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Age 17 Becoming a Snape by qtbaby88
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Disclaimer: I own nothing from J.K Rowling characters or the Hogwarts acceptence letter











When the mother you have only known dies from cancer and the father you thought loved you gets diagnosed with depression from losing your mother what do you do? Me I live day to day hoping he will get better and stop blaming you for your mother’s death. See my parents Ava and Andrew Granger have loved me since I came into their lives. I used to ask “mommy why are there no pictures of me when I’m younger than 5” (I was 6 at the time) she would always reply “Baby, it’s because we moved and lost your baby pictures”. Years when by and I was 10 years old and I asked again and to my luck I got the same answer but with a twist we had to move because the house was covered in mould and mildew and lost them along with other things. When I turned 11 I got a letter.


Dear Miss. Granger,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

was all i needed to read .

Then my mom was jumping for joy we sent the owl back with a reply saying I was enrolling. After we got everything we needed we went back home and mom noticed something different about me. “Hermione, when did you get so tall, all of your clothes don’t fit anymore?” mom said questionably. Without giving me time to answer she was out the door and gone into her study until it was time to make dinner. She never told me why she ran into her study that day so I dropped it.

          After I returned for summer on my first year back from Hogwarts I noticed something wrong with my mom, she looked very sick. When we go home and me settled back in mom and dad sat me in the living room and announced what happened just before I got home. “Hermione dear there is no way to say this easily, but I have to tell you” I looked at my mom when she finished and said “what’s happened what’s wrong?” I said panicking and standing up looking frantic. “Sweetheart, sit down” mom said calmly with tears in her eyes “I have stomach cancer and they don’t know how much longer I will live” she said wiping away the stray tears off her face as well as mine. That’s when everything went downhill, when mom would go to the hospital to get chemo dad would yell at me saying it was my fault this has happened I was killing her. When mom returned she always had noticed how me and my dad never really talked anymore. Mom would always try to lighten the mood whenever there was a heated stare down with me and my dad. She fought for 2 years before it finally took her life. She had her ups and her downs most days were ups she always loved seeing me study for the witch craft studies an asking all kinds of questions.

One night Remus came to tell me when I was able to go to the burrow for the rest of the summer, mom asked him to take very good care of me like I was his own daughter. He accepted and had dinner with us like the usual weekly thing, and left after Tonks sent her patronus saying Dumbledore needed him at the burrow to talk about what charms are to be put up for when Harry and I came. A week later, Dad walked up to me after we found out what mom asked Remus. When mom went for a nap and never woke up and He yelled at me I had an instant bruise  emotionally. I used the floo network to get to the burrow that night crying my eyes out.

 I landed right onto Remus, “Aura who did this to you?” he questioned very concerned “m-m-my d-d-dad did, m-mom passed away 10 minutes ago and he blamed me than yelled at me” I cried and would let go of him. All he did was let me cry, and telling me everything was alright that if I needed him he was moving right down the street from me just to run right there.

          I was a 15 year old girl who didn’t want to be with her dad anymore, but I had to stick it out I always had Remus or Tonks with me, sometimes even Sirius when Dumbledore let him as padfoot. Then Remus stopped coming for a while and it hurt I thought I lost him too.


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