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Once last chance At a normal life by Softballpitcher
Chapter 3 : Weird
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A/N Alright so here's chapter 3. Sorry it took so long. I had some problems =] Hope u guys like it. Please please Review. =]



“What do you want Malfoy?” She questioned him, making sure to not sound afraid, but in truth, she was.

“I think you know what I want,” He answered her.

“Just leave me alone Ferret!” Ginny yelled at him.

“Not so high and mighty without your cronies by you now, huh?” He questioned her.

“Not at all, I would just rather not be expelled during my last year, thanks,” She mocked.

“Yeah I've never cared much for following rules,” He explained as he sent a jet of Red light at her, which she dodged gracefully. She then responded by sending a stunning spell at him which he blocked with a shielding charm. They Continued throwing spells at each other for a while, not hitting each other at all, but Ginny got momentarily distracted my a scream in the distance. That one second she was all he needed to finally catch her with a stunning spell.

“Ha! Got ya, and you said you could beat me!” Malfoy exclaimed. Ginny couldn't move, she didn't know what she should do, she still had her wand in her hand but she hadn't really learned how to do silent spells, yet. She felt someone land beside her, on their knee's but she couldn't see their face.

“Malfoy! Your suck an ass!” A voice complained, Ginny wondered who it was, she didn't recognize the voice.

“Oh so now your defending her too, first you -,”

“Draco! Stop, or I'll hex you! And you know I can!” Once he spoke again, Ginny realized who it was but she couldn't imagine why he was sticking up for her. “Ennervate!”

“You! Why are you helping me!” Ginny yelled.

“I... Um... Well, I don't know,” Blaise Zabini Stuttered while Draco Malfoy snorted behind him.

“You know what? I don't want to know!” Ginny said while attempting to storm off but ran into something. Well, someone.

“Watch where your -,” But she was stopped by a pair of green eyes looking at her. “Oh, Harry, sorry I didn't see you there,” She smiled up at him.

“What happened Ginny, why did you take so long getting your wand?” Harry asked as she looked away from him.

“Um nothing, just took forever to find it that's all,” She answered him, not meeting his eyes. She had decided she wasn't going to tell him about Malfoy and Zabini but fate had another idea.

“Did you see her face when you revived her Blaise?” Malfoy joked as Zabini looked like he could of punched him, but he continued. “I mean she thinks she all that, stupid Weaselette.”

Ginny sighed heavily as Harry's neck turned sharped as he heard Malfoy talking about her. Then looked back at her with anger in his eyes. Ginny was almost afraid of what he would do to them once she ended up telling him what had happened in the quidditch pitch.

“What did they do to you Gin?” He asked her clearly full of anger.

“It was nothing Harry, just Malfoy being a ferret,” Ginny explained trying to sound nonchalant, but failing.

“Malfoy! What did you do to her!” He exclaimed trying to get a real answer out of someone.

“Oh nothing Potter, just showing her who's boss,” he told him amused. Next thing Ginny knew Harry had taken his wand out of his robes and had it pointed at Malfoy. Ginny had fear in her eyes for the blonde hair gray eyed boy who was now suspended in the air upside down wand laying on the ground underneath him. Ginny looked over to see clear panic on Blaise's face as he looked at Malfoy in the air, probably wondering what he could do to help him but was at a loss at how he could. He looked down from Malfoy to look at Ginny. She looked into his eyes for about five seconds before he mouthed the words 'Help him'. She wasn't going to for Malfoy she was doing so for Blaise because he was the one that had helped her.

Expelliarus!” Ginny yelled as she pointed her wand at her boyfriend, whose wand flew out of his hand and landed at the feet of Blaise. Meanwhile, Malfoy fell on his butt to the ground.

“Gin? Why did you disarm me?” Harry questioned her clearly confused by what she just did. But so was she.

“Cursing him like that isn't the answer Harry. I know what he did was wrong, but two wrongs sure as hell don't make a right!” She exclaimed and went to turn around and storm up to the common rooms, but before she made it all the way there she heard a voice from behind her.

“Ginny?” It was the same voice as the one she heard when she was stunned.

“Yes, Blaise?” She asked after she had stopped, but she didn't turn around.

“I, um, just wanted to say thanks for helping Mal – well helping me out there,” He stuttered.

“Consider ourselves even then, I only did that because you helped me,” She told him truthfully, and with that finished her storm to the common room and sank into the chair thinking about what she would have to do the next time she saw Harry. Unfortunately, though she didn't have much time to think about it before he walked through the portrait of the fat lady. She looked around the room to find nobody, no witnesses, on any other occasion she would have been thrilled, not to much now. She put he head back on the head of the chair she was sitting in and closed her eyes. Dreading what was about to come.

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