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The Unknown by Charliechuckles
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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       It was morning and I awoke to find that my alarm clock had, once again, failed to wake me up. I had only ten minutes to get ready and catch my bus to school. So I clambered out of bed, put on some random clothes and ran down the stairs to find that my parents, as usual, had already left for work.

Amy Brown had just turned 16 and was an only child. She had straight dark brown hair and large blue eyes with a great big personality. However her parents, with blond hair and black hair with brown and green eyes, couldnt be more different. They always worked and when they came home they werent much fun to be around either. Amy got quite bored quickly and always felt the need to just get away. She always felt that she didnt quite belong.

It was a chilly, misty, unusual day. The clouds looked like they were looming over her and the mist was just eery. A shiver went down my spine. I broke into a run when I saw the bus pull up at the top of the road. I wouldn't be able to make it from where I was, but hoped that the driver could spot me and wait. However,the bus slowly pulled away and disappeared down the road. I let out a large sigh. "Uh! What am I gonna do now!! I don't have time to walk all the way to school.."

But suddenly, just as I was about to turn around, I felt a hand go over my mouth to muffle my screaming as a large man took hold of me. I couldn't see anything but fought as hard as I could to get out of this strange mans tight hold. I heard other people talking to him, and knew he wasn't alone. He quickly twisted around and I felt this sudden sensation that I was being stretched out and squished together at the same time. My feet suddenly touch the solid ground and the man finally let go.

Before I could look into my captures face, I had to take a minute to steady myself from the motion of falling. I could hear a man chuckling and turned around to face them. There were four men, stood all around me. One, the man who had grabbed hold of her had this smug look on his face, coal black hair and eyes, and several cuts and scars around his face. The second had hold of my backpack and was staring oddly at the ground. Before I could turn to the other two, I noticed something important about our surroundings... It was not the same place I had just been standing. No, I was definitely stood in the middle of my street a minute ago with a lot of fog and mist, and now here I was, stood in the drive way of some, important looking manor house with hedges on either side.  "What the hell is going on here?" I asked the men..trying to act calm, but I could tell my voice was expressing my emotions too well...the smug guy grinned, obviously they weren't going to answer my question.





It was obvious they weren't going to speak to me as they took hold of me and my things and began to lead me inside.

The men dragged me roughly up the gloomy concrete stairs leading to the doorway. They didn’t hurt me, but emotionally I was pretty torn up. I had no idea what was going on. I wanted to fight but felt over exahsted and muddled in a way from the strange sensations I just had. And where on earth was I? Surley teleportation hadn't secretly been invented yet? Maybe it was the governments secret? But surely these men didnt work for the government. But how exahsted I felt. 

Once inside of the building, there was an odd sense of cold, loneliness inside the front hall it felt unnatural and still. The whole hall seemed to be decorated like the inside of a coffin. Everything was black and almost haunted looking. However, looking past all the eeriness it looked quite grand indeed. There was a grand staircase and a rather expensive looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

The men dropped my things to the side and headed towards the stairwell. They let go of my coat and I stood there awkwardly, still in the doorway. My captors kept walking, towards the grand staircase, did they expect me to follow them? They reached the stairs and turned back to me.

"Come" One of the men said.

I had two choices...Turn around and run, though the chances of escaping now were slim especially since I had no clue where I was. Or, I could follow the men up the stairs, further into the mysterious house. My curiousness got the better of me and I followed them cautiously up the stairs. The two men were pleased with themselves I could tell.

We reached the landing and a long dark hallway ahead of us. The men sent me forwards first, ahead of them. I saw a man standing in the shadows at the end of the hallway, he was a horrible looking man who looked like a rat, I didn't want to look at him any longer than I did but I saw him smile at the men, pleased they had done their job. He motioned us to follow him towards a door.

Draco Malfoy's POV

There was a cold draft in the room with some sort of unpleasantness to it. I glanced at my father, his fiery glare met mine and we both turned back to the dark lord.

He was here again, in our house, every time he came I feared him being here. I couldn’t bare the feeling of such a person here, in my home, a place meant to feel safe.

This death eater meeting was lasting longer than usual, though I had not yet been to many, they never lasted this long. It was as though he was waiting for something.

A knock came from the door and Wormtail came inside, he scattered in and stood petrified at the door at the sight of us.

" has arrived my lord" He said whimpering.

The Dark Lords face lit up like I've never seen before. He was pleased.

Who could this girl be? I wondered.

Quickly glancing at my father again, I saw he had a knowing look in his eyes. He knew. Of course he knew. He always knows, but never tells me anything.

I turned to the door again and saw some Death Eaters I've never seen before walk in and behind them, a girl, I couldn't see her face but she had Dark brown strands of hair falling over her face. She looked kind of beat up, as though she had been through a wind turbine. People always get that look when they apparate for the first time.

She had muggle clothing on, not too dressed up. She looked scared, well...who wouldn't be. She didn't dare look around, possibly scared of what she would see, I knew how that felt. She kept her head down and so I couldn't see her face.

Eventually she glanced upwards, the frightened look on her face was quite obvious now and her eyes scanned the room for some sort of hope or familiarity, she found none. Her eyes hit mine and held my gaze. She looked my age, 16 maybe.

What could the dark lord possibly want to do with her? She didn't belong here, it was obvious. She had a sort of sweet, innocent face. She blushed as everyone looked at her.

I had an urge to jump up and take her out of this awful room away from him. Would he kill her? He has no reason too. Then again...he doesn't need a reason. God I hope she doesn’t kill her. I can’t bear to watch another. I held back my emotions and watched what happened next.

Amy's POV

I looked up, god I must look horrendous. The cold room was crowded with people, people staring at me.

A shiver went down my spine and I felt my heart beat rising. Breathing heavily, I locked eyes with a boy.

He had blond hair, beautiful grey eyes, and a sort of knowing look in his eyes. I would think he was hot in another situation but this was different. He saw I was freighted, I tried to search his face for any signs or reasoning for me being here...he seemed just as confused as I was.

The two men in front of me moved and that was when I saw him.. He was sat at the head of a really long table.

He stared at me as I stared at him and I almost felt like crying. Something about him just screamed Evil, stay away, and yet I felt drawn to him like something was pulling me in.

But I wanted to run. My mind fought against itself and I felt a wave of light-headedness come over me.

That is when I fainted. I've never fainted before. It felt like one of those dreams I have when I'm falling but wake up just before you crash to the floor. But this time I didn't wake up before I hit the ground. This time I didn’t wake up.

Please Review!!! :) I’d really appreciate it since I have no idea what I’m doing...and thank you for reading.


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