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Chaos In The Order by Emilyinlove
Chapter 35 : Return
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Disclaimer:Ido not own J.K. Rowling, the Harry Potter books, series, movies, characters or anything else to do with it.

Author's Note:Hey there! It is the weekend, so you all get a new chapter - in fact, you get two! The last of this story, and the first one of the new series which is called "Missing". So Ihope you enjoy it and don't forget to check out the next in the series!!Oh, and leave reviews :D

Chapter Thirty-Five:Return

"SIRIUS!" Harry screamed. "SIRIUS!" Lupin rushed over and was restraining him because Harry was trying to run over to the arch. "No! Let me go, he just fell in! He'll come through the other side any minute now!"

"Harry, he's gone," Lupin said, and I felt tears falling down my cheeks, stinging when they reached a cut.

"No! He's not! We can still reach him - "

"Harry, it's too late. There's nothing you can do - Sirius is gone," Lupin said, his face filled with pain as he came to accept the fact that his best friend, his brother, had just died.

"He isn't gone!" Harry said before bellowing Sirius' name.

"Harry, he is not coming back! He's d-"

"HE IS NOT DEAD!" he screamed, but after he said it, he looked as if he was realizing that Sirius would never keep him waiting like this. Suddenly, there was a loud cry of pain and Kingsley was on the ground by the archway and Bellatrix was running out of the room.

Everyone turned around, trying to shoot spells at her but the all missed as Harry started chasing after her.

"SHE KILLED HIM! SHE KILLED SIRIUS!" Harry screamed as he ran after her.

"Go," I heard whispered into my ear and that was all it took for me to go bolting after him. "Harry!"

Bellatrix was shooting curses over her shoulder as she ran and Harry continued running after her, ducking each one as he made me continue running after him. He was already out of the circular room by the time I got there, but that's when the room decided to spin.

"I don't have time for this!" I screamed frustratedly, going to every door and opening it, quickly peering inside each one before closing it and marking it with a flaming X. One door was left and I ran out of it, quickly running into the lift. I tapped my foot impatiently as I waited for it to go to the Atrium where Harry was. I got there and saw Harry standing over Bellatrix.

"Give it up! He can't hear you from here!" Harry yelled at her.

"Can't I?" a chilling voice said, causing Harry to turn around and look at me. That's when I realized a wand was pointed at my neck and Voldemort was tightly gripping my arm. How did I always get myself into this situation?

"Let her go," Harry said in a dangerous voice.

"Hm...but she could be very useful to me, couldn't you, princess?" he said and I felt myself tensing up even more.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I said, my heart pounding because I knew that he could kill me without a moment's notice.

"Really? No one's told you? Well that is just shocking," Voldemort said sarcastically, jabbing his wand even harder into my neck. "So Potter, you smashed my Prophecy? Not such a smart move - I guess your girlfriend will be the first to pay the price for that. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

That was it. My end. I was dead. I was killed by Voldemort, and I never got to say goodbye to anyone. I didn't get to do a lot of things. But I suddenly realized that I had managed to survive. I opened my eyes and heard Voldemort gasp.

"What?" he asked, before looking across the Atrium. "Dumbledore!"

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I knew I had to use this moment of distraction to get away. I quickly punched backwards at his face and ran for it, running beside Dumbledore, knowing I would be safe there.

"It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom," Dumbledore said. "The Aurors are on their way."

"And by that time, I shall be gone and you will be dead!" Voldemort spat, throwing another killing curse at Dumbledore which he easily reflected to hit the empty security guard's office.

"Emily, get out of the way and protect Harry," Dumbledore said and I nodded before running over to where Harry was and forcing him behind the statue. There was a long battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort, and with a long swoosh of Dumbledore's wand, Voldemort was incased in a molten glass cocoon. It shattered to pieces - Voldemort had fled. Harry and I went to stand up when Dumbledore shouted, "No! Stay where you are!"

"Kill me Dumbledore," a voice came from Harry's body, but it definitely wasn't Harry - it was Voldemort.

"Emily, get away from him!" Dumbledore said and I stood up, backing away.

"If death is nothing, Dumbledore, than kill me," the thing said. I decided to go against what Dumbledore had told me and knelt beside him, holding his tightly between mine.

"Come on Harry, this isn't you! You're so much better than this scum! I love you so much," I told him and it looked as if there was some sort of battle going on inside of him. He blinked a couple of times before grabbing his glasses and putting them back on. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay," Harry said, shaking violently as he sat up. "Where's Voldemort?"

By now the Atrium was filled with a lot of Ministry officials. I wrapped my arms around Harry tightly, letting him know I was still there. "He's gone," I whispered.

"I saw him! He was just there! You-Know-Who Disapparated with a woman!" a man in scarlet robes exclaimed. Everyone started to whisper frantically.

"I know, I saw him too!" Fudge said, looking totally confused about what was happening right now.

"If you all make your way downstairs to the Department of Mysteries, you will find several escaped Death Eaters in the Death Chamber with an Anti-Disapparition Jinx on them, and awaiting your decision of what to do with them."

I walked into Dumbledore's office later that day - we had been at the Ministry all night - and sat down in the chair, noticing how many of Dumbledore's belongings were lying on the floor, smashed into pieces.

"Harry is having a hard time dealing with the fact that his godfather is no longer with us," Dumbledore said and I nodded understandingly. Harry didn't need anymore death in his life, but this happened and he was bound to be upset about it. "I expect you have a lot of questions for me."

"Yeah, mostly about this Prophecy. How do I even listen to it?" I asked, taking it out of my purse and holding it up.

"Smash it," he directed. I looked at him like he was crazy - which he probably was - before throwing it to the ground. It smashed into pieces but all I heard was a few snippets.

"I didn't hear any of it," I said.

"That was the point," Dumbledore said and I looked at him before starting to get angry. All that work to get the Prophecy to have it smashed? I wasn't even going to get to hear it? "Calm down, I have every intention to tell you what the Prophecy said. But this way no one else will be able to get their hands on it, and it's up to you who is told."

"So what is it?" I asked.

"A girl is born around nineteen to those who aren't the same...As her fourteenth year of life begins she will learn more of her future and past...More power is given to her than of that belonging to the most powerful...She will be the only one who can determine how the second war will end at last," Dumbledore repeated, looking at me for a response.

I couldn't believe that this was about me. It couldn't be!

"I see you're confused," Dumbledore said and I nodded. "Let me explain it for you. A girl is born around nineteen to those who aren't the same...You were born on the nineteenth, your weight was eight pounds and eleven ounces when you were born - which equals nineteen, you are to be coronated when you are nineteen, and your Prophecy was number nineteen in the nineteenth row. The second part is about how you looked different than the rest of your family and how you're the only fairy in your direct family."

I nodded before he continued. "As her fourteenth year of life begins she will learn more of her future and learned about being a witch and a fairy after you turned fourteen. And the last part, More power is given to her than that belonging to the most powerful...She will be the only one who can determine how the second war will end at last. That's pretty self explanatory."

"But why me?" I asked, looking at him.

"Why not? It could've been anyone but it was you, so there's got to be a reason for that," Dumbledore said. "Maybe it's because of your heritage, or your ability to be calm during stressful situations, or maybe for some completely unrelated reason - we'll never know for sure.

"But as much as you don't want to hear this, both sides of the war either want you on their side, or they want you dead - including our side," Dumbledore said.

"But why?" I asked, thinking about how many people would want me dead if that was the case.

"If you're on their side, they're supposed to have a guaranteed win of the ware. But if you die, there's an equal chance of either side winning," Dumbledore said.

"So because I'm on this side of the war, it's going to win?" I said hopefully.

"Some people believe that, but I believe otherwise. It all depends on what you want. If you wanted it to be fair, it would probably end up being a fair fight. No one and nothing can determine your future for you - only you can," Dumbledore said. "So in all reality, I wouldn't take this Prophecy too seriously. Although Lord Voldemort knows all about it, someone told him and he wants you on his side. He thought that if he got Miss Shaw, Miss Scott and Miss Parker on his side that he'd be able to get you on his side as well, but he underestimated your loyalty. I can only imagine what measures he'd go through to get you on his side."

"Is that why one of his Death Eaters tried to kidnap me when I was eleven?" I asked.

"That's exactly why. Although Mr. McDonald's tactics were very subtle, that is exactly what he was trying to do. That way, if Lord Voldemort had raised you even from just a younger age, he knew that you'd be on his side of the war, trying to kill the rest of us," Dumbledore said.

"I read the books long before that and I was still on your side," I mentioned.

"But you see, a person who that evil doesn't see themselves as evil. In fact, they see themselves as good. They think that what they are doing is good for mankind," Dumbledore said. It made sense. Everyone thinks that what they are doing is good until someone points out that it's not.

"So why didn't my parents tell me about this?" I asked.

"They wanted you to live a normal childhood until they couldn't deny your magic heritage anymore, which ultimately would've been when your wings grew. I convinced them that it would be safer for you to be here when it happened so you could get the proper treatment and not have to start school later than everyone else," Dumbledore said.

"So wait, isn't it dangerous for me to be so out in the open? Like, I'm on the television, magazine covers, and pretty much everywhere else they can put singers and stuff," I pointed out because this had been bugging me for awhile.

"You would think it would be, considering that it could make you an easier target," Dumbledore said, now standing up and pacing. "And it could be, but if a group of people - your fans mostly - don't see you for a long time, they'll know something is wrong. So as long as you're in the public eye, you should be safe. Although we will be taking some extra safety precautions over the summer and next year. But I have a wonderful opportunity for you."

"What's this opportunity?" I asked.

"Well, Minerva brought to my attention that you would like to be an Auror as well," Dumbledore said and I nodded. "Some of the Aurors on the Order of the Phoenix saw you fighting today and were amazed that someone of your age was already so strong and powerful. They have talked to the Head of the Aurors, Gawain Robards, and they are willing to give you early admittance into the Auror program."

"What do you mean?"

"Robards would like you to take your N.E.W.T.s at the end of next year and if you can pass the tests, you'll start as an Auror right away. They'll skip all of your training because you've already been receiving it from Alastor," Dumbledore said. "They want you on their team 'as soon as possible', they told me."

"That's awesome," I said in awe, not able to believe what was being presented to me right now. "But would that make me the young-"

"The youngest Auror in history?" Dumbledore asked and I nodded. "Of course. You've already had multiple write you reference letters saying that you should be accepted without the training."

"From who?" I asked.

"Minerva McGonagall, Nymphadora Tonks, Kingsley Shacklebolt, Alastor Moody, myself and quite a few of the examiners that were testing you on your O.W.L.s," Dumbledore told me and my smile grew til it went from ear to ear. "It's an impossible opportunity to pass up. If you do this though, you will have double the classes next year. Double the course load and barely any free time. But if you can do that, which I'm sure you're more than capable of, I suggest you go for it. There's no harm in trying."

"I think I will," I said, feeling elated at the thought. "Thank you so much."

"You are more than welcome, Emily. I have never seen a student progress as fast as you," Dumbledore said. "And besides, I know you won't be returning for your seventh year. You'll have more important things to do." It was weird to think that he knew what would happen to himself from reading the books as well. "Now, go see your friends in the Hospital Wing and get those cuts healed before they leave scars."

I walked down to the Hospital Wing, feeling a little confused about everything that had just happened but as able to push it to the back of mind when I saw Hermione sitting up in her bed with newspaper, Ron in his and the other sitting on their beds and surrounding them. Ginny's ankle looked perfectly healed from where she was curled up on Hermione's bed, Luna was sitting in the chair by it, and Emilie was standing by the end. Harry, Neville and Lindsay were all sitting on Ron's bed.

I walked in and wrapped my arms around Harry as I stood behind him.

"Hey," he said, pulling me onto his lap before kissing me. "So Sirius was given his freedom, Dumbledore and I aren't crazy anymore and Fudge is being replaced for Minister of Magic."

"A lot can happen in a couple of hours," I noted and he nodded.

"Hopefully the new Minister will be somewhat useful," Hermione said.

"I doubt it," I told her honestly.

"Miss Williams!" I heard Madame Pomfrey shriek, making it clear that she was now in the room. "Get over here!"

"Coming, Poppy!" I said, grimacing. I didn't let go of Harry's hand and made him come with me by doing so. She started dabbing stuff on all of bruises and cuts on my face, arms, and legs, causing me to jump slightly after each one because they stung and were freezing. After a minute, Madame Pomfrey held a mirror up for me so I could see. Every cut and bruise was gone now, making everything look a million times better. "Thanks!"

"You're very welcome," she said, smiling at me as I skipped back with Harry. Everyone was laughing when we got back and it was good to hear after everything that happened.

"So I guess Firenze won't be teaching Divination now that Dumbledore's back?" Hermione asked.

"He can't go back," I told them. "He has to stay here, but he likes the job so it's not like he'll be depressed."

"Why can't he go back?" Ginny asked.

"Centaurs have strict laws against their kind about talking to humans or helping them," I said. "A lot of different creatures have different rules, actually. Like fairies - I know for a fact that you can't get into the kingdom unless you're a Friend or a Sitimoc like they call it in fairy."

"What's a 'Sitimoc'?" Neville asked curiously.

"It's a friend of the fairies, so they have a drop of fairy blood running through their veins," I answered.

"But wouldn't that just disappear after one generation?" Ron asked.

"It should, but fairies are really weird. The amount of fairy in someone doesn't change except if a wizard and a fairy reproduce or get married. Either way, the wizard or human has to go through the whole Sitimoc ceremony. Anyways, like I was saying before, if a wizard and a fairy reproduce they have a half-blood fairy or wizard, but the fairy gene is always more dominant. And then a half-fairy is really rare - I'm the first one."

"That's...weird," Hermione noted.

"Yup, that explains my life though," I answered and they all laughed. "What?"

"You're just so calm about it all," Harry said and I shrugged nonchalantly. "So do you know any of these 'Friends'?"

"Anyone from the original Order as far as I know, so Remus, Sirius, the Weasleys, the Potters, the Longbottoms, Moody, and a bunch of others," I said.

"Really?" Neville asked, obviously shocked that his parents would have that importance.

"Yup," I answered cheerfully. "Which means that Harry, Ron, Ginny and Neville are all Friends! And the rest of you will be soon enough."

Later when Harry and I had a run-in with Malfoy, his goons and Snape, McGonagall have fifty points each to Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Emilie, Lindsay, Luna, Neville and me because we helped prove that Voldemort was back. The next day, we were all going back home and somehow managed to all squish into one compartment. Of course, a few of us had to sit on each other, but that just made it even more fun in my opinion. Every time he hit a turn, the people sitting on other's laps would fall onto everybody else, making everyone roar with laughter.

"Emily and I are just going to get something from the food trolley, right Emily?" Harry asked.

"Sure?" I said uncertainly. I wasn't sure why he suddenly decided this. I stood up and he took my hand, leading me out of the compartment and down the aisle silently until he found an empty compartment. We walked in and he closed the door behind us.

I heard him take a deep breath before he started talking. "Obviously we're not going to the food trolley," Harry said.

"Obviously," I said, laughing a little.

"I actually need to talk to you about something," he said, shuffling nervously. "I've had this for you for awhile, but I've been waiting for the perfect moment. After what happened at the Ministry, it just reinforced the idea that life's too short to wait to do things like this." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. He opened it to reveal a white gold ring with two stars that crossed with a diamond in the middle of each. "It's a promise ring."

"A promise ring?" I repeated, feeling myself start to grin from ear to ear.

"Yeah, to show you that I promise to never hurt you or lie to you. To show that I promise to stay friends with you and defend you with my life. And most of all to show that I promise to marry you one day," he said, placing it gently on my right pointer finger. I could feel myself growing hotter before I flung myself into his arms, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you so much - I'm never taking it off," I said, squeaking slightly with excitement.

"Good thing I sprung for the impermeable charm on it," Harry laughed. As we walked back, I could stop smiling as I swung our joined hangs. We walked into the compartment, my goofy smile not leaving my face. Lindsay and Emilie automatically knew something was up and beckoned me over.

"He gave me a promise ring," I whispered, lifting up my hand to show them. We did the little girl squealing thing before I went back over to Harry who, before I could even sit down, grabbed me around the waist to pull me in his lap and kissed me passionately. "If you keep doing this, I'm - I'm going to melt into a puddle." He just smiled.

"So what is everyone doing during the holidays?" Hermione asked.

"Well, because of how much my father has been making from the interview with Harry, we're going to Sweden to look for the Crumple-Horned Snorkack," Luna said.

"I'm going to California to attempt to get a tan if my Irish blood doesn't interfere too much and to do some concerts, recording, and to hang out with the fam," I said.

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, I'm so excited," I answered as the train came to a stop. We all started getting our trunks out from under the seats and off of the shelves. Harry saw me struggling and got mine down for me. We walked out, his hand comfortably in mine before he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, never letting go of my hand. As we walked onto the platform, I realized how many people there really was.

I saw my family immediately, standing there with all of their suitcases because we'd be leaving Platform Nine and Three Quarters as soon as I said goodbye to everyone. I held up a finger, telling them I'd be a minute. I hugged everyone goodbye and lingered for a little longer with Harry.

"Actually write to me this summer, and no secrets, okay?" I asked and he nodded, smiling and laughing at me. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," he said, engaging me in a passionate kiss. "See you later."

"See you later," I said, kissing him one last time, trying to avoid letting go of his hand.

"Have fun in California," Harry said as I held on with just one finger, but he pulled me back. "Love you, Sunshine," he whispered, his lips barely touching my earlobe. He kissed my cheek and I turned back around, feeling like I was walking on clouds.

A/N: Okay, so I kind of lied to anyone who I told there would be a preview of the next installment on this chapter...but you can just go read the next chapter instead!! Much better, in my opinion.

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