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Lost Potters 1: Through thick and thin by HP lookalike
Chapter 22 : War on the Quidditch pitch
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Three hours, a lot of shouting and twenty less points for Gryffindor, Hope and Amelia were finally free. At first McGonagall had hit them like a ton of bricks. She had tried to ascertain what had happened. The pair had told her the truth but once the Slytherins were awake, they lied through their teeth, blaming the whole thing on the girls. Eventually McGonagall had used Veritaserum to find out who was lying. Once she had discovered the truth, the four Slytherins had each been given triple detention and lost fifty points each. Whilst McGonagall accepted the girls weren’t necessarily in the wrong, she couldn’t condone fighting for any reason so she still had to take points off Amelia and Hope. Hayley, meanwhile was out the hospital wing in no time. James had to admit it was ironic that Hayley had had Sectumsempra used on her and was less than sympathetic. Lily, however was quiet and sullen on the incident. She had bailed on her friends, left them to fight the Slytherins alone. Jake was furious and this time it was Sirius’ turn to calm him down as he tried to go and fight Dolohov in revenge. He was just glad Hayley was okay in the end but it didn’t make things easier for him. Dumbledore made a speak at dinner about fighting in the corridors and how it wouldn’t be tolerated but that didn’t stop tensions from rising. The Slytherins were angry they’d lost and been found out by McGonagall and were already planning their revenge.


Hope and Amelia were sitting alone in their dorm. Lily was with James and Hayley with Jake. Hope was surprised Amelia wasn’t with Sirius. In truth, she hadn’t really been able to talk to him much after she found out about her pregnancy. She couldn’t tell him. She didn’t know why but she couldn’t.


“Thank you,” Hope said.


“It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Amelia replied, trying not to sound too friendly.



Amy…why did you help me?” Hope asked delicately, trying to avoid looking straight at her.

After a few moments, Amelia found herself answering.


“Because I’m a better person than you are! And even though it would’ve been easy and probably better if I’d left you there like you deserved, I couldn’t. I know you don’t like me and I damn well don’t like you, but I’d rather you understood what it means to be a good person rather than let you suffer at the hands of those monsters!”


“I’m sorry,” Hope whispered. “For everything. I should never have let my jealousy and my anger go so far and I’m really, really sorry for what I’ve done to you!”

 "I don't care.” Amelia replied. It wasn’t a venomous reply but it was cold as ice. “I believe you, I know that you’re sorry but that changes nothing. You’ve been the worst thing about my time at Hogwarts and you can’t expect me to forgive all that. I don’t hate you Hope but in many ways I pity you. And if you’re finally deciding to be a good person for once in your life then congratulations, but don’t expect me to be jumping through hoops with delight. Find Lily, maybe she’s willing to forgive you.”

 And that was the first step between the pair towards friendship…


Hayley was back in Quidditch training within the week, which was good, because James was working his team extra hard. Having beaten Ravenclaw so narrowly, they needed to beat Slytherin to put themselves in pole position for the title. Luckily his team were flying the best they had in a long time. But that wasn’t what he was worried about. 


“You thought the Ravenclaw match was dirty, you haven’t seen anything yet!” he muttered to Sirius, who wholeheartedly agreed.


Quidditch fever began to grip the school as the weeks counted down towards the big match. Even Jake was starting to get into it, helping the three chasers with late night sessions and taking turns on Hayley’s broom. One problem for Amelia was that Jake was pestering her about her pregnancy. He pestered her to tell Sirius, pestered her to quit the team but she was refusing to indulge in his requests. Despite his best efforts, she was starting to suffer a couple of side-effects and even though to the outside world she was no different, her body was beginning to trip her up on occasion. Jake was the only one who noticed and was determined to get her out of the match against Slytherin. He wasn’t the only one. Half of Slytherin house was out to get the Gryffindor team and she found herself being saved from a nasty trap by either Sirius, who was becoming more protective as the match neared, or Jake, who was spending his entire life it seemed keeping an eye on either her or Hayley.


The only person who had it worse was James. He was a huge target as the fate of the team rested with him. However, with only a week to go to the big game, Gryffindor found themselves a man down. Sirius. In a very unsubtle move, a group of Slytherins shoved him out a third floor window (it took a group because all but one ended up in the hospital wing with him), meaning there was no chance of him playing. Hope stepped up and so did Dumbledore and McGonagall. Not to mention James. The two teachers banned the two houses from going anywhere near each other and teachers were patrolling the corridors monitoring behaviour. They need no have bothered. James made sure his entire team were protected by a group of students and other than a couple of broken Slytherin jaws inflicted by Karen, there was no fraternising between the two sets of teams.






The match day arrived and the two teams were nervous. After checking on their friends in the team dressing room and being shooed away by James, Jake, Remus, Sirius and Lily took their places in the stands. They were joined by Emma, who dragged Remus into the row in front of the three so they could concentrate on snogging. Jake and Sirius shared a look of worry, both of their girlfriends were about to be thrown into a war zone.


And a war zone it was. The match got underway and both teams went for the kill. Bludgers were flying in all directions and Cole and Frank were kept busy. Worse than the bludgers were the Slytherin chasers: Avery, Nott and Rosier. They were all much taller than 6 foot, towering over the diminutive Gryffindor girls and more often than not used themselves as human bludgers. Bone crunching tackles ensued and all three girls spent more time on the floor than in the air. Fortunately, not enough time to let Slytherin take the advantage. James’ task was clear. Catch the snitch before Slytherin murdered his team. That was before James himself became a target. Lucius Malfoy point-blank refused to leave him alone and Crabbe and Goyle the beaters were firing all their bludgers at him. Down on chaser level, Hope was showing why she should’ve been in the team from the start, managing to avoid Avery and Rosier before slotting the Quaffle past keeper Dolohov to make it 10-0. Seconds later, she found herself crashing head-first into the Ravenclaw stand as Rosier shot the back of her broom with a neat little jinx. Penalty. 20-0. 


Amelia had taken some knocks in the Ravenclaw game but this was something else. Everywhere she looked, carnage. Karen couldn’t keep Slytherin at bay for long and by the time Hope was back in the game Gryffindor were 70-30 down. That wasn’t the real problem. The problem was James. Three times he’d seen the snitch and each time Malfoy had performed an extraordinary manoeuvre to stop him getting it. The third time proved to be the final straw. Malfoy got close enough to lean across his broom and knee James in the balls. James roared with pain and swung angrily. His fist connected with Malfoy’s face and Malfoy was out like a light, crumpling as he crashed to the floor. 




James was getting detention when the game was over but he didn’t care. Right now Slytherin had no seeker and James had a free license. He glanced down and knew something was wrong. The crowds had stopped cheering. Something was very wrong.


The game below had stopped. Madam Hooch had had to break up the two teams who had both resorted to dirty tactics. This had had mixed success. On the one hand, Goyle was unlikely to continue the match. On the other, Amelia had no chance of finishing. It had taken all of Lily’s strength and magic to prevent Jake and Sirius from breaking Goyle’s neck themselves. He had sent  a bludger straight at Amelia, one that collided with her chest, before knocking her over the head with his bat. The height she had fell added to the pain and she was bleeding like crazy as she was taken to the hospital wing. Karen had responded by punching Goyle straight in the head, causing his head to snap back. He too was in the hospital wing. The game had descended into farce and whilst all this was happening James had only one thing on his mind: the snitch. It took several seconds for anyone to realise he was going into a dive and Hayley barrelled Crabbe to the ground to stop him from cursing James. It was all over. James had the snitch in his hand and Gryffindor had won. There was nothing Slytherin could do.


 Amelia woke, her vision was marred by red. She blinked the blood away and focused on the grinning face in front of her, coupled with a pair of worried ones.


“I got the snitch Amy! We won!” James told her.  


“What happened to me?” she groaned in reply.


“Goyle knocked you out, you’ll be fine,” Jake informed her, Sirius by his side still barely able to stand but with a pale, worried look still on his face.


“Why is it that we can’t go one week without one of us ending up in here?” Amelia muttered.


“You mean without YOU ending up in here!” James retorted. Amy would’ve hit him but she didn’t have the energy. 




Hayley was silent. And scared. More than scared, horrified. So when Jake asked her what was wrong the second he saw her she hated him. She hated him for knowing immediately how bad she felt and that the way he held her made her need to tell him everything.

 "Jake, you need to know something. And there’s no easy way to say this.”


“Hayley, anything that’s wrong with you or us, we’ll get through it. I promise.”


Damn Jake. She knew she had to tell him but if it wasn’t for his cute sense of kindness and the way he made her feel she would never have squeezed the next words out.

 "I’m pregnant.”

 "She’s WHAT?”

 Amelia’s first reaction was to laugh despite herself. She and Jake were outside near the lake, alone in the sunshine.

"It's not exactly funny Amy!” Jake exasperated. 


“What the fuck have you been doing? How could you be so careless?” Amelia replied in a perfect impression of her best friend. 

 "Look I know okay. But this is serious Amy! I mean what the hell is James going to say?” 

“James is all you’re worried about?” Amelia asked, mildly amused.


“Of course not! I mean what are her parents going to do, what the hell is my mum going to say? And how are we supposed to raise a kid?”






“Welcome to my world!” Amelia murmured. “I haven’t even told him yet.”


“Why not?” Jake exclaimed.

 “How can I? He’s so…Sirius! He’ll take it like a ton of bricks. At least you and Hayley are the parenting kind, me and Sirius…we’re bound to make a mess of this!” Amelia sounded pained.

 "You have to tell him Amy. You just have to!” 


“And if I don’t?” Amelia retorted, a threatening edge to her voice.


“I’m not going to say anything to him Amy,” Jake replied tenderly, pulling her into a hug.


“Shouldn’t you be with Hayley right now?” Amelia said bitterly.

 “We spent four hours discussing what the hell we were going to do about this baby Amy, I think she won’t mind spending some time to herself for a few minutes.”


Amelia didn’t have a reply. Instead she just lie back, allowing the sun to envelop her and her best friend to hold her.


 A/N: Yep, double pregnancy. Plus the dirtiest Quidditch match i'll probably ever write. I hope you enjoy the chapter guys. We're steaming along with views but lagging in the review department. Our story is sadly, nearing its end, there's only another 6 chapters left now :'(. However, the Lost Potters will persevere and Book 2 is not only complete but ready to go. Although in fairness it's a lot shorter than this one. :) HP

P.S: I know this chapter is a mess and I'm sorry but I have very little idea what's going on with the new spacing rules so my apologies in advance :/



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