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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 20 : Being Happy
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     “James—wait.” I got up quickly hoisting up the bloody dress along the way. Luckily he stopped before going out. “I don't want you to be upset. I just—I just can’t be in another extremely serious relationship right now alright? I don't want to be tied down. Like we can say that we’re together, but I just want to have fun you know? Like we’re supposed to. I really can’t handle anything serious right now.” At the last part I looked down to my arms and the bruises that were no longer there. “No matter how long I pretend that I forget, I never actually will.” I said the last part with a whisper not meeting his eyes. He stayed there for another moment and I couldn’t help but feel the tension rising in the air. “Well…say something.” 

      “What do you want me to—god Kiersten, you’re so damn difficult to read,” He said. I was surprised when he pulled me in to hug him.  

      “Well I’m sorry, I can’t help it.” I hugged him back harder then I normally would have done so. “It unfortunately comes naturally.”

      “I-I just don't get you. We’re going to talk about this later, don't think we won’t, but right now we should really get back, it’s already ten and I’m sure that my mothers having a heart attack because I’ve been missing for over thirty minutes. We have to stay in the bloody ballroom according to her.” 

      I put my shoes back on as we started to walk back down that hallway. “You hate this then?” 

      “What do you think?” He asked me as we started to go up the stairs. “Of course I do, we all do.” By all I’m guessing he’s referring to Lily and Albus.

      Five minutes later we were back in the ballroom. Ginny said hello for about half a second and then dragged Potter by the ear to be with the family. I wandered over to Dom. “Now Keri, where have you gone off to?” She was sitting on Drew’s lap; I guess this meant that she forgave him for the interview and calling her an “anorexic whale”.

      “I got a tour.” 

      “Well that’s just banging.” 

      I looked down into her cup and then up to Fred who was next to them. “How much has she had?” I whispered to him.

      “Just her second glass!” He whispered back obviously enjoying himself. I picked it up and smelled it. Aha, scotch, aka disgusting thing that Dom thinks secretly tastes like butterscotch. Don't ask me, I don't know why. 

      “Who is she?” Fred was pointing to a small brown haired girl. 

      “I know she’s in Ravenclaw,” I said weakening Dom’s scotch with water when they all looked to the girl. “I think her name is Al-something?”

      “Should I go and talk to her?” He asked me unsure. I smiled. 

      “Aww, little Freddy has a crush!”

      “No I don't! I just think she’s good looking that’s all!” 

      “Oh just get up and talk to her” Dom said. “If she hates you you can just apologies by saying that you were drunk.”

      “Only people like you get away with that one.” Drew said causing me to laugh. 

      “Do you dare me to?” 

      “Three galleons.”

      “Fine then, three galleons.” He got up and walked over to her quickly making her laugh. He looked back and I winked to him before looking to Potter and sighing. How much longer could I put it off?






      “Caitlin!” Halley squealed running into our compartment and hugging her best friend. “Dom, Kiersten!” She let go of Cait and turned to Dom and I. “Clancy!” She was a Hufflepuff in our year, daughter of Luna Lovegood. 

      “So guess what happened over break?” Dom burst out. I looked at her in horror, she wouldn’t…but I knew that she would. This is Dominique Weasley for god’s sakes. 

      “You cheated on Drew?” Caitlin offered. Dom scowled at her.

      “No! For your information, I haven't cheated on Drew at all yet!”


      “Shut up Caitlin,” She gave her the finger. “I wasn’t even going to talk about me. I was going to talk about Keri over here.”

      “Well this is good Dom!” Halley said clapping her hands. “You’re not focusing solely on you! This is one of the first steps to realizing who you are as a person.” 

      “Who told you that? I’ve told you about five thousand times, I focus on me when I want to focus on me, but right now I’m focusing on Keri.” She paused for a second to glare at Halley. “So, may I continue now?” 

      “How about we just let things play out on their own?” I whispered to her through gritted teeth. She looked at me in disbelieve. 

      “No, it’s better to just get it all out now. This will save all awkwardness at a later time.”

      “Well at least let me say it! Really this in none of your freaking business.” 

      I guess I said it a little harshly because she sat back in her seat put off. Good, sometimes Dommy needs someone to tell her off. She gets ahead of herself without even noticing that she’s doing so. “It’s really nothing,” I started as Dom gave a huge sigh and shook her head. I decided to talk over her bodily functions. “I—I made up with Potter, that’s all.” 

      “Oh sure, that’s all…” Dom mumbled so that everyone could hear. 

      “And I’m sort of with him? You know, like that?” There was an awkward silence as Dom nodded her approval towards me. I felt my face turning red as Cait and Halley stared at me in disbelief. Clancy wasn’t following the conversation; she was humming to herself and staring absentmindedly outside at the rain. “So, yeah.” I finished lamely. 

      “Your—what?” Halley asked after a couple more seconds of silence. 

      “Wh—How?” Caitlin said in a tone of skepticism. “Things like this just don't happen Kiersten. This is like some sick twist of fate.” 

      “Fate does exist,” Clancy cut in randomly. “Everything happens for a reason.”

      “I agree with Clancy.” Halley said after another moment. “But really Kiersten, how did all of this happen in just two weeks?”

      “I honestly have no idea, it just did.”

      “Well I like it much better!” Dom talked again for the first time before I shut her up. “Now she’s done with all of the bitching about how horrible her life is. Remember how bad it was last month we were here? It was hell. Now she’s happy again.”

      “I just cant imagine it.” Caitlin said shaking her head. “You and Potter hate each other. Why are you messing with the natural balance of life?”

      “Why not? What’s life without a little color?” I teased kicking her shoe. She smiled to me slightly before staring up. 

      “Does this mean that you’re going to be all kissy on the Quiddich field? Because I don't think this is going to work with me if you are.” 

      I laughed before shaking my head. “Caitlin, he’s still Potter, he will do anything to win. This includes throwing me off of my broom in order to catch the quaffle.”

      “Aww, isn’t that a little harsh McCabe?” Potter slid into the compartment leaning against the doorway. “I would at least do it with grace; I would go down to catch you after I made the play.” 

      “Hello James.” Caitlin greeted the captain in a hallow voice. 

      “Miss. Wood, lovely as ever.” Cait rolled her eyes as he pretended to bow at her. I don't know why he’s in such a good mood. It’s like he just scared a whole bunch of first years. He sat down in between Dom and I putting his arms around both of our shoulders. Dom shrugged him off. 

      “Where’s Drew?” 

      “He’s off gallivanting in the girls lavatories.”

      “Again?” She let off a sound of annoyance. “God, I told him that this has to stop.”

      “I think he might be waiting to see if Vivacia Parkinson makes an entrance.” 

      That was enough to get Dom to bound off her seat and out the door. I turned to Potter, “Why do you do that to her? Now she’s probably running people over in a rush to get in the girls bathroom that Drew isn’t even in.” 

      “She’s my cousin.”

      I just rolled my eyes and sighed. Clancy turned to Potter and just stared. He looked around uncomfortably for a moment before smiling at her briefly. When she didn’t stop I giggled. 

      “Er—hello Clancy.” He said. 

      “Oh, hello James. The nargles are giving you a bad sign.”


      “Yes, today something will come into your life unexpected and throw you off course for some time.” 

      Caitlin was looking at Clancy in a weird way, and I was in the middle of a “coughing” fit. Potter was used to her so he just shrugged. Their families had been friends for quite some time. “Thanks for the warning then.” 

      “Of course.” She let her eyes drift to the window again and Potter shook his head and stared down at me. “We have our first practice back tomorrow.” I groaned.


      “Because McCabe, and you too Caitlin, we have to win this year, we just have to! I can’t stand giving my lovely little brother the satisfaction of beating me in my last year. And my father would be very disappointed.”

      “What if I just decide not to show?” 

      “Then you’re suspended from the team.”

      “Aw, I love you too Potter.” 

      He laughed and shook his head. The door opened again, this time someone who I didn’t really want to see was here. Jenny Bones in all her glory, but she wasn’t alone. 

      “Hello Caitlin, Halley, McCabe and Potter—oh, and Clancy?” She paused for a moment as Clancy waved. “Where’s Dominique?” 


      “On a killing spree.”

      “Cheating on her boyfriend.”

      “I believe she’s in the girl’s lavatory waiting for Vivacia Parkinson.” Dear Clancy was a little bit off. 

      Jenny rolled her eyes at all of us and then gestured to her partner. He was good looking, there was no denying it. He was tall, perhaps even taller then James. He had soft brown hair and piercing blue eyes. I noticed Caitlin fixing her hair out of the corner of my eye. “This is Liam, Liam Hilburn.”

      “Hello.” I said after a moment of awkward silence. James just nodded to him, and Caitlin seemed to be too shocked by his beauty to speak. Halley was next to pipe up. 

      “I’m sorry, but I don't recognize you.” She said.

      “He’s from America, the Northern Mountain School?” Jenny said in a know it all way. “He’s a seventh year, and he’ll be spending the rest of the year here at Hogwarts. I’m showing him around because I’m head girl.”

      “Thanks for the intro Jenny, but I don't think I’ve heard the poor bloke say a word.” I said as Potter laughed with Cait. The Liam kid looked at me for a moment and smiled. I smiled back. Jenny looked at me for a moment before letting her eyes travel to my shoulder, and Potter’s hand. She looked shocked for a moment before smiling at me with glee.

      “No…” She whispered. 

      “Go and show Liam the rest of the train Jen.” I mumbled looking down at her Mary Jane shoes.

      “My, my, my, Kiersten McCabe. I didn’t know you had it in you.” 

      “Go away now Bones.” Potter said annoyed.

      “I—oh my god! This is monumental! Do you know how many bets will be ended today?”

      “I know right?” Caitlin joked but looking at my face she looked down. 
    I gave her an incredudus look.  

      “I’m sorry Kiersten, but everyone did. Dom lost twenty galleons to Fred.”

      “I won!” Jenny randomly put in. “I won a knut!” 

      “That’s wonderful Jenny, now go away. No one in here likes you.” 

      She scowled at me. “C’mon Liam, I’ll introduce you to some people who aren’t assholic Gryffindors.” She practically drug the poor kid out. 

      “Is Assholic a word?” Potter asked me once she slammed the door. 

      “I don't think so…” Halley muttered before we all started to crack up. “And don't worry Kiersten, I didn’t bet on you and James!” 

      “It doesn’t matter Hal.” Potter said.

      “Oh god, don't encourage this now Potter.” I said shaking my head. 

      “I had a bet going with Teddy and a bet going with Dom and Rose for about a year. Dom owes me fifteen galleons, though I don't think I’m ever going to see that money…”

      “Was I the only one oblivious to my own life?”


      “Just a little.”

      “Sorry, love.”

      I scowled as Dom came back into the compartment. She gave Potter the finger and drug Drew in after her. “Hey Drew.” Caitlin said with a sarcastic look at Dom. 

      “Hello Caitlin, hello all!” 

      “Hullo.” I chimed back lamely. 

      “Fuck! No! Where’s Missy?” Dom shrieked. I looked to where Missy was supposed to be in her cage. “Oh shit! Shit. Shit. Shit!” 

      “When did you last see him?” I asked getting up and looking above on the racks. 

      “When we got on the fucking train! Oh my god! I’ve lost him! Kiersten, I’ve lost him!"

      “He couldn’t have gotten far Dom, don't worry.” 

      “Who’s Missy?” Caitlin asked me. Halley looked up from her book curious as well.


      “Dommy’s dog, but right now he’s disguised as a cat in order for him to get into the school. But don't go around looking for a cat, we did a pretty shitty job casting the enchantments. Now he looks like a dog with short hair and cat ears.”

      “Are you serious?” Halley got up and put her book down. “Dom! You know that this is a very bad idea! Dogs are forbidden!” Dom just waved her off looking in-between the cushions with Drew. 

      “I’ll look to the right of the train; Potter and Dom, you guys look towards the left. Caitlin, go up to the bathrooms, and Halley, you look at the food trolley. Drew, you come with me.”

      “Don't worry; we’re going to find him.” Potter said to Dom as they started to walk the opposite way. 

      “Hello,” I opened the door to a compartment full of sixth year Gryffindors including Jocelyn Rydes. “Have any of you seen a demented looking cat-dog?” There was silence for a moment before Jocelyn spoke up. 

      “No?” She said trying to be friendly. 

      “Damn, well, if you do just throw it in the compartment next to this alright?” I didn’t wait for a response before carrying along to the next compartment. If the conductors or anyone who worked on the train found Missy, they would probably tell some teacher and then he would have to go…I didn’t want that. As annoying the little puppy was, I’ve started to feel something for him. “Drew, you go wait with Clancy in the compartment for Missy to be returned there.”

      “Okay Kiersten!” He sounded way to exited. I continued on, compartment to compartment, waiting to see Missy pissing on someone’s trunk. No luck. Maybe the others had already found him? I hope so. 

      I went through most of the compartments, but no one had seen Missy. I saw Fred and the Al-girl he went off with at the dance. Her name is Alexia. I groaned when I found myself outside of the seventh year Ravenclaw compartment. 

      “Hello Jenny, have you seen an ugly dog?” 

      She looked up from Farrah and turned to me. I could tell that she hadn’t forgiven me for my rudeness from earlier. Too bad, she deserved it. Jenny Bones is not as innocent as she likes to think she is. “Have I seen an ugly dog.”

      “Yes,” I paused for a second while the other girls just stared at me. “Well?”


      “Damn, well if you do just bring it back to our compartment.”

      “Dog’s aren’t allowed at Hogwarts Kiersten, if your planning on bringing one I’m going to have to report you.” 

      “Well, now you sound like Rose Weasley,” Jenny turned red; she has a hatred for our Rosie. “Tattling wont get you anywhere in life. And it’s not actually a dog…it’s an ugly cat that vaguely resembles a dog.”

      “Is it true that you’re with James Potter now?” Clair Connelly poked up. I stared at her for a moment before turning to Jenny who was grinning from ear to ear. 

      “I really don't think that is any of your business,” Clair blushed, god, Dom really is wearing off on me. “And Jenny?”

      “What now, McCabe.”

      “Karma’s a bitch.” I made the luggage on the top rack fall on her head silently with my wand behind her back. She screeched as it banged against her head. “So don't mess with it.” I left before she could curse me to hell and back. There were only two compartments left, and they were both empty with no signs of Missy. The others must have found her, right?

      All that was left was the back balcony-like thing off the edge of the train. It was supposedly off bounds for passengers, but I noticed that the door was left slightly ajar. The Gryffindor in me wanted to just look; trust Missy to be in the one place that is most dangerous on the whole damned train. “Missy?” I called timidly out the window and into the rain. I shook my head at myself…I was acting like a bloody Slytherin for gods sakes. 

      I stepped out into the rain. “MISSY!” I yelled this time, pushing my now wet hair out of my face. “MI—” 

      That dog hit me full force, knocking my down onto my back. I slid a little grabbing onto the side rail for support. I really didn’t want to die by falling off of a train. I grabbed her collar and drug her to my face. “What the hell is the matter with you?” Missy just sniffed and licked my face happily. 

      “Do you need help?” A deep voice asked me from behind. I turned to face him; I noticed that he was even better looking in the rain, but not as good looking as Potter. Potter was just Potter, no matter how much it annoys me to say it because he lives for it, he’s pretty darn sexy. So this guy, this guy Liam, he came in second. 

      “Sure,” I said taking his hand as he hoisted me up. “Thanks.”

      “I don't think we properly met, I’m Liam Hilburn.”

      “Kiersten, Kiersten McCabe.” 

      I made it inside slamming the door behind it before Missy could bound back out like a banshee. I quickly dried myself off with a spell and then turned to him. “Thanks again, he’s kind of crazy.” I gestured to Missy who was shaking all the water off.

      “What exactly is it?”

      “A dog,” I stopped myself realizing that he was acquaintances with Jenny. “But don't tell Jenny Bones, she’ll have him kicked out if she knows. It’s not even my dog; it’s my best friend’s dog. She attempted to disguise it as a cat to sneak it back to school, but she did a pretty shitty job as you can see. And its name is Missy, but he’s a boy. She’s got a free spirit, Dom. Dom’s my friend—and God, I sound pretty stupid right now telling you all of this don't I?”  

      He chuckled drying himself. “No, you’re actually the most normal person I think I’ve met so far.”

      “More normal the Jenny? Impossible.”

      “Very much,” He laughed again in his American accent. “So what year are you in?”

      “MISSY BABY!” Dom yelled bounding up the corridor to her dog. Missy saw her and bounded back. It was like one of those movies that are all sad and heartfelt; the only problem was that Dom was one of the main roles. “Oh, Missy!” 

      “Where’d you find him?” Caitlin asked edging her eyes to Liam who was still next to me with his hands in his pockets. The question was supposed to sound like it was going to Missy, but I knew she was talking about Liam. 

      “Outside on the platform.”

      “Really? He didn’t strike me as that type.” 

      I tried not to laugh at the look of confusion on Halley and Potter’s faces. Dom was already far ahead of us cuddling Missy in her arms cooing to him as if he were a good dog. Newsflash Dom, he wasn’t. “Well, thanks again.” 

      “Of course,” He said, I noticed that Potter was eyeing him weird. Trust Potter to hate a new kid before he even knew him. “And don't worry, your secrets safe with me!” He yelled right before I turned into our compartment. I laughed and nodded back to him before Potter shut the compartment door. 

      “What secret?” He asked me in a low voice. 


      “What is he talking about Kier, what secret?”

      “Well, if I told you, then I’d have to kill you!” 

      “C’mon McCabe,” Potter actually looked annoyed now. “Just tell me.”

      “It’s not a big deal Potter.”

      “Oh, okay then.” He slouched down in his seat and stared out the window grumpily. 

      “Now do you have to know everything?” 

      He turned to me, but his gaze was undistinguishable. “Not everything Kiersten, but yes, things like that, I do have to know.”

      “It wasn’t a big deal! I just told him that he couldn’t tell Jenny Bones about Missy because she threatened that she would report Missy to McGonagall!” 

      “That’s it?” 

      I rolled my eyes at his surprised eyes. “I wouldn’t lie to you.” I reached in and kissed him, it wasn’t long, but I could tell that he was surprised. I kind of was too. I had just done this in public. I don't kiss him in public. 

      “What was that for?”

      “I don't know, you just looked like you needed it.”

      I leaned my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, suddenly very tired. We still had half a year, half a year in Hogwarts. The years are going by, and I can’t stop them. It’s sad really. It’s depressing, to tell the truth. 


So I think that this was pretty good timing for an update, right? It’s better then how I’ve been doing lately at least. I’m going to try to be updating sooner then once a month. It’s going to be my New Year’s resolution when New Year’s comes around. 

Anyways….now that I’m completely off track maybe we’ll talk about this chapter? It might not seem like much, but it’ll play an important part in the rest of this story. It is kind of like an intro into the second half? But I don't expect it to be as long as the first half. I imagine Kiersten’s story to be around thirty chapter’s long give or take a couple. So now you’ve met Liam Hilburn! Please do tell me what you think of him. Love, hate? Most likely hate, but that’s to be expected isn’t it? 

Thank you all for reading, and please review! 


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