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Once last chance At a normal life by Softballpitcher
Chapter 2 : A Happy Surprise.
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A/N So heres the next chapter!!!=] Hope u like it!!! Please Review! I didn't get a single review last chapter... =[ it made me sad Please please please Review!

Disclaimer - I do not own anything recognizable.

- Dest

It was a usual Hogwarts day, except for the fact that Harry didn't have Voldemort on his mind what-so-ever. Every thought he had was about Ginny, and the occasional thought he had while having to do something in class but anything they did in class couldn't top him defeating Voldemort. While the golden trio and Ginny were walking to transfiguration, Harry and Ginny were thrilled to see Hermione and Ron walking in front of the holding hands.

"How long do you think that will last?" Harry whispered to her.

"I give them an hour," Ginny teased. Sure enough, after transfiguration, they all went to lunch, and five minutes into lunch Hermione was yelling at Ron for acting like a complete slob after he tried shoving an entire roll in his mouth. Ginny just turned to Harry and started cracking up laughing.

Much to Harry, Ron, and Hermione pleasure, they found out that they weren't the only people to come back to Hogwarts to finish their last year. In truth only four or five people didn't come back, and Harry had a weird feeling that some of those people were dead. The two people that the Golden trio, and a lot of other people for that matter, wished hadn't come back was Draco Malfoy, and Blaise Zabini. Unlike Harry, Malfoy had accepted his old post as quidditch captain, and was now running about his table telling people when tryouts would be. He acted as though his father wasn't in Askiban and that he wasn't a Death Eater. Harry laughed at how much Ginny had ate, probably because she had missed breakfast, it wasn't often she went a solid four hours without a meal even during the summer, what with her mom trying to force thirds down her throat at every meal.

"Hello Potty, Weasel, Weaselette, Mudblood," Said a cold voice from behind them.

"What do you want Ferret?" Ginny replied, "And next time you call Hermione that i will hex you into space!"

"Oh really? You think you can take me on?" Malfoy asked her,

"Anytime, any place! I don't even care if i get suspended! Hexing you would be so worth it," She glared at him.

"Cocky, now are we Bloodtraitor, you - "

"Hey, stop fighting you two! It's the first day for crying out loud!" Ginny turned surprised to see who cut them off.

"Blaise! What are you doing, mate! This twit thinks she can take me! How can you tell me to stop!" Malfoy yelled at his best friend.

"Whats the point! Can't you for just one year, put aside your hatred for these guys and just have a normal year. I'm Sure Harry wants a normal year, especially after he defeated The Dark Lord. Just leave him alone!" Blaise said as the four Griffindor stared at him in complete shock. Malfoy grunted and stormed off.

"You called me Harry," He stated completely shocked.

"Slip of the tongue, I suppose," Blaise answered, and with a slight smile coming to his lips. When he walked away, he had a full on grin.

"That was really weird," Ginny said breaking the long silence.

"That was really lucky for you, that Blaise has seemed to change, because if you and Malfoy were to actually duel each other, you could have been killed or Expelled!" Hermione said sounding like her mother.

"You weren't exactly saying that when me and ferret were fighting!" Ginny said getting slightly upset at her best friend.

"That was because i was shocked you were even thinking about it!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Girls stop it!" Harry stepped in. Ginny sighed at her boyfriend and shut her mouth.

The rest of the day was peaceful, so to speak. Besides for the huge pile of homework they already had, although Harry, Ginny, and Ron didn't get any done though, instead, they went down to the quidditch pitch to mess around. Hermione thought they were all out practicing a spell she already knew. She would never agree to them going and having some fun so they didn't plan on telling them. They were almost back up to the castle, on their way back to the common room when Ginny stopped.

"I think I've left my wand down by the pitch!" She panicked.

"Don't worry, Gin. I'll just go run and get it for you," Harry Offered.

"No it's okay you guys go back to the common room I'll catch up," She told them.

"Okay if you're sure. See you in a bit then," Harry said as he gave her a quick kiss and continued to go up to the common room. Ginny made her way back down to the pitch, humming a song by the Weird Sisters all the way. She went in and found her wand, not seeing someone coming up behind her.

"Fancy seeing you here Weaselette," She heard as she turned around to see a pair of gray eyes starring at her.

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Once last chance At a normal life: A Happy Surprise.


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