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Of Nightmares and Draco Malfoy by weasleywizardwheezes101
Chapter 1 : Hmm...?
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            I was running through the forbidden forest trying to keep calm. There was no way out. I knew the Death Eaters were on my tail. Harry was by my side. We ran until we could run no more. I had a stitch in my side, I held my hand over my stomach in hopes that the pain would reside. I was tripping over my feet and everything was going in and out of focus. I tripped over a branch and fell on my face. I tasted dirt in my mouth. I slowly lifted my head, but I had no strength to get up. Harry was kneeling by my side pulling on my arm, trying to help me up. “’Mione we can’t stop now, the Death Eaters will be here any second. Please don’t be unconscious.”Then Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenir Greyback arrived. I could hear Harry yelling to not kill me, and for them to take him instead. I heard Bellatrix yell, “AVADA KEDAVRA!” Then I heard a thump on the ground next to me. Harry lay there in silence. I heard Bellatrix and Greyback disapperate after Bellatrix said, “Stupid mublood. This will give you enough pain for the time being. I’ll come back later and dispose of you.” Then she and Fenir disapperated.

I slowly rolled over onto my side to see Harry’s pale face. He was dead. He wouldn’t come back, no matter how much I begged him. I stroked his face as he lay there motionless. I could feel hot tears falling from my eyes. I laid my head on his cold chest. I cried until my eyes stung. Then I kissed his cold lips and begged him to wake up. He wouldn’t wake. Harry Potter the one boy that I had truly loved for the past five years was gone. He would no longer be there to hold me when I cried, or kiss me when I was upset. He was gone. Strong arms picked me up and carried me out of the Forbidden forest. I held on to the anonymous man still crying, hoping that it was all a dream and I would wake up to find that everything was normal. No dark wizards and no death.”

            I sat up in my four poster bed, with tears streaming down my face. I knew I had been yelling, because Draco sat on the edge of my bed with his platinum blonde hair tousled. He was sleepy-eyed and yawned as I sat up. He had a look of worry on his pointed face. I looked up at him with the tears still falling freely from my face. “I’m s-sorry if I w-woke you.” He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He pulled me into his arms and let me cry into him for comfort. “It’s okay Hermione. What were you dreaming about anyway?”

“I- I saw the night H-Harry died again. It was so clear. I can’t get it out of my head.” I lowered my head to my chest and sobbed some more. Draco wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I whispered into his shoulder, “Stay with me. Please.” Draco nodded his head, and propped a pillow up against my headboard. He threw his legs up on top of my comforter and settled down. He still had his arm wrapped around me. I snuggled into his shoulder and drifted off to sleep.

            The next morning I woke with Draco’s arm still wrapped around me. He was sitting in the same position as I left him last night. He breathed softly as his head fell to the side. I shifted myself in his arms, and he woke with a start. “Are you okay now? Anymore nightmares?” I gazed up into his steel blue eyes, “No,” I whispered softly. I got up from my bed and went to rummage through my dresser drawers. Draco still hadn’t moved. I looked over my shoulder to see him sprawled out on my bed, breathing softly. He must have not gotten that much sleep last night. I pulled out a red tank-top, dark-wash jeans, and a black sweater. I walked into the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom, took a shower, dried my hair, and put my clothes on. I walked out of the bathroom and found Draco still snoozing on my bed. I came up with the perfect idea to annoy him. I hopped up onto my bed, and started jumping up and down. Then I fell down and sat on my bed next to him. I punched his arm in a playful way, the yelled, “WAKE UP DRACO!!!” He rolled over to look at me. “Hermione you do realize that I didn’t get any sleep last night.”

I smiled at him. “Of course I do! It’s just you are the so much fun to annoy.”

“Oh whatever.” He got up from my bed and strode over to his bedroom. I decided to go out into the common room and do some of my homework for Professor McGonagall.  I sat down on the couch in front of the fire and opened my textbook. The nightmare from last night had passed; I could no longer see it that clearly. My only problem now was to forget completely about it and maybe then it would go away. If I thought of it I would think of Harry, and I would tear up again. Draco walked out of his bedroom with an emerald green sweatshirt and dark jeans on. I glanced up from my textbook as he came over and sat next to me on the couch. “Hey Hermione?”

“Yeah?” I answered still scanning my textbook. Draco took the textbook out of my lap and looked it over and scoffed. I glared at him. “What!?” I was very protective of my education.

“Really Granger? Homework on Saturday?”

“Well, Malfoy unlike you, I actually would feel better if my homework was done ahead of time.”

He smirked. “Okay whatever you say. Anyway I need someone to talk too.”

I sat up straight and looked at him in the eyes. “Okay Draco. I’m your girl.”

“Okay to start off, I’m having trouble with someone. There is this girl I REALLY like, but she’ll never like me because I’m from Slytherin. I want her to like me but I don’t know how to make her like me. I’m in love with her.”

I rolled my eyes. “I thought getting a girlfriend was one of the Slytherin Prince’s specialties.” I crossed my arms. I was getting a bit jealous now, he's supposed to be mine. MINE.

“Well, it is. But this girls different. She is playing hard to get. I just need help.”

“Can I ask what house this girl is in?”

“Yeah, she’s in Gryffindor. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world though. She has large brown eyes, soft skin, a great personality, and she’s smart.”

“I can see you’ve got a real big problem.”  I laughed at him, and he smiled. “Well Draco, all I can say is, is nice to her, make her feel like se is the most beautiful girl in the world and that you would do anything to have her.”

“Okay. Hermione, I love you, and I always have. I probably sounded like a complete idiot right?” Draco looked me straight in the eyes and stated it some-what confidently. I knew there was no joke in his icy blue eyes. He was telling the truth. “I know you probably won’t accept me and I know you’re still getting over Harry’s death, but still, I love you and there is no denying that. Wow, that sounded even more stupid, but it's the truth.”

I sat so still you could barely tell that I wasn’t some sculpture. I finally spoke to him. “It did sound pretty stupid but Draco, I don’t know what to say. You have always been there for me and cared for me and looked after me when no one else would. It’s just, are you sure about this?” I asked him in a shocked or worried kind of tone. He smiled at me and stood up from the couch. He held out his hands for me to take which I did and slowly stood up to face him. “What do you say Hermione? Will you take me?” I looked shocked but nodded slowly, barely aware of what I was doing. Draco then softly grabbed me behind my neck and brought me into his warm embrace. He kissed me softly as I wrapped my arms around his torso. He was straight to the point, and didn’t hold back. He pulled away and held me in his arms. That night when we were sitting on the couch, I fell asleep in his arms. He held me all night and I held on to him never wanting to let go. He was the one true guy that I could literally spend the rest of my life with.


A couple weeks later Draco asked me to marry him. I know, fast right? I accepted gladly, knowing that I truly did love him. We were married by the lake at Hogwarts. During the summer our first child was born. His name is Colin Harry Draco Malfoy. I married the love of my life, and the outcome of the marriage was our beautiful baby boy. I, Hermione Jean Malfoy am completely and utterly in love with Draco Lucius Malfoy. Even though my first love, Harry Potter, will always have a special place in my heart, Draco Malfoy has the rest of it.    


A/N: So there you have it! Anyway I love reviews almost as much as I love ice cream! J Anyway I need to know what I can improve, if you’ve read my other stories this I know is the third time I’ve said that but it’s true!!! =D Have a happy hearts and bubbles day!

Oh yeah, so Draco and Hermione have been friends for awhile and they secretly liked eachother and everything that’s why they go married and everything. She basically knew everything about him. He was one of her best friends throughout Hogwarts. Sorry I couldn’t explain any of this in the story. (‘ ‘, ) Oh also they were head boy and head girl, just if you were wondering why Draco was there the whole time.

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Of Nightmares and Draco Malfoy: Hmm...?


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