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Messes of Men by Roonyskatoony
Chapter 15 : No Rest for the Wicked
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Occasionally in life we have these horrible times when we realise that we really aren’t as amazing as we think we are. That Tuesday was one such day. I was sat in McGonagall’s office having received a howler in the middle of the corridor. I had no idea why until I found Ace already there. Turned out Ace really hadn’t written anything relevant or productive. As I picked up the piece of parchment and saw the lines upon lines of the same phrase repeated over and over ‘fuck you’. My gaze flattened and I looked at Ace who was barely able to contain his smirk as he leant back in his seat, his hands behind his head.

“How old are you?” I said flatly.

“You haven’t got to the best bit yet,” He said. I rolled my eyes and turned back to the parchment. Oh great!

“You’re awful at drawing, how difficult is it to draw a snake? That looks like a fucking worm,” I said as it flickered and changed to a really awful impression of the dark mark. Of course he was an idiot for drawing it; I mean there were people in the school who’d lost people to Voldemort so no, it wasn’t very entertaining. I’m quite sure that wasn’t the reaction he’d been expecting in fact I was pretty positive he’d expected me to be a little more shocked or appalled or something and I was, but I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction.

 “BOTH OF YOU! QUIET!” McGonagall snapped.

“I’m sorry I fail to understand how this is my fault. Why did I get a howler?” I asked.

“She thought you helped,” Ace said pleasantly.

I scoffed.

“I think I could come up with something a little more imaginative,” I said.

“Iris do not encourage him! Go back to class,” She snapped.

“I have a free period,” I said sweetly.

“GET OUT!” She barked.

Nice to know I’m so loved.

“If you see Mary let her know I still have her knickers,” Ace smirked quietly as I passed.

I turned and looked at him in disgust.

“Sick git,” I said rolling my eyes as I pulled open the door allowing it to swing shut behind me.

I’d just arrived back in the main corridor when I heard someone call after me. I turned to see Daniel. Seeing as I’d recently decided I no longer liked him for spiking my drink I didn’t stop.

“Iris,” He repeated as he caught up with me.

“Yes?” I said finally.

“Where were you last night?” He frowned.

Well it wasn’t exactly like he missed me. From what I’d heard he’d done God only knows what with Elsa.

I shrugged.

“Busy,” I said.

He frowned at me.

“Don’t tell me you spiked Elsa’s drink too,” I said.

He looked at me before he sighed.

“No I didn’t. It’s not my fault you didn’t turn up,” He said.

I let out a short disbelieving laugh. He thought I was jealous?!

“Well I guess it is,” I said before turning on my heel and walking off conjuring my patronus after a bit and sending it to Hemera. She had a free period too and had said she would meet me in the room of requirement again.

“Hullo,” I said cheerfully when I met her in the next corridor.

“Hey,” She said.

“Guess what! I’m not in trouble!” I cried happily.

She laughed.

“Good!” She said.

“You haven’t seen Sirius by any chance have you?” I said.

She looked at me, a smile creeping onto her face.

“Admit it!” She cried poking me.

“FINE!” I cried.

“YES! I WON! FINALLY!” She laughed doing some funny little random jig thing.

I laughed.

“Hemera my standards have plummeted. He’s like some over grown baby and yet...I really like him and I mean...he was even like the first or second thing I thought about when I got offered that job at the ministry,” I moaned miserably.

She smiled broadly at me.

“He’s nice and funny and handsome. Sure he’s a sugar junkie but I think they make up for it,” She said.
I laughed.

“It’s that stupid grin,” I said.

“It is kind of cute,” She agreed.

I laughed again.

“And what about you. Do you have luuuurve interests?” I said nudging her.

She looked at me flatly.

“Iris, my ‘best friends’ abandoned me because I’d been dubbed the ‘social reject’. Boys steer pretty clear,” She said.

“There are loads of male social rejects in Ravenclaw,” I said.

She looked at me.

“You’re not a reject anyway; you shouldn’t lower yourself to that. Plus, haven’t you noticed how suddenly Kim and Nora are sucking up again?” I said.

She sighed irritably.

“I have actually,” She said.

“Everyone’s curious about you. You’re the only person I’ve ever let insult me in front of someone,” I said teasingly.

“I didn’t insult you,” She said looking kind of upset.

“Don’t look so bloody worried,” I laughed.

“No blokes ever look at me anyway,” She laughed.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Whatever plans are starting to form in that head of yours, stop.” She said.

“You’re pretty Hemera,” I pouted.

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“What do you want to do? Give me a makeover?” She snorted.

I beamed at her.

“Oh Merlin you are,” She breathed.

“Come on it’ll be fun!” I said.

“Why do I get the feeling this involves shortening my skirt rather radically?” She said.

“Hemera darling your skirt is at your knees. It’s not normal,” I said.

“No,” She said shaking her head starting to walk faster.

“Please!” I said.

“No,” She said again.

“Just a little,” I pouted.

“No!” She cried.

“But it kills me! I mean it’s alright to have a ‘style’ but you could at least have the basic normal good looking things,” I said.

“No,” She continued.

“Mid thigh?” I said.

“No,” She said.

“But you never where anything that actually suits you,” I moaned.

“Gosh thanks Iris!” She cried.

“Please Hemera; I do this because I love you. You won’t look like a slut, promise. You’ll just look like a normal female. I mean come on even Lily’s skirt isn’t that long, it’s just...” I started.

“Fine! Ok!” She cried. I beamed at her before taking her small hand and starting to drag her off.

“Where are we even going?” She said.

“We’re going to your room to sort out your wardrobe. I’ll tailor them to actually fit you. You’ll look amazing. Promise,” I said happily.

Ok, I’m shallow! But I couldn’t let my best friend look like that. I was looking out for her!

“Who are your roommates anyway?” I asked.

“Regina Polar, Sam Cady, Tara Tight and Cathy Green,” She said.

“Oh my god. Slags!” I cried.

“They hate my guts,” She said.

“Good, if they liked you I’d be worried,” I said.

Ha ha Hemera shared with the Ravenclaw sluts. They were present in every house.

I climbed in through the portrait hole with Hemera, ignoring the people who looked up in surprise to see me. I didn’t usually go into Ravenclaw common room.
“Ok so,” I said rolling up my sleeves as I got to her room, pulling out my wand and slinging down my bag on her bed.

I moved her entire wardrobe onto the bed and onto the floor laying them out neatly so that I could see what they were.

“Going,” I said flinging a truly hideous velvet below the knee burgundy dress with large purple (yes purple and burgundy velvet!) flowers across it.

“Oh yeah, forgot to ask, anything you really want to keep, anything sentimental or that you want remodelled?” I asked looking up at her from where she sat on her bed chewing a sweet.

“I hate my wardrobe. It’s awful,” She said flatly.

“Glad you agree,” I said cheerfully. 

“I’ve never really been shopping,” She said thoughtfully.

I laughed.

“Funnily enough neither have I,” I said.

She smiled.

“Oh finally something we can keep,” I said flinging a decent plain pair of jeans onto the bed.

“Oh god this is tiring. Let’s start with your uniform. Take off your jumper,” I said.

She did so.

“Where’s your mirror?” I asked.

“Over there,” She said pointing to it. I got up and pulled it over to her bed.

“Oh and just to tell you no one actually does up their ties properly unless they’re in first year,” I said loosening it up.

She shrugged.

“Ok,” She said.

“Why do you buy stuff so big?” I asked.

“My dad doesn’t do shopping. He just picks a random size and I have to wear it how it comes,” She said.

“Right then,” I said casting a quick spell on her shirt which shrank immediately. The effect was almost instant. Hemera was in essence the small, delicate pretty kind. She looked a lot like a china doll really; porcelain skin with a gentle understated permanent rosy tinge to her cheeks. Her eyes were a pretty light brown that was so nearly amber and small pretty heart shaped lips with blonde hair that tumbled down to her waist.

We spent ages working through her wardrobe which although pretty sizeable was mostly things she’d never worn, never intended to and were quite frankly hideous. All the things with nice material or pretty patterns were recycled and turned into something else that was lacking. It was fun.

“We’re getting rid of your centre parting too by the way,” I said running the comb through her hair as I made her sit at the vanity.

“I look...different,” She said peering at herself.

“I know. You look much improved,” I smiled.

I don’t mean to boast or anything but I’d done a bloody excellent job.

She turned and smiled at me.

“Thanks Iris,” She said.

“It’s what friends are for,” I grinned.

She smiled and laughed.

“Anyway, go try this,” I said holding up the newest item of clothing. I was using my wand to save time so the needlework wasn’t quite up to the standard I liked but it was better than nothing. She took it before once again moving to the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“It’s nearly dinner,” I yawned as I flicked through a magazine on her bed.

“I know, then you have the pleasure of tutoring Ace!” She laughed sarcastically.

“Don’t suppose you want to swap places,” I laughed.

“Nah, I can’t stand potions,” She said.

I laughed.

“Have you got it on yet?” I asked.

“It’s urm...tight,” She said.

“It’s supposed to be,” I laughed.

She sighed before unlocking the door and coming out. I grinned at her.

“Twirl,” I said.

She did so, laughing as she did.

“I wish I’d taken a before picture,” I said shaking my head.

She laughed.

It was a plain navy bodycom dress that actually surprised me at how perfectly it fit her, hugging all the right curves. Once again I can’t help but wonder at how truly amazing I am.

“Oh my god, did you hear what Mary Tottering did with Ace Aimes?” came a giggle before Sam Cady and Tara Tight came through the door.

“Oh...Iris,” Sam said.
“Hi,” I said.

“Oh god you haven’t been here for ages,” She laughed moving forward and hugging me.

Tara gave me such a plastic smile it looked as if it belonged on a Barbie.

“We like totally miss you!” She simpered.

“I know,” I said with an equally false smile.

“My god...what have you been going here?” Tara said looking at the scraps and piles of material.

“Sorting out Hemera’s wardrobe,” I said casually.

I happened not to like all actually. In fact Sam was the only fairly decent one out of the lot of them even if she did have a really bad reputation. It was even worse than my imaginary one. She was almost on a par with Mary for god sakes.

Tara looked Hemera up and down, her expression shifting.

“Oh,” She said finally, seemingly unable to come up with something else.

“Anyway got to go. Ciao darling,” I said with a quick smile before using my wand to get rid of all the scraps before picking up my bag and leading Hemera out by the shoulders.

“Ok so first of all I’m starving,” I said as we left.

Hemera didn’t say anything and I glanced at her.

“What’s wrong?” I said.

She blushed.

“Do I look stupid?” She said playing with her hands.

“Of course not! I’d bloody tell you if you did. I wouldn’t make you look ridiculous, come on,” I said as we left the common room.
“She looked at me like...” Hemera started.

“Hemera you share a room with the girl. You know she’s a bitch. That’s the standard bitch slap look; it’s all about shredding confidence. Don’t let it bother you,” I said nudging her gently. She sighed.

“Look what exactly makes her so much better than you? Huh?” I said.

She didn’t say anything, her cheeks turning crimson.

“She’s got a crap reputation, she’s a bitch...” I started.

“She’s been like the bane of my life since first year,” Hemera sighed.

“She has nothing better to do. You’re way better than her, I mean you don’t shag behind doors at parties for a start,” I said. She let out a small laugh.

“Don’t worry about it. Plus if she has any sense she’ll realise that if she dares try and shred you, I’ll take her down so fast she won’t have a chance to open her mouth,” I said.

She laughed.

“Thanks...I guess,” I said.

“You can’t let it look like she’s getting to you or she’ll just push harder,” I said.

She nodded.

“Anyway, I forgot to ask. When are you going to tell Sirius?” She said cheerfully, moving the conversation onwards. I looked at her.

“Pardon?” I said blankly.

“When are you going to tell Sirius that you fancy the crap out of him?” She said.

I looked at her before I let out a laugh.

“Oh god you can’t be serious!” I howled. She didn’t laugh with me.

“Oh you are serious...” I said.

“Well?” She said.

“I’d rather die if I’m honest,” I said.

“Why?!” She cried.

I looked at her again.

“Because...I don’t know if he likes me back! And I mean...” I started.

“You’re kidding right?” She said.

“No!” I cried.

It was her turn to look at me oddly.

“Are you actually blind?” She said.

“No,” I said defensively.

“If it got any more obvious...I mean...Jesus! Why do you think he keeps asking you to watch for him, why on earth do you think he got into a strop over the whole Daniel, Halloween party thing...” She started.

“He didn’t get into a strop and he was asking as friends...because we’re friends,” I said.

She snorted.

“You didn’t see moping with James. You’re like the only person who can’t see it!” She said.

“He’s a friendly person,” I said pathetically.

She sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Then why don’t you ask him?” She said.

“What! No way!” I cried.

“What’s so scary about it?” She asked.

“He doesn’t like that! He got pissed off at me because I forgot my ex boyfriends name! God how ridiculous is that?! It’s not my fault!” I complained. She looked at me flatly.

“And why do you think he was mad?” She said.

“Because they were friends and he was Franny’s brother,” I said.

She rolled her eyes.

“What are you most afraid of? Being used, rejected or whatever else. News flash, he doesn’t want to be used either, here’s a wild guess but I’m thinking he thought that if he asked you out then you’d just mess him about and then forget him,” She said.

I let out an aggravated cry.

“I don’t use people that much! I was really nice to Josh,” I said.

“Which is why it bothered Sirius that you couldn’t remember his name. Like he was reading you wrong or something,” She said.

“But...wh...that’s ridiculous! He’s being a coward! Why can’t he just bloody ask me out already?!” I complained. She looked distinctly amused.

“Well why don’t you?” She said.

“Because he should ask me!” I cried in exasperation.

She rolled her eyes.

“Don’t you think that’s a little one sided?” She said.

“No! I haven’t dated anyone for like a month!” I cried.

“Wow Iris, talk about sacrifices,” She said sarcastically.

“I know! And I mean...I find myself wiping chocolate from his mouth! That’s bloody ridiculous! He’s like a 5 year old!” I cried throwing my hands up in the air.

“Yeah and you love it,” She laughed.

I sighed miserably.

“I have an idea,” I said suddenly.

“What kind of idea?” She said slowly.

I beamed at her.

“I’ll make him so jealous...” I started.

“No! No Iris come on you should be above that,” She moaned.

“I won’t be obvious. I mean I’ll still show him that I like him slightly better but subtly,” I told her. She groaned.

“Please don’t,” She said.

“We could go on a double date!” I cried.

“No!” She cried.

“It’ll be fun! Ooo so who do you think? I was thinking a guy on the Quidditch team, not Slytherin because I don’t want him to get pissed off at me, just give him a gentle reminder that I’m so very in demand,” I laughed fluffing my hair.

“I see this scale Iris; at the bottom it has a phrase entitled ‘good idea’ at the top ‘crap idea’. Your idea is so far past ‘crap idea’ it’s not even on the chart. He already likes you!” She cried.

“Well I don’t know that until he actually tells me! If he does then I’ll ask him out but until then, there’s no way I’m making the first move,” I said.

Hemera let a loud aggravated groan.

“Iris please, really, don’t do this,” She said. 

“It’ll be fun! I was thinking someone in Hufflepuff, just because I haven’t dated in Hufflepuff since like first year,” I rambled.

“Don’t do it!” She cried as we entered the hall.

“It’ll be fine,” I said.

“Why do I get this feeling that this is going to end up involving Ace?” She said.

I let out a bark of laughter.

“Oh no way in hell. Far too much work, not to mention he’s nearly a deatheater, a git and a friend of Cane’s. It’s not happening,” I said.

She looked at me.

“Promise,” I said as I sat down at Gryffindor table.

“You better stick to that,” She warned me.

“I will. It’s Ace Aimes for god sakes, he’s more vain and arrogant than I am, I could never have a bloke like that, they tend to spend more time appreciating themselves then how god damn lucky they are to have such a ridiculously fit girlfriend,” I explained.

She rolled her eyes.

“What about Ace?” Franny frowned looking up from her essay as she sat munching some corn on the cob thoughtfully.

“We were discussing how Iris could never have a boyfriend who doesn’t spend every waking moment drawling over her,” Hemera said.

“Oh sounds like the normal kind of conversation you’d be having...wait a minute you look...different,” Katy said looking at her. Hemera blushed, busying herself helping herself to some food.

“Oh god wow! You look really good!” Franny cried when she looked properly.

“Go on Hemera, get up and give a twirl,” I said nudging her.

She looked at me flatly.

“You have to be kidding me,” She said.

“Go on,” I prompted.

She rolled her eyes and got up.

“Ta da,” She said sarcastically.

“You look really good!” Lily smiled.

“Well err...thanks,” Hemera said obviously not quite sure what to say.

“You’re too modest,” I sighed dramatically.

“Well I guess you’re arrogant enough to cater for everyone,” Katy drawled.

“I suppose so,” I said cheerfully.
“Oh have I told you? I’m going to get a boyfriend,” I said as I helped myself to some steak pie.

“You make it sound like you’re just going to pick one of the shelf or something,” Katy said.

I shrugged.

“Same difference,” I said.

She rolled her eyes, muttering something as she returned to her food.

“Oh...but...why?” Franny said.

“I feel like a change,” I shrugged.

“But...I thought you and...I mean...” Lily said.

I looked at her flatly.

“Go on?” I said.

“Well you’re just close I thought...” Lily stammered uncomfortably. They were of course talking about Sirius.

“No, he’s a friend,” I said.

I heard Hemera let out a short breath. Hemera was to be the only one to know of my plan. I needed it to look genuine.

“ you like someone?” Franny said.

I snorted.

“No,” I said.

Katy rolled her eyes.

“Surprisingly enough not even you can pick up a bloke that quickly,” She said.

“Wanna bet?” I said.

She looked at me.

“Yeah. I do,” She said.

“What on?” I said.

“5 galleons,” She said.

I scoffed.

“Not very confident are you? I was thinking something a little more...interesting. If I can get a guy by this evening then you have to promise me that you’ll do whatever I ask for two weeks,” I said.

“No better than that. If you can find a bloke and you have to ask him by the end of this week then...” She started.

“Easy,” I scoffed.

“You haven’t heard the best bit yet. If you can find a boyfriend and keep him for a month then I’ll be your ‘servant’ after the months up,” She said.

“Still easy,” I said arrogantly.

“Oh. And I choose,” She said.

My eyes widened. Now I could see how this could possibly be a problem. It wasn’t so much if I could get them to stay it was if I could stand to keep them around.

“No,” I said.
“Yes,” She said.

“Then there have to be rules,” I said.

“In the quidditch team? That’s the only one you’re allowed. Not afraid of a challenge are you Iris? You have to be nice to them, not a single ‘hurtful comment’, no open sarcasm...and if I win then you have to do what I want,” She said.

That didn’t sound good...but I could do it. I could be nice if I tried.

“Who?” I said.

“Him,” She said pointing across the hall to a group of rowdy blokes...oh god I think they were actually having a burping contest. I grimaced.

“Which one?” I said.

“That one. Jason Ricket,” She said.

I can honestly say I’d never even heard of him before.

“I don’t think this is a very good idea...” Lily said slowly.
“Wish me luck,” I said getting up.

“This isn’t allowed to be illegal!” She called over me.

“Fine,” I threw over my shoulder.

Ok so seeing as I was strapped for time I’d need to do this quickly. My heels clacked against the stone floor as I walked to Slytherin table, pushing back my hair and taking a quick reassuring breath before tapping the guy’s broad shoulder. I swear the guy was just like pure muscular bulk. He turned, his eyes widening slightly when he saw me, the rest of the blokes turning silent.

“I’m sorry, Jason?” I said.

“Yeah...” He said slowly. I smiled at him.

I was so usually not this forward but there was no way I was ever allowing Katy to order me about.

“Well I couldn’t help but notice you...” I started.

Yeah because you were acting like a bunch of chimps on crack!

“So I thought hell, why not come and say hi...” I continued chewing my lip ‘anxiously’.

God this was awful.

“And then I thought seeing as I’d already got here, why not do something I’ve been meaning to do?” I said before ‘hesitating’ and kissing him on the cheek.

Oh it was only a matter of time I thought as I walked off back across the hall and sitting down.
“I can’t believe you just did that?” Hemera said.

“Who is that guy anyway?” I said.
“He’s like the ‘jock’ from an American sitcom,” Katy said.

I made a face before turning to look back at them. They were all just sitting there staring at me. I sent them a smile and a wink before turning back.

“I don’t get what you were supposed to achieve out of that. That was the worst flirting I’ve ever see,” Katy said.


Apparently it wasn’t the worst flirting ever because Jason asked me out at the Defence against the Darks arts the next day. I then had to make it sound like I’d already asked him out so that Katy wouldn’t think I’d cheated or something.

I can honestly say I’ve never made such a stupid mistake in my entire life. I thought it was bad when he randomly decided that my being his girlfriend granted him permission to just stick his bloody tongue down my throat in front of the entire class (not including Professor Moore thankfully) a huge whoop went up around the room but I can honestly say it was the most horrible kiss I’d ever had. I also made a mental note to carry breath spray round with me for the next month. If that wasn’t bad the fact that he then followed me around for the entire bloody day simply began to make me wonder if maybe I should have thought a little longer about this.

“Well he seems...nice,” Hemera said as I watched Jason in horror.

“Don’t you dare laugh,” I said.

Admittedly the poor girl did try but eventually it just came out in torrents.

“If that isn’t the biggest ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ ever I don’t know what is,” She giggled.

“I need to buy some breath spray,” I hissed.

“It looks like he’s trying to eat your face when he snogs you,” She said fairly.
“Oi look Iris,” Jason said sitting down in front of me even though I’d actually escaped to the library in an attempt to avoid him. He’d just followed...along with his mates who seemed to be a permanent addition.

I looked up, barely managing to keep the grimace off my face.

“So my mate Brick here was just wondering if you’re mate...sorry what’s your name?” He said turning to Hemera scooping his friend out of thin air. I had to try really hard not to burst out laughing at the look on Hemera’s face.

“Oh is that a nickname?” She said with a nervous laugh seemingly trying to avoid the question.

“No,” Brick said simply.

“’s a really nice name,” She said.

“Well anyway, Brick here happens thinks you have nice tits...” Jason started.

Both Hemera and I just stared at him.

“Pardon?” She said after a minute.

“These up here,” Brick said slowly as if she were stupid patting his chest.

“So we could all go out,” Jason said.

“Oh god she’d love to,” I said.

Hemera whipped round to look at me.

“I can’t! I mean...I’m sick...really sick,” She said quickly adding a quick cough.

“You don’t look very sick,” Brick said.

“My urm...chest deflates! Man you’ve caught them on a good day!” She said.

I let out a loud snort which I disguised as a cough.

By the end of the day I’d never regretted something so much in my life in fact I was even glad to escape to room 25. I rushed in, slamming the door shut, pulling the blind down and locking the door with my wand.

“Well if it isn’t one half of the new happy couple,” came an amused drawl.

I slid down the door sitting on the floor with a deep sigh. I’d practically sprinted all the way there.

“So I suppose I should ask what attracted you?” Ace chuckled.

“Don’t you dare. I don’t even want to think about it,” I breathed.

He let out another chuckle and moved over to me.

“You know you’re late don’t you?” He said. I got to my feet looking at him suspiciously.

“No you were early. What are you up to?” I said.

He smirked at me.

“Well you know a few murders here, a few arsons there, had to go somewhere,” He said. I rolled my eyes. In other words; ‘it’s none of your business’. 

“You didn’t answer my question,” He said as he sat down.

“Must have missed it,” I said carelessly putting my bag down and running my hand through her hair. There was no way I could possibly face another day with Jason as my supposed boyfriend.

“I have another question,” He said thoughtfully.

I frowned and turned to look at him.

“What?” I said.

“You know you should really be a little more polite, it’s off putting,” He chuckled at me.

“Off putting? Really? I’ll try harder,” I said.

It was only a little into it that there was a gentle knock on the door. I was therefore surprised when Leda Roberts came through the door; she looked like she’d been...crying.  “ you mind if I speak to Ace?” She said.

He looked up, raising an eyebrow at her before eventually getting up and walking out past her. She glanced at me quickly before following him out. I sat for a moment frowning but before I could do anything I felt that familiar pull of a vision.


I found myself standing outside the classroom I had been in only moments before, standing before both Ace and Leda.

"Ace," Leda said quietly looking rather nervous as she played with her hands, twisting
them together and chewing on her bottom lip.

"Yeah," Ace said gruffly. I knew I shouldn't be listening. I really did know that but I had this feeling was important.

"I...” She started before stopping, taking a deep breath and starting again.
"Ace, I'm pregnant,” She said.Oh. Shit.

I hadn’t even known they’d ever got together. There was a very long pause and she glanced up at him before her gaze dropped back down to her feet.

"I don't know what to do,” She said her voice cracking slightly before the tears began. He simply continued to just stand there, his hand on the door behind him before he finally spoke.

"Well it's not my problem is it?” He said before twisting the doorknob and turning.


I returned to my body and a few seconds after that Ace entered the room but the repulsion running through was so bad I simply couldn't hold the pensive look I'd been using when supposedly reading my book. I'd thought Ace was a git in fact, I knew he was a git but that...that simply surpassed anything I could have thought of. He closed the door behind him before sauntering over and sitting down without a word.

"You need to get out your textbook," I said putting my book down and getting up, simply being near him causing the disgust to ripple and expand violently.

He ignored me, so I repeated myself. Eventually I ended up slamming the book down in front of him, using my wand to push it to the right page. He looked up then, looking slightly surprised before he smirked at me.

"What's got your knickers in twist?” He said.

I looked at him before turning away.

"You know what Ace you can just teach your bloody self. I'm finished," I said, picking up my bag and pushing my book into my bag.

"I haven't even done anything yet,” He pointed out. I turned and glared at him.

"You're a git," I spat. He raised an eyebrow before his expression shifted and he got up.

"You were listening?” He growled. I glared at him, shoving another book into my bag.

"Answer me!” He yelled shoving my bag off the table. I turned and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"And what exactly was that supposed to do Ace? Do you want to be fucking scared of you?! She was asking for your support and you blew it up in her fucking face!" I yelled back so pissed off I simply didn't care what he did. If he thought he could intimidate me then he had another thing fucking coming, if he dared laid a hand on me I'd hex him into next bloody week.



"What the fuck am I supposed to do about it huh?!” He yelled.

"Well for a start you could keep it in your bloody trousers! What did you think she was asking for?! She wanted to know you were fucking with her! She wanted to know that she could trust someone! You're a bastard Ace but I never thought you were that bad," I said, the last part having returned to my normal volume.

"Don't act like you're so high and fucking mighty Iris, you're a skank...” He started.

"Oh go right a-fucking-head. Heck you might even come up with something new! Is this making you feel better?! Because calling me the skank isn't going to fix your fucking problem!" I yelled.

"ITS NOT MY PROBLEM!” He roared.

"YES IT FUCKING WELL IS!" I hollered back.

"Why is it my fault Iris?! Why does it have to be my fault, my fucking problem? Because you don't want to think that maybe she had a fucking part in this too. If she didn't fucking want it she should have fucking said,” He said. That was of course when I slapped him.

"It takes two people Ace," I said. He looked at me before shoving me back against the table, moving to stand so close that we were almost touching as he towered over me.

"You don't know shit,” He said his voice dropping to a low growl.

Yes but I do know how to construct a proper sentence.

"HERE’S A FUCKING NEWSFLASH FOR YOU ACE..." I started, drawing myself up to my full height when a loud voice cut me off.

"STOP!" a voice yelled. I turned to see Professor McGonagall.

Oh fantastic just the person I want to see. I shoved ace away, picking up my bag and strode over to the sever looking woman.

"You can find him another tutor because I fucking quit," I said before walking out, leaving a most probably irate Ace and a bewildered McGonagall.




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