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Someones gotta give by The Colorful Dragon
Chapter 19 : Drew Finnegan's Guide To The Top Ten Things you Never Ask A Girl
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      “Just kill me now.” I moaned at my reflection in the mirror.


      “You look smashing.” Dom’s mirror replied to me.


      “Oh shut up.”


      “Listen to the mirror Keri.” Dom was loosely curling her hair. “You look banging.” Victoire rolled her eyes as Dom beamed at her own refection. I couldn’t tell if she was referring to me or her. I suppressed an eye roll messing around with my hair. This was like Hogwarts dances all over again. I never know what to do with myself. It’s depressive. “I don't even want to go…will you cover for me? Say I got the flu? I know how to make myself look sick, I did it once back in the first grade when my mum told me that I had to go to school for the second day.”


      “Oh grow up Keri!” What irony this is coming from Dom Weasley. “You can’t avoid things like this forever can you?”


      “Yes, actually, I can.”


      “What a way to be Kiersten, what a way to be.” Victoire said applying eyeliner. She didn’t even need it, her and Dom don't have to wear make up. “Now may I?” She had come up behind me and was asking for permission to do my hair. I felt a strong urge to say no, but instead I just nodded helplessly sitting down so that I could be shorter then her. “Now, do you want it straight or curly?”


      “She doesn’t care,” Dom answered for me. “Just do it extra straight with her bangs held back.” I tried to protest. “Oh shut up Keri, you know you don't.”


      “Do what she said.” I mumbled pulling my dress up. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing that quite a lot tonight. What out of body experience came over me and told me to buy this dress? “You burned my ear!” I screeched. Victoire ignored me and kept on going until the entire head was done. “I look like a toothpick now.”


      “You’ve always looked like a toothpick.” I glared at Dom who was slipping on her shoes. “It’s true, you’ll never have to worry about getting fat or anything. Your life rocks.”


      “Okay,” Victoire was in front of my face now concentrating on my bangs. She really is flawless. It’s not freaking fair. But then again if I was as pretty as Vic I would probably hate it with a passion. She seems to be the exact opposite. “Your all done now! Look in the mirror!” I looked hesitantly. I had an uncanny feeling that it wouldn’t be good.


      Okay, so it wasn’t that bad I guess, but still I didn’t really look like me! I had too much makeup on and I looked too much like one of those girls who try to look amazing. “So…” Vic said tapping her foot impatiently.


      “It’s alright I guess.” She beamed and clapped her hands as Dom tried to make the Jesus cross on her chest but did it backwards, classic.


      We left the room messy with the make up and heating appliances still out. Luckily no one thinks to look in the Weasley household. Well…truthfully? No one really cares. I sat down in the chair in her family room as Missy bounded in. He got so excited that he started to pee again on the carpet. I didn’t even bother to call for Dom, Missy’s bladder is an unstoppable force that no human can control. But you try telling Dominique Weasley that.


      “Aw Missy!” Dom screeched. She looked so helpless grabbing her little puppy under it’s arms and running it outside without getting it on her dress. I sighed getting up to help her open the sliding glass door. She threw Missy outside and then ran back in passing me.


      “What are you doing? Do you want her to run away?” I asked Dom looking out to see that Missy was now trying to catch snowflakes with her tail. It wasn’t working. Dom came running back out with the armchair shoving it outside. I stood back abruptly as she hoisted it into the snow.


      “You see this Missy? Now that the insides outside will you freaking piss?” But no, Missy didn’t have to piss anymore. He was just content with sitting there with his legs spread out for the world to see. “Well c’mon, let’s go inside and see if we can take a shit then shall we?”


      I snorted as Missy bounded inside getting snow all over the carpet. “Are you going to get the chair?” I asked her questionably. Dom pondered this for a moment before shrugging.


      “Nah, just leave it there. They’ll find it eventually.” She dusted some snow out of her hair before smiling up in front of her. “Why hello Lou! Don't you look ravishingly gorgeous tonight!” I turned around to an uncomfortable looking Louise who was in a suit and tie. His hair was flat and all pretty looking.


      “Shut it Dom.” He mumbled going to sit in the chair that was currently outside. He looked around for a moment before shrugging and sitting on the carpet next to the tree which they still had up. Dom says Fleur likes to leave it there until around the end of January.


      “I’m just complimenting you…” Dom scoffed throwing a chew  toy for Missy. “And when are we leaving? I’m starving and I want to see my Drewypoo.” I smirked as Louis rolled his eyes. “Oh be quiet! He was in France for the entire break! I haven't seen him in almost two weeks!”


      “But you said that you guys weren’t even officially going out.” Louis said.


      “Well I don't know what we are…but we do things that would suggest we’re going out.” Louis turned a shade of green and I just shook my head. There is not a person in the world like Dommy.


      “Well…” Victoire said pausing for dramatic effect. “How do I look?!”


      “Just utterly banging.”




      “Amazing as hell.”


      These answers seemed to satisfy her as she went to sit in the chair that wasn’t there. She looked around for a moment before sighing in an annoyed manner and taking a seat across the room on the couch. “Why does mum always take five fucking years to put her damn dress and makeup on?”


      “Watch your mouze Dominique!” Fleur said smacking Dom with a magazine on the shoulder. “I do not apreeciate daughteers who talk like zat.” Dom mimicked her when she turned to Vic. “Ah Victoire, you reely do fit zis dress vell.” Dom stuck her tongue out at Victoire who smiled widely in response.  “Ve will go wen ur fazer es ready.”


      “Why are you home Tori?” Louis asked her. Victoire lives with Teddy in a flat in downtown London. It’s very glamorous.


      “Well Teddy was going to help the Potter’s get ready and I didn’t want to be all alone. And besides…Dom needed me to help her get ready.”


      “Did not! I’m perfectly capable of dressing myself nowadays thanks so much!”


      “Vere es de chair?” Fleur looked around for a moment before shrugging and sitting next to Vic on the couch. Dom just pretended not to notice. Maybe she really didn’t notice.


      “How are we getting there?” Louis asked.


      “Apparation.” Fleur answered. “You and Keersten will be along Dominique and your fazer.”


      “Yes! Keri, I’m such an amazing apparate partner!” Dom was standing and clapping for joy. Oh god help me…





      Twenty minutes later I was standing outside of Potter Manor’s gate, alive. I feel that this is a reason to be rejoicing.


      “The lines already like a mile long.” Louis whined looking at the groups of people in front of us.


      “How many come to this thing?” I asked hoisting up my dress yet again.


      “About a hundred and fifty to two hundred.” I stumbled a little bit.


      “Are you serious?”


      “The Potter’s know how to throw a party.” Victoire said shuffling her feat in the cold. “This is like the event of the year. It’s all anyone could talk about in work this week.” Victoire works in the magical relations office. She’s actually pretty high up in the French relations section.


      “I wish I could be as tall as you Keri, then I could just be a model and not have to worry about work.” Dom sighed as if her life was so hard. Forget the starving children in Africa and the people being beheaded in Mexico.


      “Trust me,” I said as we made our way to the people in the front who were checking names off on the list. “You don't want to be this tall.”


      “We’re the Weasleys,” Mr. Weasley said going to the front. “Bill, Fleur, Victoire, Dominique, and Louis. And then this is Kiersten McCabe.” A lady flipped through her list frantically looking down at the long list of Weasley’s and checking off their names. She then flipped to the M’s and scrolled down to McCabe.


      “Go in those doors and turn—well, I’m sure you know where to go.” She said smiling weakly at all of us who were already making our way inside.


      “Why do we even have to wait in that line? We’re family.” Louis mumbled to me. I realized that without my inch heels he would probably be only be about an inch shorter then me. This made me happy.


      “We are not any more spezal zen anyone else Louis.” Fleur said sternly looking at her reflection in the door as Bill opened it. When we went in I couldn’t really believe it. Sure, I always knew that Potter had money, but really…


      The entrance hall was huge, with a long three story twirling mahogany staircase leading to the upstairs. The walls were a golden color with designs imprinted in it. I really couldn’t help but gasp as we started to walk left down a large hallway. Dom smirked at me.


      “Well what did you expect? Them to live in a shoebox?” She said nudging me in the hip.


      “Potter never said…”


      “Well of course he didn’t! If he had he would have looked like the worlds biggest prat!”


      We continued straight until we reached a huge room that was already about halfway full. It was even bigger then the entrance hall. The ceiling was all glass so you could see the snow that was falling, but it didn’t seem to land. “didn’t they totally steal this from Hogwarts?” Victoire asked me rolling her eyes. “Uncle Harry just loves Hogwarts so much that he had to bring it home with him. They have a whole room of just Gryffindor stuff downstairs.”


      “This is amazing.” I said still a little shocked. I looked around for familiar faces. Fred was at the buffet loading all of these appetizers onto his plate, he’s starting out early I guess? I saw a third year from hufflepuff shyly looking around. I think her name is Penelope or something like that? All of the Dodson’s were here, Tate Dodson had graduated three years ago, but he had been my first Quiddich captain. He had another younger brother Trent who left two years ago. He was probably the best beater we’ve had in all of my years playing at Hogwarts. Then there was Tamara who doesn’t play Quiddich and was put in Ravenclaw. It shows how different families can be.


      “Why Kiersten McCabe!” Ronnie O’Keefe yelled across the room to me. I smiled gasping, I was suddenly filled with excitement. Ronnie O’Keefe was on the original team too. He left when Trent did. He was always my favorite.


      “Ronnie!” I said running and managing to trip over my dress a little. He laughed as I straightened up.


      “What the hell are you doing here?” He asked patting me on the shoulder. “I thought that you and Potter would have blown each other up by now.”


      “I’m here with Dom and her family.” I said unable to bring the smile off of my face. I really do miss the past more then anything else. “And Potter and I aren’t as bad as we used to be, we’re civilized now.”


      “Did I just hear that you and Potter are civilized?” Tate said coming up behind Ronnie and clapping his shoulder. They were always best friends in school. “Oh hey McCabe how’s life treating you?”


      “Good Tatey, you?”


      “Just fantabulus! I signed with the cannons last week.” He was referring to the Quiddich team the Chudley Cannons.


      “That’s great!”


      “Do you have to tell everyone?” Trent said coming up behind his brother shaking his head. “Kiersten! Your looking good.”




      “Why are you here though? Like I just don't get why you would try and publicly humiliate yourself like this. Potter will de-story you.”


      “I don't think so…” I really don't know what to say. They’re still thinking of a different time. Potter and I haven't been that bad for a while now. We used to cause severe damage when we were in the same place for over a couple minutes. “We’ve matured a little.” They all laughed hysterically at that one.


      “What! I’m being truthful! We can even have a conversation now!”


      “Really Kier, now don't get ahead of yourself.” Ronnie said.


      “So how’s my team?” Tate asked.


      “We can still win the championship, but we’ve lost one game against Ravenclaw.” It really did pain me to say the word lost.


      “It seems that Potter’s doing a good job then.” Trent said nodding his head. Two years ago he was the captain. I nodded. “Ah, speak of the devil…” my stomach twisted uncomfortably as I felt an arm slide over my shoulder.


      “Hey guys!” Potter said excitedly. I awkwardly looked at the floor as he squeezed my bare skin. “So we’re tied for the lead. We’ve just got to pray that Ravenclaw looses to Slytherin and then we beat Slytherin—”


      “What is this..?” Ronnie looked to Tate who looked to Trent. They all weren’t really listening to Potter. They were preoccupied with how long I had allowed his hand to stay on my shoulder. I looked at Potter and couldn’t help but smile a little at his confused face. He really was so innocent when you think about it.


      “Oh!” Potter said quickly taking his hand off of me and stuffing it into his pocket. “Oh yeah…”


      “It can’t be…” Tate said in awe.


      “That’s just fucked up…” Ronnie said shaking his head in an amused manner.


      “What else has changed since I left Hogwarts?” Trent asked.


      “A lot.” Potter said laughing nervously. I rolled my eyes and looked for an escape.


      “Oh look, Dom’s already throwing food all over the ground. I should go.” I quickly smiled at the three of them and winked at Potter who gave me the customary “fuck you” glance. He could deal with this one. I went over to Dom dodging the mini hotdogs that were littering the shiny floor.


      Most people would ask, what are you doing? But with Dom here that’s not the way to go about it. You probably are safer not knowing what she is doing. So instead I decided to ask… “Why?”


      “Aha!” She pulled out the only non burnt hot dog. “That’s what Keri! It’s a party and Uncle Harry is serving burnt food. I think I’m going to write a letter to the daily prophet about this.”


      I took my wand out and muttered a spell to make the food go away. “You do that Dom.”


      “I will! Don't put it past—DREWY!” She positively shrieked as several heads turned our way. I quickly tuned to the table and grabbed a plate as she jumped into his arms with a giggle. It’s not that I’m embarrassed to be seen with Dom or anything, it’s just she can get quite loud sometimes and doesn’t realize that she’s causing a scene. Drew was completely oblivious to it all as well. He swung her around and kissed her in front of everyone. Bill was staring at him with look of unsure horror. I really can’t blame the guy.


      “How have you been Dom?” He asked her taking her in close. It actually was pretty cute when you put their obnoxiousness aside.


      “Good!” They made their way over to a table sitting down. I followed slower. “I got a dog!”


      “Really? What kind?”


      “A golden retriever! His name is Missy!”


      “What a great name for a boy dog!”


      I snorted and they both looked at me. “Sorry…” I said fighting back giggles. “Hullo Lil’s.”


      “I hate this thing so much.” She seethed. “It’s like a living hell I tell you.” Lily had to be the perfect child at this party because her father was the host.


      “Miss Potter,” A random older lady came up to her as Lily put on a fake smile. “Why has anyone told you how much you resemble your dear mother?”


      “Yes, I’ve heard it before.” She said this in a younger sounding voice and twirled her hair. I have to remember how good of a liar she is. “Thank you for coming tonight!”


      “It’s my pleasure.” The lady said starting to walk away. As soon as she was out of earshot Lily ditched the cutie look and rolled her eyes. “Where the hell is Johnny?”


      “He’s coming?”


      “Kiersten,” She said brushing the bangs out of her eyes. “Everyone comes to this thing. Even the Malfoy’s are at this thing.” We talked for another minute or so before her mother motioned her over to talk to some exotic looking person. I looked back over to Dom and Drew.


      “So are you ready then?” Drew asked her, he had messy looking papers in his hands. I raised my eyebrows watching them as Potter slid into the seat next to me with Fred.


      “Thanks so much for leaving me McCabe.” He said rolling his eyes and grabbing my hand under the table. I smirked at him and then turned back to Dom and Drew. He seemed to be interviewing her for something. Oh god…


      “Do you think your sexy?” He asked her looking up from his notes quill in hand.


      “Of course,” She answered looking down at her boobs. “Do you think I’m sexy?”


      “I cant talk remember? Just the interview Dommy.”


      “Proceed then.”


      I looked to Potter and Freddy and smiled…our friends were so weird. Potter squeezed my hand under the table and I squeezed it back. I have a feeling Fred knows what’s going on by the looks on our faces.


      “How many boyfriends have you had?”


      “Precisely sixty three”


      “Really?” Poor Drew sounded crestfallen.


      “No, it was a joke.” I said and they both looked at me annoyed. “Sorry, carry on then!” I tried not to sound all that offended.


      “How old are you?”


      “Eighteen—Above the waist!”


      “Do you live in a hole?”

      “Yeah, under your house.”


      “What the…” Fred murmured looking between Drew and Dom unsure of what was going on. He wasn’t the only one.


      “Can I grab your butt?”


      “Only if you ask nicely.”


      “How far have you been?”


      “To Egypt and back!”


      I giggled at this one as Drew wrote it down in all seriousness.


      “What would you do if you were pooping in the fall, and it’s raining one way, snowing the other, your at a stop sign, lightning strikes right in front of you, there’s a huge gust of wind, and your poop won’t come out!”


      After this one there was a moment of silence before Dom carefully responded: “I think you should really get some medication.” I couldn’t help but snort again along with Potter and Fred. Drew and Dom ignored us this time.


      “Do you agree that you need to loose flab even though you work out and don't eat?”


      “Hey! I eat! And your not hurting my feelings…” I guess you could say that this was a lie.


      “How much do you weigh?”


      “Oh I don't know! But look to the question before! Because apparently I’m an anorexic whale!”


      With this I openly cracked up leaning on Potter for support on one side as Fred leaned on the other. Dom glared at us as she looked to her arms and started to pinch for the nonexistent fat.


      “Do you think I’m hot?” He asked finally. Instead of answering Dom flicked her perfect mini at him and got up from the table annoyed. He got up to follow after her.


      “Aw Dom I told you not to take it personal! It was a bet! My brother bet me to give you the “things you never ask girls” quiz!”


      “Maybe the title should have hinted for you not to ask it then?” Fred asked him sarcastically. Drew didn’t catch the sarcasm and stalked after her.


      “Sean would tell him to do that…” Potter said pulling me up with him. I hoisted up my dress. “C’mon McCabe,” He started to drag me into the middle of the dance floor before I started to protest.


      “Oh no,” I said pulling him back. “No way Potter.”


      “Why not?” He asked teasingly. “Dancing’s fun McCabe.”


      “No it’s not, it’s terrible. I don't know how to dance. Every time I go out to dance I wind up embarrassing myself.”


      “Well I’ll teach you then.” He said pulling my hand again but I stayed firmly planted where I was. No way in hell would I be doing that. He sighed. “Are you seriously going to be a stubborn ass?”


      “Yes, I am!”


      “Fine, come with me then.” I was relieved to see that he was leading me away from the dance floor now. “I’m going to teach you.”


      “Potter, I’m un-teachable.”


      “No your not Kiersten, just come on.” He led me out of the ballroom and back into the hallway. Not many people were there, just a line for the bathroom.


      “Am I going to get a tour of this place?” I asked him taking off my heels as soon as we were out of the sights of all people. He kissed me now that we were alone.


      “You want a tour?” He asked raising his eyebrows with his nose still touching mine.


      “Of course, and no one knows this house better then you I bet.”


      “Right you are…follow me then Miss. McCabe.”


      He led me up the winding staircase all the way to the top. “This is my parents room.” He pointed to the closed door off to the far right. “In here’s the game room.” He opened the left door to show a large room with a pool and shuffleboard table. Next we went down to the second floor. “This is my room.” He opened the door to a room probably four times the size of mine back home. I smiled at the Gryffindor maroon walls and the gold trim. He had posters all over the walls, some muggle some wizard. I walked in surprised to find it neat.


      “Well this looks a hell of a lot better then your dorm at school.” I mentioned looking around.


      “I have a house elf here who cleans up.” He leaned in the doorway watching me.








      We made our way next to the downstairs. There was an extremely large kitchen. It was probably bigger then my entire house back home. There was a cook muttering to herself and a busy looking house elf. “Not now Mr. Potter, please!” The cook shouted.


      “Don't worry Gertrude, I’m not looking to blow anything up tonight.” Potter winked at her and the house elf shook it’s head. “This is Kiersten McCabe by the way.” I blushed a little smiling to Gertrude.


      “If you want my advice, stay far away.” Gertrude said opening the oven with her wand. James rolled his eyes and nudged me to go the other way. I followed.


      “I hate her.” He mumbled once we were back on the main hallway. “I always have.”


      “It’s not like I’m actually going to listen to her Potter, I rarely listen to anybody.” I said as he stood in front of the door. I looked at him strangely when he didn’t open it. “What?”


      “This is my favorite room!” He was excited like a little boy. “We call it…The Gryffindor Room!” He opened up to a surprisingly smaller room. I walked in amused.


      “Very original name.”


      “I know.” He flipped on the lights to reveal the room. The walls were modeled after the wallpaper in the Hogwarts common room, that and stone. I brushed my hands along the wall which had newspaper clippings all over it. It seemed to be just about any time the word Gryffindor was mentioned it would end up on this wall. Pictures lined the room, one I recognized. It was the picture of last years Quiddich team. I smiled at myself who was looking back and then turning to talk to Caitlin who was next to me. “Good times, eh?”


      “Yes, back when the Hogwarts days weren’t numbered.”


      “They still aren’t Kiersten.”


      “Yes they are. We only have one semester left. Only one. It all just—it just flew by without me even noticing. It feels like first year was a couple years ago not seven.”


      “I know, but you can’t think about the time we don't have left. You have to think about all the good memories that have happened. Those are the things that are important.”


      “You sound like some therapist.”


      “With you I have to!”


      “I guess,” I sat down on the couch that felt like the plush armchairs near the fire back in the common room.  “But what’s going to happen when we all leave. It’s going to be a part of our lives that is just over. People we see everyday we might not ever see again.”


      “You know what?” He asked sitting down next to me. “You should give the speech at the end of the year.”


      “Hell no! Have you seen me public speak? And Jenny Bones has that card in her pocket.”


      “The whole year votes Kiersten, and I’m not voting for Jenny. She’s one person that I’m not going to be missing much when we leave.” I snorted at him shaking my head.


      “I hate talking about the future, it makes me depressed.” I got up and touched the old furnace that was for show in here but really was the heating system at Hogwarts. “So humor me now?”


      “I’m going to teach you how to dance!” He got up immediately and grabbed my wrists before I could protest.


      “Potter—c’mon I’m not any good!”


      “I don't care,” He put one hand on my lower back and the other over my shoulder. “Now you do the same.” I followed in his command grudgingly. “Good job.”


      “I haven't done a bloody thing!”


      “Well we’re taking baby steps here! So bear with me would you? Now I’m going to step back with my left foot, and your going to step in with your right foot.”


      “I’m telling you now, this is not going to work.”


      “Fine then, just stand on my feet would you?” I grinned big and did so. I was happy to see that I was still shorter then him. “So now we take one step back…” He did so and my foot moved with his. “And now we go to the side…”


      “You know that I’m not paying any attention to this right?”


      “Do you have to be so damned difficult all of the time?”


      “Yes, it comes in the package my friend.”


      “Friend…” His voice trailed off as he sat back down on the couch. I fell with him sort of knowing what was coming next. “Is that what we are right now?”


      “I don't really know.” I didn’t want to talk about this, I don't think I ever would either.


      “Well I want to know.”


      “How about we say that we’re together, but we’re not together together like boyfriend and girlfriend?”


      “Well what does that mean?” He sounded kind of annoyed now. I added on quickly as he shifted me to the side.


      “It means that we don't see other people, but were not together like a boyfriend and girlfriend.”


      “Well I’m not sure if I want that.” He said getting up a little. He looked like he wanted to leave now, I was right. A couple more seconds of silence and he started for the door.




          Ahhhhhh! Cliffy! Well, sort of a cliffy I guess. This chapter is basically the last one before they go back to school. Half of the next one will be the party and the other half will be the trainride and other things like that. I hoped you liked this! It took awhile to write because of essays and sheer laziness. I'll do better next time!

Thanks soso much for reading, and please review! It means so much to me when you guys do. It legit makes my day, I know, that's kinda sad, but hey, it's true!



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