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In These Dark Times... by bri_5_stars
Chapter 2 : Astronomy
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 “Oi! Mackie wake up! The Astronomy final is in almost twenty minutes, you slept through the alarm again.”


A shrill voice shook through my dreams, and waking me from my valued slumber. Thud! A pillow landed on the bed right beside my head, if she had really been aiming for it then she is a quite poor shot. Hopefully she is better with a wand because she is going to need it.


“Pansy, I swear if you shriek one more time, I will be forced to hex you all the way to St. Mungos.” I growled into my own pillow. Despite the darkly lit room, and my face in a pillow, I picked the other pillow up flinging it at the back of her head. Hitting her square.


“Ouch, fine go ahead, miss the final, see how your family likes it.” She almost threatened, straightening out her short black bob of a haircut.


Like fixing it would make enough of a difference. She looks like a female troll on a good day. But like it or not she’s been my roommate and family friend since forever. She is the close to closest thing I have to a real friend which is saying a lot, I don’t so much have friends as followers. Like an unwanted posse following me around.


“I hardly think missing one final in seven years will make much of a difference. Now leave me be I need sleep.” I told her promptly through the comfy pillow.


Not more than five seconds later, I could feel something systematically poking the bottom of my foot in an irritating makeshift version of Chinese Water Torture. Boy, this girl really does know how to get on my nerves.


“Fine, if it will make you stop, I’m getting up.” I mumbled into the pillow, still not actually moving.


“I don’t believe you.” Pansy replied, flipping the covers completely off the bed, and then crossed her arms to wait.




Reluctantly, I sat up and rubbed my eyes trying to get the tired out. I took in the view of our hardly lit dorm we’d shared for the last seven years, at least here was comfortable. I could see that Pansy had already set out my uniform on top of the chest at the end of my bed.


“I’m fairly certain that I can do things on my own you know.” I said.


She really needs to stop touching my things is why. As much as she may like being little miss maid, I could do without. Pansy shook her head and leaned against a bed post to wait.

"But then it would take even longer, if we relied on your ability to get dressed in the dark." 

It was time to get dressed and obviously I wasn’t going to be allowed to take any sort of time. Quickly, I shed my warm pajamas and threw on the top and matching skirt of the uniform. I decided it was easier to just put my hair into a messy bun rather than trying to brush through the gold mess. I shrugged on the accompanying robe that was hanging from my bedpost.


Pansy nodded in agreement that I was sufficient enough to go to class then turned to walk out the door and down to the common room. I grabbed my wand from the bedside table, and then rushed down the stairs to meet her. When I got there she looked at me expectantly while tapping on her book bag. It clicked.


“Oh! My bag, I’ll be right back!” I turned to run back up the stairs but was stopped.


“I’ve got it, let’s go.” Pansy said.


She swung me around to face her, and handed me my old bag. I slung the strap over my shoulder, as we turned to leave the Common Room. We sprinted down the corridors, I passed her, finally approaching the spiral staircase that led up to the Astronomy tower. Taking a breath I looked behind me to see Pansy puffing toward the steps as though she were a portly bison. That might be a bit harsh, she's not fat, but she does look awkward at a run.


“Come on,” she breathed, as she jogged past, “Can’t be late.”


“Yeah, whatever.” I answered.


I shuffled up the endless stairs sleepily, following close behind Pansy. Soon enough we reached the landing. She pushed open the door to the roof of the tower. There were groups of students waiting around low tables. The teacher stood at the end of the balcony looking out at the sky with her back to the students. In the bright starlight we crept to our usual spot where Millicent was waiting.


“Thank you for bringing her Miss Parkinson, it seems you’ve finally decided to grace us with your presence Miss Astor.” A sharp voice spoke.


Apparently, we were late and Professor Sinestra has eyes in the back of her head. Shoot I thought we’d made it.


“No thanks to Mac.” Pansy said out of breath, glaring at me as set down her bag and slumped into her seat.


“I have no doubt that it was Clark who is at fault for the tardiness.” Sinestra snapped.


“Now, I believe we can begin. Everyone get out your quills, I shall pass out the star sheets to each group. I want accurate representations of tonights sky according to the assigned quadrants, along with predictions for the prominent signs.” This time speaking to the whole class loudly.


There was a collective groan as the class settled down in their seats, pulling out quills. Sinestra strode around the tables passing out large sections of parchment to each of the small groups. She’s actually letting us take our exams in groups. What a joke! Maybe she’s finally given up and admitted that she really does teach a useless class.


“You have until three am, any later and the sky will begin to change.” Sinestra finished and walked out the door of the tower. It figures that she’d leave us out here to stare aimlessly at the stars whilst she goes to take a nap.


“You realize its pointless to take this test right?” A male voice shouted after her, from the opposite side of the student filled balcony.


I stood up to defend her, why? I don’t know.


“Shove it, Malfoy. We all know that this class is bogus, though we are decent enough not to say it.” I shouted back.


“Who asked you, Astor?” he spat standing up as well now.


“Ye just did. Now sit down like a good little boy and take the test.”


The door creaked open again, “Yes, indeed why don’t the both of you take your seats?” Sinestra added, in a telling fashion more than a suggesting one.


This time she actually left letting the class figure it’s self out, because she was tired of the fussing. Stupid jerk, I swear if he’s going to do something like that again before we graduate I may kill him. Who am I kidding? He’s never going to stop. I can only hope that his job will often send him off to Romania like that older Weasley kid did. That could solve everything.


“Mac, hey Mac do you remember which constellation that one is?” Millicent asked pointing at a group of stars in the sky.


“Really, Millicent? It’s Cassiopeia.” I answered glaring at her, that was an easy one.


“I…I knew that of course,” she said trying to cover herself, “I was just making sure that you were being a part of the group.” But filled in on the parchment that it was Cassiopeia.


“Sure you were.”


“Quit it Princess. The quicker we fill this out the sooner we get to go back to sleep.” Pansy snapped, and hushing the bickering.


“Alright, alright, don’t have a fit. Now give it here.” I told her.


Millicent shifted the test around to face me. I took fifteen minutes to fill out the rest of the stars and constellations in our quadrant, that the dunces had overlooked. Pansy took a turn and figured out horoscope predictions based on the few constellations we were given.


“So how are you so sure that they are all correct?” Millicent questioned, her nose scrunched up as she looked over the ink covered parchment.


“This is literally the easiest class ever. All you have to do is look up.” I told her.


Both she and Pansy looked up not sure what to look at.


Shaking my head, I pointed upwards, “The stars, Idiots.”


“Duh, I knew that.” Pansy said unfazed, as she searched the balcony looking over groups of students. Her eyes finally came to rest on a blonde head across the way, and sighed.


“He’s not going to look at you.” Millicent said, distracting Pansy from her target.


“Come on let’s leave.” I stated, gathering the large parchment and ushered the both of them toward the door before they could start anything.


We passed through the door, then turned into Professor Sinestra’s office to give her the exam which she reluctantly accepted for grading, after snorting herself awake. We were finally free and clear of  classmates and the teacher. Once we reached the bottom of the staircase, Pansy decided it was yet again time to argue with Moody Millie over her relationship with Malfoy.


 “Millicent! That is completely unfair, we’ve been on and off all throughout Hogwarts. He’s looked at me more than he has any other girl.” Pansy exclaimed.


We walked hurriedly through the drafty stone hallways of the castle, back to our own Common Room. Millicent scoffed at Pansy’s statement, and brushed the thick curls out of her face.


“That’s a laugh. It’s more off than it’s ever been on. And he'd certainly rather be with many other girls than you. Probably because you are always hanging off of him.” She went about imitating what Pansy looked like whenever she was by Malfoy; using me to grab onto while feigning a hopeless romantic.

Oi, a hopeless romantic I am not. I shoved Millie off, they needed to quit it.

“In fairness, Pansy it is no secret that you are desperately in love with him in the most annoying fashion. But Millie, I am going to go ahead and say it, you are jealous mostly because he’s actually given her the time of day before.” I told them, meaning it literally.


“She is right.” Pansy laughed, separating herself from starting a catfight.


“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I remember,” Millicent agreed, when we looked at her accusingly, “But seriously who wouldn’t want him?”


“Me, I can not stand the prick,” I rose my hand slightly.


“We know you can’t stand him, but you can’t deny that he is so hot.” Pansy giggled, bringing her hand to her forehead to check the temperature.


“Fine, I’ll admit that he has some handsome qualities. Though they are all mighty overshadowed by the fact that he is a spoiled, user, ass. DEMENTOR.” I almost shouted the password to the common room as we came to the statue.  


“Oh, his ass it’s so cute.” Millicent cooed.

"Find someone else to swoon over. I doubt he'd be available to any of you when it comes to settling down anyway." I told her.


Ugh, what is it with these girls and fawning over him for the last seven years. You’d think they might realize he only uses them until he gets what he wants then moves on. They don’t actually mean anything to him other than a good shag, and Pansy has put up with all of it the poor thing. Only one of them will actually end up marrying him, unless he is somehow allowed to have a harem of wives like he has girls here. He must think he is a king or something.


“Well you do know,” Pansy began as we crossed the room toward the girls dorm, “ We are a going to find out who are betrothed will be soon after school ends. Even you Mackie.”


Oh, how I hate the talk of marriage. It’s like she could read my mind and just needed to bring up the topic.


“Yes, I mean Charlotte has already been engaged for close to a year now. It can’t be that bad.” Millicent agreed.


 “Well, my dearest sister has barely even seen Mr. Flint, her ‘betrothed’ since they were promised to each other. Though seeings as she is rather devoid of intelligence I doubt she would mind being just a housewife. So we are not in the same boat. Besides, I haven’t spent the majority of my life her to be set aside as a just a wife. I want to make something of myself.” I said tucking my self back into the bed, and rolling over. Taking myself out of the equation. 

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