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Redemption by Elegent Lady
Chapter 1 : Jumping into Love
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Beta'd by the lovely AbbeyAndEleanor.


"Hello, the name's Lace, Summer Lace. Howdy partner! Summer Lace is the name! What a pleasure to meet you, my name is Summer Lace." I stood in front of the mirror practising. How should I be known?
"I like the second one, cowboy style," someone said off to my right. My brother stood leaning at the door frame grinning. Sam Lace, resident ladies man, a ginormous flirt, ten inches taller than me, and my brother. He has brown hair which is messily shoved to the side and green-ey blue eyes, like the sea. As for me, I have average long brown hair and blue eyes. In some ways I like my eyes, they remind me of swimming pools, and Summer. I have a cat called Cherry, she's golden brown with big glowing amber eyes. I know it's an odd name for a cat, but cherries are my favourite fruit.
"Very funny, Sam. What do you think it will be like?" I asked, watching him in the mirror. His relaxed stance never faltered. At my last school I'd had a whole circle of friends, but now, I wasn't so sure I'd fit in so well. I mean, this school was going to be different from last time. 
"It'll be fine," he reassured me. "Now, come on, let's go."
We arrived quite early at platform 9 ¾ considering how we had walked the whole way there.
"Okay, kids, this is it. New school time!" Mum announced. She beamed at us both, and then her gaze turned stern as she turned to look properly at me. "Summer, make sure you do your homework, and do not mix up with the boys." Mum has this thing about me and boys. She thinks that they'll distract me from my studies, therefore meaning I'll fail all of my exams. So now I won't get a boyfriend until I'm about thirty, which is lame.
"Alright, and try hard!" Dad said. Dad was even less fun than Mum; God knows what he'd do if I came home with a boy one day. He'd probably have a fit and die. I don't really have to worry about that, though, since neither of my parents are hardly home anyway. It's odd. It's like there's a whole part of you missing, a whole part of your life. No matter what, you're never going to get those hours back that you've missed with your parents. At least I had Sam around.
At that moment two different ring tones were heard. Moth Mum and Dad struggled to find their phones in there business suits then finally produced two huge phones the size of bricks. The numbers were huge square boxes on the front.
"OK! OK! I'll be right there," Mum assured into the phone whilst Dad recited a whole jumble of numbers to the person at the receiving end of his phone.
"7, then 6, then 3, no, STOP NO!"
"Sorry, I've got to go into work, remember what I told you both." Mum hugged us both tightly and then strutted away, still blabbering on the phone about something or other.
"Kids! There's a major emergency at work, so I gotta go! Here, take this! Bye!" Dad shoved two presents into my hands and hugged us both then sprinted away as fast as he could. Well, as fast as you can whilst wearing a tight-fitting designer suit, anyway.
"What did he get us this time?" asked Sam, grabbing the present from me. He ripped of the wrapping paper, to see a new record for his record player, on the front of the record was the word 'ABBA'. Abba were our favourite band; they were so cool and funny. I opened my present to see a diamond necklace which glinted in the lights bright fluorescent lights of the station.
"Whoa! Dad's going all out this year!" I exclaimed.
"Yeah," Sam said absent-mindedly, whilst looking over at a group of girls giggling in the corner.  "Um Summer, you can looked after yourself. I'm going to catch some babes."
I rolled my eyes as he strolled over to the girls trying to look cool. "Bye Sam - OW!" A little scream leapt from my mouth as I was suddenly knocked to the ground. I peeled open my eyes to see a boy bending over me.
"Are you alright?" He had brown sandy hair, and his eyes were also brown, like swirled toffee.
"Here, let me help you up." He held out his pale hand. I stared at it for a second or so before tentatively putting my hand in his and letting him pull me up, a slight smile spreading across his face as he did so.
"Sorry, we were playing catch and I knocked into you." His voice was very deep. "My name's Remus Lupin, you?"
"S - Summer. Summer Lace," I stuttered. It wasn't at all like any of the introductions I'd recited that morning.
"Well, enchante Miss Lace." Remus retrieved my hand from where he'd dropped it by my side and pulled it towards his lips where he very gently brushed them against the back of it.
"Oi you!"
Oh no. Sam came striding over to Remus, grabbing him by the collar of his coat and shoving him up against the wall.
"IF YOU EVER HURT MY SISTER AGAIN, I SWEAR TO GOD I'LL KILL YOU!" My brother's eyes were burning with rage, and even I myself was frightened, though I knew Sam would never hurt me. He was just a little over-protective. A little. Okay, a lot.
"Sam, leave him be!" I yelled over all of the commotion. Sam released Remus and  turned to me.
"You alright then Summer?" he asked. I glanced to my left where the giggling girls stood in a huddle looking at him.
"Yeah," I replied. Sam walked away as all the giggling girls ran after him. I heard one of them whispering to her other friend.
"He's so fit and strong."
"I know!"
I turned back to Remus, where he was lying in an unflattering heap on the floor.
Suddenly three boys hurtled towards him, one boy with dark silky hair, high cheekbones and a mischievous look in his eyes. The next boy had messy black hair and a cheeky smile; he also had a pair of round glasses which added to his handsome face. The last boy had blond greasy hair and a stomach which slightly bulged out. I wondered how he had managed to get in with a group of boys who were way above his league. He must be really nice, or something.
"Remus, getting into fights is our job, not yours," laughed the first boy as the second and third boys pulled Remus to his feet again.
"Hey, I didn't start it."
The first boy turned round to see me staring at him. He smiled broadly and winked at me. I could see Sam might have a bit of competition at this new school.
"Well hello," he moved a step closer. I backed away, remembering Mum's request.
"Everyone this is Summer Lace, Summer this is Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew," Remus said, pointing them out as he said their names. I gave a small, pathetic wave and smiled.
"Hey," I said. I wasn't going to be embarrassed especially in front of these fit boys (actually fit boys minus one - Peter isn't fit).
"Well Summer, I'm sure were going to get on just great," said Sirius with a suggestive smirk, moving closer, now just a few centimetres away. I squirmed uncomfortably.
"Hey, back off Padfoot, leave the new girl alone, at least let her settle in," Remus said.
"HAS ANYONE SEEN LILY?" shouted James suddenly, looking like he was going to have a panic attack. I wondered who Lily was? His girlfriend? I looked at Remus with a puzzled face.
"Girl he fancies," he whispered, his warm breath setting every nerve tingling in my body. I smiled cutely and he looked down and smiled broadly.
Suddenly James went even more berserk, a group of girls my age walked past and he just ran up to them and started getting down on one knee.

"Padfoot, Wormtail, I think he's gone mad again!" exclaimed Remus, running over to him with the other two boys. I trailed behind them, admiring Remus' nice, toned... head. Yeah, head. It's not like I was looking at anything else, you know, something else beginning with B... Of course I wasn't. Who even suggested it? Oh wait, me.

We reached James where he was, still kneeling, begging a girl with bright ginger hair and green eyes which were right now sparkling with rage.
"Potter! People are staring," she hissed, her face reddening to match the shade of her hair.
"Lily, I love you," smiled James, quietening down as to her command. This Lily girl turned around, back to her circle of friends, then her head whipped around and she stared directly at me.
"Are you OK? What did they do to you? Kidnap you, hurt you, black mail?" she asked. I just looked at her. What the hell was she on about? She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me with her towards her group of friends. "Don't worry, you're safe with us," she reassured me. Then she turned to the boys. "I told you guys to stop doing this!"
"Doing what?!" Sirius exclaimed. "IT WAS JAMES!!!"

We all looked at him weirdly.
"It wasn't me!" retorted James. "It was Remus. He was the one flirting with her."
"Well she's safe with us," put in one of the girls from the group. She had light brown hair which was cut to shoulder length, with level eyes and a small nose.

"C'mon, let's go," said Lily. She pulled at my arm.
"See you around Remus," I bid him farewell, smiling politely as his smile grew.

"I'll see you later," he replied.

Not much later the Hogwarts Express arrived, puffing out huge clouds of steam like wandering ghosts.

I followed Lily and her friends onto the train as we found a spare compartment.
"So Summer, this is Alice, Mary, Scarlet, Ellie and I'm Lily," she introduced, pointing out each girl as she said their name. Alice was the one with the brown hair and small nose who'd spoken up at the station. Mary had blonde, bouncy hair which was tied up in a tight ponytail at the back of her head, a perfectly made up face and blue eyes coated in mascara. She reminded me a bit of the Barbie doll I had had when I was little. On the other hand Scarlet was different, she was quietly sat engrossed in a magazine with some very hunky men on the front. Her skin was a light shade of brown like coffee and her hair was in dark curly ringlets down to her breast bone. Her eyes were a dark, fierce brown. Ellie, well, she was different from the others. She had black short hair which had streaks of blood-red running through it. Her face was pale, only enhancing her hair and eyes more. The latter where a dark grey, almost like storm clouds. They were as scary as storm clouds, too. I found that the longer I looked into them, the more I felt like I was being sucked in, and I couldn't stop myself. It wasn't a pleasant feeling.
"So what happened with you and Lupin, huh?" asked Scarlet, winking suggestively as she looked up from her magazine.
"Well he knocked me over, kissed my hand, my brother attacked him then the others arrived," I filled them in. I was about to continue when some loud giggles where to be heard just outside the compartment. We all poked our heads out to find my brother skipping towards us, about ten girls on each arm, a silly grin on his face.
"Heellloooo, Summer," he remarked as he went past. I felt like throwing up.
"New hottie on the block," Mary squealed excitedly, jumping up and down and fanning herself with her perfectly manicured fingers. What did I tell you? Barbie.

"I think he has a thing for you Summer," noted Lily, slumping back down in her seat and getting out a book from her bag.

"EWW! NO! He's my brother!" I squealed, feeling squeamish over the thought of my brother having 'a thing' for me.

"Well he is C-U-T-E!" spelled  out Ellie while grabbing her heart. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
"So girl, what do you like to do? I'm in nearly every club at Hogwarts and I'm sure we can fit you in one," Alice pondered, grabbing a clipboard on which was written a list of clubs.
"I can act and sing," I boasted. I loved acting; I could wow a crowd, make hearts flutter and get many roses in the process. My voice it wasn't the best thing in the world but I definitely wasn't tone deaf.

"Well we have acting club, we put on a play every year at Hogwarts, this year it's Edwin and Amelia - the wizard version of this muggle play called Romeo and Juliet," said Alice. Hmmm... I wonder if the main roles get to kiss...? I wonder if Remus like to act...?

"I'm going to go to check on my brother," I announced, standing up and making my way out of the compartment. He had been in a right state when he'd walked past, so it was hard to imagine what he was going to be like now.
I was several compartments away from our compartment when I heard my name being mentioned. I paused in my tracks, pressing myself up against the thin walls of the compartments so that I could hear better.
"So what about this Summer girl, huh?"
"I like her, I mean she's gorgeous," someone said. I immediately identified it to be the voice of Remus.
"Remus has a crush on Summer," chirped another person. Boy, I hoped so.

"Summer." I whipped around to see a boy with blonde hair and a slightly pudgy face staring at me. Great. Peter Pettigrew.

"What are you doing?" he asked curiously. What was I supposed to say? That I was listening to his best friend saying he fancies me? I think not.

"Uh... I dropped my necklace," I made up.

"But you're wearing you're necklace," he pointed out. Damn.

"Um, yeah... it - it was my brother's necklace," I lied, spinning around and turning back in the direction I'd come from. I sprinted back to our compartment without a backwards glance.
"So, Remus fancies you?" asked Alice, grabbing Lily's hand so that she could spread a thick layer of purple varnish onto her nails. It sort of clashed with her, but I don't think Alice noticed.
"Yeah, I guess," I replied, picking up a magazine which was lying abandoned on the seat beside me and flicking through it.
"Well, he is kind of gorgeous but I would have gone for Sirius myself," proclaimed Ellie, fastening the chain of a necklace around her neck. The necklace had a little bottle of red liquid hanging off of the end. I wasn't going to even ask.
"I like Remus, he's the most sensible," said Lily, watching Alice paint her nails.

"Absolutely," I added.

The train began to slow down, and I grabbed my suitcase off of the luggage rack to get out my school uniform.

I changed into my robes which fitted perfectly round me, then grabbed my new pink dolly coat and my trunk. We opened the door to see people running past, and then the boys walked past. Remus glanced in and smiled at me, which Sirius saw.

"WHOOP, WHOOP REMUS HAS HIS EYE ON SOMEONE!" He yelled, causing Remus to go as red as a tomato and nudge him.
After the carriage ride to the castle everyone entered this big hall place whilst I waited outside with a large bunch of little kids, as I was yet to be sorted. Where was Sam? He hadn't even turned up yet!


I speak to soon. Sam appeared at the top of the stairs, giggling loudly like a maniac and walking like he had no sense of direction.

"Sam, quieten down what's got into you?" I hissed as the little first years watched my brother walk very weirdly up to us.

"Ahh, little sis what's in me is this stuff!" he proclaimed, producing a bottle out from under his cloak. it was a clear bottle but it was labelled clearly in a bold font: FIRE WHISKEY. DO NOT DRINK IN EXCESS.

"Sam, you're drunk," I whispered, eyeing a first year who was staring at Sam with a scared expression on her face.

"No... Well, actually, can you keep secrets?" he said loudly whilst giggling. "I'm drunk!" he burst out, doubling over laughing.

"Sam! Shut up!" I snapped. Finally he stood up, looking at me in a dazed way. "Just be quiet and walk straight!" I ordered, just as a thin lady with a pointy hat arrived at the scene.

"Hello, and welcome to Hogwarts. My name is Professor McGonagall, I am the Deputy Head. You will now be sorted into houses. Your house will be like your family, if you do wrong, points will be taken off, and if you do right, you will be rewarded with points. The house with the most points will win at the end of the year. The four houses are Slytherin with Professor Slughorn as the head, Hufflepuff and their head Professor Cherry, Ravenclaw and their head Professor Beard, and Gryffindor and their head me Professor McGonogall."

Without further ado the doors opened to the hall, and she led us in. Every face in the room turned to watch as we proceeded along the large room towards the front, where there was a wooden stool placed and on top of it a tatty old hat.

Suddenly the hat burst into song, causing me to jump and making some of the First Years look up in  surprise. Once the song was finished, the sorting began.
"Jack, Abaster," Professor McGonogall called out. A little boy stood up, he had a huge grin on his face. He made his way up to the stool and sat on it, then the hat was placed on his head. Everything went quiet for a few seconds until?

"SLYHTERIN!" yelled the hat.

The table on the far right yelled, I guessed that was the Slytherin table. Jack stood up and waved to everyone and then strutted over to the table.

Many people where sorted into houses, and time passed by in a blur. Soon it was my turn.

"Summer Lace!"

As I walked up, there was a huge cheer, mainly from the table dressed in red and gold. I turned to see all of my newly acquired friends

"Ahh! Now little miss confidence! Brave, adventurous, hmmm," murmured the hat in my ear . "GRYFFINDOR!"

The cheer that reacted to that response was huge, even some people got up and clapped. I ran to the table and hugged Lily, Alice, Mary, Ellie and Scarlet, sitting down and turning back to the front just in time to see my brother be called up.

"Sam Lace!"

Sam swaggered up to the stool drunkenly, grabbing the hat and stuffing it on his hand.

"GRYFFINDOR!" yelled the hat almost immediately. Many girls squealed at hearing this, and that was when it happened. He flexed his muscles, and everyone laughed and giggled as he just walked up to our table and waved at the crowd of girls who were all just sitting there with their mouths open.

"Mr. Lace, please sit." Sam turned to see the head teacher staring down at him.

"Absolutely NOT, sir!" he yelled. He ran up to a girl from the Hufflepuff table and grabbed her, picking her up and swinging her round and round. Professor McGonogall strode down over to him.

"Mr. Lace, I insist you stop this," she hissed.

"Oh, sorry Professor! Are you getting jealous? Here I'll dance with you," laughed Sam, grabbing her hand and twirling her around and around across the hall. A few seconds later she had stopped him, and was holding him by the wrists to stop him from grabbing her waist and dancing with her again.

"MR. LACE SIT DOWN NOW!" she screamed. A subdued look came over Sam and he seemed to do a double take on what was happening. He nodded sombrely, releasing himself from her hands and making his way to our table, sitting himself between two girls who seemed to like him.
The head teacher stood up from his seat, clearing his throat. "Now, before the feast, I have a few reminders for you. One, the caretaker would like to remind you to stay out of the forbidden forest, it is called the 'forbidden' forest for a reason! Second, there are dark times around us. Outside of these walls, wars are raging. I want you to remember that no matter how dark it is, there is light somewhere, you might just have to search to find it. And now, the feast!"

Suddenly like out of no where, a chicken just appeared in front of me. I looked up and down the tables, food was everywhere. I ate while chatting to some friends, and made many new friends.

"So Summer, How you like the school?" asked Sirius while nudging Remus, and jolting his eyebrows up and down.

"It's very good, thanks, " I replied, looking at the boys very weirdly.

"Marauders, stop it," snapped Mary, nibbling on a chicken drumstick.

"Marauders? What's that?" I questioned.

"IT's the stupid nickname they made up for themselves," answered Lily.

"Hey, girl, it isn't stupid or dumb, it's actually very smart and anyway we all like it so ha," Sirius pointed out, sticking out his tongue.

The feast ended with us all squirming over the fact that we had stomach aches and felt like we couldn't move another inch. But we got up anyway, and made our way out of the hall. When we reached the stairs, I was surprised to find they moved.

"IT MOVES!" I screamed in a girly voice while giggling excitedly jumping up and down, stopping when it made my stomach hurt.

"YEAH IT DOES!" screamed James, mocking me.

I made a face at him.

We reached a portrait which had a very fat lady on it.

"Animus lies in pectus pectoris," said Lily.

"Doesn't that mean bravery lies in the heart?" I asked. Everyone stared at me in awe.

"How did you know that?" Alice asked.

"I did Latin at my last school," I replied.

"What was your last school?" Remus asked curiously.

"Beauxbatons Academy for young Ladies," I answered while looking at him. He was so handsome. My thoughts were interrupted by the fat lady, who said,

"Can you wait a second I'm trying to finish this crossword?" She held up a newspaper.

"Hey lady let us in!" yelled Sirius.

"Alright, alright go in!" she said. The portrait swung open.

"That was very rude, Black," noted Scarlet.

"Hey it got us in didn't it!" insisted Sirius while jumping over the sofa and sitting down by the fire.

"Anyway, I'm going to bed I'm tired," yawned Mary.

"Me too," agreed Alice.

"Me three," said Lily.

"Me four," said Ellie.

"Me five," said Scarlet.

"What about you, Summer? You coming?" Lily asked.

"Yeah sure," I said. Before I left I glanced around me at the room. It was a nice room, red and gold themed with a warmth to it that seemed to seep into everyone. I turned to Remus.
"Goodnight Summer," he murmured.

"Goodnight Remus," I replied, smiling tiredly and making my way up the stairs which led to the girls' dormitory. This room was huge, with enough space for six beds a long with a few cupboards and other storage devices. Everyone had a bedside table, a closet, a mirror, a lamp, a chair and a notice board by each of their beds.

Many girls had hunky men hung up on the boards, many had pictures of family. Right in the middle of the room was a log burner which kept the room warm.
"Summer this is you're bed," said Lily, indicating to a bed beside her own.

My bed was right by the window which overlooked the grounds of Hogwarts, the night sky was very clear and the stairs were very bright. On my chair was a scarf, gloves and tie all in the Gryffindor colours red and gold. I saw a closed door on the opposite side of the room and walked over to it, opening it to find a magnificent bathroom, all white and cream and gold coloured. A giant bath was in the corner and on the other side of the room was a shower. The sink and toilet were on the other side.

I grabbed my pyjamas and changed in the bathroom. When I came out I walked over to my trunk and bought a picture of my family and displayed it next on me on the bed side cabinet. I stroked my cat before it fell asleep at the bottom of my bed.

"Night Everyone," I said. Everyone replied before turning out there lights and going to sleep.

I let my dreams take me on an adventure, over the seas, in the warmest weather and most importantly in the season Summer.


Did you like it?
I hope you did! I loved writing this story.
Did you like Summer?
How about any other character?


Elegent Lady xx



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