to inch over to Draco and intertwine her fingers with his. This only lasted a few seconds as the twins nearly tackled her when they reached her.

“Hey, Hermione!” Fred (or was it George?) greeted her, wrapping her in a big hug.

“Now that you’re done with school,” George (or was it Fred?) began.

“We thought you’d like to come work,” Fred (maybe) continued.

“For us!” they finished together.

“We’ve decided to overlook the fact that you haven’t filled out an application,” one twin told her in an authoritative voice.

“We think your expert potions and charms skills will be best used in our shop spreading mischief,”

“and joy”

“Throughout the Wizarding world!” a twin finally finished. Hermione laughed.

“Guys, I’m flattered, really… but I'm going to have to decline,” she said, ducking out from under their arms.

“Awwww,” the twins lamented in unison. They switched their attention, and George moved over to Draco and nudged him in the shoulder. “How about you, Malfoy? Interested in causing any more mischief?”

Draco smiled good naturedly, “I think I’ve done my fair share, mates. I pass on my mischief making duties to you.”

“How kind.” Fred mused and looked at his brother meaningfully. “You know what this means?”

“MORE MISCHEIF!” They exclaimed as one and bounded off to torment someone else in the room about working for them. Harry and Ginny finally stepped up to talk to Draco and Hermione, Harry shaking Draco’s hand and Ginny giving Hermione a large hug.

“Bloody brilliant speech, Hermione,” complimented Harry, “but did you really have to gush on about this stupid bloke?”

“That’s Head stupid bloke to you, Potter,” Draco remanded in his previous condescending tone, spitting out Harry’s last name. After a moment the four broke into uncontrollable laughter. “Anyways,” Draco continued when they were all able to catch their breath, “I’m moving into my new flat after this, and I thought maybe I’d throw a little house warming/graduation party. Think I can get The Chosen One to show up to the occasion?” he asked Harry, who pretended to ponder the question for a second.

“I suppose I could make time in my busy schedule for you, Malfoy. But only just barely.”

“Oh, Draco!” Hermione exclaimed, “That’s a wonderful idea!” Draco shrugged and told them all to invite whoever they liked. He had only one rule: no Slytherins save Blaise. All the while, Ron stood a bit behind everyone looking rather huffy despite having just graduated. It seemed he would never get over Draco and Hermione being together.

“Hermione, honey!” Mrs. Granger called out, “I think we’d better head out soon, don’t you, dear? Draco, you’re more than welcome to come with us and have an early dinner.”

Draco grinned widely at this proposition. “I’d be absolutely delighted, Mrs. Gran- Jean. Thank you.” He looked wickedly at Hermione who couldn’t help but mumbled the words “oh no” under her breath. She’d never hear the end of this.

Dinner had gone much more smoothly than Hermione had dreamed it could have. Draco was polite, charming, witty, and absolutely endearing. One would never think that at one point he had ever had any kind of prejudice against muggles. His tour of the comfortable and well kept house prompted many questions and much blushing on Hermione’s part as he surveyed her bedroom, which looked as though it couldn’t decide whether it belonged to a teenager or a child. Though the room was decorated rather mondernly, her mother had refused to get rid of (or even store) her old collection of stuffed animals and dolls and so they sat brazenly on her bed and on shelves on the walls. Needless to say, Hermione had quickly ushered Draco out and carried on with the tour. He asked all about the television, radio, electricity, and the car, curious to know how muggles had adapted to life without magic. He even asked about cooking and cleaning.

“Oh, Hermione can teach you all about cooking,” Mrs. Granger gushed when Draco asked her about how she was preparing their meal. “It’s practically all she does when she comes home. Cleaning she’s not so good at, but the girl can cook.”

“Well that’s promising,” teased Draco, wrapping an arm around Hermione who stood at his side. Hermione smiled demurely and took Draco into the family room where her father was shouting at the television while a game of Rugby played. Hermione blushed again.

“Sorry, my father’s a bit of a sports fanatic. Gives him a lot of business and all, considering how often people’s teeth are knocked out…”

Draco looked at the television with interest, let go of Hermione, and moved to sit with her father on the couch. Mr. Granger looked at Draco curiously. “Ever seen a Rugby game, son?”

“No, sir, I haven’t.”

“Hermione, why don’t you go help your mother in the kitchen. Draco and I are about to bond.” Daniel Granger then launched into a full explanation of the sport while Hermione, uninterested in muggle sports (honestly, Quidditch is so much more interesting), did what her father said and went to the kitchen to help her mother who was currently cutting up potatoes to fry for dinner.

“Hi, mum. How can I help?” Hermione asked upon entering. Her mother merely smiled knowingly.

“Lost him to sports already, hmm?” Hermione nodded. “So when’s the wedding?” her mother continued. A very confused look took over Hermione’s features. “Oh don’t tell me you two aren’t going to end up together. Honestly, with the way he looks at you I’d think you were tethering him to the world. And you’re hardly better.” Jean Granger was many things. Obtuse was not one of them. “That’s a beautiful ring as well. A promise ring?” she asked point blank, nodding at Hermione’s finger.

Hermione flushed a deep shade of red. “Yes… yes it is. I’m sorry, I should have told you, it just… it wasn’t fitting for a letter, you see and-“

“Poppit, it’s okay,” her mother put down her knife and held out her arms to Hermione who quickly walked into them. “You’re old enough to make your own decisions, and I know I raised a smart daughter. I have full faith in you.”

“Thanks, Mum,” mumbled Hermione, her eyes filling with tears. There was nothing greater in the world to have than the trust of her parents. She pulled away from her mother and sniffled. “Now, let me help. I’ve been dying to cook for months!”

At the end of Dinner, Hermione went back to the kitchen to retrieve the apple turnovers that she had baked. While she was out of the room, Draco cleared his throat. “Mr. and Mrs. Granger,” they gave him their attention, “while Hermione isn’t with us for a moment, I thought I might take this opportunity to explain a few things. First off, my father is in Azkaban for being a well known death eater and my mother is in the psych ward at St. Mungo’s and hasn’t spoken to a single soul nor shown signs of comprehension or awareness in nearly a year. That is why my parents were not at my graduation. Out of respect for my privacy, Hermione didn’t tell you. Secondly, I am in love with your daughter and have every intention of spending the rest of my life with her. Thirdly, I am the sole heir to the Malfoy fortune and have more than enough money to care for the both of us without her ever having to lift a finger, though we all know she will never stand for that. And lastly,” Draco took a deep breath, “I have invited her to come live with me in London where I have leased a flat in a magical building and I request your blessing before any such arrangements are confirmed and planned.”

Neither of the Grangers spoke for what felt like eons to Draco. Daniel Granger gripped his fork very tightly in his fist as he stared at the blonde man sitting across the table from him, telling him that he wanted to take his little girl away when he’d only just gotten her back. Jean Granger, however, was rather swept up in the romance of it all (she knew much more than her husband did because of separate letters that Hermione had written to her). Before either of them could say anything, Hermione swept back in with desserts and a smile asking what she had missed. She nearly dropped the plate of apple turnovers when Draco smoothly answered that he’d asked her parents if she could live with him.

“Is this what you want, Hermione?” her father asked in a very serious tone. He had to admit, he liked Draco. As an excellent judge of character, he knew that Draco was the kind of person he’d always imagined his daughter with. Someone curious and smart, talented, responsible…. And it didn’t hurt that he could financially take care of her already.

Hermione nodded slowly. “It is. We’ve been living together for so long now… I can’t imagine not being with him.”

“It’s a two bedroom flat.” Draco jumped in. “She’ll have her own bedroom, her own bathroom, complete privacy,” he assured a still wary looking Daniel Granger. “I just don’t want to be without her. And the world is a dangerous place still for us. This way I can protect her,” finished Draco, his eyes speaking more than his words could to Hermione’s guardian and father.

Hermione huffed. “I don’t need protect-“

“You have my blessing.” Mr. Granger interrupted Hermione. She looked at him with wide eyes and he shrugged. “What? You’re nineteen, Hermione. Old enough to make your own decisions. And I’m not from the Stone Age. This is how the modern couples are getting together… why should my daughter be any different?” Mrs. Granger nodded her agreement.

“Draco is a wonderful young man,” she added. “I know he’ll take good care of you.” Seeing as Hermione was struck speechless, Mrs. Granger picked up the dessert plate and held it out to Draco. “Apple Turnover?”

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