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Beyond Help by BlackRain
Chapter 1 : The beginning.
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Well hello there! This is a story about people who don't have self-esteem, about people who don't believe in themselves, people who think they crossed all boundries. I hope you'll like it. And I want to thank libby103 for pointing out my mistakes. I do not on Harry Potter books. Damn :)
Beta'ed by Cirque from the forums!

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Who would have thought that the new generation will be so beyond help?Would our grandparents believe if we told them that Hogwarts now is like one big betting house, a casino? Did our parents fight for this future that we have? I highly doubt it.


The Illegals, they call us. Who are they? The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry students, of course. The name is funny to us. Sometimes it irritates us. But how else shoul they call a group of students who smuggle in illegal goods? Who else can take revenge on your behalf and destroy someone's life? For a certain price, we can, however, everything costs these days...


How did all of this start? I believe it started in our early childhood. I blame bad parenting. But we didn’t know each other then. So it all started in our first year after this one particular incident. A Third year pushed me so I set her hair on fire. No one pushes me! It doesn’t matter if I’m 5 or 11, or 16, or 133 years old. No one pushes me. That's a fact. So, after that incident, I befriended these twins. A boy and a girl. Danny and Emer Selwyn.


They were very impressed by my behaviour  Danny was a Ravenclaw, just like me, and Emer was a Slytherin. We instantly became best friends. They didn’t even care that I was a Muggleborn.


Like all kids we had dreams. Some were realistic, some of them were not. But our dreams were bigger than other kids. We wanted to rule the world. We wanted to have it all. The funny thing is we still do. But now we understand it’s impossible.


Back then we did everything just to gain power. And how do you gain power? With money. It’s probably one of the few things I learned from my politician father. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have anything to spend it on, we just wanted money. We started doing all sorts of weird jobs to get it. And then we discovered betting.


Betting was and still is the best. “I bet you five galleons that you can’t walk ten meters on your hands!” “I bet fifteen galleons that you can’t get 10 detentions in one day!” Bets like that became our life. Of course there were bets which were impossible or just too stupid to be done. But we still tried. We forgot our dreams about world domination and got lost in gambling, betting and adrenaline.


In our second year our little group grew larger. Eric Angel, a fellow Ravenclaw, who got tired of reading books and being abused by his father, joined us.


In our third year a Fifth Year Slytherin made a bet with me for fifty galleons. She said I couldn’t steal Headmistress McGonagall’s knickers. I stole them and earned fifty galleons. And I got three months of detention. But I still say it was worth it.


Sometimes we faced problems which we could not solve. We needed help. That’s why we befriended an innocent Hufflepuff with connections. Andie Bones. She used to be so innocent, so nice. We made a perfect team. Brains, power and loyalty.


In our fourth year a cocky Slytherin girl bet me that I couldn’t find a better guy as a partner to the Yule Ball than her boyfriend. I did find a better one. And I got 70 galleons. You see, I thought her partner looked like a mini mountain troll. So my partner was a real live mountain troll. Imagine how the other couples reacted!. Sometimes when I remember that scene I start laughing really hard.


But McGonagall did not find it funny. I almost got expelled. Thank God I’m smart. I never told her how I got a real live troll into the school, and why it didn’t try to kill me. We keep our secrets to ourselves.


In fifth year we had to hijack the Hogwarts Express and drive it safely back to Hogwarts after the Christmas holiday. We got 200 galleons. It's a good thing that the school's staff did not find out.


You see life is like a carousel. It has its ups and downs. Even we had our downfall. It was our sixth year. The year was full of alcohol, drugs. Everything got out of hand. And the worst part was the love dramas.


How was I supposed to feel when my drunken best friend confessed that he had been in love with me from the day we met? I was in shock when Eric confessed. I love him. But I love him as a brother. I never returned his feelings, but he still managed to be very jealous. And he still is.


But my dear Danny had it worse. He stupidly fell in love with Dominique Weasley. And she just broke his heart. She made him look stupid in front of the school.


You see, the Potters' and Weasleys' hate us. They say we destroy our schools reputation. But they don’t? With their love and family dramas, bitchy girlfriends, jock boyfriends, parties and alcohol they don’t? We just provide them the alcohol.


We do not ruin Hogwarts' reputation. We just do what they want us to do. They want alcohol. We bring it to them and etc. Why do we do it? It’s simple. We are just beyond help. And soon they’ll be beyond help too.


But I believe this year will be our rising from the ashes.


Today is September the first, the day we start our last year.


I looked at my family’s old clock. 8.30AM. I had to hurry if I wanted to make it to the train. I grabbed my keys and stopped at the mirror- like always- before leaving the house. I tied my dark strawberry blond hair into a messy ponytail and smiled at my reflection like I had just won an Oscar. Then I tied my blue and silver tie and tucked it into my robes.


Suddenly, my door bell rang. I took time to get to the door as I imagined that the path from the mirror to the door is a catwalk. When I finally reached the doors I opened them to see a boy and a girl, both with brown eyes and black hair- the girl having a nice long, straight hair and the boy short messy hair. Danny and Emer. I kissed them both on their cheeks.


“Are you ready, Deb?” Danny asked me. I nodded, grabbed my bags and locked the doors.


“Don’t forget your glasses, Deb!"  Danny laughed.


“Oh how could I?” I rolled my eyes.


We stood in a circle for a moment in silence. Then we Apparated to King’s Cross station.


Life is a carousel. And I, Deborah Mint, always want to be up.

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Beyond Help: The beginning.


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