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When Words Fail by webeta123
Chapter 1 : When Words Fail
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This is my story for “The ‘Ship’ Challenge” for HarryFanForever.

Pairing: Ron/Hermione

Time Period: Some time after the Final Battle

Summary: Ron tries to figure out how to express his feelings for Hermione.

“Hey Ron, you coming?” Harry asked as he fixed his black tie.

“Yeah, give me one minute, okay mate?”

“No problem. I told Ginny I was going to meet her before the memorial.” They were going to the memorial for all those who had fallen during the final battle. Harry and Ginny had rekindled their relationship a few days after the battle and now were attached at the hip, or lips. Harry made his way down the stairs and out into the common room, leaving Ron behind to mess with his own tie.

Ron looked around before kneeling in front of his bed and pulling out a single rose. He looked in the mirror before saying, “Hermione…I…” Ron caught himself mid-thought. “How’s it going first of all? Good? It’s good for me too. I’m okay.” He nodded to his reflection. He looked at the rose in his hand and held it out to his reflection. “I picked this flower, right over there is where it grew.” He nodded his head to the left, signaling the Forbidden Forest. “And I don’t really like it, but it made me think of you, because it’s pretty…” Ron scrambled for words. “And what I’m trying to say, is that you are also pretty, but I like you anyway!” Ron held his arms out in a what-can-I-do kind of fashion. He brought the rose back in front of him. “So please accept this flower, with its petals and a stem.” He waved his free hand at the mentioned parts of the flower. “Which represent my feelings and tell you that-

“Oh Merlin’s baggy shorts I’m in trouble.” Ron told himself. He threw the flower onto his bed and began to pace. He stopped and looked back at his reflection. “When words fail what will I do?” He asked himself. “When words fail, how will she know how I feel? When words fail, will I fail too?” He tried another tactic.

“Hello Hermione, oh look the moon is out tonight. You remind me of that moon, because its big and bright.” He could practically hear her anger at that. “And by big I don’t mean chubby.” In his mind, Hermione was still angry. “Obviously you’re not fat! But your personality is biggish is what I meant by that.” He looked at the floor for a few moments, brewing over his statements before going back to his fake conversation.

“Sorry about that fat thing, I’m on the hefty side myself, I have to blame the good food, which reminds me of-

“Where am I going with this?” He asked himself. His shoulders slumped as he thought aloud.

“When words fail, what will I do? When words fail, how will she know how I feel? When words fail, will I fail too?” He thought back to that moment when the Riddle locket showed Harry and Hermione, intertwining together. “Do I have a snowball’s chance? Are my prospects just to big? I spent my life stuck in the mud, now I’m climbing out on a limb…” He thought back to all the time he had spent with Hermione and let a small smile come to his face.

“When words fail, she’ll know what I mean.” As she always did. “When words fail, she’ll just take my hand.” He looked at his hand, that not a few months ago in Grimmauld’s Place she had held as they fell asleep. “She sees me like no one else has.” Not Harry Potter’s sidekick, not Ginny Weasley’s big brother, not the youngest Weasley brother, just a friend. “If words fail, she’ll understand.” He nodded to himself. “She’ll understand.” He picked up the rose and threw it into the air before heading out the door.

Well that’s the end of that. Please review.


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