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Portraits by MusicOfTheNight
Chapter 1 : Portraits
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Disclaimer- Everything belongs to J K Rowling, i own nothing!!





            Snape opened his eyes to see the inside of the headmaster’s office. He knew exactly where he was. Framed, inside his portrait. He could feel all the other headmasters around him, wondering how he had gotten here.

 Snape had never considered himself a headmaster of Hogwarts, so was a little surprised to be up with all the other headmasters. The reason he never felt that he was truly a headmaster is because he was only following Dumbledore’s orders.

            Dumbledore’s orders, is what got him here. It’s what made him die. Snape glanced at the frame next to him, seeing Dumbledore’s anxious face. Snape knew Dumbledore felt responsible for his death. Dumbledore is responsible for his death, though Snape felt no resentment toward him.

            “Severus, I…” Dumbledore hesitated. He was worried, about Snape’s reaction to his recent demise.  “I… it’s my fault, Severus.”

            “Dumbledore!” They both heard someone shout. Snape knew that voice all to well. It was Potter’s. Snape walked out of his frame, making sure the boy did not see him.

            Snape was confused about Potter. Harry Potter, in his mind, had always been an insolent little jerk, like his father. Though that person, who had come to Snape’s side when he was dying, was nothing like James Potter. That person, who had come to the side of a man he hates, was none other than Lily.


 Snape glanced out of his frame to see the boy had jumped into his memories.

            Finally Potter would understand what he must do. The price one must pay to bring down evil. Though dying wasn’t that bad. Dumbledore always said there are worst things than dying, and Snape knew that was true. Dying was nothing compared to the pain he felt when Lily was lost. Living was harder.

            Snape also knew that the boy knows this too. Dumbledore had taught him well.

            Harry fell out of Snape’s memories, his face full of shock. Snape could see slowly that the boy understood what he must do. Harry pulled on his invisibility cloak and left the office.

            Snape emerged out of hiding. He stared at Dumbledore, whose face was full of worry, doubt, and anxiety.

            “You were right.” Snape said.

            “I usually am.” Dumbledore replied, “But what about in particular this time?”

            “Harry Potter is Lily’s son.” Snape said, knowing that he had just said the words he had been denying for years.

            Dumbledore smiled sadly, “Let’s just hope I am right about other things.” He said looking at the spot were Harry had disappeared.  They both knew were he was going, and neither knew if he would ever come back.


*** 9 years later***


            Professor McGonagall entered her office in a hurry, with a letter in hand.

            “Professor Dumbledore.” She said greeting his portrait. “I have some exciting news.”

            Snape turned to leave, not wanting to be bothered with lives of his ex-students. McGonagall told them frequently how much has changed after the war. She told the new jobs students are working, and people they have married. Dumbledore have all these reporting with great joy, knowing that people have recovered from the war 9 years ago. Snape, however, did not find much of this new interesting. It mildly surprised him that Draco Malfoy had married Astoria Greengrass, and the Neville Longbottom had become the new Herebology teacher. Other then a few people, Snape found a lot of the news boring.


            “Severus!” McGonagall called, “This news you might want to hear.”  Snape stopped, and re-entered his frame.

            Professor McGonagall was positively beaming as she relayed her good new.

            “Harry and Ginny have had another child. A boy!”  Dumbledore also beamed with happiness, though Snape could not see the point in sharing this with him. Snape rarely cared about Potter’s life.

            “You will not believe what they named him. They named him Albus.” She said, “Albus Severus Potter.”

            Albus Severus Potter. The name rung in Snape’s mind. Albus Severus Potter.


            Out of the corner of his eye he saw tears glisten down Dumbledore’s face. Snape curtly walked out of his frame. He does not want Professor McGonagall to see his own tears fall.

            Harry had named his son Albus Severus Potter.



            That boy is truly his mother’s son. 

So this idea popped into my head and i had to write it down. It's very short, the shortest chapter i've ever written, i think, but hopefully i conveyed the meaning correctly. I hope you guys like it! 



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Portraits: Portraits


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