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We should have made it bite! by foreverendstoday
Chapter 1 : Discovery
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Author's note: As I worte this on word, the fonts were all different and in my eyes more effective. If you want to see them they are:

Moony- monotype corsiva size 14

Padfoot- Handwriting Dakota size 12

Prongs- Comis Sans MS size 12 italics

Wormtail- Apple casual size 14

Hope you enjoy

Disclaimer: I own none of this. All the characters and ideas are J.K.'s

Our story begins in first year. Our first year and we had just exited Filch’s office with an extra bit of parchment, a weeks worth of detentions but minus a dungbomb. Although in the end we both decided it was worth it. This is the tale of how Fred and I figured out how to use the Marauder’s Map.







We walked quickly away from Filch’s office and didn’t stop until we came across a deserted passageway far away on the 7th floor. Even though we wouldn’t admit to being scared of Filch, you have to remember we were naïve first years. We knew his threats were empty but we were just being cautious. If Percy found out we had received more even detentions we would be in major trouble.






But anyway as we slowed down in the deserted corridor I turned to Fred. ‘So what did you end up grabbing? Was it worth it?’

‘G-man, why would I grab something that isn’t worth it? What would be the point of that? Here you go.’ He pulled out of his pocket a folded bit of parchment. I grabbed it off him and started to unfold it.

‘Nothing!’ I yelled once I realised it was blank. ‘Why did you grab a blank bit off parchment? We could have just nicked some of Percy’s?’

Fred grabbed it back off of me and his face fell when he too realised there was nothing on it.
‘But…’ he muttered. I glared at him.
‘Now we have and extra weeks worth of detentions for nothing. Do you realise what mum would say?’
Fred ignored my anger. I wasn’t really angry at the detentions. After all, some of them had turned out to be quite fun. I was just angry at Fred’s lack of ability to grab something interesting. ‘But why was it in that draw if it’s just a blank bit of parchment? I mean he must have a reason to put it in there. I think it’s research time.’
‘Researching what?’
‘Spells for this thing to revel its secrets. Library or Charlie?’
The library and our older brother Charlie were our two founts of knowledge. Although so far we had never set foot in the library but we would if it was desperately important.
‘Charlie,’ I said without hesitation.

We found Charlie sitting at a table in the common room surrounded with friends.

‘Hey Charlie!’ Fred called as we approached. ‘Could you stop being so damn popular?’
Our second eldest brother turned.
‘You better not talk like that around mum. She’d have a fit and then after murdering you, come and berate me for allowing you to speak like that here.’
‘Oh come off it. You’re sounding like Percy. Anyway we need to pick your brains.’
‘Why not Percy’s?’
‘Do you honestly think we would ask him anything over you? He’s a prick,’ I said.
‘Good point. What do you want?’
‘Well,’ I started trying to make it sound like we were just curious and not up to something, ‘if we had a bit of blank parchment, and hypothetically thought there was something on it that the naked eye couldn’t see, how would you go about finding out what was written on it?’
He grinned. ‘Hypothetically? What are you two up too? Not planning on getting another detention, are you?’
‘Of course not!’ Fred said outraged. ‘We never plan on getting detention it just happens. Oh but you have to promise us that you’ll help Percy not notice that we aren’t here for at least 6 out of the next 7 evenings okay?’
Our brother chuckled. ‘A weeks worth of detentions again? I don’t think Bill got as many as you in all his time here.’
‘But back to the hypothetical, Charlie,’ Fred reprimanded him.

‘Well you could try using a revealer. Hey Jimmy!’ He called across the table. ‘Do you still have that revealer you nicked from the Potions lab?’

Jimmy threw something at Charlie, which he handed to his brothers.
‘Just rub this on the area you think has something written on it. If that doesn’t work, there are a couple of spells like Specialis Revelio. And probably a potion although it’s most likely too advanced for 1st years. Now is that it? I want to finish this essay before I go to bed.’
‘Whatever Percy.’ Fred teased before we sprinted up to our dorm room.


Luckily our dorm room was empty. We sat down on my bed and Fred pulled out the old bit of parchment again.
‘Shall we give this a go?’
‘What’s it going to do to? Bite us?’
I started to rub the little red eraser on the piece of parchment and to our amazement words started to appear in emerald green ink.

Mr Moony would like to suggest that you come up with a more creative way of revealing secrets. A revealer is way to obvious.

Mr Padfoot agrees with Mr Moony and asks you only to continue if you are in Gryffindor. LIONS FOR THE CUP!

Mr Prongs thinks Mr Padfoot is being a bit discriminatory and thinks Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs could also continue but only Gryffindors would use this for the correct purpose.

Mr Wormtail thinks we should have made it bite.

Each of the comments was written in different handwriting. The twins stared at the parchment for a second before saying, ‘Brilliant! Do you think it just talks to people?’

‘Do you think we could have a conversation with it?’

Fred scrambled off the bed to look for a quill and inkpot. He returned within seconds and began to write but as soon as the nib touched the parchment more writing appeared where the old stuff had been.

Mr Prongs is very insulted that you would try to deface such an important artefact. Put that quill down now!

Mr Padfoot believes that you are idiots and should not be allowed to progress any further.

Mr Moony would like to express his anger somewhat more subduedly but you almost ruined a year’s worth of work.




Mr Wormtail still thinks we should have made it bite.

The twins once again stared at it.
‘This is great! It’s like it has a secret and we need to figure it out.’
‘I mean what does this Wormtail guy mean by it. Surely he means something more than the paper.’

‘Do you think it can hear us?’

‘Can you see any ears?’

‘Why don’t we attempt that spell Charlie gave us?’


I pulled out my wand and tapped the map saying, ‘Specialis Revelio.’ More writing appeared.


Oh look they remembered that they were wizards and started to use their wand. What will they come up with next?

Don’t be rude Padfoot. Maybe they’re first years…or maybe just slow.

Now look who’s being mean. But there is no way first years could figure this out. We’re too clever.

Speak for yourself Prongs.




It’s a pity they used such a mundane spell though. Do you think they are up to no good?






MOONY! Why would you say something like that!

Technically he wrote it…

Because if they have gotten this far they obviously are curiously about this object. I mean they picked up a blank bit of parchment for Merlin’s sake. Anyway how do you think they got it?



There was a pause in the writing. And the twins looked at each other.

‘You know, I think these guys should have made this thing have ears. Then we could just tell them we stole it from Filch.’


I knew we should have added ears. We could have just asked them how they got it.


Thanks Wormtail but a bit late now. Well they either stole it or we gave it away to a worthy student.

Why would we give it away Moony? We spent ages on it. I’m certainly not going to agree to that.

Yeah. I agree with Padfoot, Moony. We’re never going to give away this. It’s too precious.

Well, I was thinking about your children. Surely you would give little Prognslets the keys to the castle. But no. We would also tell our children how to work it so I don’t think we gave it away which leaves us with stealing.



The twins tried to decipher the last word of the sentence as it had been crossed out but it had been so thoroughly done so that they couldn’t. And there wasn’t much time as more writing appeared.




PADFOOT! Now we should just tell them how to access it. If they stole it I bet they would swear that they are up to no good.


Fred looked towards me with the glint in his eye. The same glint that I felt like was in mine. We lifted our wands together and said, ‘I swear that I are up to no good.’
But nothing happened except for one more word appearing.





‘Solemnly what?’ asked Fred indignantly.

‘Maybe, I swear solemnly that I am up to no good?’
Still nothing happened.
‘What about, solemnly I swear that I am up to no good?’
The piece of parchment stayed as it was.
‘What about, I solemnly swear that I am up to no good?’
Then more writing appeared.

Took your time…



Messer Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs
 Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers


are proud to present



More lines of ink started forming all over the paper.

‘Wow,’ I breathed. I looked at my twin and saw the same look of surprise.

‘It’s amazing!’ Fred said with glee as he looked at me. ‘But who are Moony Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs?’

Neither of us could answer that one.


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