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Hating Cinnamon by webeta123
Chapter 1 : Welcome to the Jungle
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Okay so this is my story for a challenge I am a part of so here it is in all its entry-y glory.

Lily Evans was sleeping peacefully when she felt a mass suddenly fall onto her bed. She felt dramatic shaking and opened her eyes to see a mass of black hair bouncing on her bed. “Li-I-I-I-I-I-ly!” The third year said as she bounced on the Head Girl’s bed.

“What Del?”

“James wants you.” Del said as she bounced off the bed. She sprang out of the room with a quick “LA!” to let to older girl get ready. Lily stood there for a moment before shaking her head, determined not to try and figure out the strange girl’s behavior and got ready. As she walked down to the common room she stopped short. James was standing in the middle of the room, with a mysterious green goop dripping from his hair and body. He was literally shaking with anger. “DEEEEEEL!” He yelled. He turned to the staircase and his anger evaporated at the sight of his girlfriend. “Lily!” He said. She stopped him before he wrapped his arms around her.

“Take a shower, I am not getting goop all over me.” She said. “See you at breakfast.” With that she climbed out of the portrait hole and to the Great Hall.

Later, when James was properly clean and de-gooped, he sat at the Gryfindor table, collaborating with the other Marauders on the means of revenge, Lily walked up to him and took a seat beside him. He nodded his head in recognition before going back to the Marauders. Del sat down a little ways down, sending a cheeky grin to James every time he gave her a glare. He watched as she took a bottle of pepper and began to sprinkle it onto her pancakes and with a feline like lick of her lips she began to dig in. James got an idea. He began to whisper to the other Marauders in hushed tones, occasionally motioning towards Del.

At dinner, as everyone walked in, exhausted from the Quidditch game they had cheered on, Del walked in with a smile and a Gryfindor flag still in her hands. She waved it as the food appeared and the children began to eat. She grabbed a bottle of what was said to be pepper and sprinkled it onto the chicken that she had gotten and took one bite of it. She made a repulsed face at the chicken and chucked it across the table, far away from her. She whispered to a couple of her friends, “That tasted like cinnamon!” She said in horror. They gave her worried glances.

One of Del’s natural talents was being a natural Animagus. Her Animagi form was a tigress, making her susceptible to some uncommon tendencies, such as wanting very raw meat or hating the taste and even smell of cinnamon. Any time these tendencies were fulfilled, her tigress form had the opportunity to take over her body. Usually she was able to stay away from these tendencies and was able to be a normal person. Tonight was not one of those times.

Del’s eyes crossed as she felt her tigress form take over. “I got to get outside. I’m gonna hurt someone.” She said to her friends. She took a few shaky steps to the door. The sound of ripping seams resounded through the Great Hall. Everyone turned and saw a majestic tigress standing in a pile of ripped clothing. Her striped fur glistened slightly in the flickering candles, giving her an unearthly glow. A few Ravenclaws screamed in fear as she threw her head back and roared. She turned to the Gryfindor table and spotted the four Marauders. They gave you the taste you hated. Del’s tigeress mind told her. They knew you hated cinnamon, yet they gave it to you anyway. It whispered. Get your revenge. She took a few steps towards them and snarled, making them crouch together in fear. Her eyes suddenly shifted to the untainted chicken that lied beyond them. Her eyes went from the chicken to the Marauders, from the Marauders to the chicken. In the end of her uncertainty, she jumped on the chicken and began to tear it apart with her teeth. When she was finished, she laid down and began to gnaw on the bone that remained, like a kitten who had just finished off a mouse. She licked at her paws and groomed herself before looking to the Marauders and then to Lily. Lily had known about her Animagi skills the day she became Head Girl. James was never told. Lily nodded to Tigress-Del who in turn nodded her head to her and walked calmly out of the Great Hall. She sniffed the air and smelled the heady aroma of deer. She sprang out of the entrance and towards the scent.

Back in the Great Hall, Lily hit James over the head. “You idiot!”

“How was I supposed to know? I just thought she really liked pepper.”

“James, tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon!” Lily said, agitated.

Outside, a tiger roared in the Forbidden Forest, successful in its kill.

End Story. So this is just a one-shot I thought of. I’m proud of it if I do say so myself.


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