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Intrigue by LovelyMioneWeasley
Chapter 1 : Only Chapter
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“Great job, Clapper,” Scorpius said with a genuine smile. It felt fantastic to beat Ravenclaw for the first time in four years. Clapper’s catch had been spectacular, securing the victory 310-220. Scoripus nodded to the rest of his teammates as he wandered away on his own to at last get a shower. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed someone standing in the shadows, waiting. He immediately recognized Rose Weasley, probably waiting for her cousin and best friend, Louis Weasley. Louis was laughing and cheering loudly Clapper as they celebrated their victory
“Rose,” Scoripus said with polite acknowledgment. Rose gave a polite smile in response. “Louis’ll probably be another few minutes before he notices you unless you speak up. He’s pretty absorbed in deciding who the loudest git is right now.” Rose
gave him a tinkling laugh before walking closer out of the shadows.

“Really, I’ve known Louis long enough to have a bit of patience. Besides, he just won a Qudditch match. Maybe he’ll have a chance at getting laid now,” she quipped. Scorpius snorted with laughter and Rose’s smile widened. “I’ve come to bug Louis anyway.” They met an awkward pause before Scoripus licked his dry lips.

“Well, I’ve got to shower before I stink up the castle. See you around, Rose.” He took a few steps before he stopped at the sound and tone of her voice.

“You did extremely well, Scoripus. I know most people don’t notice the Keeper, but you stopped quite a few good shots out. And you had some risky saves. Congratulations on the win.” He smiled and barely heard her whisper. “Happy 15th birthday, by the way.” Scoripus made a move to turn around but discovered Rose was already deep in conversation with Louis. Interesting, Scorpius thought, how did she know it was my birthday? And how did she even remember?

“Come on, Rose, I need some help with Transfiguration and you’re the best I know,” Louis begged with smooth flattery. Scoripus rolled his eyes as he struggled through the Charms essay. Louis was wasting more time trying to get Rose to do his research for him than being productive.

“I can’t help you, Lou even if I wanted to,” Rose snapped, gathering her books into her book bag.

“Where you off to?” Louis demanded, scrapping his begging altogether. Louis just looked generally haughty and annoyed now. Scorpius paused from his essay to eavesdrop and judge the length of his essay. He mentally swore, realizing he had written all he knew and all he could find. He needed fourteen inches but only had eleven.

“I have a meeting,” Rose answered shortly.

“Well, it’s not a Prefect’s meeting ‘cause Scorpy over here is one too and you don’t see him running off,” Louis retorted. Scoripus ignored the mention of his name and continued to pretend to look in the book like he had something to find.

“Listen, Louis, I don’t need a father. I’ve already got one of those. So, mind your own business and do your own homework.” Rose was seething with anger but her voice was eerily calm and level. Scorpius could feel the waves of tension rolling off of Rose.

“Rose, don’t tell me you’re off to see a boy. It’s not possible you could have someone interested,” Louis chided, leaning back in his seat and crossing his feet on the library table. Scorpius stiffened as he awaited Rose’s response.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Louis gave a dark chuckle before rising to push Rose down into her seat.

“Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, I hear things. Like you threatening Andrew Baldwin to hex some choice anatomical parts off if he came near you again. Why would a boy be stupid enough to come near you after that? Besides, Albus has an eye on you so no Slytherins get too close. James and I cover Gryffindors. Hugo’s supposed to have Ravenclaws, but clearly, he is slacking on the job. And Fred tag teams with the Scamander twins to trail Hufflepuffs.” Scorpius sat in awe as Rose rolled her eyes.

“You lot think you’re so clever. I already knew that information, you bloody dimwit,” Rose cursed with amusement prevalent in her voice. Louis stopped circling like a shark and sat in shock.

“Now, stop pretending to be a Slytherin. You are a Gryffindor for good reason. Now I’m going to be late if I don’t leave now. Goodbye, Scoripus. If you need more information about your Charms essay, meet me in the Great Hall early tomorrow morning.” Scorpius wondered exactly where she was going; he was tempted to follow her but knew he would be caught if he tried to do so. Fear kept him glued to his seat; his mind was intrigued enough to envision different scenarios in his mind the rest of the night.

Scorpius met Rose that morning. Despite major protests from Louis, for the first time in five years of friendship, he ignored Louis’ wishes. In his mind, he reasoned that he needed to do well on this Charms essay. He otherwise realized though that he was more than curious to see what Rose would say and why she was willingly helping him even though he hadn’t asked. He also wondered how she knew that he had been faking his search for information in the book. He was also determined to discover where she had been the night before.

“Hullo, Scorpius,” Rose said gently as they met in front of the Great Hall. Scorpius replied with similar greetings. They took a seat on a bench outside the Hall but not far from the waft of delicious breakfast scents.

“May I be frank, Rose?” Scoripus asked. He continued without any response. “Why are you offering to help me?” Rose gave a small smile and raised her eyes to meet Scorpius’. Though they shared a mutual best friend and were often forced to do homework in close proximity, attend Hogsmeade in a large group together occasionally, or even attend Weasely-Potter events in honor of Louis, Scorpius realized he knew little of Rose Weasley outside of common knowledge.

She was the daughter of two war heroes, niece and goddaughter to the Savior of the Wizarding World, intelligent but manipulative Slytherin, older sister to one of the most intelligent blokes Hogwarts had seen since Dumbledore, cousin to nearly half the school, Qudditch expert and talented Chaser, Charms master and currently pursuing a career in Healing, and currently single lady of Hogwarts. Her friends were few and far between; she preferred to keep to herself. She didn’t seem to unnecessarily use her language and she had a tight rein on her temper. Scoripus had witnessed Mr. Weasley and Mrs. Weasley fighting as he had met with Rose and Louis one moment before climbing aboard the train. If she possessed one ounce of her parents combined stubborn resolve and temper, he assumed she shouldn’t be able to control it. Rose Weasley was mostly an enigma.

“I was wondering when you’d ask. Scoripus, for some unknown reason to me, you are best friends with my favorite cousin—my stupid, pig-headed idiotic cousin. You’re a nice enough guy; so why be friends with such an obnoxious ass?” Rose admitted in an amused but even tone. Scorpius attempted to evaluate the situation; she was trying to understand a friendship, a concept easy enough to say but hard to define or understand, much less explain. Then it dawned on him.

“You’re trying to understand me. In exchange, for admittedly some much needed help on some homework, you want a window into my mind,” Scorpius accused with breathless voice. Rose gave no inclination whether he was correct or not. She simply sat still, her hands fiddling with her backpack as she removed her Charms book and some parchment. “Why are you so close with Lou if he’s such an ‘ass?’” he countered.

“We’re not here to discuss my relationship with my cousin. Now, give me your essay so I can see what you missed,” Rose commanded. Scorpius gave her a look before reaching into my bag and acquiescing. She gave it a read over and narrowed her eyes for a moment before handing it back. “You need to alter your point of discovery for the spell; it was in Romania, not Russia. And the description about why it was found is too vague. You can add detail there. And a little bit of enough is a phrase I’ve written on your parchment. Define that phrase; add what you need and you should be good to go.”

“Why are helping me?” Scorpius asked again.

“Why are you friends with my cousin? For the same exact reason, because somebody had to,” Rose answered seriously before standing up and entering the Great Hall.

“Rose,” Scorpius called out. Rose stopped and turned to face him. He nervously gulped before spitting out his question. “Where did you go last night that you were so careful to guard against Lou?” Rose paused before answering.

“I had to meet someone to help with Potions.” Scorpius gulped again.

“How do I know you’re not lying?” Rose gave him a wide smile before seriously replying.

“Guess you’ll just have to trust me then.” Scorpius would only come to realize later after much reflection that the reasoning had been false; she had merely been sarcastic about her relationship with Louis. And that trusting her had been admitted in a teasing tone, not serious. Rose’s tones of voices were not particularly distinct.

“Can you believe, Rosie? Scor? We’ve graduated!” Louis exclaimed with genuine excitement. Scorpius rolled his eyes and Rose managed to keep a straight face but Scorpius noticed a slight twinkle in her brown eyes.

“No, I do not have a hard time believing Scorpius and I graduated; what I do have a hard time believing is that you did,” Rose bit back in response. Scorpius muffled a chuckle while Louis dropped his arms from excitement.

“You can be a real bitch, Rose,” Louis replied, tone void of humor. Louis rushed off to talk with a group of other Gryffindors.

“He’s going to do great things,” Scoripus mused as he watched Louis walk away. Rose look at him with interest. “What are you going to do after school, Rose? I haven’t heard from you.”

“I’m going into the Ministry for now I guess. I want to go Muggle University eventually. I’d like to study art history, I think,” Rose replied. “What about you, Scorpius?”

“I’m interning with the Law Enforcement department. I think I’d rather write laws rather than catch the bad guys. Besides, I thought you wanted to go into Healing.” Scorpius replied honestly. Rose snorted.

“I did, but I changed my mind. There’s no law against that is there? Or you’ll be able to tell me soon enough. How very un-Gryffindor of you, Malfoy,” she teased. Scorpius blushed slightly and shrugged, what he hoped was nonchalantly.

“You’ll do fantastic in whatever you pursue, Rose. If you only give it a tenth of your ambition and hard work, you may even change the world,” Scorpius rambled. Rose had a strange look on her face. “Well, good luck, Rose. I guess I’ll see you at the summer party and hopefully more after that,” Scorpius finished, slightly embarrassed. He swore silently because he had given away some inkling of his intrigue to her.

“Scorpius?” Rose called out as he tried to walk away quickly.

“Yes?” Rose sucked a breath of air before meeting his eyes.

“If Louis is going to do great things, then I can’t even imagine what you are capable of, Scorpius,” Rose admitted. “See you around, Scor,” Rose murmured. Scorpius didn’t fail to notice the intensity and potency of Rose’s honesty even if she was a Slytherin. His eyes watched her as she discussed and laughed with another girl from Slytherin. He wondered if he would ever be able to be fully honest with her.

Louis threw back his head and laughed. Scorpius laughed along. “She really say that, mate? Bloody ‘ell, can’t believe that one. Oi, bartender! Another round for me and my mate, here!” Louis ordered. Scorpius eyed his best friend warily.

“I don’t think you need another drink, Lou. Besides, it’s getting late and you have early duty tomorrow,” Scorpius advised, finishing his rum and coke.

“Nonsense, you ridiculous wanker. You are such a party pooper. No wonder you can’t keep a lass,” Louis slurred, sloshing some of his drink onto the counter. The bartender looked put out.

“You two better be heading out,” the bartender threatened, cleaning up Louis’ mess. Scorpius nervously nodded and brought his drunken best friend to his feet.

“’ello, loves. I’m happily single if you’re looking for a fantastic shag,” Louis called to a group of giggly girls who were traveling down the street in Diagon Alley. Scorpius let his friend accidentally stumble. Louis recovered easily before attempting to wolf-whistle at a single woman walking a few yards ahead of them. He only succeeded in spitting all over Scorpius. “Hello, fox. What are you doing all on your lonesome love?” Louis called out. The girl pivoted on the spot and Louis had the ability to look shocked even drunk. “Rose?” Louis blanched.

“You bloody prick, you’re hitting on your cousin?! How drunk are you?” Rose exclaimed in disgust. She wasn’t loud, just disgusted.

“Oi, in my defense, I thought you were working late. Who wears that to work?” Louis said outraged. Scorpius was inclined to agree but couldn’t admit help but think she looked amazing. Her hair was down and curled with volume and looking quite sexy. Her makeup was dark and defined with deep colored lipstick. Her dress was short and cut dangerously low, revealing a bit of her breasts. It was a beautiful deep sapphire color that complimented her skin tone and hair color. The dress tastefully cut on her legs, giving her the illusion of sexy instead of slutty. Her heels were not stilettos but still quite high.

“Go home, you wanker,” Rose sighed, banishing Louis away, assumedly to his flat.
“That was impressive,” Scorpius noted, his eyebrows rising. Rose’s eyes immediately shot back to Scorpius as she seemed to forget his presence. “You looked great even if you were working late,” he added shyly.

Rose smiled and replied, “Thank you. I was, in fact, working late. I just didn’t add my other plans to my report for Lou. I didn’t need you boys tailing me on a drink date or changing your drinking plans.” Scorpius nearly nodded in understanding, allowing her privacy to exist. “Thank you for not being overly nosy, Malfoy. You are a decent bloke,” Rose huskily whispered, aligning herself closely to Scorpius. Their eyes lingered on each other for a moment before Rose pecked Scorpius on the lips. She pivoted again and headed back toward the Leaky Cauldron. Scorpius listened to the click of her heels echo into the night of the empty street; he couldn’t seem to manage thoughts though as he dumbly watched her walk, holding a hand to his lips.

“This is a great party, Lucy. You did a smashin’ job planning it,” Louis complimented his cousin affectionately. He kissed on the cheek and caused her to blush.

“It was really much easier than I’d thought it’d be. Without some nasty client hovering over my shoulder, it was actually slightly fun. Oh, I have to go make sure the caterer remembered the right meal. Later boys,” Lucy murmured, rushing off. Her black dress swished around her knees as she rushed into the kitchen.

“And you’re saying she’s relaxed,” Scorpius commented with humor evident in his voice. He took a drink of champagne before facing Louis.

“You should see her at some of her other parties. Running haggard, barking orders at everyone, but putting on the biggest smile for her clients. She curses them but they pay the bills. Plus, she’s damn good at what she does. Cheers, mate,” Lou clinked his glass to Scorpius’.

“Now you still won’t own up to how the Auror program is going,” Scorpius said, his voice clear with confrontation. Louis gave a sigh and ran his hand through his messy blonde hair. It didn’t stop his look; he still looked devishly handsome in a Muggle tuxedo, designed from the earlier part of the 20th century.

“It’s going great…except there is this bird…” Louis answered lowly, trailing off. Scorpius looked at him in surprise. “She’s the biggest distraction! Always bloody getting on my case and snipping off orders to me like she’s my superior!” Louis complained, taking several gulps of his champagne before grabbing another flute off a floating tray.

“And you’re bloody in love with her, aren’t you? You thought you were just attracted to her and you’ve tried to take it out with some shags, but you can’t get her out of your head. She’s in there all the time, driving you mad. And you’re just so bloody fascinated, despite your best attempts to think of other birds. And you have no idea if she’s interested. All you want is a smile or some sort of flirting, some acknowledgment that she’s finds you just as interesting! Or hot, at the least,” Scorpius heatedly replied, draining his flute of champagne. He chuckled darkly. Louis watched him with awe.

“Exactly,” he mumbled. Scorpius watched Rose dance with her date. Some sleaze-bag intern she worked with in the Department of International Magic Cooperation; he was some foreigner. Spanish, Italian, French, Scorpius couldn’t remember, not that he cared anyway. “So what’s her name?” Louis asked conversationally, taking a sip out of his flute. Scorpius’ attention snapped back.

“Nothing. I have no such bird; that’s purely your problem,” Scorpius answered unconvincingly. Louis snorted. “What’s her name?” Scorpius countered his heartbeat increasing. He couldn’t let Louis discover that it was Rose that he had been so intrigued by all these years.

“Ava,” Louis emitted with a sigh. “She’s so bloody smart from some small private school in America but she’s British. And she’s gorgeous, too. She’s first in our class and I’m intimidated by just…her. Not her brains, not her looks, but all of her, and I’ve never bloody felt this way. Can we stop talking about feelings? I feel like a girl,” Louis scowled. Scorpius laughed.

“You’re the one that brought her up. You could have left her out of the conversation completely,” Scorpius admitted. Louis frowned, eating some pastry off of another tray.
“Yea,’” he answered mouth full. He swallowed before adding “you woulda found out eventually anyway. Let’s go see, Rose. I wanna get her away from that bloody poof she came with.” Scorpius hesitated before joining Louis. Louis took notice and stopped. “Wait a minute; it’s Rosie, isn’t it? It’s Rose that you’re so bloody in love with.” Scorpius snorted, chuckling fearfully.

“Of course not, Lou. She’s your cousin, just Rosie. Why would I love Rosie?” Scorpius answered calmly, trying to distract him.

“That’s my question. And why the hell haven’t you made a move in all these years is my other question. Scor, if you liked her so bloody much, why’d you hide it from me?” He sounded sincerely hurt as Scorpius turned to him.

“I don’t know how long I’ve felt this way. I mean, she fascinated me in school. In a weird way, I mean. And then we just sorta took our paths but I just keep bumping into her at the Ministry, now at your house, and parties….it just reminds me of the coward that I am,” he finished angrily, taking a long gulp of alcohol.

“Woah, slow down there, partner. No more drinking for you. You have a girl to woo,” Louis commanded, pushing Scorpius toward Rose. Scorpius stumbled into Rose, nearly knocking her over. He grabbed her wrist before she toppled to the ground.

“Sorry,” he murmured sheepishly. Rose’s attractive brown eyes caught Scorpius’.

“Oh, hullo there, Scorpius. I didn’t see you there. Fantastic party, eh?” she grinned. Scorpius couldn’t help but stupidly smile back. “Having fun?”

“Yeah, just harassing my date,” Scorpius answered easily. Rose raised an eyebrow.
Scorpius laughed a bit. “Well my date is your cousin sadly. Couldn’t find another.”

“Couldn’t or wouldn’t, Scorpius?” Rose asked with an unidentifiable tone to her voice. Scorpius furrowed his brow a moment but ignored the strange expression on her face.

“I didn’t try hard, I admit. I asked a friend of mine from my department but she had other plans tonight. I just figured I’d go with Louis anyway. I’ve been running into you quite often lately at the Ministry,” Scorpius commented lightly, switching topics with what he hoped with smoothness.

“Yes, it seems our paths are crossing more these days,” Rose murmured, watching the room. Her eyes snapped back to Scorpius. “Are you enjoying your internship?”

“Yeah, I guess. I still can’t make up my mind on whether I’d rather be writing laws or defending ‘em. Are you applying to Universities yet?” Scorpius asked interestedly. He took a sip of water before looking Rose in the eye. Rose looked a little taken back.

“You remembered.” He replied with only a nod. “Well, yes. I’ve gotten into Oxford, a small University in the south of France, and a couple of American universities. My top, a small school in Belgium, is what I’m still waiting on. If I get in there, then I’ll go. If not, I’ll go to either Oxford or the one in France, I believe.”

“I can’t imagine you not getting in, Rose. You’re brilliant and they’d be lucky to have you,” Scorpius murmured with sincerity, placing his hand on her arm. Sparks shot through him at the feeling of her soft skin. Rose smiled warmly. She began to open her mouth before a voice distracted her.

“Am I interrupting something?” a smooth voice asked amused. Scorpius pulled his hand off her arm quickly before meeting the eyes of Rose’s date.

“No, just a friendly conversation. Pierce, this is a family friend, Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius, this is Pierce Bremure, a fellow intern in my department. Pierce is from Germany,” Rose explained. Pierce was a tall attractive man. His long brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and he had a small hoop in his left ear. He wore attractive dress robes that complimented his muscular physique.

“Nice to meet you,” Scorpius managed to say, shaking Pierce’s hand. He gritted his teeth slightly but smiled. He didn’t take his eyes off Rose before stepping away.

“If you don’t mind us, we were just about to dance,” Pierce said with a questioning tone. Rose looked at him puzzled for a moment.

“That’s fine. Enjoy your evening. Nice to meet you, mate,” Scorpius mumbled. “Good-night, Rose,” he added delicately, his eyes lingering on her before he shuffled to the other part of the room to talk to Dominique.

“He looked like he wanted to tell you how delicious you looked, love. He was practically undressing you with his eyes,” Pierce murmured with a chuckle. Rose rolled her eyes to meet him.

“Scorpius is too much of a gentleman to do that.”

“Gentlemen have sex, too. And I would jump you if you were my type, too,” Pierce complimented, kissing her cheek. Rose couldn’t help but chuckle. She’d chosen the golden dress because of how it fit her, accenting her curves and dipping to reveal her best assets. She wished that Scorpius had made more of a move instead of just conversing with her. Then again, Scorpius probably didn’t realize that Pierce was gay and how she’d try to Slytherin manipulate his jealousy. It had almost worked too.

“When does she leave?” Scorpius asked with an edge in his voice. “LOUIS! Tell me now!” he screamed, shaking his friend. Louis chuckled slightly.

“She leaves Sunday,” he murmured. “So you admit that you like her?” Scorpius sighed, running his hand through his hair.

“I don’t just like her, Lou. I love her,” he answered before Apparating away. He walked up to the door, banging loudly. “Rose!” He heard faint footsteps before a lock clicked and the door opened slowly. It revealed a surprised Rose. She wore a simple lavender t-shirt and jeans with bare feet. She had never looked sexier to Scorpius.

“Scorpius? What are you doing here? How did you know where I lived?” she asked with surprise.

“Can I come in?” Scorpius demanded, nearly pushing past her as she opened the door wider for him. He stalked in, muttering under his breath.

“You didn’t answer any of my questions,” Rose said finally. Scorpius met her eyes, his blue eyes swirling with emotions. Rose was taken away by the intensity of his eyes.

“Are you really leaving?” he finally countered tersely. Rose bent her head down and nodded looking at the floor. “Why?” Scorpius whispered, taking a step closer to her. Rose’s head shot up and her eyes flashed.

“Why? You know exactly why, Scor. I’m going to study art,” Rose explained, shocked by his lack of understanding.

“No, you could stay here and do that. You’re running again,” Scorpius accused lowly, his eyes narrowed at her.

“What the hell do I have to be running from?” Rose asked evenly, her tone calm but her eyes sharpened.

“From this!” Scorpius exclaimed, pointing to the two of them. “From us,” he added hopelessly.

“I’ll miss our friendship, Scorpius, that’s true but I need to go study. This is what I want,” she murmured, taking a seat on her couch. Scorpius’ eyes shot to her and he labored in his breathing.

“This isn’t what you want. I know you that made us cross paths at the Ministry. I know that you didn’t have to take those assignments. You wanted to make sure that we ran into each other. I know that you often sought Louis when you knew I’d be with him. What I want to know is why,” he murmured.

“You know why,” she countered quickly. Scorpius was taken back and met her eyes. “Don’t play dumb,” Rose harshly laughed. Scorpius’ thoughts ran through all the encounters over the years including the kiss that had sparked a candle of hope in him. Testing his limits, he barked back at her.

“You never gave me any indication that you were interested. I know you knew. Wasn’t that enough? How hard was it to offer up the idea of meeting of coffee, just the two of us? Without Louis?”

“I gave you every indication I could think of without standing in front of you naked, screaming shag me! I even bloody kissed you! It’s not my fault you are a bloody idiot,” Rose snapped.

“What are you on about?” Scorpius asked, bewildered. Rose growled and backed Scorpius up against the wall. His temper was getting the better of him; of course, he remembered the kiss. He’d be an idiot to forget it but he could barely believe that it ever happened.

“I spent time with the two of you. I offered you help with homework, observed you from far away, sought you out in the Ministry, danced with you at family parties, and practically threw myself at you! And you were too dense to notice!” she screeched. Scorpius blanched at Rose. He had never seen her come so undone with emotion. Her hair was wild and her eyes even wilder with emotion. He had never been more turned on to her; the proximity didn’t help either. Her scent wafted into his nose so, he did the only logical thing in his head: he kissed her. He surged his lips forward and caught hers. He nibbled on her top lip before prying her mouth open with his tongue. His hands cradled her face and her hands wrapped around his neck. Scorpius swiveled around and slammed Rose into the wall. She groaned with pleasure and wrapped her legs around his waist. Scorpius kissed her deeply, allowing the past seven years to pour into the kiss. He’d been after Rose Weasley since he was 15 and now he was 22 and a man, damnit. He was ready to make her his. He kissed down her neck and heard her purrs of pleasure as he rubbed his hips against hers. He pulled away and met her eyes. Those brown eyes were twinkling with lust and other emotions.

“You do realize that this means you aren’t going to Belgium, right?” he whispered, his breathes hitting her face sporadically.

“But I’ve already sold my flat. Where will I go?” she countered, kissing his ear. He swallowed before pulled her face to meet his.

“You can move in with me. And go to Oxford. Or I’ll follow you to Belgium. I’ve waited too long for this to give you up now,” he said sincerely. Rose looked at him in genuine surprise. “First time you’ve been shocked in a while, eh, Slytherin?” Scorpius spoke with a smile.

“Yes,” Rose admitted softly. She kissed him sweetly and thoroughly. She probed his face with her eyes. “Are you sure? Can you really just pack up your life here and move to Belgium with me?” Scorpius shrugged slightly. He stroked her cheek with the back of his hand as he spoke.

“Not really. But I can cash in some of my inheritance early for money to live off of while you go to school and I’ll find work. I don’t mind working with my hands in any capacity. I really don’t know what I want right now. My job is unsatisfying and the only thing keeping me tied here is you. And Lou, on some level, but he can come visit. Besides, he has Ava now. They’ll be married soon enough; they are already living together as is.” Rose watched him and smiled.

“Do you think Oxford would be willing to accept me this late?” Scorpius rolled his eyes before grinning widely.

“They’d be crazy to turn down a candidate as qualified as you, Rose. They are probably begging for you, nearly pissing themselves to get you there.” Rose chuckled and kissed him again. Scorpius deepened the kiss before pulling away. “I don’t have to say three magic words, do I? You already know, yeah.” Rose nodded.

“I love you, too. And I don’t know what I want. But we have tonight to make that decision. For now, let’s just have each other.” Scorpius nodded in agreement.

“You know I did remember that kiss? From that night when Lou was drunk?” Scorpius murmured, holding her head to his heart. He could feel her breath skit across his chest.

“You did?” Rose asked in awe.

“Yeah, but I couldn’t believe it. I thought it had all been a dream; I couldn’t understand why you would even want me,” Scorpius admitted, feeling exceptionally like the girl that Louis had complained that night at the party. Rose raised to kiss his lips lightly reassuring him that he was all she needed.

“Why me?” she countered, her eyes glittering with the determination and ambition Scorpius had long ago picked up on.

“Because you were Rose. And that was always enough.”

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