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Duck and Cover by iluv2eatcarbs
Chapter 17 : The New Year
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Chapter 17: The New Year


Friday December 31st, 8:34 pm


I held a picture in my hand, turning it over between my fingers and smiling at the captured memory. It was the picture Creevy had taken of me, Sirius and James after the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw. Sirius and James both had their arms wrapped around my shoulders and we were all smiling and laughing. Ever since I had gotten that picture I'd carried it almost everywhere with me. I figure I should frame it, keep it intact. But there's something I like about carrying it in my back pocket and having it at my disposal for whenever I want.


“Avery, come downstairs we're already going to be late.” My mom's voice traveled to my bedroom..


I sighed and folded the picture in half, carefully putting it in the pocket of my purse. I sighed and pushed off from the bed, allowing myself one last look in the mirror before going downstairs and meeting my parents.


“We mustn't keep everyone waiting, its rude.” My mum insisted as soon as I reached her. She was digging into her purse and didn't look me in the eyes. After a few moments of searching she came out with lipstick and turned to a mirror, applying a thick layer on her lips. She then fluffed her hair and smiled into the mirror before turning to me.


“Mum, it's a large party for New Years, I doubt people are going crazy over the fact we're five minutes late.”


My mom's smile dropped from her face as she gave me a disapproving look. “Those boys you've been hanging around with have sure made you more vocalized. That boy I saw you kissing at the train station, who was it again?”


I rolled my eyes and tapped my foot against the floor impatiently, “Mum we've gone over this a hundred times already. Sirius is my boyfriend, just because he's a Black doesn't mean that he's a bad person through association.”


“I just know of the Black's, never had the displeasure of meeting them myself, but from what I've heard they are not the friendliest family.” Despite the fact that my mom is a muggle she immediately threw herself into the gossip concerning the magic world. Few wizards are willing to share information with her because she is a muggle, but she has a few close magic friends that love to gossip over tea and crumpets as much as she does.


“Sylvia dear, let's not get into this again. Avery has assured us time and time again that Sirius should not be compared to his family.”


I smiled gratefully at my father as he grabbed onto my mom and I while my dad disapparated us to the party. I felt the tugging on my navel and the familiar feeling of being compressed and then released within in a matter of seconds. I always hated apparating, I always feel nauseous and dizzy.


I took a moment to regain my footing before I followed my parents through a large set of oak doors. I gasped when we stepped inside the large banquet hall. It kind of reminded me of Hogwarts, over the top and beautiful. In true Italian fashion everything was bright and gaudy. There were gold statues littering corners of the room, a fountain in the middle of the room, and black curtains that set off all the gold in the room.


A man dressed in a tuxedo greeted us at the door and escorted us to our table. We were seated with six other people. There was a young couple there and a family with two kids. I noticed one of the boys was around my age, he looked bored as he played with his napkin and made it into a origami crane. My parents were talking to the young couple next to us as I slowly sipped on champagne. I looked around the room and wished I was anywhere but here. James and Sirius were having a small party at James' house and I wish I was there to celebrate the New Year with my boyfriend and friends.


I glanced around the room trying to find something to hold my interest. Without anything to do my mind automatically drifted to Sirius. When he told me about his family I had felt so close to him in that moment. At first I was scared, he had such a history and I was just wondering how that's going to affect his relationships later on in life. But then I remembered how vulnerable he was, how completely open he was to me. I could hear his unsure voice waver as he told the story, and something about it made me believe that only James and I knew the full extent of his family history.


As the days passed I could feel myself falling for him. I don't love him, I wouldn't say that, we had so much more to experience as a couple before I could say I loved him. But I felt this longing for him that I had never felt for anyone else. When I was away from him my heart literally hurt, and when I would close my eyes and think of him I would reach out for him only for him not the be there. And when I was with him my heart would speed up and never seemed to slow down. It was like being with Sirius taught me to breathe differently.


At the same time I felt frustrated that I was so dependent on Sirius to make me happy. I had always considered myself a very independent person, lonely, but independent. I would have never thought four months ago I would be sitting here missing my boyfriend, missing Sirius Black.


I shook my head and put a forced smile on my face, trying to enjoy the night. Truth be told most of the holiday hadn't been that enjoyable. My parents, being the social climbers that they are, have made me attend parties almost every night. I shook hands with people I would not remember once I've left Italy, and I drunk so much champagne that as soon as I leave here I'm never touching the stuff again. To pass the time I had been working on my assignment for Care of Magical Creatures. I was pretty proud of my suggestion to help the Venislew and hoped that even if I didn't get chosen to promote the idea to the VRS that I would at least get an O.


“Avery, care to dance?” I looked up and saw my father standing in front of me with his hand extended out towards me. I smiled and gratefully took it as my father led me onto the dance floor. “You're not having much fun, are you?”


I sighed and shook my head, “I don't mean to come off as sour but these kind of events are more of mum's thing.”


“It's the only world your mum knows. She was raised by her parents where they had someone over to dinner almost every night and she had to dress up and always reman poised. You're so unlike her and I just don't think she understands that this isn't what you want.”


“I know,” I whispered, still unhappy with the circumstances.


“So, when are we going to meet this boy Sirius?”


“We haven't been dating long at all, I don't want to introduce him to the family yet and scare him off.”


My father chuckled and his smile caused a crinkle around his eyes. I'd never noticed the lines before, I wonder how long he's had them for. “You must really care about him, seeing as he's been the only thing you've talked about all of holiday.”


“Sorry,” I said embarrassed. “I don't mean to.”


“No need, I remember how it is to be young and in love.”


“I'm not in love with him, dad.”


“You're not?”


“No,” I shook my head. “Love grows in time. Love is when you've experienced not only the good in the person but the bad and learn to accept it. Love doesn't come that easily.”


My dad threw back his head and laughed. “You're so much like your mother sometimes. You can't calculate love, you can't decide when it's time to fall in love with the person. Love happens, it sort of springs up on you without warning or reason.”


“When did you become such a wealth of knowledge?”


“When love happens to you Avery you'll know. You can't explain it and you shouldn't try. Just let it happen.”


“Thanks dad,” I said smiling at him. This was one of the first times my dad had ever opened up to me. My dad and I have always gotten along but usually it was in terms of sports or food, never about love and relationships. I felt a closeness to him that I had never felt before and I was infinitely grateful for having him in my life.


“Speaking of which, I should find your mother.”


“Right,” I said pulling away from him.


He looked at me up and down curiously before sighing and running a hand through his greying hair. “I think that you've paid your dues here, I think I can hold off your mother so you can join your friends.”


“Really?” I practically shouted as I threw my arms around my dad's neck and hugged him. “Thank you dad, I love you.”


“Love you too, I'll hold off your mum for you.”


I smiled gratefully and ran out to the balcony before apparating back to the cottage we had been staying in for break. I pushed through the dizziness and nausea as a result of apparating as I threw my things into my trunk. I then took my trunk and threw it into the fireplace before stepping in after it and throwing the floo powder down and shouting, 'Potter manor'.


Within seconds I was coughing from fireplace residue. I stepped out of the fireplace and found myself faced with a large group of adults all staring at me as I tried to dust myself off.


“Avery,” came Mrs. Potters voice as she stepped through the large crowd to meet me. “I didn't know we were expecting you, James never mentioned it.”


“I'm sorry this was sort of last minute, I hope you don't mind.”


“Of course not, you are welcome anytime. Should I call down the boys?”


“No, no that's fine I'll find them. Where are they?”


“They've camped out in James' room. Apparently this scene is damaging their reputation.” Mrs. Potter rolled her eyes as she tutted. “When you go upstairs tell James that I saw him sneaking two bottles of firewhiskey up to his room and that if there is any damage upstairs it's coming out of his pocket.”


I laughed as I started towards the stairs, dragging my trunk behind me. “I'll keep them in line Mrs. Potter, you don't have to worry.”


Mrs. Potter gave me one last smile before disappearing in the throng of people. As I neared the top of the stairs I could hear many voices coming from James' room. I smiled as I recognized Sirius's loud laughter and I quickened my speed as I walked upstairs. I threw my trunk inside of the room I had stayed in last time, noticing there was already another trunk in there. My heart beat quickened as I neared James' door. I took an excited breath as I swung open his door. The site in front of me however, made me stop in my spot as everyone's head turned towards me.


“Sirius Black, what the hell are you doing?” I exclaimed as I took in my boyfriend.


“Avery, love!” Sirius declared as he stumbled over towards me, clad in a bright red bra and a bottle of firewhiskey in his hand. He finally reached me and threw his arms around me. “I really hope I'm not more drunk than I think I am and you're a hallucination.”


“No, I'm real,” I said looking over Sirius's shoulder and at everyone in the room who were bursting from laughter. “What have you done to my boyfriend?” I said pointing an accusing finger at James.


“Me? I don't control the things he does.”


“Lily leant me her bra, isn't she a sweetheart?” Sirius said looking over at Lily and blowing her a kiss.


“Why did you lend him your bra Lily?”


Lily shrugged as she giggled. Her cheeks were a shade of red and she swayed slightly in place. Oh Merlin, drunk Lily and I never mix well. “He said he wanted to feel more feminine and wondered what it would be like to have boobs so I gave him the next best thing; a bra.”


“See,” Sirius said as he nuzzled into my shoulder. “Lily was just helping me out. She's so lovely, but not as lovely as you.” Sirius said planting a sloppy kiss on my lips.


“Can we get some water in him?” I asked as I peeled Sirius away from me and helped him towards everyone and sat him on the ground.


“I've been trying,” Remus said as we looked at Sirius who was blowing bubbles with his mouth. “But for every sip of water he takes he takes two shots of firewhiskey.”


“It's only ten o'clock, this is just sad.” I said laughing as Sirius laid on his back and started rolling around while making bird noises. I leaned over Sirius and took the firewhiskey out of his hand and replaced it with a bottle of water Remus had given me. Sirius was so busy rolling around on his back that he didn’t notice the exchange. “Let's hope he's sober enough to remember the rest of the night by midnight.”


I looked around the room and took everyone in. Everyone's eyes were glazed over and they all had dopy looks on their faces. I realized that everyone else was completely sloshed, although not as bad as Sirius. Remus was probably the only one aside from me who was sober for the most part. I had had about four flutes of champagne which had gotten me mildly buzzed, but the sensation was slowly ebbing away. James and Lily were leaning against each other as James watched Sirius in amusement. Peter was looking between me and Sirius while swaying lightly.


“So what are you doing here Avery? I'm pretty sure that if Sirius knew you were coming there would be a parade thrown in your honor,” James said before hiccuping.


“Decided to surprise you guys, should've come earlier, might have prevented Sirius from making bird noises.”


“He's just having a bit of fun,” James said with a dismissive wave of his hand. “I declare you get to our level rather then us reaching your level of sobriety.”


I took one look at James and then at Sirius and shrugged, basically saying to hell with it before taking a shot of firewhiskey.


An hour, five shots of firewhiskey, and a choreographed dance later all of us are downstairs and socializing with the adults who are equally, if not more, sloshed than us. James had an arm around his father and together they were signing 99 bottles of butterbeer on the wall. Around 97 butterbeers people tuned them out. Sirius had sobered up a bit in the past hour. We were both on the same level of being drunk without losing control. For him this meant he was no longer wearing a bra or making bird noises.


“I think I'm sober enough to determine you aren't a mirage,” Sirius said to me as we hung back from the loud party.


“Aside from the fact we aren't in a desert yes, I do believe it's a practical assumption to say I'm not a mirage.” I giggled as I kissed him.


“Mmm, the taste of firewhiskey, lovely.”


“Shove it,” I said pushing him away.


“Oi, you two lovebirds come out of your corner and join the rest of us,” Remus called. I looked over and laughed at the site of Remus dancing with one of Mrs. Potter's friends Mrs. Partington who was flushed and looked like she was enjoying herself while her husband stood off to the side looking thoroughly pissed.


“I bet five galleons that Remus is going to fight Mrs. Partington's husband,” James said to Sirius as we neared him.


“What? It's Remus we're talking about. He's the most passive person I've ever met.” I said coming to Remus's defense as he twirled Mrs. Partington who was giggling in delight.


“That's because you've never heard the story of Winter Bash of '76.”


“The Winter Bash of '76?” I asked looking between Sirius and James.


“It was the first time Remus had ever tried firewhiskey.” James said. “Let's just say the next morning we found him tangled in my Christmas Tree with a sign around his neck that said 'Feed the Wizard,' with a gerbil running around him. In one hand he held a plunger and in the other he held a bar of chocolate with lipstick kisses trailing his face.”


“Well under those circumstances shouldn't someone stop him?”


All of us looked at Remus who had a line of middle aged women waiting to dance with him. James and Sirius looked at each other and shrugged before saying, “nah.”


At two in the morning people finally called it a night and Mr. Potter helped his stumbling wife into bed. Mrs. Partington had tried to take Remus home with her but her husband quickly put a stop to that, leaving Remus sleeping alone on the couch with a new years hat dangling around his neck. Lily and I were sharing the bedroom and I felt awkward as I stripped down to an oversized t-shirt and underwear to sleep in. I was laying on the ground debating on sneaking over to Sirius's room when Lily spoke up.


“I wanted to thank you,” she said quietly as the darkness made her invisible to my eyes.


“For what?”


“For basically getting James and I together.”


I shrugged despite the fact she couldn't see my gesture, “it was long overdue.”


“Well thank you for giving up your relationship with him in order for us to be together.”


“Well, I knew I was only a temporary fix until you came around. It was better I ended it first before he made a fool of me, right?”


“Right. Besides, things seem to be working out well for you now anyway. You and Sirius are getting along rather well.”


“Yeah, we are,” I couldn't help but smile. “I never would've thought going into my seventh year I would wind up here.”


“Funny how life works out,” Lily said as loud yawn escaped her mouth. “Well, I'm knackered I'll see you in the morning Avery.”


“Night.” I whispered as I turned on my side and tried to sleep but found it impossible to do so. After twenty minutes I heard Lily's breathing even out and whispered her name to see if she was asleep. After no response from her I slowly got out from the bed and tiptoed to the door, opening it slowly and slipping out. I was shutting the door and turned around only to slam into a chest. I stifled a scream as I looked up and saw James looking down at me.


“James, what are you doing?” I asked panicked.


“I could ask you the same question,” he said smiling and quirking an eyebrow. “Sneaking off to Sirius's room are we? Scantily clad in only a t-shirt and knickers.”


“Look whose talking James, I can only wonder where you were going.”


James' eyes darted before he looked at me and said in a low whisper, “I won't tell if you wont tell.”


“Deal,” I concluded before I slipped by him and walked into Sirius's room.


I was surprised when I walked into the room that the light was still on and Sirius was wide awake reading the book I had given him for Christmas. I noticed that he was just down to his boxers and I suddenly felt self conscious in my t-shirt and knickers.


Sirius looked at me and quirked an eyebrow, “nice polar bear knickers,” he remarked. I turned red as I pulled my t-shirt down and walked over to his bed, sliding in and cuddling up to his bare chest. “Did Lily scare you off?” He asked as he kissed the top of my head and closed the book, setting it on his dresser.


“Actually no, she thanked me for essentially bringing her and James together. If they get married I better be maid of honor or I'm going to be seriously pissed.”


Sirius laughed and I could feel his chest move under my head. “Well, I'm going to be best man so at least I now know that I'll have a hot date for the wedding.”


“You're so sure that you're going to be his best man?”


Sirius laughed and flicked my head, “the only way I wouldn't be his best men was if I were dead.”


“Well let's hope someone doesn't want that title more than you and strikes you dead.”


Sirius laughed and ran a hand through my hair. “Tomorrow I was thinking of looking for flats to rent after I leave Hogwarts, do you want to come with me?”


I froze and stared at the wall ahead of me. I could feel my heart beat pick up and my breathing became shallow. He was asking me to look at places for him to live? What did he mean by this? Does this mean he's thinking of us living together after Hogwarts? That's looking really far into the future, I don't think I'm ready for that. I'm still worried about going to school Monday and everyone finding out that Sirius and I are dating and James and Lily are together. I was only hoping that James and Lily's relationship would overshadow ours. But now he throws this at me, a place for him to live where I could possibly be living. I'm not ready for this, I'm only seventeen, I still laugh at sausages and the word uranus. I couldn't possibly make the adult decision to move in with someone.


“Avery, love, are you still with me?” Sirius asked as he shook me slightly.


“Oh um, yeah,” I responded weakly.


“Are you alright ? You seem weird right now.”


“It's just, you want to go house shopping...with me.”


“What?” Sirius asked honestly confused. He looked at me for a moment before realization seemed to dawn on his face and his mouth formed into and O. “Avery don't think too much about it. I'm not asking you to move in with me. Although judging from your reaction I should never ask you to live with me.”


“No, I mean, yes I mean...sod, yes I'll look at houses with you tomorrow.”


Sirius laughed and kissed me. “I'm glad that's settled now.”


“I'm sorry I didn't mean to freak out, it's just a lot to take in, you know? I'm not saying I wouldn't ever not to live with you, I just think you know it's too soon and that we could be rushing things. I don't want rush anything because I mean then if we rush then we'll be left with nothing left to look forward to. And then we'll twenty five and having already hit our prime and we'll hate it each other for it and-”


“Avery,” Sirius said silencing me with a kiss. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was doing that thing I do when I get nervous and tend to ramble. “We'll talk about it when the time comes, yeah?”


“Right,” I said sighing. “I got a little carried away.”


“I know,” Sirius said kissing me again.


“And I tend to ramble.”


“I know,” Sirius repeated as he began kissing down my neck.


“A-a-and then things don't make sense.” I said in a gasp as Sirius's sucked on my earlobe and continued the trail of kissed down my neck.


“I know,” Sirius whispered as he came back up from my neck and kissed me on the lips.


Sirius positioned his body so that it was hovering over mine as the kiss deepened. I could feel every part of my body heat up as Sirius continued to deepen the kiss. Every part of my body felt like it was exploding as his hand traveled under my back and pulled me towards him. I arched my back to get closer to him and he responded by pushing back into me. I moaned softly against his lips which only pushed him more as he opened his mouth and pried mine open with his tongue. His tongue grazed my top lip before the tips of our tongues met, creating an electrifying sensation.


His hand danced along my bare thigh and continued to travel up. His fingers toyed with the hem of my shirt before moving up to my bare waist. Suddenly reality seemed to grip me and I pushed away from him.


“I'm sorry, I'm not ready I can't yet,” I said fumbling over my words. Sirius looks up at me and is blushing as if it were his fault somehow. “Are you mad?”


“No, just, pull your shirt down.” Sirius says through clenched teeth.


“What?” I said reaching out to touch his face but he pulled back as if my hand were covered in warts.


“Just don't touch me right now,” he said. His cheeks turned an even brighter shade of red as he looked down and I looked down at his-oh my...


“I'm sorry I didn't mean for it to be so big! I mean, it's really hard-sod.”


“It's ok Avery, I just...I need to go to the bathroom.” Sirius awkwardly stood up and kept his back to me as he darted to the bathroom. I heard the shower running and felt awkward. I didn't know what to do or where to go. Deciding it would be awkward to stay I left Sirius's room and opened the door to my room. I looked inside and saw James and Lily sleeping on the bed together.




The next room I came to was the hallway bathroom. Well, it is empty. I gathered all of the towels and fashioned them into a makeshift bed as I laid down in there and curled up trying to fall asleep.




The next morning I was awakened with a start when the words, 'what the hell' were screeched.


“What? Hippogriff poop!” I declared as I bolted awake and twisted my body trying to wake up.


“Avery, what the hell are you doing in the bathtub?” I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palms and let my eyes adjust to the light. Once my vision cleared up I looked at the entrance of the door and saw Lily standing there with her arms crossed over her chest.


“Oh um, bathtubs remind me of a womb.”


“Are you trying to tell me you're pregnant?”


“What? No!” I said my cheeks turning a bright shade of red.


“Right,” Lily said still curious about the situation but not pushing it any farther. “Well, I've got to use the loo so would you mind getting out please?”


“Right, of course,” I said quickly stepping out of the bathtub. I walked back to the room I shared with Lily and opened the door. I squealed a little when I saw Sirius sitting at the edge of my bed looking at me expectantly.


“Where did you run off to last night?” He asked in a stony voice.


“Oh, er the bathtub was calling my name.”


“You slept in the bathtub?” The corners of Sirius's lips were twitching as if he wanted to smile but he quickly dismissed any feelings of laughter and went back to his stony stature. “Why did you leave?”


I looked down at my feet and felt like a child. I was trying to avoid the situation and I felt like I was being scolded for eating a cookie before breakfast. “I was embarrassed.”


“So instead of talking about the subject you ran away?” I nodded my head and Sirius sighed as he walked over to me. “You can't run away anymore, alright? When you were fake dating James it was alright for you to run away because it didn't really matter, but now it matters, now it counts. So please, don't run away anymore.”


I looked up and Sirius was now standing less than a foot away from me. His stony expression was gone and he now looked gentle and more inviting. “I'll try.”


“Okay,” he smiled and kissed me on the forehead. “Hurry up and get ready. I have set a few appointments today to look at flats.”


“Oh right,” I said completely forgetting that we were house hunting today. And by we, I meant him with me accompanying him. Not a we as in we're looking for a place together. Right. Stop rambling.


Twenty minutes later I bounded downstairs where Sirius was sitting with Mr. Potter sipping coffee and talking about an article Mr. Potter was reading in the newspaper. I poured myself a cup of coffee and took a long sip, savoring it's taste. I twisted my neck and sighed. I had about a hundred knots in my neck as a result from sleeping in a bathtub all night.


“Ready to go?” Sirius asked as I drained the last bit of my coffee. I set down my cup and nodded my head. Sirius reached out and took my hand and withdrew his wand. I felt a tug at my navel and within seconds we were standing in the middle of an unfamiliar living room. I leaned against the nearest wall as I tried to get rid of the dizziness.


“You alright?” Sirius asked placing a hand on my lower back.


“Yeah, I'm fine, I just don't like apparating.” I told him as I pushed away from the wall and took a deep breath. “So, is this the first place?” I asked looking around the room.


“Yep, looks like the realtor isn't here yet.” Sirius said as he looked around searching for other signs of life. “Well we may as well get started.


The living room was small, could probably only hold a couch and a chair. There was one hallway that led to a small bathroom. The bedroom was slightly bigger than the living room but not by much. The only redeeming part about the flat was that large windows filtered in a lot of sunlight, creating a bright atmosphere in the room.


We had just finished looking at the flat when we heard a pop from in the living room. We walked inside and saw a woman dressed in a red business suit.


“Ah, Sirius so good to see you again.” She smiled broadly as Sirius and I walked into the living room. “And who do you have with you?”


“This is my girlfriend Avery, Avery this is my realtor Gretchen.”


Gretchen stepped forward and shook my hand. “Very nice to meet you Avery, are you two looking for a house together?”


“No,” Sirius quickly said. “She's just here to help me look for a place.”


“Alright, well what do you think of this flat?”


“It's a little small and I was looking for a place surrounding, if not in London.”


“Alright well then grab onto my hand and I'll take you to the next flat.”


I groaned as I laced my hand with Sirius's and felt the tug at my navel. The apartment we landed in was very dark. The wood was a dark mahogany and had a completely opposite feel to the other flat. It was bigger and had more space. It had a dinning room along with a living room and the kitchen was newly remodeled with a large bedroom and closet space.


“What do you think?” Gretchen asked after giving us a tour.


“It's very...dark.” Sirius responded as he glanced around.


“People often mistake dark for comfortable and homey. And it's in London right by Oxford street which has the best shopping. It's muggle and wizard friendly, an interesting mix of both.”


“I don't think this is what I'm looking for.”


“That's alright, onto the next one. It's only a block from here, would you be alright with walking?”


“Yes,” I said quickly, the thought of apparating one more time had my stomach churning.


We walked outside and the city was buzzing with life. I felt a rush of livelihood as people passed by us. I looked at all the little shops and the people that were shopping in them. We turned a corner and the scene changed. It became a market full of fresh fruits and clothing from all over the world. People were rushing around in all the shops and I found myself staring in awe in all that was going on. I wanted to run to all the shops and look at them.


As we passed the market we came upon some more little clothing shops and coffee shops. The smell of coffee hit my nose and I happily breathed in the scent. Right next to the coffee shop we came to a stop in front of a apartment complex that was all stone in lovely shades of blues and browns. The building was old and had ivy crawling up the sides.


Gretchen led us towards the stone building and stopped in front of a light blue door. She retrieved keys from her pocket and swung open the door. We walked up to the top of the staircase which was only on the third floor before she opened the door again and revealed the flat to us.


It took all my strength to not gasp as I looked inside the flat. The floors were a grey white with a high rafted ceiling. The walls were a white brick with a large arched window facing the city. The kitchen was filled with white worn down looking cupboards. Despite the fact that it looked worn down I thought it fit the place perfectly. The bedroom was of the same design with white brick walls and white grey flooring. A large fireplace was at the end of the room across from where the bed would be. There were three large windows placed around the bedroom. I looked out of one of the windows that faced the backyard and there was a small garden.


We were then led to the bathroom which was white as well with a large claw-foot bathtub as it's center piece. The sink was sitting underneath a window and a mirror hung off the walls to the right of the sink.


I was in love with the flat. I could see myself living here. Decorating the apartment, making it my own. If Sirius didn’t buy this place I would. I don't care how many organs I would have to sell in order to buy this flat.


As I turned around to meet Sirius's eyes I tried to hide my excitement incase he didn't feel the same way. “What do you think?” I asked trying to keep my voice contained.


“It's alright,” Sirius shrugged as he looked at the high ceilings.


“Just alright? Are you daft! It's perfect.” I shut my mouth once I'd realized my gushing. Sirius smiled at me and looked at me in a teasing way and I crossed my arms over my chest once I realized he had been messing with me.


“How much is it?” Sirius asked Gretchen.


Gretchen hesitated as she looked at the papers on the house. “It's a little over your budget.”


I could feel my heart drop after she'd said it was over budget. Although I couldn't figure out why I felt so invested in this flat. It wasn't as if I were going to be living here, unless Sirius said no to buying the flat and then I sold my organs and possibly some skin grafts.


“How much?”


“1,200£, so that would make it 200£ over your budget.”


Sirius looked around the apartment once again and was silent for what felt like the longest minute of my life. He looked at me once before and back to Gretchen before finally say, “I'll take it.”


A/N: Alright so I know a lot didn't really happen in this chapter but it was mainly kind of a light hearted chapter filled with drunk Remus :P And just developing Avery and Sirius's relationship. And so much fluffy fluff fluff I puked a little while writing this, I'm sorry. Only a few more chapters of this... I hope you all don't hate me... 

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