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The Mirror by LillyRoseanne
Chapter 1 : The Mirror
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 Bellatrix Lestrange crept her way along the corridor, there was no fighting in this part of the castle, although she could hear the explosions and screams that accompanied such a battle. She was taking a roundabout way to find the Dark Lord who had retreated to the forest and had called his Death Eaters to him. Bellatrix was sweating and unusually out of breath, and there was far too much dust in the air for her liking, but continued down the stone hallway, curious about the lack of suits of armour, apparently they had decided to run off and defend the castle  from another vantage point. She turned into a side corridor and found the entrance to a secret passage she had once used when she was at the school, intending to use it now she walked up to the mirror and ran her wand down one side of it, then pushed on the other side of it. The mirror swung backwards t reveal the secret passageway. Bellatrix quickly shut herself inside it and lit her wand to see where she was going.


Bellatrix may be the best witch she knew, Bellatirx may have been insane, but even she was not stupid enough to think she could take on the whole castle alone when the Dark Lord was waiting for her in the forest. She pressed on down the passageway that would lead her right into the middle of the forest when she saw a glinting light up ahead, slowing down she approached it cautiously. Coming closer she found a mirror blocking her path, it was huge, with a gold frame and an inscription along the top:  


Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi.


Bellatrix had no idea what it meant, but as she approached the mirror she saw her reflection was not as it had been in the mirror at the entrance to the passageway. Bellatrix stared at herself, she was younger, she looked about 30, but she had been in Azkaban then, her hair was clean and cascaded down her back in dark curls her face was less gaunt than it was now, there was no other word for it, she was beautiful, then she noticed that she was not the only person there. She spun around looking for the person in the corridor with her, holding her wand out threateningly. There was no one there, she turned slowly back to the mirror, Rodolphus was beside her, he too was younger, more handsome, the glorious man he had been when she married him. She then realised what they were standing on top of.


A pile of corpses stretched out underneath their feet, the granger mudblood, the Weasley blood traitors, Dumbledore, Potter, all who opposed the dark lord lay dead at her feet, ceating a river of blood that ran off into the distance. Then she noticed something else; the Dark Lord himself was paying homage to her.


This thought had never occurred to her before, but now she saw it, she liked it. She wanted it with every cell in her body she yearned for it, her heart ached and pounded with excitement at the mere thought of it.




The volume of people casting spells at each other was tumultuous, Bellatrix was almost deaf, unable to hear which spells were being cast at her by which attacker the silly blonde one they had held captive in Malfoy manor, the mudblood granger or the youngest Weasley blood traitor. The thought of what she had seen in the mirror lingered in her mind and spurred her to read what they were sending her way, a killing curse at the red head, missed


“NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!” Bellatrix smiled, fat, passed her prime, Molly Weasley? Bring it on, but as soon as Molly had cast the first spell Bellatrix knew she may have met her match, their duel felt like a dance, a dance to the death. She snarled at her opponent, as the floor beneath her feet became blackened and cracked with the heat of the spells.


She replied with a taunt and a gruesome smile, get her angry, so angry she can’t concentrate. Bella laughed at the reply, her maniacal laughter filled the room as she raised her arm to strike again. A beam of green light found it’s way underneath her arm, her laughter stopped suddenly, smile frozen, only her eyes betrayed her shock as she felt herself falling for a second, the vision she had seen in the mirror flashed before her eyes as she lost her heart’s desire, and fell into black.






A/N: Mirrod of Erised Quote, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Molly Weasley's Outburst Quote, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

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The Mirror: The Mirror


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