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Operation: Speak Now by dream_BIG
Chapter 1 : Case 1
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Case 1

Date: 09.08.69

Time: 08:15:43

Location: Lily’s Kitchen

Current Status: Fearing For My Life


“I cannot believe the arse has the nerve to invite me to his wedding!” Lily screamed, chucking another apple at the wall, upon which it promptly exploded into a million pieces. I gulped as I watched the apple guts fall to the ground.

Why do I have a feeling that I’ll be next? Why is this girl so terrifying? Why am I here at this hour? Why the hell am I even friends with her?!

“Look, Lily –” I tried again.

“This is just ridiculous! I can’t believe the arse is getting married! And inviting me, of all people! What even made him think I’d want to go, huh? Does it look like I want to go to his bloody wedding? Huh? Does it? Does it?!”

My eyes were wide, and I backed away hastily from Lily’s penetrating stare. I realized that she was waiting for an answer.

“Um…no?” I guessed weakly.

“Exactly! I’m not going! There’s no way in hell I’m going!” Lily exploded again, throwing her hands up in the air and pacing around again.

I bit my lip and sank gingerly into a chair, hoping that Lily wouldn’t go loony and start throttling the first living thing in the vicinity, aka me.

I grabbed my wand and put it in front of me, just in case.

As Lily thundered around her flat, ranting angrily to her various household objects, I looked down at the beautiful wedding invitation sitting innocently on the table in front of me.

He asked, and she said yes...
or was it the other way around?
However it happened
Lucy Punter
James Potter
are getting married
and they ask you to join them
on Friday, the Seventh of October
At Godric’s Hollow

Cheesy and rather pathetic, but the paper was pretty. Something tells me that they put Sirius in charge of the invitations and he, being the lazy arse that he is, decided to screw it all and picked, at random, a phrase he found in one of those ‘ready-made’ books.

Either way, it did a fantastic job of making Lily go into one of her freak-outs. And the last time something like this happened was two years ago, when James started going out with Lucy.

Because, honestly, it wasn’t like Lily cared or anything. Pfft, not a chance! She was just pissed because – he – he was kissing her! In the Common Room! Where first years could see, and they’d get traumatized!

And since Lily is such a Good Samaritan, she’s worried for the purity of those poor eleven-year-olds, bless their virgin eyes.

Yeah, and I’m actually Voldemort in disguise. Boo.

Because we all know – rather well, actually – that Lily is desperately in love with James. And James feels the same way about her. How can a person be in love with someone else for six consecutive years and then just…move on? It’s not possible. And yeah, James may like Lucy, but Lucy is Lucy and not Lily. And that makes all the difference in the world, really, because she’ll never be Lily.

Lily and James are perfect for each other.

Sad thing is, both of them are too damn stubborn to realize it at this point.

And now that he’s getting married…

“I mean, I don’t care what’s going on with Potter’s life! When have I ever cared?! Why should I even bloody care?! It’s not even like we’re friends or anything. I couldn’t give a damn as to who he’s marrying, or any of that –”

Okay, this is the part where I intervene and use my Marlene-skills to finally calm the girl down.


I think I might be a little rusty. But it’s good. I got this. I got this.

Lily shot me the dirtiest glare she could muster and sat down huffily on the chair next to me, crossing her arms with her face set in an obstinate pout.

“Look, I understand that you may be upset that James is –”

“Upset?!” Lily burst out, laughing hysterically, “Why would I be upset? I’m not upset! I’m not upset at all! In fact, I’m glad for him! Really, I am! I couldn’t be more ecstatic –”

“You’re not fooling anyone, Lily, especially not me.” I deadpanned, cutting off her flustered protest (re: blatant lie).

“Wh – you – of all the – Potter – just – I –” Lily spluttered, her breathing getting faster and faster. Before I knew it, I was staring in shock as my best friend broke down into hyperventilation-tears, her green eyes brimming with hurt and anger. She seemed to be choking on a mixture of her own tears and the air that she couldn’t get through her lungs.

Merlin, she’s a mess.

…er…I think it’d be best if you didn’t mention that to her. You know, I should be more supportive and all during this rough time…or something…like that…

Whatever, I’m a good best friend, okay?! Stop judging me!

I bit my lip and put my hand gingerly on Lily’s shaking shoulder. “Lily?”

“I – just can’t – believe – he’s – moved on – and – he’s going – to – to – to – marry – her – and I lost – him, Mar - *hiccup* - lene! It’s all – my – fault,” she got out between desperate gulps of air and shuddering sobs. I could barely understand the unintelligible mush.

“Er…yeah…” I agreed feebly.

“N-n-no!” Lily shook her head wildly. “It’s – n-n-not good!”

“Oh, uh, okay.”

“I – I mean – of course I don’t – li – like – him or – anything,” Lily said, in between deep breaths.

I raised a doubtful eyebrow.

“OKAY FINE, MAYBE I DO!” Lily wailed shrilly, slumping forward onto the table. I raised my eyes to the heavens. Now she admits it?! Gee, late much?

“Lily, you know he’s getting married, right?” I said as gently as I could. Lily sniffled and wailed loudly against the wood.

You know, my cousin Nicole had a similar temper tantrum the other day. Lily and her share quite a lot in common when it comes to these things, actually.

Except, you know, Nicole’s three.

“I dink I wuv ‘im,” Lily said into the table.


Like I said before: NOW YOU ADMIT IT?! Holy Merlin, what is wrong with this girl, huh? She denies any type of attraction for seven years, but then as soon as the bloke’s moved on and is getting married to someone else, she goes and decides that, oh yeah, guess I do love him!

Why am I friends with this girl.



“Look, Lily –”

“I’m not letting him go,” Lily said suddenly, dislodging her face from the table and looking at me with a sort of desperate, fierce determination.

I blinked at her sudden change in character. How…?


“I’m not going to let him marry that…thing.” Lily’s lip curled. See, I would tell her she’s being a jealous bitch, but…well, Lucy’s annoying as fuck. Seriously, over ten minutes with this girl and you either want to throttle her like a mad psycho / pull your own hair out like a mad psycho / run away screaming like a mad psycho.

Basically, she makes people act like mad psychos. She’s the type of person you have to take in small doses.

Very small doses.

“Lily –”

“I’m getting him back.” Lily decided, sitting straight up. I stared at her.

“Lils, that would require you actually having him in the first place.”

She ignored me. “I’m going to get him back if it’s the last thing I do, Marlene!”


“James Potter shouldn’t be doing something as stupid as this. I’m going to go to his wedding and stop all of this before it gets any worse. He can’t marry someone else – he just can’t. I’m stopping it.”


“I mean, how embarrassing can it be, crashing someone’s wedding? I’ve done worse. I can do this. I’ll just tell him I love him, and…well, someone will come out of it, I’m sure. I’m going to make sure that –”

“LILY EVANS!” I screamed, standing up so that I towered over her.

She blinked up at me. “Jeez, Marlene. What?”

“Are. You. Out. Of. Your. Mind?!” I yelled, enunciating each word clearly and in her face. She looked at me for a second.

“No, actually.”

I let out a strangled yell of annoyance and ran a hand through my hair. I swear this girl is going to give me hypertension. I can feel it developing at this moment.

“He’s getting married, Lily! Married! I know this is going to sound cold – but he’s gone! You’ve already lost him –”

“I haven’t lost him until he says ‘I do’, Marlene,” Lily said quietly, looking up at me. “And I’m making sure he doesn’t.”

I literally gaped at her for a good three minutes.

“Oh my god! You’re insane! Lily, you can’t do something like this! You can’t just up and decide you love someone and then go to ruin his wedding!” My hands were waving all around in the air and my face was red as I tried getting this simple fact through Lily’s stubborn head.

Great. Now I’ve gone loony.

“Okay, I think we both know I’ve loved him for a while,” Lily pointed out mildly.

“Bu – tha – bu – that doesn’t count!” I finally spluttered out. “You denied it until about ten minutes ago!”

“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures,” Lily said stubbornly, “So are you going to stand there and try to talk me out of something that I refuse to be talked out of, or do something useful with yourself and help me?”

“Of-bloody-course-I’m-not-helping-you!” I screamed out. “I’ve got to be fucking insane to help you with something as dumb as this!”

Lily rolled her eyes. “Breathe, Mar.”


She raised an eyebrow. I hate this woman. I hate this woman. Why do I put up with her? Why am I friends with her? Why didn’t I run away screaming on the first day of school when she walked up to me? Why didn’t I stay away from her when I realized she was insane? Why am I so stupid? Why is Lily so annoying? Why are all my friends insane wackos?! Why me?!

I took a couple of deep breaths. “Look, Lily,” I said in one last, fruitless attempt to make her see sense, “I don’t think you understand how big this is – but he’s getting married. He. Is. Not. Interested. Anymore. He’s going to have a wife soon. A wife. He’s in love with Lucy, he’s getting married to Lucy, and he’s no longer available for you to ‘get back’. This isn’t Hogwarts anymore, and this isn’t something in your control. I care about you deeply, so listen to my advice, okay? Let. Him. Go.”

I think this is definitely one of my more impressive speeches. Any minute now, someone is going to burst in and shower me with flowers and awards.

I’m awesome.

“Marlene,” Lily looked at me with a sad, half-smile, “I get it. I know he’s gone. But a part of me keeps hoping that maybe it’ll be okay. I know this is stupid and random and probably going to completely fuck me over – but I think I’d really hate myself if I didn’t try. It’s better that James hates me for ruining his wedding than I hate myself for not doing anything about it.”

I stared at her in shock.

Damn this female. Damn her.





 story, eh?! i'm warning you right now, this story is going to be extremely random, it probably isn't the least bit realistic, and it's absolute fluff galore. but, i can promise you that you'll enjoy yourself and maybe even laugh a couple of times :)

just in case the title didn't tip you off, it's based off of the song Speak Now by Taylor Swift. also, i own nothing.


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