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Marital Bliss by Ginny45
Chapter 3 : Ron&Hermione
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Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter

Marital Bliss Part III


"Ronald Weasley! What are you doing?"

Ron,now rooted to the spot, had been tearing apart Hermione's bookcase. Books covered the floor, albeit in piles, and the old oak frame was half dismantled. They had moved in to their new house,in Godric's Hollow about a month before their wedding, which was yesterday. It was of a moderate size, three bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a medium sized garden. Hermione, had decided she hated the way the previous owners had decorated the house and she couldn't stand to look at it anymore.  The house was in disarray, boxes were everywhere, half unpacked and shoved into the middle of rooms. The only room that was almost done was the living room, only because Ron had sneakily used magic.

It was held in the church, just down the road, a quiet ceremony with friends and family. Hermione had wanted as close to a muggle ceremony as they could get. Some of her relatives didn't know about her being a witch. They had, had a few mishaps however, George trying out new products on unsuspecting guests, his father asking people about television sets and Luna talking about Nargles.

Those incidents had been cleared up rather quickly and everything else went smoothly. Their honeymoon was booked for next week and until then Hermione had decided, they were going to finish decorating the house.

"Nothing, I just thought I would take it apart to move it upstairs." He lied.

"Ron, you are a wizard."

Hermione's inquisitive gaze was locked upon her husband. She didn't believe him for one second,she never did really, after years of dealing with him and Harry, who could blame her.

She had been painting their own room a delicate purple colour before she had come downstairs. Her hair was pulled tightly in a ponytail and she had purple paint smudged across her forehead and cheek. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she still looked gorgeous in Ron's eyes.

"I know, I just thought, I would try not to use my wand."

The truth was, he had bought her a brand new bookcase, one with twining patterns up the side and right at the top the sign of the Deathly Hallows engraved in the wood. It would serve as a memory, of their search and of the one book Ron had read before Hermione. It would be ruined, however, if Hermione found out.

"Ok Ron, I'm going to go finish painting and then we can go and get lunch."

As she headed up stairs, Ron got back to work. He decided it was to much of a risk to not use magic. Although Hermione used to recoil in digust when he ate like an animal, but when she was hungry, she could eat a horse. He had dismantled the old bookcase and put together the new one, when he started to hear footsteps on the stairs. He quickly put the books, back in the bookcase and acted like nothing had happened.

"Ron, are you ready?" She had changed clothes and let her hair down. The paint had also vanished from her face. It had been replaced by a look of shock. "Ron, Did you?"

"Yes Hermione." Hermione just stood there, staring at the newly formed bookcase, like she didn't believe it. "Go look at it then." She took it in, tracing the pattern with her finger until it went too high for her to reach. Her eyes stopped when it reached the symbol, engraved in the wood. 

"Ron. Thank you, it is lovely and at least now, you can stop mentioning that you read a book before me."

"I will never stop mentioning it, until I find another book you haven't read."

"Come on then Genius,lets go get lunch."

The newly married couple, happily in love walked out their front door and vanished into thin air. They moved houses many times, the bookcase was always with them. It was even handed down through generations as a symbol of the second wizarding war, as a symbol of the love that runs through the Weasley family.

Hey, Part III is finally up. I know it has taken a while but here it is. This one is more of a story rather than description. What do you guys think? This is my first Ron/Hermione fic and I rather like it.

Thank You :)


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