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Tantalizing Affairs by Miranda Lupin
Chapter 9 : The End has no End
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One by one, ticking time bombs won
It's not the secret of the government
That;s keeping you dumb
Oh, it's the other way around - wait...

            The summer is over; I spend it mostly in Casablanca, great city. It’s my seventh year, last year of Hogwarts. I’ve missed Rose, so much, but won’t let her know that, Demetrius (whom spent his summer in Cyprus)), told me not to let my guard down and appear hard-core. I cut my hair, but not too short, and thanks to Morocco I gained highlights and a tan.

            It was an hour before the train left, and I was sitting in the Leaky cauldron, waiting for Dem to arrive, slick git, always taking his sweet ol’ time. Speak of the devil; Dem waltzed in with Demi on his arm. He was sporting a leather jacket, and black slacks, his hair now reached his collarbone, straight not wavy, and black aviator shades masked his green eyes, he wore a cocky smirk as if he was a model for Wizard Weekly. Demi also looked brand new, her hair was now straight and was cut medium, perfectly trimmed, she gained highlights to her chestnut hair, and she was now as tall as Dem and wee bit darker.

            “Well if it aint the gruesome twosome.”

            Demi squealed, grinned and ran into my arms. I laughed swinging her all over the place.

            “Merlin’s beard looks at you! SO much taller, and the hair!”

            She jumped down.

            “You like?” She flirted.

            I chuckled and nodded.

            Dem laughed and gave me a man hug.

            “Well Mr. Fancy pants, have a new girl?”

            “Every week.” He laughed.


            Just then Piper ran in, she now had a bob, which fit her nicely. She was in Paris for the summer. She squealed and hugged Demi, but stopped to stare at Dem.

            “Hey, Dem.” She flashed her perfect teeth.

            Dem blushed, losing his ‘cool’ image, blushed and scratched his head.

            “Hello Piper.”

            She walked closer to him.

            “You’re hairs so much longer than mine now.”

            She ran her delicate fingers through his raven hair, his face was completely red.

            “Yeah, I really like the bob, you look like…wow.”

            “Great choice with words.” Smirked Demi.

            “Shut it, Demetria!”

            The gang is back, one last time.



            Walking alone in London, breathing in the wonderful English air. I’ve missed the cockney accents while in Romania. I was helping Charlie out with dragons, because I want to become a magical zoologist. It was pretty awesome and fun and I learned Romanian. I also gained a souvenir, Charlie’s current girlfriend Rogue, gave me a tattoo, a tramp stamp, of a Hungarian horntail, dad is going to bitch! Oh well, I’m of age. Besides my tattoo, my appearance changed otherwise. I grew out my bangs, my hair reached only up to my chest, and instead of 5’7, I am now 5’9, sweet I grew! Now taller than my own mama!

            Dom asked me to meet her and Victoire, at Victoire’s new flat with Teddy. They’re all grown up! Teddy is training to be an auror along with James, Uncle Harry is guiding them. Victoire is finding her way, working as a waitress as a bartender, or as she likes to be called, a ’mixologist’, at a bar in Trivulga Square. Finally, I was at flat, before I could knock I was greeted by Dominique.

            “AH! You’re here! Vic, its RoRo!”

            I hated it when she called me that. Dom was of course still taller than me, her hair was longer and a bit messier, and she had thick eyeliner on, and a tan. Dom has been spending her summer with get this…pirates. She’s been sailing the seven seas with pirates, hat and all, battles and fluff! She even battled with swords, has a scar on her shoulders eh explained this to me in letters. Dom enveloped me in a tight hug, and dragged me in.

            Victoire came out grasping her stomach, looking nauseous.

            “Uh, what’s wrong with Vic?” I asked.

            “Don’t worry about me Rosie; it’s been happening a lot.”

            That’s not good.

            “So Rose how was Romania?”

            I turned around and lifted up my shirt.

            “Merlin’s beard you got a tattoo!”

            I laughed and nod. Victoire lifted up her shirt to reveal a skull with cross bones on her stomach.

            “Wow, your really are a pirate!”

            She nodded.

            “Ready fro Hogwarts?”

            “You know it…prefect.”

            That’s right, I Rose Weasley am a Gryffindor prefect.


            We ran to Victoire, her azure eyes larger than the moon.

            “I’m pregnant.”

            Shit monkey.



            The four of us boarded onto the Hogwarts express, I put my luggage on the shelf, and walked off to the Gryffindor compartments, looking fro Rose. On my way, I bumped into Albus Potter, who needed a haircut.

            “Hey Al.”

            “S’up, Scorp, have you seen Alice?”

            “If you’re referring to Longbottom, no, but where’s your cousin, Rose?”

            “Talking to Hades.”

            Shit! Not McNair! I ran to find, Hades next to a very new and hot Rose, who was laughing hysterically, Hades had his arm around and was looking down her shirt.

            “What the fuck McNair?”

            Hades looked up, his hair covering his eyes.

            “Oh, hey Scorp, how was Casablanca, meet any hot African birds?”

            “No, because I have an English Rose, which does not belong to the Lord of the Dead!”

            “Oh Score, come yourself, Hades was juts telling Dom and I about his hilarious stories in India.”

            I narrowed my eyes.

            “Hades, move!”

            Hades smiled faltered to a frown and he retreated next to Dom.

            “Great look Rose.”

            She smiled, and kissed me on the lips.

            “Cheers, you too, nice tan.”

            “Don’t forget the highlights.”

            “Don’t be greedy you git.” She giggled.

            I threw my arm around her.

            “How was Romania?”

“Adventurous, we mainly staid in Transylvania and Bucharest, oh I’m fluent in Romanian.”


            She nodded.

            “Te iubesc.”

            “What does that mean?”

            “I love you.”

            “Oh Rose that’s so mushy!”

            “Hey just because you spend your summer sailing with Pirates, doesn’t mean you forget feelings Dom!”

            “Wait, you were with pirates?”

            Never expect a Veela to be hanging with pirates.

            “Yeah, but anyways Rose, besides dragon hunting, what else did you do?”

            “Hanging with Charlie and Rogue, clubbing, partying, hanging with vampires, werewolves, you know the cas.”

            “Any blokes trying to shag you?” I asked suspiciously.

            “Of course, but my heart belongs to a cold pure-blood.”

            She kissed me and Hades laughed.

            “I missed people who speak English.” He said.

            “I’m right there with you.”  I agreed



            As soon as I walked through those doors, I was the happiest witch in the world. I breathed in the welcoming aroma of Hogwarts, drinking it all in. A tear escaped when I realized this was my last year.


            I wiped the tear, and turned around to see the owner of the voice. It was Frank Longbottom.

            “Hey Frank, how was your summer?”

            “Uneventful, Alice and I spent it with my grandmother.” He chuckled.

            I laughed a little.

            “You look different.” He noted.

            “Yeah well, it’s Romania.”

            We both nodded for a while.

            “Oh yeah, McGonagall wants us both at her office.”


            “I’m head boy, you’re head girl.”


            He nodded and chuckled.

            “Well, lets get a move on, yeah?”

            I nodded and together we went to McGonagall’s office. We were greeted by the previous headmasters including good ol’ Dumbledore. Frank and is at down and greeted by Headmaster, she explained all of our duties of Had Boy and Girl, and instructed us where to go to our Prefect dorms. On our way I ran into Scorpius and Demetria. Demetria isn’t that bad, she’s kind of cool, and has a great new look.

            “Hey Score, Demi.”

            She smiled, and Scorpius kissed me on the cheek.

            “Hey Rose, Frank, where you two heading?”

            “Well, we’re head boy and girl, and want to check out the dorms before dinner.”

            My last year, I can’t believe after this year, I’m never coming back…ever.

            Where the bloody hell are my bloody shoes? My black suede, over the knee platform boots?! I love those boots, they’re my favorite boots, and I’m late for work! I’m supposed to be leaving to go to Romania, and interview Uncle Charlie about dragons! It’s my job as Department of magical Creatures, and it will receive a raise!

            My eyes flickered at my window, which had my boots on the sill. My eyes lit up and I ran up to the shoes clutching them close to my chest.

            “Thank Merlin! I thought I lost you!”

            Yes, I talk to inanimate objects, don’t judge!

            I slipped on my boots, grabbed my purse and wand, and headed out of my London apartment. I saw a little boy talk animatedly with his mother about Hogwarts. The sound of the word brings me back, it’s been two years since I’ve walked through those castle doors, and there’s not day goes by that I don’t reminisce about my wonderful years there. After all, it is where I met my boyfriend Scorpius. We’re back together again, we broke up at the end of seventh year, and a month ago he confessed how stupid he was and I as well, and well we’re together again.

            I snapped out of the past, and walked through the Leaky Cauldron, greeting everyone kindly, I was scanning the room for someone. A man from the Ministry wanted to meet me here, and I have a half an hour until I have to leave for Romania, and being Rose Weasley, I was never late.

            “Looking for me Miss Weasley?”

            The voice was like velvet, but husky, but soft, and had the accent of an aristocrat. It was also way too familiar, and I used the brains I inherited form my mother to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I rolled my eyes and chuckled quietly.

            “Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, I officially hate you!”

            He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulling me in close. He smelled so damn wonderful, and his breath sent chills up my spine. I turned around to look at my boyfriend, whose hair has become longer, and whose height has expanded. He grinned at me and I at him.

            “Alright you twat, why is it that you brought me down here when I’m suppose to be getting ready to go off to Romania?”

            Scorpius is an Auror, so he works at random times, and since there hasn’t been much of any Dark Wizards lately, he’s been having a lot of free time. Scorpius brought me over to a corner of the pub, probably for a snog. Or not. He was now on one knee. Oh bloody hell and all that’s good! He’s not doing what I think he’s doing?  Merlin’s beard! What is he getting from his bloody pocket? He pulls out a black box, and opens it to reveal an obnoxious size diamond ring.

            “Oh Merlin’s saggy-“

            But I couldn’t finish my sentence, for I was hyperventilating.

            “Rose! I need you to stop hyperventilating, it’s not going to help me, I’m freaking at the moment!”

            I finally caught my breath.

            “And I’m not?” I snapped.

            “Rose, please no fighting!”

            I glared at him for what seemed like hours, but was only ten minutes. I nodded slowly, and Scorpius took in a deep breath.

            “To think, not too long ago, you hated me. And now here we are, I’m down on one knee with a ring in my hand, looking at you, Rose Weasley, the most beautiful woman in the entire universe.”

            I felt a tear roll down my cheek. Scorpius cleared his throat.

            “Rose Weasley, will you be my wife?”

            I burst into tears right there. Scorpius stood up looking at me confused and concerned.

            “Rosie, are you all-“

            I smacked upside the head.

            “What the bloody-“

            “Get back down on one knee you tosser!” I Screamed.

            Scorpius laughed, and had the ring outstretched toward you. I wiped away all my tears and smiled.

            “Do I have to put the ring on myself?” I asked laughing.

            “My aren’t we snobby, having me work for you!”

            I smacked him in the head again. He laughed and yelped, sliding the ring onto my finger. He stood up and wrapped me in his arms. We were now snogging insanely, ignoring all of the cheering around us. We broke apart, and he looked at me with those beautiful silver pupils, and he smiled.

            “I love you Rose, you and no other forever.”

            “Now that’s what Mrs. Rose Malfoy, likes to hear.”

The end has no end the end has no end

The End


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