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I Could Be Your Hero by potterprincess07
Chapter 8 : Classes
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A/N: Here is another chapter! I hope you like it. When writing it, these were originally going to be two seperate chapters, but I decided to combine them. The second half was actually written first, so if things don't quite line up, that's why (I went through the best I could and tried to fix it, but sometimes I miss things).

As always, thanks for reading, please review and let me know what you think.


After they had both finished eating, they both waited, as if hoping that the other would leave before they did. Finally, after a long silence, which turned into almost a staring match, Hermione finally cleared her throat and said, “I... we should probably head on to class. If we’re both late, it definitely won’t be setting a good example.”

    Not to mention it’ll get rumors started, she thought, trying to send the thought from her mind.

    He nodded. He stood up and grabbed his things and headed to the door.

    “After you,” he said, stepping aside to let her walk through first.

    “Thanks,” she whispered, rushing down the hall.

    She hadn’t made it more than about twenty feet, when she mentally slapped herself for trying to rush away from him, when they were heading to the same class.

    They walked into Charms moments before they would be considered late and Hermione took her usual seat. It wasn’t until a few moments later that she felt a shadow over her and glanced up to see Draco standing next to her, motioning as though he wanted to sit down.

    He moved his eyebrows toward her, as though asking her without speaking if it would be fine if he sat there.
    She hesitated for a moment, not sure if it was the best idea, until she realized that Ron was already there and had taken a seat across the room sitting with... she squinted her eyes. Who was that he was sitting with?

    “Hermione?” Draco whispered this time, almost urgently, tapping the table.

    She nodded distractedly as he took the seat beside her, on her right.

    Harry who was seated at her left, took a double take.

    “What is he doing?” he asked, completely baffled by what was going on.

    She shifted in her seat, pushed her hair over one shoulder and said, “Sitting down for class.”

    And without meaning to, her eyes drifted to where Ron was seated. Harry immediately followed her gaze and slightly nodded his head as he though had it figured out.

    Sometimes he really wished that Ginny could be in some classes with him. But then, at times like this, he was glad that, if they were having differences, that they wouldn’t be broadcast toward the entire year.

    Hermione tried not to let it bother her, and tried to ignore it, however, she couldn’t quite keep herself from looking over ever so often.

    It also didn’t help that, because of the way that they were sitting, that every time she started writing, her arm would knock into Draco. She began writing furiously, which caused her to hit his arm more and more, until she had enough of it and shoved his arm out of the way.

    He sighed, but let it pass. After all, he seemed to finally have made a bit of headway with her, and then after last night, he had probably thrown all of that out the window.

    When they had finally been dismissed from class, she grabbed her things, rushed out of the room, leaving him alone at the table with Harry.

    They shared a glance, and for the first time asked each other at the same time, “What’s going on with her?”

    Harry stopped and said, “You know, Malfoy, I’d love to be able to blame you, you know. In the past, nothing would make me happier. However, I know for certain that this time it isn’t your fault.”

    That was definitely not something Draco was expecting to hear, and it confused him a little. Never had he expected to see the day when Harry Potter, Harry Potter, was nice to him. He still hadn’t quite accepted the fact that he’d saved his life, and this, well, this just added more confusion to the mix.

    “Is this something new... or has she always been like that?” Draco asked.

    Harry shrugged. “It comes and it goes, I figure, I’ll never truly understand her, nor any female really, so I do the best that I can.”

    The silence was there again, and then, as he reached to pick up his books Draco asked, without looking up, “Is she alright.... I mean really alright?”

    “Alright? What do you mean by - “ but he was cut off at that moment while Ron walked by, giving Harry a dirty look and continuing out of the classroom.

    “You mean, with her and Ron?”

    “Yeah, that was what I meant at first. But what’s up with you and Weasley? It seems like, all of you were so close and now you’re...” he trailed off, feeling as though he had just asked that question.

    “I’d really rather not talk about it, Malfoy. Nothing personal, it’s just...” Harry started walking off, leaving Draco trailing behind for the third time that day.

Later that day, as they were leaving History of Magic, Hermione heard her name.

“Hermione! Wait up!” called Harry.

She stopped and waited for him to catch up with her.

“I haven’t had a chance to talk to you in awhile. How are...things” he asked vaguely.

“How do you think? I’m sure he’s told you by now.”

“Who? Ron?” asked Harry, looking confused.

“No. I um, nevermind," Hermione said, flustered.

“Well, I mean, I really haven’t seen you much since…” he trailed off, but she knew exactly where he was going with this. Since Ron had accused her and Harry going behind his back, the two had kept their distances, hoping to pacify Ron. It had really thrown Harry into a bind, being a snag between his two best friends

“There’s not much new, really. I've been trying to keep busy, just sorting things out, you know." 

He nodded slightly. “How’s working with Malfoy going? He treating you alright?”

She turned pink but Harry didn't seem to notice.

“He is …he’s fine. Different really. How come you never told me you saved his life?”

Now as Harry’s turn to turn pink.

“It seemed kind of a private thing. I mean, he was already dealing with so much, I didn't want people, Rita Skeeter of all people, to start saying something about how ‘The Boy Who Lived’ or ‘The Chosen One’ saved the life of a Death Eater. You know what she is like. There is no telling what would have gotten said.”

She looked at him, but didn't say anything.

“I didn't mean to have hurt your feelings it was just…”

“I understand, Harry.”

He looked surprised, but just gave her a thankful smile.

They looked at each other a moment in silence.

“How are things with you and Ginny?” she finally asked, not knowing what else to say.

“We’re good. Really good. I thought things may be a bit awkward for her, with the way Ron has been acting, but she has handled it like a champ.”

For a moment, that kind of made her sad. Not necessarily because she was jealous of Harry and Ginny, but because she wished that could happen to her. She had thought she had found it with Ron, but now..

She must have been lost in her thoughts longer than she thought, because she realised that Harry was staring at her.

“Hermione, are you sure you are  alright? You seem to be a million miles away, Malfoy even asked me if you were alright, and then there was class the other day…”

“Can we please not talk about that? I have tried to forget about it.”

Harry looked very taken aback. Very really had she ever gotten this way and usually it was directed at Ron.

Seeing the look on his face, she immediately wanted to take it all back. Just because she was pissed off at the rest of the male race didn't mean she had to take I out on Harry. He hadn't   done anything to her - yet. It didn't serve a purpose to alienate pretty much her only friend she had left.

“Things certainly have changed, haven't they?” she finally asked, trying to fill in the silence.

He nodded. “I never really expected things to turn out like this.”

That was an understatement.

“We had better get to class,” she said. Even though their next class was Care of Magical Creatures, it was not really the best idea to show up late to Hagrid’s class. he would  already done enough for them; he didn't need to let them get by with being late to class on top of everything.

“I guess,” Harry said, standing up. They headed that way, in silence at first.

After a few minutes, Hermione turned to him, so quickly, that he almost fell face forward trying to stop in time to avoid running over her.

“I'm sorry for snapping at you, Harry. I'm just...I just have a lot going on. There's a lot of stress, what with the way that Ron has been acting, and trying to get through classes, and Dra-Malfoy, I just...”

“Did you just call him Draco, Hermione?” Harry asked, practically flabbergasted. While he himself had been able to think of Draco in a civil manner, he had been under the impression that it was going to take more, much more, for Hermione to get past some of the issues and problems that they had had in the past.

“So what if I did? He shares a common room with me. I don't really want to go around calling him Malfoy the rest of his life, you know.”


"I just wondered... I mean, he sat down next to you in class, you let him, I just thought that maybe..."


"No. There is no maybe. Ok? Can we drop this please?" she felt like her voice was shaking and really hoped that Harry didn't notice.

Harry just arched his eyebrows. Women, he didn't think that he would ever be able to understand them. He used to not be able to understand why they were always together in little groups, and then later why it seemed that they always had to go to the bathroom together, and now, here was Hermione, the one girl he thought that he actually had some idea of how to understand her who had once again, as usual, proved him wrong.

They had apparently been walking faster than they thought that they had been, because before Harry knew it, they had arrived.

Ron was already there, and Hermione tried to ignore him the best that she could. It was a torn situation and she still had no idea how she felt.

Care of Magical Creatures was a joint class with the Slytherins, she felt as though every class she was taking this year was joint with them, so not only was she going to have to ignore Ron -again - she was going to have Draco in there also, which was definitely not going to be the easiest of classes.

Draco had stationed himself away from everyone, which made things awkward for Hermione. She just couldn't quite understand it. First, he practically begs to sit next to her, now he tries to ignore her. She still hadn't figured out exactly how she felt about the whole situation, but she knew she couldn't  continue to go on like this. The past few days seemed like an eternity and she felt she would  explode if this kept going.

Hermione badly wanted to confide in Harry, but at the same time she still felt a bit awkward about the entire thing. Sure, Harry had been the one to originally try to get her to change her mind about Draco, but that was still big a difference.

Then it seemed that Hagrid decided to have them work in pairs. Hermione hoped she could work with Harry.

“Hermione, you can work with Ron here,” Hagrid said, and she realised that he didn't have any idea that there was tension between them. She looked horrified. Ron looked like he had swallowed one of Fred and George’s inventions.

Hagrid didn't seem to notice however, and kept going.

“Harry, you can work with Malfoy.”

Hermione felt her blood run cold. He would not dare…would he?

Hermione and Ron were both attempting to try to get things done without looking at or speaking to each other. Which worked until Ron forgot to hold the mouth closed on the ebber horned mini dragon, causing it to reach over and take a bite of Hermione’s finger.

She finally had enough. She slammed down her textbook and glared at him.

“You…you stupid, inconsiderate, good for nothing, low down, piece of…” she hissed, causing Harry and Draco, who were working at the next table to look over and stare.

The two of them got so caught up in watching what was going on, that their own ebber horned mini dragon ended up taking a bite out of Harry’s finger. However, he was too engrossed in what was going on that he simply just shook his finger trying to get rid of the pain.

Hermione’s voice rose ever so slightly and it began to squeak.

“You... you’re...” she continued, not being able to string a sentence together because she was angry. So angry, that the tears began to fall, and she started sobbing right there.

Everyone stopped what they were doing to stare.

All three of them - Harry, Ron and Draco, were stunned because none of them had any idea how to handle a hysterical female. Hagrid, who finally seemed to notice that something was going on stepped forward, but had the same look of frustration on his face, as he also had no idea how to handle a hysterical female.

Draco had grabbed her around the waist, the only thing he could think of to do in hopes to somewhat calm her down, and she tried to kick and scream to make him let her down, and ended up catching him in the shins.

“Put me down!” she seethed, trying to reach for her wand. He held her tighter hoping to prevent her to be able to reach for her wand.

Hagrid back up, and, like he usually did in the situations like this, became flustered as to what to do. “Class dismissed!”

The other students starting moving, but it didn’t stop most of them of staring and gaping at the four of them.

Ron, who had been glaring at Hermione, was now shooting daggers toward Draco. Harry stepped in hold him back, and for the first time in his life, Ron punched Harry.

Luckily, but that time, they were the only ones who were left. .

Hagrid suddenly found himself with a sour looking Ron, an out of control Hermione, Draco holding the out of control Hermione and Harry, holding his face in disbelief.  He scratched his head and leaned in toward Harry.

“Is something the matter between Ron and Hermione?”


A/N: Hope you enjoyed this chapter! I know that Hermione might seem a bit out of character going after Ron like that, but trust me, it's necessary for whats coming up soon :) Thanks for reading and don't forget to review! 

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