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Loosen Your Tie by Tashi Lupin
Chapter 4 : 4: Marauders
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Peter got out of bed. This morning he had to remind himself why to. His one and only reason was because he was a marauder. He, Peter Christopher Pettigrew, was one of the most popular boys in the whole school.

All four of the boys dressed and such in silence. Peter knew his friends well enough to know that when James and Sirius were silent they were plotting something. Remus, he was actually worried about. Remus used to never be silent. He used to always hum to himself or tap his fingers on his leg. Now Remus barely ever made any noise of any sort. Peter hoped what ever James and Sirius were plotting was noisy, because he couldn’t stand the silence. It scared him.

The foursome walked down to the Great Hall in silence. They ate in silence. They almost walked to their first class (potions) in silence.

As they walked down the cold stairs to Professor Slughorn’s even colder dungeon, Peter couldn’t take the silence.

“What are you plotting?!”Peter squealed.

“Calm down, Wormtail.” Sirius said. “You’re gonna wet yourself.” 

Peter blushed. Sometimes Sirius could be so mean.

“Besides,” James sighed. “We’re not plotting anything.”

Peter’s face fell. “Oh,”

They kept walking until they reached Slughorn’s door. All the Gryffindor girls were already there along with the Slytheriens.

Sirius bit his lip and grinned. “Snivilles.”

“Padfoot,” Remus hadn’t spoken in so long everyone in the hall stared at him and grew quiet. “Let’s leave him alone, for this one time.”

Peter secretly agreed with Remus. The marauders had messed with Severus Snape far too many times in his opinion. Peter didn’t realize it, but Severus Snape was what Peter probably would be if he were not a marauder. A friendless, unliked, loner, the ‘cool’ boys made fun of and messed with.

At that moment the professor Slughorn opened the door.

 Slughorn was portly man with an immensely large, full mustache that, for some unknown reason, always made Peter think of the bristles of a toothbrush. Slughorn’s hair was gray and thinning, but his blue eyes had a mischievous spark to them. His smile showed the same signs of mischief.

One could tell by Professor Slughorn’s robes that the professor preferred the finer things in life. His dark green robes seemed to be made of expensive, Russian as it appeared, velvet. He had on a dark green silk vest under his robes as well as dark green trousers. His button up shirt was white, but it too appeared to be silk. Every single button and clasp the Potions Master wore was made of white gold.

Slughorn ushered his students into the potions dungeon The lab was cold at the moment, but the walls had been magically painted a welcoming shade of emerald. 

As Peter stepped in, his nose picked up the aromas of cocoa, a mixture of parchment and ink, almost the exact same scent as the marauders’ map, and flowery and grassy smells that reminded him of the garden his mother used to have.

Peter took his seat next to Remus and behind Sirius and James.

Slughorn walked up to the front of the room, and clapped his hands together. “Alright, class,” he smiled. “Every single one of you smelt something different when you walked in, so can anyone give a guess to what we are brewing?”

Lily Evans’s hand shot up like a canon, like always. She had her usual determination and eagerness to learn. 

Snape’s hand was up next. Something about the look in his greasy hair, waxy skin, hooked nose, and cold, black eyes told you he knew the answer, obviously.

Remus’s hand was up as well. On his face was a look Peter hadn’t seen since their first year, the look of second guessing himself. 

Professor Slughorn grinned and said “Mr. Lupin, I haven’t seen your hand raised for a long time. Go on.”

Remus glanced at Sirius. “We’re most likely making Amortentia, sir.”

“Excellent! Excellent!” Slughorn beamed. “I assume you know what it does?”

“Yes, sir.” Remus nodded. “It’s the most powerful love potion in the world. The drinker becomes obsessed.”

 “Wonderful!” Slughorn beamed again. “We all smelt something different,” Slughorn addressed the class, “because when we are near Amortentia we smell what we are attracted to.” Slughorn flicked his wand at the blackboard and his elegant handwriting appeared. “Directions are on the board, as well as on page sixty-two in Advanced Potions Making.”

Peter pulled out his book and turned to page sixty-two.

The book said to chop porcupine quills into even slices before mixing the boiling water clock-wise for one minute.

Peter decided the water in his cauldron was boiling and he went to chop his porcupine quills, only to find he didn’t have his dagger.

“Remus may I borrow your knife?” Peter asked.

Remus nodded while mixing his potion. The book said at that point the liquid should be scarlet red, but Remus’s was more lavender.

Peter took Remus’s knife and started to chop his quills. While he did, he eave-dropped on James and Sirius. As they worked, they talked and laughed. It was an inside joke they talked about. Like it always was. James and Sirius were always laughing about inside jokes. Whenever Peter asked what their inside joke was, one of them would say ‘It’s our stuff, mate.’ and wave him off. Sometimes Remus was let in on the jokes, but it was extremely rare for Peter to know what the inside jokes were.

Peter sighed gently as he watched the ring leaders of his friends and pushed his porcupine quills in his potion and started to stir.

“Peter,” Remus said.

“Hm?” Peter responded, still staring at the back of Sirius’s head.

“You’re stirring counter-clockwise.”

Of course, the Slytheriens heard that and they started laughing hysterically. Snape had a particularly smug look on his face. The girls giggled and tossed their hair at him. Sirius sniggered loudly and Peter could tell James was smiling.

If that hadn’t been enough, at that moment his potion exploded. Thankfully, this time, none of it got on him, but as he magically cleaned the potion that got on the floor he felt like an idiot. Peter had to start all over again.

As the students worked Slughorn lectured them on how dangerous Amortentia was and the power of obsessive love.

At the end of the session Slughorn came around to check the concoctions, never making input. As he came to Remus and Peter’s table he had on the ever so familiar ‘what went wrong?’ look on his face.  He shrugged at Peter’s cloudy potion and recoiled at Remus’s pale blue one.

Peter felt the ‘mine is better than Mooney’s’ pride he always felt after a good potions session.

Slughorn walked back up to his desk. “I want you all to be handing in to me half a foot of parchment on how Amortentia is more powerful than the love potions before it, on Friday. Class dismissed.”

Peter packed up his things and followed the other marauders out the door.

“How is it,” Remus asked, annoyed, “that I follow every instruction exactly, and still have one of the worst potions in the whole class?”

James shrugged. “Dunno, mate.”

 The four boys kept walking to their next class.

“You know what?” Sirius asked with a far away look on his face.

“What?” Peter said, facing Sirius.

“We will always be best friends.”

Now it was James’s turn to shoot Sirius a curious look. “Why?”

“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end is right. This year I mean.  There is no way we can go though these last two years without staying best friends for life-“

“And death.” Peter said, finishing one of Sirius’s favorite sayings.

Remus bit his lip. “You have a fair point Padfoot, but what if these last two years tear us apart, not make us stronger?”

James shook his head. “Don’t worry Mooney. It will make us stronger, because we’re marauders-“

“And we always stay together.” The other three finished smiling.

“It doesn’t seem like we’re marauders this year though.” Peter frowned. “We haven’t pulled a prank all year. We don’t want someone to steal our crown.”

“Don’t worry Peter.” James grinned evilly. “We are gonna pull something huge.”

Sirius was exited by this. If he were a dog, his tail would be wagging so fast it would be a blur. “What is it? What is it? What is it? Tell us! Tell us! Tell us!”

James glanced around. “Not here, later.  In the dormitory.”

Peter was so exited by this too. “C’mon, Prongs! Give us a hint.”

James threw his hands up. “All I’m saying is, thank God there is a Hogsmeade weekend soon.”

“On a more boring note,” Remus said as they came up to Professor Binns’s door. “Whose turn is it to take History of Magic notes?”

“Mine.” Sirius sighed and rolled his eyes, obviously not wanting to.

The boys walked in and took their table in the back. While Sirius took notes, Remus started on the potions essay and Peter and James played hangman.



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