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The Father of My Daughters by hermione2008
Chapter 3 : 1975
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 I walk down the stair case and see HIM. It’s been four years since he forced me to be his girlfriend on the train ride. And since that day we’d been fighting over everything. From homework to pranks to his innate ability to just piss me off on a regular basis. Now as fifth years, I was a Prefect with Lily, Remus, and Alex. Lily and I being the actual disciplinarians, Alex and Remus tended to let their friends get away with anything.

I finish walking down the stairs and sit next to Sirius. “Where are all our friends?”

Immediately Sirius takes advantage of our seating arrangement and slides his arm around my shoulders, and pulls me closer to him. “I think the other three prefects went to patrol, and James and Peter went to, I really don’t know.” It was the first time Sirius hadn’t tried to kiss me with us being so close.

“This is weird.” I lay my head on his shoulder. What else am I suppose to do? I like the feeling of his arm around me.

“Not really, Lexy.” He starts twirling a piece of my hair, “I’ve liked you for a long time.”

Feeling Sirius’ hand in my hair and his arm around my shoulder was one of the best feelings in the world.  I never noticed how handsome he was when his mouth wasn’t open. I looked up from his shoulder and caught the rest of the gang standing beside the portrait door, with their mouths open. “Crap..” I whisper, and sink lower into the couch. “crap, crap, crap.” I feel Sirius look over his shoulder and groan himself.

“Great, just what I need.” I hear heavy footsteps coming toward the couch.

“What do you think you’re doing with my sister Black?!” Alex starts screaming.  I sink lower into the couch trying to hide from the yelling match that’s getting ready to happen. I know how loud my brother can get. Recent family events taught me that.

As I look around I see that Lily, Remus, James and Peter have all gathered around said couch. “We weren’t doing anything,” Sirius tried to defend himself. He looks at me to give him some kind of support.  “I wasn’t even trying to kiss her this time.”

I giggle, and think about the fact that I had been getting ready to kiss him. “It’s true Alex, we were just sitting here waiting for the rest of you to show up.” I say when I catch my breath. Of course Alex doesn’t believe me. He pulls Sirius up from the couch, causing my hair to be pulled. Being a normal girl, this hurts. I stand up with them. “Calm your ass down, Alexander! Merlin, honest he was actually just sitting here. If you should be mad at anyone it should be me because until I saw you guys watching us, I was going to kiss him.” I start running back toward the stairs I’d just exited about five  minutes before.

I continued running until I landed on my bed. A few minutes later Lily walks into the room, “Well, that was certainly interesting, and you missed the best part.”

I grunt and turn away from my best friend. “When did I start liking him?” I whisper, hoping Lily won’t hear me. That thought was impossible because Lillian Evans has super hearing. I feel the bed sag beside me and her hand start soothing my hair back.

“You’ve always liked him, Lexy,” she lets out a sigh, “from the first day on the train when you flashed him.” She continues to sooth me, like a mother would do.

Lily’s simple gestures make me cry harder. This last summer my mother had died, she was involved during one of the first attacks claimed by the Death Eaters and it had caused many of family problems. I miss my mother terribly. I turn into Lily’s arms and cry for the only parent who actually cared about me. “You want to know the funniest part?” Lily whispers. I nod, trying to keep myself from crying harder.  “Sirius tried to chase after you, he got about half way up the stairs. They turned into a slide and he landed on his arse. Cursing your brother the whole time. I’m pretty sure that he’s still sitting at the bottom of our stairs.” She finishes, rubbing circles on my back.

Being the irrational person I was I start laughing. “Waiting for me no doubt.” I wipe my eyes, and walk over to the mirror. “Should I go down there?” I ask suddenly very timid. What if this whole thing was just a trick by the famous pranking Sirius Black.

“I think if you don’t go down there, the whole school will have to deal with a cranky Sirius. And I for one don’t want to deal with that.” She helped me brush my hair as a sat in front of our vanity. “I’m positive that this is a good thing, Lexy.” She put my hair in a bun, and by the time we were done, my eyes had lost their puffiness, and I was able to think a little more clearly.

“Alright here goes nothing.” I walk toward the door, “And you’re positive he’s going to be down there?” It wasn’t often I was insecure, but this was one of those times.

“Yes,” Lily sounds exasperated. “Now go down there and make sure you kiss the crap out of him!”

I walk down the stairs slowly, I hold my breath hoping that the black haired boy I’ve been thinking about for the last few weeks isn’t actually down stairs waiting for me. However, my luck has run out for the night and his leaning against the wall opposite of the stairs. He looks distraught and appears to be sporting a new black eye.

I sit down next to him and lean my head against his shoulder. “Who gave you the black eye?” I ask already knowing the answer.

 “You’re wonderful brother.” I hear the sarcasm in his voice. “But apparently I deserved it.” He wrapped his arm around my shoulder for the second time tonight.

I feel myself relax into Sirius’ embrace. “And why did you deserve such harsh treatment?”

“Well, I kind of reminded him of first year when you flashed me on the train.” I could hear the smile in his voice. “I might have also said that was the second I fell in love with you.”

I giggle and snuggle closer. “Well then I agree, you deserved a black, if not more.” I look up into Sirius’ eyes. “And did you just say you’re in love with me? Those are big words.”

“Yes, I know, but it’s true.” He leaned down and kissed my lips very softly. Something I never imagined Sirius Black could do. “I promise I’ll never hurt you, Alexandaria.” He whispers. I kiss him again, this time a little more forcefully, before pulling back and smiling.

“I guess this is the part where I say I love you too, huh?” he laughs pulling me closer to him, as I lay my head on his chest.

“Nope, you don’t have to say ‘til you’re ready.” He hugged me tightly.

At some point during the night he moved us over to the couch, and we talked until we both fell asleep. From this point on, I know that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with Sirius Orion Black.

The next morning I wake up to clapping, turns out everyone that lives in our dorm, from the first years to the seventh, have gathered around Sirius and I and are clapping for us. It is also drawn to my attention that Sirius can sleep through anything. Because while our house mates are clapping all Sirius does is grab my waist and tries to pull me closer.

I lean in close to his ear and scream “Sirius Orion, if you don’t wake up this instant the whole house is going to see you in your skivvies.” That got Sirius awake. He jumped and slammed his knees into the coffee table in front of us.  This of course causes our house to laugh, and they begin to disassemble, going to breakfast and others to get ready for classes.

Once everyone is cleared out the only people left are Remus, James, Peter, and Lily. Lily is smiling so big I think her face is going to break. James has a similar expression but he’s trying to keep it under wraps, so he doesn’t upset Alex. Remus has a look of utter surprise, happy but surprised. Peter as always seems pretty clueless as to what’s going on, but my brother, my darling twin, he was leaning against the fire place.

“I suppose this means I better get used to the idea of seeing you two together without fighting?” Alex asks in disgusted voice.

I get up and walk over to my brother and hug him around the waist. “I love you, Alex. Regardless of who I’m dating, you’re always going to be the best man in my life. And I promise I’m not going to crap the “Marauders” style. When you or any of the other boys feel like you need strictly boy time, I’ll back away.” I pull away and look at Lily, smiling knowing that she understands. “Besides there will be times that I need girl time with my Lily.”

I walk back over to Sirius and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “For now, I need to go up stairs and get changed for class, I suggest you do the same…” I stop realizing that through all our conversation last night we never defined what we are. Are you suppose to just be friends with benefits? Am I his girlfriend now? I look at him in confusion.

Sirius pulls me into a hug and whispers. “It’s up to you, I’ll be more than happy to call you my girlfriend, if you want to call me your boyfriend.” He’s smiling when he pulls back, but the look in his eyes is obvious, he’s terrified that I’m going to say no.

“Yes, you goob. I’ll be your girlfriend.” I smile and hug him again before running to the girls staircase. I turn at the bottom and look at Lily. “Um, kind of need my best friend right now. Get your arse up here.” We run up the stairs together.

I jump onto my bed and start jumping up and down. “Liiiiiiillllly, I’m dating Sirius.” I start screaming and jumping from bed to bed.

Lily sits down at the vanity and is finishing her make up when I finally stop jumping and land next to her, I’m out of breathe and Lily is holding my robes up for me. “What would I do without you, Miss Evans?” I kiss her cheek and slide into my robes. “How are you feeling about this?” I ask her, she knows I’m talking about my new relationship with Sirius and not my robes.

Lily finishes putting on a light layer of make up and looks at me from the mirror. “I’m ecstatic, I was sick of watching you try to deny your feelings for the boy. And I’m used to hanging out with the guys, I’m used to James. The only thing that will take getting used to is you and Sirius being lovey dovey.” She makes a gross face then stands up. “Ready to go to Charms?” She asks.

“Of course, Dearest Lillian.” I loop our arms together and we walk out the door and down the stairs together. Once we’re down stairs we continue on to class, seeing that none of the boys are around and assuming they went to breakfast to stuff their faces like normal.

Lily and I stop in front of the class room door and wait for Professor Flitwick. While we wait I lean against the wall and casually ask, “So, when are you going let your feelings for James take control?”

Lily turns to me and starts to stutter. “Wh-what are y-you t-talk about?” I giggle and then turn toward the noise going down the hall.

“Forget about it Evans, one day you’ll come to the realization like I did.” I smile as I see Sirius skipping to class, along with James. “What are you two doing?” I say once their skipping had gotten them close enough to hear me.

“We’re being the lovely Lexy and Lily breakfast.” James said bowing on one knee and offering Lily a slice of toast with strawberry jam.

“Oh, really?’ Lily says sarcastically, but James knew what he was going because Lily couldn’t resist strawberry jam. She grabs the toast and huffs and the bisected boy smiles and leans against the wall.

“What did you bring me?” I ask my new boyfriend.

“I brought a delicious bacon sandwich with lots of butter.” He hand me my sandwich in a napkin and wraps his arm around my waist. “I know exactly what you like.”

I nod and take a bite out of my sandwich. “Yes, yes you do.” I say through a mouth full of bacon. “Thank you.” Smile and kiss his cheek.

“Besides you’re too skinny.” He squeezes my hip as I elbow him in the stomach.

“Whatever.” I finish my sandwich and stuff my used napkin into Sirius’ robe pocket.

Just as the last person in our class shows up Professor Flitwick opens the door and we file in. Now that Sirius and I are together our seating arrangement had to change, or at least that’s what Sirius thought as he forced Remus, my previous charms partner, back to James. Lily was partners with a Hufflepuff, and was happy to keep her partner for the girl wouldn’t bother her for details into the life of the other Gryffindors.

At least that’s what I thought until I heard a loud popping sound and Lily yelling at the girl. “What does it matter to you, you never had a chance with Sirius Black. And if you ever threaten my best friend again it won’t be only boils on your ugly face you have to worry about.” She stomped out of class leaving a very confused Flitwick to deal with the aftermath.

I on the other hand was silently cheering for my best friend, she was amazing to me at this point. James leaned forward and whispers. “That’s why I love her.” And sigh before I get a chance to hit him in the head.

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The Father of My Daughters: 1975


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