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Nothing Sirius by ElectrixxSoul
Chapter 10 : The Morning Sickness
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Melora groaned into the porcelain bowl and prayed to God that that was the end of it.


A familiar lurch took over her stomach and Melora leaned over again, empting her stomach of the remainder of her breakfast. Merlin, it had been a bad idea to try to eat those sausages.


After a few more minutes of groaning, Melora decided she had nothing more left in her and slowly stood up. She flushed the toilet and headed out of the stall to clean herself up.


The morning sickness was becoming more and more regular, although this didn’t make it any easier to deal with. Beatrice tried to help the best she could, but this onslaught occurred during NEWT Potions, which Bea didn’t take.


Melora wrinkled her nose at the thought of the class. The smell of potions bothered her stomach enough normally, now it was simply unbearable.


The blonde girl sighed at her reflection and attempted to fix her hair, which she had quickly tied back to avoid vomit, an effort that proved unsuccessful. Bits of her breakfast had wound up in her blond locks and even magic seemed unable to get the hair clean.


With another sigh, Melora gave up on her hair and attempted to straiten her uniform. Although it still fit, the skirt felt tight around her waist, the buttons of her shirt looked as though they might pop off at any moment, and her robes made her feel like she couldn’t move her arms.


Tears welled up in Melora’s eyes and she tried to hold back her sobs. She was never skinny, but now she was on her way to becoming a cow! Combine that with her disgusting hair and she was turning into a downright troll.


“Melora? Are you alright? Professor Slughorn wanted me to check on you.” Melora considered running for cover back into the stalls, but Lily Evans entered the bathroom much too quickly.


Although Melora didn’t know if the surprised expression on Lily’s face was due to seeing the normally composed Ravenclaw on the brink of hysteria or Melora’s physical appearance, the blonde took it as the latter and promptly burst into the tears she had tried so hard to hold back.


Lily ran to her side, “There, there!” she said, “It’s alright.”


Melora shook her head and let out another fresh burst of tears, “No it’s not!” she cried.


Lily, for her credit, did not run away. She leaned Melora against the wall and quickly fixed her hair with a flick of her wand. She then set about getting toilet paper for Melora to dab her eyes and running nose with. Later, Melora decided Lily Evans would be the first one she was turning to in a crisis.


“There, there,” she repeated over and over again as Melora calmed down, “do you want me to tell Slughorn you need to go to the hospital wing?”


Melora nodded gratefully. Lily smiled, “I’ll be right back.”


When Lily returned, the two girls headed out of the dungeons and towards the Gryffindor common room.


“James said that Sirius is there,” she explained, “Although I don’t know how he knows.”


“You two finally dating?” Melora asked with a small smile. Before her own drama had unfolded, the topic of the year had been that Lily Evans had finally said yes to James Potter when he asked her out.


Lily flushed a bright red color that nearly blended in with her hair. “I wouldn’t say we’re dating…” she trailed off.


Melora giggled, her mood quickly improving, “Sorry, I was just curious. My friend Bea owes me two galleons if you are by the end of the year.”


Lily rolled her eyes, “You’d be surprised how many people have said similar things to be in the past few months.” Both girls laughed.


“So what about you and Sirius?” Lily said when their laughter died down.


The blonde bit hr lip and fidgeted with her fingers, “James told you, huh?”


“Well, he sort of confirmed it.”


Melora sighed, “We’re friends. He’s been really supportive.”


Lily nodded, “I thought so. He seems like he’s getting a little more responsible over the last few weeks.”


Melora gave a small smile, “I know.”


By now, they had reached the Gryffindor common room, where the boy in question was waiting outside.


“Hey,” he rushed to Melora’s side and Lily took a few steps back, “Everything okay?”


Melora shrugged him off, “I’m fine. Just a little morning sickness, Lily helped me.”


Sirius fidgeted with his hands and sent a grateful look towards the redhead who smiled in return. “It was no problem,” she said.


He turned back towards Melora, “And you’re sure it was fine?”


She nodded, “A little sick, a little moody, otherwise, I’m just peachy.” She yawned and Sirius’s eyes widened.


“Are you tired?”


Melora sighed impatiently and gave him a little glare, “I’m fine.” But she yawned again and Sirius shook his head.


“Come on, you can take a nap in my bed.”


Melora scoffed, “Like hell I will.” The last thing she needed was the Gryffindor house seeing her going in or coming out of the 7th year boy’s dorm.


Sirius opened his mouth to protest, but Lily cut him off, “You could nap in my dorm Melora, since we’re already here. My dorm mates are all at class.”


Melora looked hesitant, but Lily’s encouraging smile changed her mind. “Alright, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt.” She followed the two Gryffindors through their portrait hole, which unlike the Ravenclaw door, just opened with a password.


The woman in the portrait gave Melora a suspicious look as she passed through, but Sirius just grinned when she asked if it was okay for her to be there. “As long as you don’t go running down the halls, screaming that the password’s ‘Grindylow’, I think we’re fine. Besides the password changes every month.”


Melora nodded and began to inspect her surroundings. Although she loved the high ceilings and view of the Ravenclaw Tower, the Gryffindor common room had a homey aspect about it that she also liked.


Lily led her over to the stairs and they headed up to her dorm. This looked more or less the same as the Ravenclaw seventh-year dorms with different colored bedding. And there was the addition of a light-brown haired girl reading on her bed.


“Mary!” Lily cried as she spotted the girl.


Mary Macdonald jumped at the noise, dropping her book onto the floor, “Oh Lily! You scared me.” She clutched her robes at her chest and let out a sigh.


Lily raised a brow, “Don’t you have Care of Magical Creatures now?”


Mary flushed, “Well, I…uhm,” her eyes widened, “I could say the same of you! You have Potions!”


Both girls eyed one another. Melora stepped from behind Lily and smiled unsurely, “Hi Mary, I’m Melora.”


Mary dropped her suspicious look and grinned, “I know who you are silly.”


Melora relaxed a bit. “I had an upset stomach in Potions and Lily offered to let me have a nap in her dorm,” she explained.


Mary gave her a sympathetic smile, “Morning sickness, huh?”


The blonde turned to Lily, who blushed. “We may have a gossiped a bit,” she admitted, “And when James confirmed it to me, I may have mentioned it.”


“But we don’t talk about it often!” Mary exclaimed, “I just love babies so I was really curious.”


“Oh,” Melora said, “That’s…nice.”


An awkward silence fell over the girls until Lily cleared her throat. “So that’s my bed next to Mary and the window, we’re going to go down to the common room and discuss Mary’s skiving Magical Creatures. Just holler if you need anything.”


Melora nodded and made her way onto the bed as the other two girls left, a small smile on her face. So what if she was sick every day and becoming a cow? She had Beatrice, Sirius, and now Lily and maybe even Mary.


Somehow, she was going to make it through this.

A/N- Haha, I can't believe how long it took me to introduce Lily

Review please! (It makes me so happy)

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Nothing Sirius: The Morning Sickness


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