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Little Black Books by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Hide Me
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Disclaimer; Sadly, Other than Anna Russe and fragments of the plot I really don’t own anything. In fact all this amazing stuff was created by J.K Rowling, but I’m sure you know that.


Rolling her head slightly to the side, Anna groaned as her eyes caught on the stars above. She checked the watch on her wrist which told her it was just after midnight and she groaned again. She had completely missed dinner and supper and she was sure people at the other end of the train could have heard her stomach rumbling.


Hoping that the train had twenty four/seven service, she stood up and slid open her compartment door before stepping into the completely deserted, slightly lit corridor of the train. The door slid shut behind her and she started her trek down the seemingly never ending corridor.


Anna quickly regretted not bringing along a jacket, it turned out her plain white tank top wasn’t enough to keep her warm. She shivered slightly, ran her hands up and down her arms in order to get rid of the Goosebumps. She thought about turning back but her stomach gave another grumble and she continued on.


After what seemed like hours for her stomach, Anna came across the ‘restaurant’. It was an average sized carriage with multiple sets of tables and chairs, just like the ones in the normal carriages, spread across the space. The carriage was occupied by one other person, a tall male with short brown hair who looked like he was ready to fall asleep but his eyes lighten at the sight of Anna.


“Hello. What can I get you?” He asked, standing up from his seat by the window.


“A cup of coffee and two slices of toast would be lovely” Anna smiled, sliding into a seat in the middle of the room.


“Of course” He smiled back, slipping through a wooden door. Anna turned to see out the window, due to the fact it was past midnight and therefore pitch black she couldn’t see anything but continued to look anyway. A few minutes passed before the waiter slipped back through the door with Anna’s coffee and toast. “Here you go Miss”


“Thank you” Anna smiled again, He nodded before sliding back through the door and leaving Anna in silence. With a sigh she took a small bite from her toast and a sip of her coffee, her mind re-filling with thoughts of Charlie. When she’d finished her food and drink, she neatly placed her cup onto of the plate and left the carriage with a slight frown on her face.


When she was back in the comfort of her own carriage, she picked up the black book again and slid under the warm covers of her bed. She flipped open to where she had finished reading; according to the dare above the entry Charlie had written it a week after their first meeting.


That girl, Anna. I was right; she’s certainly an odd one. Punched out a guy named David today, just because he said she’s was ‘hot’. Poor guy.


Anna snorted, her eyes still fixated on Charlie’s messy scrawl. Without even realising what she was doing she pulled out some spare parchment as well as an old and battered quill and some drink that she had stuffed in her almost overflowing trunk at the last minute. She crossed her legs as she sat on the edge of her bed, and scribbled down a little note for Charlie.


I love you. I’m sorry I had to leave; I promise I’ll come back as soon as the war is over. I love you Charlie.

-x- Anna


Anna threw the quill back into her trunk and folded up the letter, tying it to the owl her mother had sent her in case she needed to owl anyone in London while on the train. Anna had never felt so lucky to have an owl before this moment; she gave the owl a little treat before telling it to find Charlie Weasley to which it tweeted and flew out the open carriage window. For the small amount of time that she could see the owl, she watched it with a big smile on her face. Once it was gone, She turned back to her bed and crawled under her covers again before opening her book and again and continuing to read along.


Authors Note; So far I have really enjoyed writing about Anna, which is why this chapter was up so quickly. I’m really hoping on getting another chapter up before Christmas but I’d also like to get up my Christmas themed chapter of TTWAS, which for any of you who read that should know that it still seems to be quite a far way away from that at the moment. So yeah, all depends on TTWAS. Anyhow, I’d really love to hear what you guys all think about this chapter so let me know with a lovely review! Thanks guys.

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Little Black Books: Hide Me


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