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A Pirates Fiancé by Forever_Pirate
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three
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"Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what is left of the old."---Winston Churchill 



“What was that? Why didn’t you say she was being annoying?” asked a now annoyed Ginny as they reached their cabin.


“Because he would have punished her. And I refuse to be the cause of that” said Hermione as she closed the door “I mean didn’t you see all the whips, chains and massive sticks on the left wall?”


“No I was more disgusted with the smell,” answered Ginny who now sat on the bed looking out their small window.


“And beside, I think she could help us” said Hermione slowly, ignoring Ginny’s comment.


“What? Are you crazy? We are not getting involved with pirates. Number one rule for everyone who isn’t a pirate: Never trust a Pirate!  If Harry can’t fix this then we can’t either,” answered Ginny as she looked at Hermione at though she was crazy.


“Yes but we both know that Harry doesn’t know where to start looking. Pansy was one of the pirates on that ship. Surely she would know their hide out and where they were going to next” said Hermione as casually as she could, and when she saw Ginny about to start arguing she beat her to it “and we both know that Harry has too much pride and nobleness to strike her a bargain. He can only do it the violent way.”


“No, I refuse to take part in a plot that involves becoming all friendly with pirates,” argued Ginny.


“It’s not friendliness, its business,” answered Hermione.


“Pirates don’t do business, they always have a backup plan” shot Ginny.


“Whatever her back up plan will be, we will get to the Salazar. And that’s our main priority right now” argued Hermione and then smiled as she knew she had won the argument.




“But she is insufferable” said Ginny giving it one final attempt.


“That’s pirates to you, Ginny,” said Hermione as she smiled. Hopefully her plan would work. Once they got on the Salazar, they could figure out what they would do from then on.



By the next morning, they had a plan. The weather was peaceful all night giving them no disturbances. They have decided that they would only be able to act during the night, when most of the crew was asleep. Now that morning has arrived, they were exhausted and so without further ado they lay down and slept.


When Hermione woke up next it was about six in the evening. The sun was setting and a cold breeze hung in the air. She noticed a couple of food plates on the table as well two jumpers hanging on the chair. She quickly got up and put one on. It was a bit small but it gave her warmth, nonetheless.


She woke Ginny up and for the next half hour, they re-talked their plan and poked around their cold potatoes and salt meat food.


Finally, it was time to begin their plan.


Slowly and quietly, they both crept down the hall and after they had looked around to make sure no one saw them, they climbed down the stairs, as quietly as they could.


Pansy looked like she had not moved at all. She still sat in the exact same position. The only thing that changed is that now, her right leg that was bent in front of her and not her left.


“Back again?” she said as they neared her once again. Hermione was yet again surprised that she could so easily hear them, when this time they didn’t even talk.


“Yes” answered Ginny.


“We have a proposition,” said Hermione as she glanced at Ginny and then back at Pansy.


Pansy lifted her head and looked at them surprised.


“Really now? And that is?” she said as she stared at Hermione.


“Tell us where Salazar is,” said Ginny as she tried her best not to glare.


Pansy chuckled, “And what do I get in return?”


“We’ll get you off this ship,” answered Hermione. Pansy remained silent. Instead, she stood up, walked straight to the bars and looked Hermione right in the eyes.


“And tell me, if you two don’t succeed in getting me away and if we get caught what happens? Nothing happens to you two. But me? I face death. Why would I want to do that Missy?” asked Pansy not moving her eyes.


“Granger. I am Hermione Granger. And this is Ginny Weasley. And trust me we will get you off. And if we get caught we will make sure nothing happens to you, we have our ways even if we are woman” said Hermione automatically.


She saw a flash of something come across Pansy’s face but only for a second before her face turned to one of though. Hermione knew that what she had said was not true. If they were caught, Pansy was doomed, because being a woman, her voice didn’t count. Not one of theirs did. However, Hermione was desperate. She needed to get Ron of the cursed pirate ship.


“Well, Granger, here is the deal. Get me of this ship, make sure I am not blamed if we are caught and I will personally lead you two to Salazar. And if we get caught and you do nothing, I will haunt you down for the rest of eternity. Even with death, I have my way” she said as she once again shook her head and smirked at Hermione.


“Just the two of us?” asked Ginny astonished.


“Aye, how far are you both willing to go to save your precious Ron Weasley? You don’t think I would take the whole Griffindork ship there do you? I’d rather die in this cell then face the wrath of my crew man and captain” said Pansy, as she looked between the two girls.


When neither replied she continued.


 “Well then that’s the deal, take it or leave it,” said Pansy as she stuck out her hand through the bar.


Hermione glanced at Ginny. This wasn’t exactly how they had planned on going about all this but clearly they weren’t going to get a better offer. Ginny nodded.


Hermione shook Pansy’s hand.


“Done” said Hermione and let go as quickly as possible.


“Aye, well I’ll see you two when you have a plan to get me off here” said Pansy before she moved away and resumed her sitting position.


Without another word, both Hermione and Ginny left.


Their plan was ridiculous. At least that’s what Pansy said. It was two days after they had last talked to her. They had just sailed in to a small port to get restock for food and ship equipment. All crew were to be gone, except for Neville, who was currently on the other side of the ship. Hermione thought it was stupid to leave only one person on ship when they had a pirate captured but, at the moment, she couldn’t say she was complaining. The less people, the better for them.


“Come on we don’t have time to argue this,” said Ginny as she stuck the key into the bar lock.


“Where did you get that? And let me get this clear once again, you want me to duck-walk under your skirt?” asked Pansy looking at Hermione as though she was mad.


“We used a thing called magic to get it. And yes, now hurry up. My skirt of this dress is huge, and there are at least seven layers underneath. Climb in” said Hermione as she lifted her skirt “Remember pull on my leg if you need to stop and I’ll stop”


“I refuse to do---” started Pansy but she had no time to argue as Ginny pushed her down.


“Neville will soon come to check, by that time it would be a smart idea to have gone far away,” she snapped at her.


Pansy huffed but climbed under the skirt. For once in her life, Hermione was happy she had to wear all those annoying clothes.


“Oh are you two going somewhere?” asked Neville just as they were about to get off the ship.


“Oh yes, we have decided that these dresses are just impossible for travel. Don’t worry though we will be back before we sail”said Hermione while Ginny nervously laughed and nodded.


“Okay, but be back before eleven” was all he said before he walked away towards the wheel. The two girls breathed a sigh of relief and continued walking. As they walked the port, they had to stop, several times, as Pansy would pull on Hermiones leg when she got stuck or tripped, which caused some people to give them strange looks. Ginny excused her friends’ awful walking with the excuse that Hermione was learning how to walk in heels.


Eventually, they hid behind an old building and Pansy could finally come out.


“God that was awful” she said as she dusted herself off. Hermione was about to say that there was no point doing that but decided against it. After all, she needed Pansy to lead them to Ron.


“So what now?” asked Ginny as she looked at both Pansy and Hermione.


“Now we steal a ship and off we go,” said Pansy enthusiastically as she looked around. Although Hermione though she heard a bit of sarcasm in there.




The sun has set and it was getting very dark.


“Steal? Can’t we borrow one?” said Ginny as she also looked around.


Pansy turned and looked at her funny “Aye we’ll borrow without permission and ‘intend’ to return it aye?” she said sarcastically although Ginny took it seriously and answered “Yes”


Pansy send Hermione a look that clearly said, Weasley-here-is-crazy, before turning away and looking into the night.


“Come on, we have to leave before they realize I am gone” said Pansy and without looking back ran towards the port. Hermione and Ginny followed.


It’s been a whole day since Hermione, Ginny and Pansy had taken a ship out of the small town. The ship was called ‘Strings’ and had the picture of a rolled up string for a flag. It was about three times smaller than the Godric but that was good. As there were only three people to control it, and only one of them knew anything about a ship.


“No, Granger you PULL! Pull with full force,” shouted Pansy as Hermione tried to manage a sail.


“Why don’t you do it?” Hermione shouted back as she pulled with her hardest. Finally the sail moved to the position they wanted it in.


“Because I am steering,” answered Pansy.


“Why can’t I steer and you pull?” snapped Hermione although she already knew why.


“Because Granger! We have been over this. I can only steer because I am the only one who knows the direction. I can’t tell you where it is. I am bound to keep my mouth shut. Only the chosen can find the Salazar,” Pansy snapped back.


“And how does it, whatever it is, know that you are bound?” asked Hermione as she came to stand next to Pansy. Ginny had gone to sleep. Hermione would go after. Pansy claimed she could easily stay up 2 nights and 3 days. Therefore, it was decided that Ginny and Hermione sleep in turns and only wake one another if it was an emergency or if one had over slept the twelve hours limit, they had set.


“Because of this” said Pansy as she pulled up her left sleeve. There were four tattoos there. On the top there were to big letters stating S.P. and on the bottom there were two smaller letters C.M.


Hermione figured the top out, Salazar Pirate. However, the bottom she didn’t understand.


“What are the bottom ones for?” she asked as Pansy pulled her sleeve down.


“Captain Malfoy. The letter changes as the captain does” answered Pansy.


Hermiones breath caught in her throat. Goosebumps raised on her arms. She hoped Pansy wouldn’t notice. But she did.


Pansy chuckled darkly. “Heard of him? The most dangerous, evil and most cunning pirate there is. Always has a plan and always a good one. He is no idiot. He always has a way to get exactly what he wants. He is terrifying. Even the Salazar crew is fearful of him at times. He is deadly”


Hermione felt the air get cooler as Pansy whispered the last bit. After a moment of silence Pansy laughed.


“Not so happy now you came, aye?” she asked still laughing.


“He is only one person. It’s clearly an exaggeration.” Answered Hermione although inside she was shaking. She didn’t show it though.


“He is the master of all this cunning and evil. He is worse and more deadly than the devil, you’d be a fool not to fear him” answered Pansy before turning to look at the horizon again.

 Without another word Hermione left, ready to wake Ginny up after her twelve hours, go to sleep, and clear her own head.



The next time Hermione woke up was twelve hours later, Ginny had come to tell her to get up, not only because of the hours but because there was going to be a storm.


It was raining when Hermione walked out onto the deck. And the rain was starting to get worse.


“Granger! Get up here!” shouted Pansy from the wheel.


“What?” asked Hermione when she got there.


“Help Weasley put the sail down. The wind isn’t in our favor and with a storm we need it to push us closer to the destination, not further,” she shouted as lightning struck.


“Okay” was all that Hermione shouted back.


She saw Ginny pulling the left side of the sail, so she went and started to pull the right. It was not working. They were pulling at different times and with different force.


“On three with all your might” shouted Hermione “one, two THREE!”


Both the girls pulled with all their might and finally the sail came down. Slowly, they tucked it away.

"Just hold onto something and don’t fly off” shouted Pansy and Hermione grabbed onto the first pole she saw.

For the next two hours, the storm was crazy. Pansy made the two girls do a couple more things and although all of them wouldn’t seem hard on a normal day, during a storm it was impossible. It was all dreadful and dark. Hermione was never a sport person nor did she like the dark. And this was definitely not what she had in mind of sailing. But she couldn’t complain. She had to do it, for Ron.


She had no real plan of what they would do when they reached Salazar. She imagined Pansy would just go aboard and it will be fine for her. But for them… they’d get killed. But then again the way she saw it they didn’t have much choice but to just go aboard. They didn’t know how to fight or what to do. And now that it was going to happen sooner than planned Hermiones nerves started to kick in.


She thought about Ron and how worried Harry must be. Ginny told her that she felt awful that she couldn’t tell him. But Hermione encouraged her that this was the right choice. Hermione hoped it was anyways.


She thought about her mother who was also worried and her father. Her dead father. And then she thought of Malfoy and what would happen when they finally meet. And then she thought of Montuga. And then…. Wait.. Montuga.


And then it all clicked. What her father told her and then Ron being randomly taken. The island. Malfoy was searching for it. The Granger males were the only ones that knew its whereabouts. Malfoy though that, since her farther is dead, it would be Ron who knows. But her father had no time to tell Ron. So he told her. His daughter. A girl. Malfoy never saw that coming. No one did.


And just as sudden as all these thoughts had come, they were all gone. Hermione didn’t know why it suddenly clicked for her, but what she did know was that she had a plan. And it was good.


The storm, eventually, died down and the clear sky came out again.


“I think we will be there in about a day,” said Pansy as they sailed away from the darkened clouds.


“Good, good” whispered Hermione as she smiled. Sure, she wasn’t in a very good position right now but at least she had a plan. Bet you didn’t see that coming Malfoy… whoever you maybe. She thought as she looked at the horizon. It was funny how she had never met him and already hated him. However, it felt good, as although she hasn’t met him, she had heard of how cunning he was. And now she had a plan he didn’t see. And it felt good to be beating the most feared pirate out there. Yes, her plan was definitely going to work. 



AN: So what did you think? I am so sorry for no Draco in this chapter, but he will be there in  the next one!! Promise! What do you think? Leave me a review :D 


xx Forever_Pirate

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