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Little Black Books by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 3 : Budapest
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Disclaimer; I do not claim to own anything but Anna Russe, her family and fragments of the plot. Charlie Weasley belongs to J.K Rowling, as does everything else. Thank you for reading!


A few mornings later, Anna woke up to the screeching stop of the train, outside her cabin she could hear the bustling sounds of the outside station. She had spent the last couple of days drifting in and out of sleep and reading through the little black book. Charlie had replied to her letter the previous night but she was yet to have time to reply to it.


Groggily, she pulled herself out of bed and over to the bathroom. Looking at the mirror, Anna was shocked by her teased bed hair and the paleness of her skin. Closing her eyes for a minute she walked over to the shower and turned the taps, stepping out of her tartan pyjamas, she slipped into the shower and smiled as the warm water hit her back.


She had a lot on her mind, ever since she’d agreed to go to London in the first place. She knew why she was wanted, she also knew that her father wanted her around and also that Charlie detested the idea and he still very clearly did. She didn’t quite know why, but a part of her wanted to be in England with her father while the majority of her was saying that she’d much rather be in Romania with Charlie.


As the train slowly began to move again, Anna slid a towel around herself and threw on one of Charlie’s old jumpers and a pair of jeans. Charlie loved seeing Anna in his clothes, as he told her constantly and Anna couldn’t complain. She didn’t like skin tight clothes and considering Charlie was a few sizes bigger than her they fitted just fine for her liking.



Suddenly Anna felt very bored again, she wasn’t quite sure but she had a feeling that they would be coming up to Budapest rather soon before the head up to Vienna, Bern and then finally to Paris where she would catch a smaller train to Coquelles, where she would take the Chunnel to Folkestone from where her aunt would pick her up and take her to wherever her father was staying at the moment.
It was apparently important that Anna did not know the exact location of her father, as the people who were organising to get her over to England thought it was safer it she happened to be questioned. Anna thought this was a load of crap, and wasn’t afraid to announce this to her mother who agreed without a seconds thought. Anna’s parents were never married, and although they got along very well they did not feel they had to be married. When she was a child, Anna found this very odd and her peers often made rude and offensive comments about it.
She no longer minded, in fact as soon as she hit thirteen it didn’t seem to bother her anymore. She knew both of her parents loved her but neither were interested in such a commitment at their age. By no means did that not believe in marriage or love, in fact they were very happy when Anna told them she had fallen in love with Charlie, but they saw that they were not right for marriage.


A few long hours later, the train pulled into Budapest. It was just turning into afternoon, and Anna had decided to take a quick walk around the city. Previously, she had been told that they would have a few hours to walk around Budapest before the train took off again. Anna was grateful for this time, her body felt numb from the lack of exercise. Usually Anna would walk everywhere while on the reserve and take a run every morning before the sun rose but due to the small enclosed space of her cabin; she hadn’t even been able to stretch her legs.
As the train glided to a stop, Anna pushed herself through the train doors and found herself on the incredibly busy station of Budapest. Around her, families and individuals were pushing their way through the crowds to find the people who were waiting for them patiently. Anna suddenly felt very alone, not only did she not have anyone who was waiting for her she wouldn’t have one until she arrived in England in a few days’ time.
She wondered whether she still had a voice, she had not opened in once since she left Romania. Determined not to sob in a public place she finally pushed herself onto the streets of Budapest, and was immediately taken by the diverse streets. The castle like buildings were a nice change from Bucharest’s modern buildings and they reminded Anna of England, she found herself smiling at the muggles busking on the streets and threw a few coins into their hats and other items that were quickly filling up. She was happy that her mother had sent her several coins before her trip in case she wanted to buy something, Anna had the slight sense that her mother wanted to buy her a gift.
With this in mind she headed in the direction of the little street shops, ever so often peeking through the windows with amazement.


Two hours later, Anna slid back into her cabin grinning. She had bought her mother a lovely piece of gold jewellery that she found a vintage boutique, she knew her mother would love it as soon as she sure it. She had then found a tiny little snow globe for her father, as he collected them. She had bought herself a brand new bone trench coat that she imagined would come in great use during her stay in England. For at least an hour she had walked around trying to locate the perfect thing for Charlie and it wasn’t until the last ten minutes that she found the perfect little figurine of a dragon with the words, ‘Budapest’ written on a olden style scroll.
She was exhausted from all the walking and collapsed onto her bed, quickly falling asleep without even getting changed.

Authors Note; I realise I said in the previous chapter that I probably wouldn’t be getting out another chapter before Christmas but I wrote this the very same day that was validated and decided that I might as well put it up. Now, this will definitely be the last chapter of this story before Christmas but I will attempt to get the next few chapters written up before then. Anyway, Thank you for reading.

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Little Black Books: Budapest


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