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Picture This by TogetherForever
Chapter 3 : Kidnapped?
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I open my eyes slowly and yawn loudly.


The sound of my mother screaming makes me fall out of my bed and on to the floor. I am untangling myself from my emerald green bed sheets when my bedroom door opens and Hermione pops her head in my room.

“Draco,” she says sleepily, “your parents have been yelling your name for the past five minutes. Please, get them to shut-up.”


“Please,” Hermione repeated.

“I’m coming!” I yell back.

“Thank you,” Hermione replies as she walked back to her room.  I yawn again and start walking down my hallway. I get to the grand staircase that leads to my living room and see my father standing at the bottom. His eyes are crazed and his blonde hair messy.

“What is it Dad?” I ask. “Yours and mom’s screaming woke up Hermione-“

“Good. This concerns her too. And Theo. And Ginny.”

“Dad what are you talking about?”

“HERMIONE! THEODORE! GINNY!” I turn my head and watch my mom storm in from our kitchen. Her hair is wild and her blue eyes bright with anger.

“Okay, mom whatever happened I didn’t do it,” I say holding out my hands in a peace gesture.

“Oh, I’m not mad at you sweetheart,” my mom replies, her voice caring. I believe it is possible that my mother is bipolar.

“Why in the name of Merlin’s pants did you wake us up at seven in the morning during break?” Theo said, rubbing his eyes as he walks down the stairs. Following him, are Ginny and Hermione, both yawning and rubbing their eyes, trying to wake up.

“This is why,” my mom says holding out a copy of the Daily Prophet.  I don’t even have to read the article to know something has happened. 

“What does it say?” Hermione asks, not even bothering to read the Headline. She yawns again and slumps against Ginny’s shoulder in an attempt to go back to sleep.

“Oh, nothing to big, just that we kidnapped you and Ginny,” my dad replies.  Four choruses of “what’s” are all he gets back as a reply.

I was the first one to grab the paper.

The headline read: Kidnapped. By Rita Seeker

“Damn that woman!” I yell.

“What is it? Let me see!” Hermione yells, grabbing the paper from my hands. Her jaw drops as she reads.

The Malfoy family is seen -in picture above- porkying away with two young girls in tow. The two young girls are Ginny Weasely and Hermione Granger. The two girls were seen being held on to by young Draco Malfoy and Theodore Nott, both of whom were holding on to a porky. So far there has been no proof that the two girls put up a fight. The families of the two girls could not be reached for comment on the subject. See more on page 8.” Hermione looked up at us a look of hatred and shock on her face.

“Are you kidding me?!” Theo yelled grabbing the paper and reading for himself.

“What are we going to do?” Ginny asked slowly sitting down on the stairs.

“We are going to fix this that’s what. Theo and Ginny, you need to go public with your relationship.  That will explain why Theo is holding your waist in the picture,” my dad said pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Well what about Draco and me?” Hermione asked, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. “We’re just friends, there’s no way the reporters will buy that. It’s a long-shot that they’d even believe Gin and Theo.”

I looked up at my dad who was smiling.

“Oh no dad. No, no, no,” I told him, but he refused to listen to me.

“You two will say you’re together and that you wanted to spend Christmas with his family this year. And since you’re friends with Ginny and Draco’s friends with Theo, you invited them to come too.”


“Oh shut-up Draco. It could work,” Hermione said. “And we could go the dance at the Ministry tonight. It would be a great time to explain everything.”

“Wait, Harry and Ron will be there too. Once they see Theo and Draco they’ll kill them. You know as well as I do that my brother’s temper is worse than yours, mine, and Draco’s combined. And that’s saying something.”

“Good point,” Hermione says, rubbing her temples. That’s when my door bell rang. We all looked at each other.

“Maybe we should be really quiet and they’ll go away,” my mom whispered. The bell rang again.

“Do you think they’re from the Prophet?” Ginny asked.

“I don’t know it could be Potter or Weasely,” Theo replied. Hermione jumped up and grabbed my hand.

“Come on Draco!”

“What are you doing?!” I asked, pulling her back.

“We are going to put our fake relationship to the test. Come on! You’re good at acting… kinda…” The door bell rang again.

“Oh it is on, Mione,” I replied accepting her challenge to my acting skills. Trust me after living with Voldemort you get very good at acting. I grabbed her hand and pulled her told the door.

“Draco!” she yelled, laughing. I pulled her toward the door. “Draco! I’m still in my pajamas!”

“Oh, please love. You look fine.” I opened up the door to find my front lawn filled with reporters. Their faces were ones of shock when Hermione and I opened the door. Then all at once, they started screaming questions.

“Why did you kidnap her?”

“What is the ransom?”

“What was your motive?” I looked over at Hermione and then back at the crowd. I wrapped an arm around her small waist and she laid her head on my chest.

“Kidnap me?” Hermione laughed. “Please, Draco couldn’t kidnap me if he tried.” The glaze she gave me was challenging. I raised my eyebrow at her. The reporters were still asking questions.

“Hey! What’s with all the noise?” Theo asked poking his head out of the door. Ginny followed him and looked at the reporters.

“Draco? Isn’t it trespassing?”

“You’re right Ginny. Hey! Get off my property!” I yelled to get them to leave. Then I turned to Hermione and swung her over my shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

“Draco!” she laughed. “Put me down!” she smiled and laughed for the cameras as Theo shut the door.

“Okay. I think that did some damage control.”Ginny said. Theo nodded and grabbed her hand.

“Um, Draco? Could you, oh I don’t know… put me down?”

“Nah,” I replied walking into my living room. My parents were lounging on the couches; my father was reading the rest of the article.

“Draco? Why are you carrying Hermione?” my mom asked.

“Because she doubted my acting skills. And because she didn’t think I could kidnap her. Which I am proving because I am carrying her around against her will.”

“Draco, you are so childish,” Hermione said. I walked over to one of the empty couches and flipped her onto one. She looked up at me upside down.

“That was uncalled for,” she said glaring at me. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the end of the couch and sat down by her feet. She looked at me for a minute before plopping her feet onto my lap.  “Give me a foot massage.”


“Give. Me. A. Foot. Massage,” she repeated slowly.

“No,” I replied pushing her feet off of my lap.

“Lucius…” Hermione whined.

“Draco, give her a foot massage,” my dad said without looking up from the paper. My jaw dropped and I looked over at Hermione. She smirked and raised her foot in the air.

“Ginny, do you do this to Theo?” I asked, ignoring Hermione’s foot.

“No, well I used too, just to see if he would do it. Hermione’s doing it so you get a feel of what it’s like to be tied down.”

“Merlin, Hermione we aren’t even together! Our fake relationship has been doing on for five minutes! If you want a foot rub, come back when our fake relationship has been going on for at least two weeks.”

“Fine,” Hermione replied, “but if you won’t give me a foot rub, then I’m leaving my feet in your lap.”


“Because it will bug the shit outta you,” Hermione said, smiling at me. I scowled at her, but let her keep her feet on my lap.

“So back to damage control,” Theo said, pulling Ginny onto to his lap as he sat down on the chair next to the couch Hermione and I were sitting on. “Are we just going to show up at the Ministry and go to the dance? Hell, are we even invited to the dance?”

“Well Gin and I were, and you’re parents were. We are allowed to bring dates, so Gin and I will bring you and Draco.” Hermione said. “Besides, they won’t throw you out.”

“Won’t or can’t?” my mom interrupted.

“Well, they can’t.” Ginny said. “Hermione and I are war heroes they can’t throw us out; the dance is for war heroes. And they can’t throw Draco and Theo because they’re our dates, it would be rude to say the least. And since Lucius and Narcissa were invited, they can’t throw you out.”

“True, but we were only invited because Potter told everyone about what Cissy did in the forest that night. I wasn’t really invited; I’m just going with Cissy as her date,” Lucius said.

“Well, it’s the same thing as us. We’ll all go and explain everything.  Well almost everything…” Ginny said.

“So… we are going?” I asked.

“It’s not like we have much of a choice Draco,” my dad said. “Rita Seeker has a way with lies. She’ll show up too. It would be such a great pay back for all the nasty comments she’s written about us since the war. It seems every other week our family’s picture is on the front page of the Daily Prophet. “

“And it would be so nice to hex her,” Hermione added wistfully.

“Not to mention it would be funny to see Harry and Ron’s reaction to Theo,” Ginny said. “Oh and yours and Draco’s fake relationship.”

“So it’s on,” my mom said, smiling at us. “And you know what that means, right girls?” Ginny and Hermione looked at each other and screamed.

“Shopping spree!” Dad put his face in his hands.

“Oh Merlin’s pants, no, no, no,” he muttered looking from Ginny to Hermione and to his wife.

“I am not going,” Theo and I said at the same time.

“Gin, sweetheart. I love you, but shopping with you takes forever and then you want to eat. And after that you want to shopping some more; it’s a never ending cycle!”

“Oh don’t worry Theodore, we won’t be shopping anywhere. I’ll have people come to us. We’ll have to buy new dresses, some shoes, perhaps a few purses, oh and of course jewelry. Not to mention we’ll have to get our hair and makeup done. Oh hell; why we’re at it, we should get our nails done,” my mom said.

I looked over at Theo and nodded.

“We’re out,” we said, standing up and walking out of the living room.


Hermione’s POV


After Theo and Draco left, Lucius soon followed. Narcissa, Ginny, and I were talking about what colors we wanted, and those types of things. Ginny decided she wanted a light blue dress, Narcissa wants red, and I want black.

So we decided on buying our dresses, then our shoes, jewelry and purses next. After that we are going to get our nails done and then our hair and makeup.

“So,” Narcissa was saying, “I sent a few letters and the dress saleswoman should be here soon, so go change into real clothes and pull your hair back or something.”

I rolled my eyes, but listened to her. I was walking back downstairs, as the dress saleswoman was walking in the front door. In her hands, she was holding suitcases no doubt full of dresses charmed to be smaller than they really are.

“Hello my name is Renia,” the woman said, shaking my hand and smiling at me. “It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you Renia. My name is Hermione Granger, it’s nice to meet you too,” I replied shaking her hand and giving her a large smile.

“My name is Ginny Weasely, it’s nice to meet you,” Ginny said.

“Renia!” Narcissa exclaimed as she walked out of the living room. “It’s so good to see you again! Oh, how’s your husband? And I heard you had a little boy!”

“Thank you Narcissa. Trevor is fine by the way. Oh and you heard about Raymond? Well he’s a little over five months now and looks so much like Trevor. Oh and you’ll never guess what he did the other day! He performed magic! The look on Trevor’s face was priceless!”

“I’m so glad to hear that! Now, would you mind if we used my living room this time? I know we used my bedroom last time, but since Ginny and Hermione are trying on dresses too, I think we could use the space.” Renia laughed.

“Oh Narcissa, your bedroom is plenty big enough! But I do not care where we work; just as long as you ladies find the dresses you’re looking for.”

And so we went to the living room. We each described the kind of dress we wanted and accepted tips from Renia. She pulled out all kinds of dresses from her suitcases, and each one was more beautiful than the last.

“Ginny,” Renia said, pulling out a blue dress, “what do you think of this one?” The dress was a brilliant light blue and strapless. It seemed to be a short dress, but not as short as the dresses that sluts wear. “Now I know you said you didn’t wanted strapless, but I was thinking that this might work.”

“Alright, I’ll go try it on,” Ginny replied, taking the dress and walking behind the curtain we used as a changing room.

“Now, Hermione. What kind of dress did you want?” Reina asked me.

“Well, I wanted black, and strapless. Oh and I was thinking about the mermaid style. Do you have something like that?”

“Hm, as a matter of fact, I do,” Renia replied and started searching through her suitcases.

“Renia! I love it!” Narcissa screamed, stepping out behind the curtain. Her dress was red with one strap on her left shoulder, it hugged her slim, yet curvy figure and had small diamonds embedded in the fabric in a breath-taking pattern.

“Let me see!”Ginny said stepping out behind her curtain. The blue dress reached just below her knees and showed off her slender legs. Around the waist, the fabric changed to proof out a little bit and sway by her knees. Sequences decorated the top half of the dress and the bottom hem. On her left hip, was a bow. Needless to say, they both looked breath-taking.

“You both look so beautiful!” Renia said. “What do you think?”

“We’ll take them. Hermione have you found a dress?” Narcissa asked stepping back behind the curtain to change.

“Renia was finding me the dress I wanted,” I replied.

“Here you go Hermione. I think you’ll like this one,” Renia told me, smiling. I stepped behind a curtain and changed into the dress, and then I looked in the mirror. It was mermaid style, meaning it hugged the wearer’s body shape and then flared out at the very bottom. The fabric was a rich, pure black, and was so silky. I turned around and laughed as the bottom of the dress flew around in a circle. The dress was simple but elegant. I loved it.

“Hermione let us see!” Narcissa yelled at me and I stepped out so they could.

“Damn, Mione, you look hot,” Ginny told me. I laughed at her choice of words.

“I’ll take it Renia, thank you so much,” I said as I stepped back behind the curtain to change back into my clothes.

After Renia left, a shoe saleswoman/ jeweler came. Narcissa bought some red high heels, a neckline with a ruby surrounded in diamonds and matching earrings. Ginny got white heels, two sapphire bracelets and a matching necklace. I brought a pair of black heels, and a diamond necklace with matching earrings and two matching bracelets. We choose not to buy any purses. After that we ate a late lunch, because it was a little pass two. Since the dance wasn’t going to start until eight, the hair dresser wasn’t going to get here until seven, so Ginny and I played Qudditch with Draco and Theo while we waited.

It was around 6:30 when we stopped playing to take a shower and then it was back to the living room to get our hair, makeup, and nails done.

Narcissa had her long blonde hair pined up in an elegant bun, and had small braids in it. Her nails were the color of her dress. Her makeup was light and elegant, with silver eye shadow, light pink blush, and light pink lip stick.

Ginny had her flaming red hair curled. It bounced by her shoulders and she absolutely adored it. Her nails were French manicured and her makeup was light blue eye shadow, light brown blush, and red lip stick.

I had my hair pulled back into an elegant twist and left two ringlets hanging by my face. My nails were also French manicured like Ginny’s, and my makeup was grey eye shadow, light blush, and lip gloss.

Around 7:30, we all got dressed. Lucius was wearing a black suit and a red tie to match Narcissa. I had never seen him look so Muggle before. Theo was wearing a light blue shirt and black pants. Draco was wearing a black shirt and black pants.

The looks on their faces were quite hilarious when they saw us. At the exact same time, their jaws dropped. Narcissa, Ginny, and I couldn’t help but laugh at them; they just looked so funny with their jaws on the floor.

“Ginny, you look so hot,” Theo said picking Ginny up and twirling her around. She laughed and blushed.

“Cissy…” Lucius was at a loss for words as he stared at his wife. After a second, he walked over to her, wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered something along the lines of “I love you” in her ear.

“I’d say something Hermione,” Draco said, “but it’d be weird because we aren’t really together.” I laughed at him.

“We’re together for the press Draco, so you might want to practice telling me how hot I look.” Draco laughed and shook his head.

“Whatever you say dear.”


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