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The Adventures of the Next Generation: The second year by demongurl
Chapter 20 : Dementors
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A/N:-A quick Author's note before you begin the Chapter. This is full of randomness, I had run out of proper ideas and this is sort of like a set up chapter for the next story.

This is the final Chapter in this story, please continue to read The Adventures Of The Next Generation series, The Third Year will be up soon



Dylan hovered above the quidditch pitch on his broom. It wasn’t a practice but he was growing bored of staying inside the castle revising with his friends. He sat on his broom high in the air, relishing the freshness of it. The sky was still quite light and Dylan knew it was getting close to curfew. He thought about going back to the castle but decided against it when he saw his sister running out of the castle and past the lake. Dylan frowned and followed her in the air. He didn’t want to be annoying and follow her but he was curious. He followed Piper to the entrance of Hogwarts, he was pretty sure she wasn’t allowed to be here at this time. She waited there for a moment when a figure apparated next to her. Dylan shook his head when he saw it was only James. He started to turn around and fly back when he felt a cold and chilling presence overcome him.

“What’s that?” he managed to hear Piper say. Dylan looked around on the broom and shouted in surprise when he saw a dementor in Hogsmeade.

“Dyl?” James asked looking up.

“Dementor!” Dylan shouted pointing into Hogsmeade. James scowled and turned around quickly. There wasn’t just one, there were lots of them. Dylan could feel their presence and even though there was nothing really bad that had happened to him he knew Dementors fed on Happiness. He saw Piper and James get out their wands. The dementors began to draw near and he saw Piper shaking slightly.

“Expecto Patronum!” James shouted. A lion shot out of the end of his wand. Piper repeated it and an otter ran out of hers. They spoke together quickly and Piper ran back to the castle. James apparated away and Dylan frowned. He was nearly frozen with fear on his broom, he felt all the happiness drain away and in his short life there had been a lot of it. All the time he felt like he was never going to be happy again he asked the question of what the dementors were doing in Hogsmeade. He saw a few entering the school grounds.

Piper and James’ Patronuses still working but were very weak. Dylan finally found the strength to turn his broom around but even from the distance he was putting between him and the dementor’s their influence was really strong. He was over the lake when he couldn’t take it anymore. He lost his grip on his broom and fell off it sideways. He was unconscious before he hit the water.

* * * * *

“Is he alright?” Dylan heard someone whisper.

“He better be, I’ve got to copy his homework”

“Harper!” Dylan screwed up his eyes and opened them. He saw Sophie and Harper looking at him curiously.

“Guys?” he groaned.

“You’re alive!” Sophie said throwing her arms around Dylan’s neck. Harper urgently tried to hush up Sophie.

“Sorry.” Sophie said.

“What happened?” Dylan asked pushing himself up.

“Hagrid found you washed up on the shore of the lake and brought you here earlier. We snuck in using your map. Fraser and Rachel and probably the rest of the school are asleep.” Harper said.

“What exactly happened? Why were you out?” Sophie asked, her voice and face full of concern.

“I don’t know, I was thinking then I saw Piper and James then there were loads of dementors.”

“So it was true, there were dementors here.” Harper asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I was coming back from detention when I saw Piper running in then a few minutes later Harry Potter came into the school followed by James.” Harper said.

“But Harry’s supposed to be in hiding.”

“Not anymore” Sophie said. They heard footsteps and Harper and Sophie looked at each other

“Under the bed.” Dylan said. They both ducked under the bed as the curtains were pulled open and Madame Pomfrey looked in on him.

“Ah, you’re awake.” She said. “It’s very late but I suggest you have a mug of hot chocolate then you can return to your dormitory tomorrow morning” She said. Dylan nodded as Madame Pomfrey disappeared to get some hot Chocolate. Sophie stuck her head out from under the bed.

“We need an invisibility cloak.” She said.

“Too bad they’re so rare.” Harper muttered. “It’s actually quite comfy under here” Dylan smirked at Sophie’s expression.

“That’s because you’ve got your head on my bum!” Sophie said.

“Urgh!” Dylan felt the bed jolt as Harper scrambled out from underneath it.

“Honestly Harper, when will you learn.” Dylan said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry father, I’ll feel harder next time.” Harper said.

“Please don’t.” Sophie said with a slightly shocked face. Harper grinned as footsteps were heard again.

“Quick, under.” Harper said. She got under the bed as Sophie disappeared as well. Madame Pomfrey appeared again with a steaming mug. She put it down next to the bed

“Now you drink this and then you can go to sleep.” She said.

“Thank you.” Dylan said politely. Madame Pomfrey went away muttering something like,

“Almost as bad as Potter” Dylan smirked and coughed to give the all clear. His friends appeared again.

“Almost as bad as Potter?” Harper said. “Which one? James is sooo-”

“I think she was talking about Harry Potter” Sophie said.

“Oh, right.” Harper muttered. Dylan couldn’t see properly in the half dark but he could have sworn he just saw Harper blush.

“So what were James and Piper doing?” Sophie asked.

“Piper was sneaking out of the school” Dylan said.

“But she’s not supposed to do that.” Harper commented. Sophie and Dylan looked at her with the same expression. “Well I am just saying.” She said slightly offended.

“You know I’m surprised you aren’t blonde.” Sophie said.

“Not all blondes are stupid I’ll have you know.” Harper said. “And if you want I will go blonde, just for you.” Sophie smirked.

“You’d never do that.” She said.

“Fine, this summer, say goodbye to my brown hair.” Harper said snootily. Sophie rolled her eyes and Dylan shook his head. They knew Harper wasn’t being serious. He had some of the hot chocolate now that it had cooled slightly.

“So, what was it like being near dementors?” Sophie asked curiously. Dylan shuddered. He’d never been near them before and hoped to never go near one again. He closed his eyes and held the mug in his hands for comfort. He didn’t want to remember it at all.

“It was the most horrible thing you could imagine.” He said. “Like all the happiness had gone and would never return.” Sophie and Harper looked at him.

“So the dementors got free.” Harper concluded for them, even though they weren’t speaking they were all thinking the same thing, the dementors were free and now Bellatrix Lestrange had more help then ever.

* * * * *

The policy of keeping dangerous magical creatures in Britain has been put under scrutiny today as the ministry failed to inform anyone of the release and escape of dementors. This follows an attack on Hogsmeade and Hogwarts that left three citizens of the small village permanently out of their mind and the near death of Hogwarts student Dylan Weasley, 13. The ministry maintain that they had no idea that the Dementors had escaped from their enclosure in the Lake District but the Prophet feels that they are not telling the truth. It has come to light that there is more death eater activity then the ministry would have known and that the Ministry has spies in every household in Britain that contain a house elf. When the acting minister of Magic, Hermione Weasley was asked about this, she had this to say.

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about? We had no idea about the dementors and I am not kept informed of the Death eater activity, that is a job that concerns Harry Potter, the heard Auror. They rarely tell me anything.” When asked about the true purposes of the Department of Elfish Welfare she said this, “The department only aims to improve the condition in which house elves are treated, these accusations that it is a secret spying agency has no evidence to back it up.” The Prophet, however, can exclusively reveal that the Department for Elfish Welfare is in fact not all that it seems.

Reporter-Piper Weasley

Dylan sat in shock as he read the article. Sophie was sitting next to him sharing the paper, she had her mouth open slightly. Dylan couldn’t believe that Piper had written something like that for the Prophet. The fact that the department of Elfish welfare was in fact some special organisation that Hermione had brought together was only meant to be known by Harry, Jenny, Ron, April Marsden and their children. Dylan and his brother and sisters weren’t supposed to know but they had once all overheard Hermione and Ron talking to Dobby, the house elf, then went and told the Potter children, who asked Harry about it.

Piper was going to be in a lot of trouble for this, Dylan was too shocked for words. He looked at Sophie who was rereading the article.

“She didn’t just write that did she?” Dylan asked.

“She did.” Sophie said. Dylan looked up and around the room. He saw Nick sitting at a slightly nicer squashier armchair with Charisma. Dylan got up and went to Nick.

“Nick, read this, tell me if you believe it’s Piper writing it.” Dylan said throwing the paper at Nick.

“Huh?” He asked, tearing his eyes off Charisma.

“Read it. Piper wrote it.” Dylan said. Nick sighed and looked at Charisma, who shrugged. They opened up the paper and read what it said.

“Holy shit.” Nick said.

“So that’s what that department does.” Charisma said.

“This is not going to go down well with your parents.” Nick said. “As if your parents have enough to have a go at Piper for.” They heard some laughing and saw Piper and her friends walking down the stairs.

“Oh please, it was noth-” Piper had started to say when an owl flew in one of the windows that the Gryffindors had open to let some air in. The owl dropped a red envelope in her hands before flying out again.

“HOWLER!” someone shouted and everyone put their hands over their ears. Sophie glanced over at Dylan confused. Dylan ran over and jumped on the sofa next to Sophie.

“What’s a howler?” Sophie asked.

“You’ll see.” Dylan said, “Cover your ears” Sophie did as Dylan did. Piper hadn’t opened the howler and now it literally exploded.

“HOW DARE YOU TRY AND DISCREDIT OUR FAMILY, PIPER. ARE YOU TRYING TO BE DISOWNED. IF YOU CARRY ON THE RATE YOU’RE GOING YOUR MOTHER AND I ARE GOING TO STOP YOU FROM MARRYING JAMES. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF YOU’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED OR NOT. YOU DON’T SEE COLETTE GOING AROUND TRYING TO TELL EVERYONE THAT HER PARENTS ARE LIARS. WHEN YOU COME HOME WE ARE HAVING A VERY SERIOUS TALK” The Howler then seemed to explode. Piper held her arm over her face to prevent herself from being harmed. Everyone was staring at Piper. She seemed to have no clue as to what the howler was talking about. She looked at Hilary confused.

“What on earth was that about?” Piper asked. Hilary shrugged. Nick threw the newspaper at Piper and she read the front page.

“I didn’t right this. I swear.” She said.

“Well it has your name on it.” Dylan said.

“I didn’t.” Piper said. Everyone was looking at her. “What you guys think I’d write something like this?” She shouted at everyone in the common room. They all looked at her with weird looks and started whispering. Dylan looked at Sophie, who looked rather confused.

“Your parents will stop her from marrying James?” She asked.

“Dad’s been threatening it for a while.” Dylan said, he glanced at Piper who seemed to be having a one sided debate with Hilary, who couldn’t seem to get a word in edgeways.

* * * * *

“Oh yeah, no more exams.” Harper said dancing slightly as they walked out of the hall.

“But why does it have to be raining on the last day of them?” Fraser asked as he looked out of a window. Dylan had to admit that he felt slightly annoyed that it was raining as well. The last day of exams and the gods had decided that they should spoilt he end of the year with large volumes of rain. He was still reeling from the newspaper article and the dementor attack, even though it was a while ago. He had gone to talk to Hagrid, who told him that he had seen the giant squid in the lake near the bank where he’d found Dylan. Hagrid guessed that the squid was the reason Dylan was still alive.

“Ah, no problems.” Rachel said. “I’ll just catch up on my sleep, I’m knackered.”

“Yeah, well I’m hungry and there’s no food.” Fraser complained. Rachel hooked her arm through his.

“Well, lets go to the kitchens. See you guys later.” She said dragging Fraser off in a different direction. Harper frowned as she watched them go.

“Ok, I swear that Rachel said she wasn’t interested in guys and now she’s taking Fraser everywhere with her.”

“They are best friends.” Sophie said to Harper.

“Yeah, it is possible for a girl and a boy to be friends and not go out.” Dylan added.

“Yeah but-” Harper started to say.

“But what? Harper leave it.” Sophie said. “Plus, you’ve heard about the way she talks about Theo Smith in Hufflepuff.” Harper nodded.

“I suppose.” Harper said. “So what are we going to do now? It’s raining so we can’t go outside.”

“Well we could but we’d get wet and muddy.” Dylan said. A look of awakening appeared on Harper’s face and she grinned. Sophie scowled.

“I don’t like that look. Why don’t I like that look?” Sophie asked Dylan.

“You guys go and get changed, I’ll go and get Amy and we’ll have a mud fight. Meet you here in five-”

“No mud.” Dylan said, “Deffinately no mud, it’ll mess up my hair.” Sophie and Harper both gave him funny looks.

“And who are you trying to impress?” Harper asked sweetly.

“No one.” Dylan said looking at the ground. Harper smiled knowingly.

“You’re lying.” Sophie said.

“Of course he’s lying.” Harper said. Dylan gave her an annoyed look. “Well you are, ok, so mud fight is out of the question then because ‘it’ll mess up Dylan’s hair’ and we can’t go outside because it’s raining. Fraser and Rachel have run off so we can’t play a big game of spoons or exploding snap and there’s three of us so we can’t play Chess. What shall we do?” Harper asked stopping and crossing her arms. Sophie rolled her eyes.

“To be honest, I think that Rachel had a good point, I’m really tired from all the studying.”

“What study?” Harper asked. Sophie put her head on Dylan’s shoulder in a defeated manner. Dylan laughed lightly and at Harpers encouraging look hesitantly put an arm around Sophie, she didn’t seem to notice, or if she did she didn’t show any surprise.

“Kill her now.” Sophie said.

“Why? You love my stupidness.” Harper asked. Dylan laughed slightly louder as Sophie sighed.

“Yes I do but sometimes could you keep your mouth closed?” Sophie asked pressing Harper’ lips shut so that she looked a bit like a fish.

“Fmmf mm fm mff” Harper said. Sophie smiled.

“That’s much better.” Sophie said. Harper gave her an annoyed look. Sophie grinned but didn’t moved her fingers.

“Fmm mmm hmmf” Harper said.

“Sorry, didn’t understand a word.” Dylan said cheekily. Harper glared at him and kicked his shin lightly. “Bitch!” Dylan said clutch his shin. Harper gave him a satisfied look. Sophie let go immediately.

“Don’t hurt me.” Sophie said. Harper stuck her tongue out.

“Now lets go to the common room and bug Nick.” Harper said.

“Why Nick?” Sophie asked as they began walking again. Dylan hopped along after them.

“Because he’s been bugging me recently.”


“He stole my cupcake. At the last quidditch party and fed me a canary cream” Harper said. Dylan tried to stifle a laugh as they went into the common room

* * * * *

“You’ve done as I asked?” came Bellatrix Lestrange’s voice.

“Yes I have” came a female voice that seemed so familiar to Dylan, “The relationship between Ministry and public is beginning to weaken, there is no way they can stop it” said that voice. The voice belonged to a woman with long blond hair and bright blue eyes. Dylan would have taken it to be the woman’s real appearance if she didn’t have one of those black eye masks on.

“And what about the dream Prophet?” Bellatrix Lestrange asked.

“He’ll be gotten rid of soon enough. I have my own plans for him.” The woman said.

“I’m trusting you” Said Bellatrix Lestrange, “And my trust is hard to come by. You better do me right, how long until you can kill the boy”

“Well my better half might try and fight it but it should be done within the next year or so.” The woman said with a smirk.

“Good. If Lowe is right then once he’s dead then we can have full power. Tell my brother-in-law to try and go and negotiate with Lowe again and one your way out tell my husband I want to see him.” The blonde woman bowed.

“Yes milady” She said before leaving the room.

Dylan sat upright in the bed, he wasn’t sweating like he usually did after a prophecy but he was just as confused. The boy, the prophet that was him, he’d be dead soon? When was the prophecy going to come true. Who was that blonde woman who was going to kill him? What?

Dylan had so many questions. He looked around the nearly empty second year boy’s dormitory. Everyone was packed and ready to leave to go home tomorrow. Dylan had packed everything but the clothes he slept in and the dream recorder, which had to stay by his bed at all times. Dylan looked at it and held the cold glass thing in his hands. The prophecy was already becoming fuzzy. He shook his head and put the dream recorder back down.

No, he wouldn’t think about it. He was going to live for a long time yet. He wasn’t going to die soon. They’d already evaded one prophecy concerning Piper, who was to say that the prophet they were talking about was him anyway. Dylan fell into an uneasy sleep

* * * * *

Rachel gazed out of the window as London approached. The Hogwarts express was nearing it’s final destination and they would soon be having two months of holiday. She looked at the others excitedly.

“Why are you so happy?” Fraser asked rather amused.

“We’re going to America this summer” Rachel said, “We’re leaving tonight.” She grinned and started pacing anxiously.

“Oh, right, well I’m off to Scotland, again.” Fraser said.

“Ok, so you two will come to my house in a month’s time?” Sophie asked Dylan and Harper hopefully.

“Of course, and then you come back to mine and we’ll drop you off.” Harper said.

“All in all, I’m spending very little time at my own house aren’t I?” Dylan asked the girls.

“Yeah but you don’t mind do you?” Sophie asked, nudging Dylan.

“Not really, after that dementor Article and all the hate owls my sister and dad have been sending each other, I think I’d rather not be in the house.” Dylan said.

“Good for you. Look we’re there.” Rachel said. “Come on.” She started rushing around and everyone just looked slightly bemused. Soon they were all ready to go, Amy stopped by the carriage to pick up Harper and they left together. Rachel disappeared and then Sophie was about to leave with Fraser when Dylan called her back.

“What is it?” Sophie asked when Dylan suddenly went quiet.

“Um you know the thing between me and Harper?” He said uneasily.

“When you went out with her?” Sophie asked. Dylan nodded.

“Well we weren’t going out with each other for the reasons you think.” Dylan said.

“Really?” Sophie asked with an amused look. “Why did you go out with her?” Dylan looked at her awkwardly at first. He felt really nervous and he wasn’t entirely sure about what to do. He looked at Sophie and his nervousness seemed to jump then decrease in less then a second. He leaned forwards and pressed his lips against Sophie’s. She jumped slightly as he did, it was obvious she wasn’t expecting it. The kiss lasted for a few seconds longer then Dylan had intended. When he pulled away Sophie had her eyes closed and she looked like she’d just had a good dream. She opened her eyes and looked at Dylan.

“Are you blushing?” She asked with a smile.

“No.” Dylan said. “Um, so I’ll see you in a month?”

“Yeah, come on.” Sophie said taking his hand and leaving the train with him and their trunks dragging behind them.


A/N:-I'm going to try and keep the Next Generation innocent. For any of you who have read some of my other stories will know that i tend to get a little bit carried away sometimes. I won't have too much detail in this story, I'll try and keep the next one PG-13

Anyway, that's the end of this story, It was almost ALL setup for the next story, see if you can guess storylines if you like. A few people already know what's going to happen, those of you who do! I'll be going away for the week so I'll put the next story up next friday when i come back from the Isle of Wight (2nd July). I hope you liked this story, please continue and read the next one when it's up.

Please tell me what you think, i really value reviews to help me inprove my writing

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